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  1. tfcrafter

    Xmas Wing Fighter

    Astromech droid chimney socket is perfect.
  2. tfcrafter

    (MOC/MOD) Aston Martin DB5 With Extra Curves

    This is how the set should have looked. Great work.
  3. tfcrafter

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    There is just no way Lego would do that, Star Wars sets have to come out the same day as other toys from the movie. Seeing as how sets can take around a year to design, Lego can't just "wait" for confirmation from Disney if they want to get their toys out.
  4. tfcrafter

    [HELP] Which Technic Set Should I Buy?

    42009 Mobile Crane Mk. 2 and 8110 Unimog are 2 of my personal favorites, very great builds.
  5. tfcrafter

    [MOC] Up House

    This is fantastic! Great work.
  6. tfcrafter

    [REVIEW] 75192 - Millennium Falcon

    This is hands down the best 75192 review I've read. Very thorough, beautiful pictures.
  7. tfcrafter

    [MOC] UT-60D U-wing (minifigure scale...ish)

    Just found this thread! Amazing instructions and design! Here's my version with Cassian's livery.
  8. tfcrafter

    [MOC] Millenium Toilet Falcon Lid

  9. This is a quick MOC, a Lego custom build of Toronto, a city with a very fascinating skyline. All the buildings are to scale relative to each other. From left to right is the First Canadian Place, Toronto City Hall, CN Tower, Rogers Centre, and Royal Ontario Museum. It's my first microscale build.
  10. tfcrafter

    [MOC] Blade Runner Police Spinner

    After recently watching Ridley Scott's classic sci-fi thriller Blade Runner, I decided to build the flying police car, also known as the "Spinner." My MOC features opening scissor doors, interior for two minifigures, floor windows and lights, and custom decals. An aspect that I wanted to do before planning the moc was to try to make the rear bumper entirely SNOT, forming the caution stripe.
  11. Thanks! Unfortunately I don't have the Tumbler and the first UCS Batmobile has been scrapped but I can tell you the MOC is around 42 cm long, the Tumbler is 40 cm long, and 7784 is 45 cm long.
  12. The Batmobile from Batman v Superman is perhaps my favourite Batmobile design to date. I decided to build a UCS scale version and make it as authentic to the prop car as possible. The cockpit struts and roof panels were inspired by KKB-N7's excellent LDD rendition. Features include detailed interior, rolling wheels, and rotating front turret. More photos on flickr.
  13. tfcrafter

    [MOC] UCS U-Wing (Rogue One)

  14. tfcrafter

    [MOC] UCS U-Wing (Rogue One)

    This is my MOC of a minifig-scale U-Wing from Rogue One. While the official set was one of my favourite sets, it fell short in many regards and decided to make my own. I encountered a few problems while building it, such as attaching the engines which I rectified with the usage of click-hinges and it was overall a good problem-solving experience. The ship features a compartment for 6 minifigs and two pilots, radio control area, and swiveling and locking wings. Measures 75 centimeters in length. LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC