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Found 25 results

  1. You REALY don't want to see this in your rearview mirror as this truck is killer! This 8-wide LEGO MOC is inspired by the villain vehicle (driven by an unseen psycho trucker) as featured in the TV production-turned-feature film "Duel", which was Steven Spielberg's first feature-length film by the way. It also uses parts of the truck in Jurassic World set 76948 (T. rex & Atrociraptor Dinosaur Breakout) as a general guide to the cab area, and CITY set 60357 (Stunt Truck and Ring of Fire Challenge) for the area forward of the actual driver's compartment. The 1955 Peterbuilt 281 'needlenose' semi truck, with tanker trailer attached, is what was used in the film originally. Later, as the film was extended for theatrical release, a 351 was used as a stand-in for more scenes due to the original truck being... unable to fulfill it's role. (watch the movie so you know what I mean!) I've tried to make it as accurate as possible to the original 251, with the AC unit behind the cab, sleek streamlined 1950's tanker design, and single exhaust pipe in black. There is a steering wheel in the cab, but no way to place a figure at the controls. This is because we never see the driver's face in the film. So putting a placeholder in there would be totally inaccurate. The tanker by itself, balanced upright by my finger on the back bumper. This is because I didn't add jacks / stands underneath the trailer that are used when the cab is separated from the trailer. The truck seen in most (some added scenes used a 351 model of the same truck maker) of the 1971 action-thriller film is a 1955 Peterbilt 281, which Steven Spielberg selected because of the long hood of the Peterbilt, its split windshield, and its round headlights gave it more of a "face", adding to its menacing personality. Additionally, Spielberg said that the multiple license plates on the front bumper of the Peterbilt subtly suggested that the truck driver is a serial killer, having "run down other drivers in other states". (The above paragraph is taken from Wikipedia article on the film) Any thoughts on this model or it's accuracy? Comments, questions and complaints always welcome! UPDATE 5/22/23: Real world photos added!
  2. Two samurai from rival shogunates meet unexpectedly at the Shrine of the Bamboo Forest. My entry for the Tri-Color category of the 2020 Summer Joust. Photography was really fighting me on this, but I really like the build itself. Doing this requires an obscene amount of 1x1 round bricks and 1x1 bamboo pieces but after more Bricklink orders than expected, I barely got 3 angles of 100% LEGO! More here.
  3. Here's a small playset idea. I've had it on the back burner (please excuse the dust!) not really sure if it 'works' or not, but it's kind of unbelievable that Lego hasn't given us this in an official set yet. This represents a quarter of the room... it would take a minimal investment to create another 1/2 or make a full circle but I'm not sure it's necessary. It was important to me that the senate pods were simple and small. They should be able to to whipped around by Yoda and Palps. I had some color in them but they didn't look right. I think all medium stone grey is the way to go. I'd like to see an official set like this around the $30 price point, a la carbonite chamber. Thanks for looking. Feedback welcome.
  4. If you want to read the first part of my characters story, read the introduction post. "Log of Captain Lothario Fraunces, 28th of June, 618 Me and my brothers Jacobo and Alfie spend some days together in the city of Breshaun. Me and my brother Jacobo came to Breshaun on board of the Fluyt 'The Octopus'. Together with Alfie we enlisted again and had plans to reach the new world to the east, when some of the Octopus' crew members came to me. Crew members: "Lothario, the captain died last night. He was ill since we left Holders Rock but he did not want to tell anyone. We need a new captain and we know your skills on the seas and don't trust the old quartermaster Cedric. He is egocentric and is very stubborn. Lead us in our mutiny!" And so we went to the ship. I challenged Cedric to a duel for the captaincy. Our cutlasses almost broke with every strike. Cedric fought like a bull but his anger prohibited him to foresee my moves and I was on the winning hand, what I did not know was that Cedric companion was below deck, ready to fill me with lead through the hatch. The blast just missed my forehead and blew my hat away. The cheat came out of the hatch to finish the job, but he did not count on my brother Alfie. With one smooth move Alfie threw the cheat overboard: "Go irritate Neptune" - he said. How I already love this guy. The duel with Cedric however, continued. It was not long before I took the upper hand and with a few slashes and thrusts I had him on the ground. We put Cedric on a rowing boat back to Breshaun, The Octopus crew chose me as their new captain. We buried our old captain on an empty beach in LeBellan, said goodbye to the girls in the brothel, took in fresh supplies and headed to the new world. Jacobo (the new quartermaster) convinced the me and the crew to head to île D'Or, for glory, adventure and gold was lurking on that island. What more does one need to convince a bunch of Sea Rats? And so we went." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you guys like my ship and the story. I checked the shipwright post for building tips and took my main motivation from the replica Dutch Fluyt 'de Batavia'. I will license her as a Class 5. My apologies for the bad photo-shopping, this is not my forte. The name derives from the bow spring: C&C is welcome.
  5. darththeling

    (MOC) Malachor Sith Temple Duel

    From Twilight of the Apprentice: Here's a *mini* playset inspired by the climatic duel at the Sith Temple on Malachor - only Vader and Ahsoka's part of the duel for this one. No Inquisitors or moving platforms. I only used spare bits and scraps from my depleted brick stock, so that's why the build is kinda small and not really accurate with the real exterior form of the temple. If I get more black slopes for the base I can probably finish it someday. For now, it gets a great Star Wars location represented on the shelf. The SW Rebels shelf: sadly lacking in location playsets. Sorry for the quality of these snaps, my lightbox is in the shop. ;) So we've got part of the base of the temple leading to the tip of the top where there is a bit of Tron-style redness. A couple of ground features: a rectangular slab and one of those petrified black figures. Would look nice with three or four more similar features surrounding the temple. The tip of the temple lifts off revealing a very small play area, only enough to fit (cram) Vader and Ahsoka in there. There's a little Sith holocron attached to a 2x2 plate with stud in the very middle. It's a free build. I wanted to keep the color scheme limited to match the temple from the episode. Just black, dark red and red with trans-red. I used a bit of purple for the ceiling of the top of the temple... in the episode there's this awesome purple glow that coats the room when the obelisk starts sparking up during the duel. However I'm not satisfied with the application of the trans-red features here and will be trying to re-jig those over time. Maybe there should be more grills and they should be placed in rows for maximum Sith-Tron effect. Maybe someday we will see a really intricate and huge MOC based on this temple with all the trap and stuff with Maul, moving platforms, etc. For now I just wanted a space to display Vader and Ahsoka together from (A-Wing vs Vader's TIE) together. I also really wanted to place the obelisk (which speaks to Ezra and Kanan) but it just wouldn't fit at this reduced scale. I did manage to get the Sith holocron in there, something for Ezra to take. TLG has poisoned me into adding the obligatory play features! Feedback of any kind for this little build is encouraged, but I've even more stoked to see someone else take a stab at this scene/playset. Since Rebels is ending Monday, now is a great time to pay tribute to a series that gave us some great new Star Wars builds to play with.
  6. Dark Green Inn, Port Wilks... Myles Bowditch leaned back comfortably in his seat. The Fog Breaker had just dropped in at the ETWC's new settlement of Port Wilks earlier that day, and was now riding at anchor in the harbor, though Myles was hoping to be back out and continuing his trade run to Weelond with the morning tide. The Winged Shield Inn, or Dark Green Inn, as those that stopped by often expressively called it, was one of the first buildings to be built in the settlement, and was certainly quite well-frequented by those that had settled there and sailors who stopped in at the port. It was a capital place either to get a good meal or to find a comfortable bed for the night. Myles was just getting on to the end of his meal when a commotion was heard outside, the door burst open... And Captain Whiffo strode in, looking and sounding very much like his usual self. Expectant glances and a few winks passed around the room. Whenever Captain Whiffo strode in to such a place, one could be sure of a good, adventure-filled tale before the night was out. He stepped up to the counter. "Your largest glass of chocolate, mate," he whispered to the master, who winked back at the well-known Captain. Then Captain Whiffo turned around, and, spotting Myles sitting at the table by himself, pulled up a small stool and joined him. "How do you do, my dear Captain?" Myles inquired. "Quite well, mate, quite well," replied Captain Whiffo, but grinning over mysteriously at the same time. Just then, an old acquaintance of the Captain's caught sight of him, and, waving, stepped on over. "Why good day there, my old Captain Whiffo!" exclaimed his ex-first mate from many a year ago - "It's been far too long since I've caught the sight o' you! How goes it?" The master of the house came up and handed the Captain a large tankard of hot chocolate, and, seeing that the Captain was about to begin a tale of some sort or another, stayed by to listen. "Oh! I've been through quite the lot of it since I've last had you in my deadlights, mate!" exclaimed the Captain. "I tell ye, it's a long, thrilling tale of adventure, duels, piratical villains, and rivaling trade companies from the beginning to end!" A bit of a crowd by now had gathered around the little group - and even the strange fellow over in the corner who Myles had noticed earlier perked up and looked attentive. "Well then," began the Captain mysteriously, taking a draught of his chocolate and placing the tankard back down on the table, "here goes for the tale of Captain Whiffo's Duel..." To be continued... A few more pics: The counter: A closeup of one side: The waiter: And a final overview: Well! I've had this build in the works for quite a while (and this storyline planned for even longer!), and I hope it's been worth the wait! I figured that a large inn would be a good place to start for any settlement, and since my duel with TitusV was supposed to have happened quite some time ago (back in March, or thereabouts), I thought it would be a good idea to play it out as a story from the Captain instead of as if it was happening at the moment. Titus and I (especially me ) have got a whole storyline to roll out here in the next few... months? ... so keep your eyes peeled for the next few sections, hopefully to come soon! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  7. spirogero

    [MOC] Paternal care

    What we haven't seen from the duel of Vader with Luke on Bespin: when Vader slashed Luke's right hand, he offered him some... treatment (a-la Sith) for the wound. A Hansaplast band (with his photo on it)! Luke: Dad... You slashed my hand! Vader: Shut up, son. Here... Take this. father&son1b by Spiros Geropoulos, on Flickr More on FlickR. MOC inspired by the Star Wars branded Hansaplast bands. I used sets 75110 and 75111 and built the environment to scale (quite large).
  8. So I finally decided to make another MOC (well kinda a MOC) and this time it's something that I think is really fun cause there's a ton of possibilities for more stuff to be added to it. Clash Royale! Here's some pics: And I also made it modular, so you can have different arenas, just like the game! To demonstrate, I built an Arena 7 build, Frozen Peak: What do you guys think? I think I'm finally getting the hang of building techniques, although I know I've got a long way to go! I put it on Lego Ideas, as well, if you want to support it! The link is here.
  9. MaceWindu

    [MOC]Encounter with the count

    Hi, everyone! I've just made the moc I should have made three years ago. It's so fantastic to return to your old plans! Other photos can be found here.
  10. Dzoni90

    Pistol Duel

    Baron Nicolas has been challenged to the duel by baron Laffitte, on charges that he had something with baron Laffitte's wife. Baron Nicolas was innocent but he accepted the challenge because he is an honorable gentleman. Baron Nicolas' 'seconds' was his battler and friend Monsieur Alfonse. The duel took place in the forest near Breshaun. Pistol Duel by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr Pistol Duel by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr The creation was made as a tribute to all classic heroes of Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, Lermontov, etc.
  11. Tlahuicole was a war captain of the Tlaxcala, a tribe who lived adjacent to the Aztec Empire during the middle ages. Captured by the Aztecs, Tlahuicole repeatedly requested the honour of being sacrificed to the gods, but his legendary battle leadership meant instead that the Aztecs used him as a general in their army. Finally, the emperor granted his wish and he fought in a gladiator duel against 8 opponents, all of whom were disabled by the Tlaxcalan. However, he was eventually felled by the ninth, and sacrificed to the gods. In this scene the ninth warrior is the (fictional) Cipac, who manages to restore the honour of the Aztecs after a fierce duel. This is an entry for the Lego war group's 2016 competition - final duel category. The Final Duel Of Tlahuicole by Colin, on Flickr An Offer Of Sacrifice by Colin, on Flickr Huey Tlatoani by Colin, on Flickr The Priest by Colin, on Flickr Here are some reference images I used:[/img][/img][/img]
  12. BrickCurve

    Robin Hood & Little John

    Just a quick entry for a contest over on MOCpages.
  13. szabomate90

    [MOC] [LDD] I Am Your Father

    The Empire Strikes Back's Duel on Cloud City between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader is one of the most iconic and significant scene in the Star Wars saga and in film history as well. Also emotionally this is the most dramatic turning point or climax in the whole story. In that case this epic moment deserves a Lego set. Lego already released the 10123 Cloud City set in 2003 roughly with all the Bespin scenes. Now we're focusing on the lower levels throughout the chamber, where Vader revealed the truth to Luke. The project based on the original location that we see in the movie and also uses the behind the scene photos as reference for the sizes, shapes, colors as accurately as possible. What do you think about it? Is it really a must have scene? If you like the idea please support here: Also if you want this to become a real set share it with your friends! Thank you! Cheers!
  14. This is a continuation of the story of animosities (or is it misunderstandings?) between Mr. John Hawksbrugh of Corrington and Captain Philip “Pip” Janszen of Eslandola. Their story began when Janszen encountered Hawksbrugh telling the tale of his escape from an Oleander prison with the aide of Lady Winifred in “Transvestite Prison Escape” and Janszen suggested that Hawksbrugh had hidden under the Lady’s skirt to escape. From there, Hawksbrugh called out Janszen in the Kings Port Advertiser, calling him an “Oleander turncoat,” to which Janszen took offense, as we saw in “Duel? We will see honor upheld!” Janszen sent an open letter to Port Raleigh, returning the challenge to Hawksbrugh, and we saw Hawksbrugh’s response in “Angling for a Duel.” Upon receiving Hawksbrugh’s response, Janszen is amused that Hawksbrugh is “taking instruction” and decides that the duel should be to first blood (so as to avoid murder charges) and then has an impromptu sparring session on the dock with his first mate in “Prelude to a Duel: Practice makes Perfect.” Meanwhile, pirates attacked Port Raleigh. Lady Pauline Norrington warned the settlement of the attack, and Hawksbrugh saved her life when some of the pirates attempt to kidnap her in “Dastardly Attack on Port Raleigh.” * * * After the pirate attack on Port Raleigh had been turned back and Mr. Hawksbrugh had rescued Lady Norrington, she asked him about the upcoming duel: “I’ve seen the public notice about the challenge between an Eslandolan seafarer and a John Hawksbrugh. Are you the man that is to duel Pip Janszen?” “Yes, I am. Why do you ask? You sound like you know him.” “I do, but it’s been a decade since I’ve seen him. We were so young then . . . but old enough," she said wistfully. "I thought Pip was relegated to my memories at this point; I didn’t dare dream our paths would cross again. Please don’t hurt him.” “M’lady, I believe Janszen is far more experienced with the blade than I. I will be doing all I can to make sure he doesn't hurt me.” Lady Norrington pondered this, then a glint came to her eye. “Can you defend his opening moves? If you can keep yourself unharmed at the start, I think I can get him to drop his guard. When he does, make your strike, but please do not hurt him.” “I will do my best, m’lady. Thank you for your help.” Hawksbrugh began to realize how special this lady was. “No, thank you. ’Tis the least I can do. But be sure not to mention me to him before your duel. The element of surprise will be critical.” “Of course.” * * * Janszen had intended to sail for Port Raleigh as soon as his trade run was complete, but Hurricane Stepho intervened and Janszen and crew were adrift at sea until rescued by Captain Velvetine and the crew of the Corrington trader Valkyrie (see “Hurricane vs Sloop: Hurricane Wins”). Finally arriving in Port Raleigh, Captain Janszen once again thanked Captain Velvetine for rescuing them. Janszen and his first mate, Anthony Crol, made their way to the Flask and Flagon to ask about Hawksbrugh’s whereabouts. The kitchen boy was dispatched to find Mr. Hawksbrugh and, after a stout drink, Janszen announced that he would await Hawksbrugh’s return down on the beach and their duel could commence. As Janszen headed to the beach, a small crowd gathered and followed him to see the duel – high entertainment it would be! When Lady Norrington heard what was happening, she hurried to the beach as well, but stayed hidden in the crowd. When Hawksbrugh arrived, he and Janszen exchanged words. “I have apologized for my comments regarding your loyaties, sir,” stated Hawksbrugh, “but I must defend the honor of Lady Winifred.” “And I have apologized for my remarks about your Lady Winifred, but your remarks about my loyalties demand action,” replied Janszen. “You have given me the choice of pistols or swords, and I choose swords. Since you have given me that choice, and because you apologized, I have proposed that our contest be to first blood: He who draws blood first shall be the winner. Is this acceptable to you?” “It is.” “Then let us begin.” And with that they bowed to each other and the duel began. Janszen started with some playful attacks, testing his opponent, and Hawksbrugh successfully parried. Soon Hawksbrugh was the aggressor, and Janszen parried the attacks as he sized up his opponent. Hawksbrugh had been training this past month, and Janszen judged him a good student. His form was good and he displayed some confidence, but he was still relatively inexperienced. Janszen had had little trouble so far, but thought it time to stop playing. Janszen countered one of Hawksbrugh’s thrusts and quickly had him on the defensive. Lady Norrington quietly moved through the crowd as Philip’s attacks became more aggressive. Janszen had Hawksbrugh back on his heels now. He would have his victory shortly. But Lady Norrington had maneuvered herself several yards behind Hawksbrugh, directly in Janszen’s line of sight. As Janszen made one particularly aggressive move, Lady Norrington caught his eye and smiled a smile than he had not seen in a decade. For a moment he was in shock. “Pauline?” he said . . . . . . and in that moment his focus was lost. Hawksbrugh countered with a sharp thrust to Janszen’s left shoulder. “Ow!” “First blood, sir,” declared Hawksbrugh triumphantly. “You are defeated.” Janszen dropped his sword and held the wound with his right hand, but his attention was still on Lady Norrington. “Pauline . . . how? Where . . . ?” “Mr. Hawksbrugh saved me in the recent pirate attack on this settlement. In return, I told him I would help him win this duel if he promised not to hurt you. How bad is the wound?” “It stings, but I am not injured.” Turning to Hawksbrugh, Janszen continued. “Sir, I misjudged you. You are a true gentleman, and I recant and apologize for suggesting you were anything else, especially in regard to your Lady Winifred.” “What’s more, you have presented me with a gift I never expected – to see Lady Pauline again." And with that, Janszen turned to her and they embraced. Janszen's first mate stood beside Hawksbrugh as they watched the reunion. “You have no idea what this means to him,” said Crol. “I believe you have a friend for life.” * * * Here's an overview of the beach scene: Thanks to Fuzzy MacFuzz and CelesAurivern for use of their characters.
  15. This is my third freebuild of the month. If you like it and are not from Eslandola, please give it a thumb’s up. *** This is a continuation of the story of animosities between John Hawksbrugh of Corrington and Philip Janszen of Eslandola, specifically following the events in Angling for a Duel. *** Capt. Janszen and his longtime friend, Anthony Crol, were headed for their ship when the dock agent called out. “Janszen! Come over here!” “What is it?” replied Philip. “The Pot o’ Gold came in from Port Raleigh today, and her captain left one of the items from the mail packet with me, figuring you would be down here soon enough. What are you doing getting mail from a Corrie?” “Haven’t you heard?” said Tony. “Ol’ Pip was called out by this Corrie in the Kings Port Advertiser and has challenged him to a duel!” “Has he now?” replied the dock agent. “Does he know how good Pip is with a blade? I would hope so, for his sake.” The agent turned to Janszen with the letter. “Here you go, Pip.” “Let’s see what he has to say.” Philip opened the letter and quickly read its message. “Hmm. Well, he withdraws calling me an Oleon turncoat… but still insists on defending the honor of his Lady Winifred. I guess my words weren’t enough in that regard.” Janszen read a little further, then laughed. “Ha! He will be taking instruction from Master Kenner in swordsmanship, he says!” “Taking instruction?! Pip, you’ll kill him. You can’t actually duel this poor sod.” “I think I have a solution. I shall suggest the winner be whoever can draw first blood. That way I can still teach him a lesson and give him a nice dueling scar as a permanent reminder.” “That sounds quite reasonable” replied Tony. “And that way I won’t have to hustle you out of that Corrie port while the constables try to arrest you for murder!” “Thanks Tony. I’m glad I could make this easier on you” said Philip, needling Tony. “But I’m not letting you off the hook. If Hawksbrugh is undergoing training, I must make sure I’m in top form as well, and that is now your responsibility, Tony. En garde!” With that, Philip drew his sword and waited for Tony to draw his. Then the impromptu sparring match began. Philip pressed from the start, and Tony retreated down the dock. Philip jumped on top of a crate to gain high ground, but Tony responded in kind, and they dueled across the tops of crates and barrels on the dock. Eventually, Philip forced Tony back onto the dock. Tony thought he saw an opening and tried a quick thrust, but Philip parried the attack and gained the advantage. Extended and off balance, Tony conceded the match. “You win, Pip,” said Tony, bowing in concession, “…this time.” “Ah, that was fun, Tony. Thanks for the workout.” “No problem, Pip. You were in top form. Mr. Hawksbrugh won’t last long.” “Yes, we will have more fun in a couple of weeks! I shall write Mr. Hawksbrugh and confirm that we will arrive in Port Raleigh after we complete our trade run at the end of the month.”
  16. After much pain and hurry, here is my answer to the Duel: Feast at "The Spin of Fate". Now a free-build by itself! Hugo wasn't eager to fight with Elysabeth Drondil as, due to his character, took it lightly as every other thing in his life. Or was arrogant enough and was sure he would win? So one day before the duel, he called his friends from the fleet for a drink, at "The Spin of Fate", where the drinks are cold and the girls are hot! The establishment took its name after the wheel (of fortune) that you can see right above the door that leads to the kitchen. That wheel belonged to the first owner of this place that came to the Sea of Storms with all his belongings on a cart. I had tons of fun making this build, which reminded me once more that i am a huge minifig and acessories lover and have the fig-fever. If you see some color deviations, it is because with this MOC, my brick stash is officially depleted with all this building the past month and all i have left is black and gray bricks Enjoy and sorry if you have an eye-sore after watching due to dim yellow lighting but couldn't wait till morning (job is killing me! hehehe) Thanks again! feast at The Spin of Fate by Spy Tha, on Flickr feast at The Spin of Fate foldout by Spy Tha, on Flickr feast at The Spin of Fate closeup by Spy Tha, on Flickr
  17. Lego Star Wars Origins: Episode 1 - Chancellor's Arrest Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum. I was a member here around six years ago or so but I forgot my password and login. Anyways, I thought I'd make my first real post and share a small brickfilm/stopmotion project I have recently completed. Bear in mind this video lasts for around four and a half minutes of animation which took me around two days to shoot and two or three days to edit the individual images and final video along with the credit roll and introduction. I plan to continue this series by incorporating my own story lines or recreating famous duels anywhere in the universe after the arrest of Palpatine. I hope you enjoy the film and possibly subscribe to my Youtube channel if you wish to see more brickfilms from me. Thanks a lot!
  18. Captain Nemo

    MOC: クズリ

    クズリ "The Wolverine" Built for and to be displayed at Brickworld Chicago 2015, this vignette depicts the mutant Wolverine fighting for not only his life, but the life of Mariko, his lover, against the dangerous and deadly Silver Samurai. This was a creation that I had in mind for a year now, so it's satisfying to finally see it completed. I managed to pick up one of the few remaining (and rare) custom Silver Samurai minifigures, created and chromed by, about six months ago--so it's been a long wait to finally build and show off my initial idea. The vignette consists of fourteen minifigures: Wolverine, Mariko, Silver Samurai, the Ninja Master, and ten generic ninjas. Additionally, because this is a large Marvel creation, Deadpool makes a cameo as ninja #7--who apparently only wants to join in, take specific aim, and hurt Wolverine in the most painful area possible! The creation heavily utilizes the Lego flower petal piece, somewhere around 2000 of them. They are used to add snow to the landscape, a technique I've never seen before, but one that seems to work very well. I was inspired to use them by the simple contrast of white and red petals, where the latter could then be used to indicate blood soaked snow. Initially I had intended to include a streak of red petals forming some symbol, syllable, or word in Japanese, which would have been flung from Silver Samurai's sword--this idea was eventually given up, largely due to space issues, but it was in large part the main push to build the creation in the first place. The elegant cherry tree was another thing I was really excited about building. It utilizes fifty of the leaf pieces in the new lavender shade. A large inspiration for the creation was the 2013 film The Wolverine, which includes a similar scene. I combined a few scenes from the film (such as Wolverine being chased by the ninjas in the snow, and the end Duel with the Silver Samurai) into one scene to create a more interesting vignette. Additionally, I kept the film's modern tone. I added in the electrical post to not only add light (which is powered by the way by LifeLites products), but indicate that the creation was from the modern period, rather than feudal Japan. The buildings are feudalistic however, and utilize the colors black and sand blue to create a mysterious vibe. The ninjas of the creation wear identical garb, with the exception of their leader, who is holding Mariko hostage. They were a big part of the inspiration to recreate the scene, and I'm happy that they add a huge feeling of foreboding danger to the overall creation. For my initial build idea, I intended to include far more ninjas than what is shown here--I wanted some twenty-five or more, to cover the show rooftops in black. Still, this is just as successful. Also notable about this creation is the unique base structure I built for it, which mimics the curved rooftops of Buddhist temples. It was a fun piece of construction, and one that adds a lot to the overall feel of the creation. It's also the first raised base I've constructed, as in the entire build stands a brick above the table it rests on, supported by four small corner pedestals. Enjoy! ~Nemo
  19. The Old Oak The Battle for Cresentthorn's Favor (WZ11:C4) For the Desert King! Deep in the Wither Woods there is an ancient oak, so thick and gnarled that the elves have named it the Father of the Trees, believing it to have witnessed the dawn of the forest. The warrior Kauket had lived her entire life in the hot, sandy, desert lands – she had never seen any trees such as what was now before her. A voice called down from the ancient limbs, “The duel may now commence.” There would be time later to admire the forest, Kauket had a High Councilman to defeat. At the base of the ancient tree, Kauket swung her khopesh at the enemy and let the thrill of the fight carry her to victory. Thanks for having a look :)
  20. Battle on the Mountain A well respected warrior of Ulandus, Octavio Cedric was quick to enter the battle happening around the Lone Mountain. One of the region's best fighters, he had quickly dispatched many worthy foes in the early stages of the fight. Here, he launches a successful attack against an unprepared fighter representing the Desert King. Propelling himself from the rocky mountainside, he leaps down and thrusts his spear into the enemy, casting the undead fighter into the lava below. Octavio will not rest until he has either won the brawl or been eliminated.
  21. We are running the Star Wars Olympics now at our german forum Imperium der Steine, this is my entry to the second round. This time my task was to build something with just 4x4 studs on ground, but at least 20 bricks high. I have choosen the most popular scene from Star Wars ever. The legendary Bespin Duel, when Vader tells Luke that he is his father. The scene itself stands balanced on just the 4x4 rounded tube. Greets Disco
  22. Hello everyone! I got a lot of requests for a scene with Durge, so here it is: the first big duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Durge during the Battle of Muunilinst from the original Clone Wars series! Obi-Wan vs. Durge by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Surrounding them are the burning debris of the Muunilinst buildings and Obi-Wan's split speederbike which Durge used to attack him with. Obi-Wan vs. Durge back by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Durge uses all kinds of weapons and gadgets against Kenobi, including blasters and small round energy shields. Obi-Wan vs. Durge side by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Here's a close up of the two duelists. I didn't push Durge's head down all the way on purpose to give him the tall look that he has in the show. Obi-Wan Kenobi & Durge by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Obi-Wan eventually manages to cut Durge into pieces, but the fight is far from over... Obi-Wan vs. Durge Aftermath by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr
  23. Oky

    MOC: Duel on Yavin 4

    Happy Star Wars Day everyone! Here's my next entry to the Clone Wars community build which is a follow up to my previous one. Having proven herself to Count Dooku and Darth Sidious, Asajj Ventress was tasked to assassinate Anakin Skywalker. She lured him into a trap on the moon Yavin 4 where they engaged in an intense duel throughout the jungle ruins. Eventually, Anakin gave in to his anger and was able to defeat her, fueled by his rage against the Jedi Council. Ventress was assumed to be dead, but she survived and continued to serve her masters. I hope you like it, and May the Fourth be with you!
  24. MaceWindu

    Duel Of The Fates

    Hi, everyone! I'm glad to present you my new MOC - "Duel Of The Fates". The name came from the soundtrack of the movie. I recomend you to watch this scence to know what is my MOC about(try to watch with 720p or 1080p ). The sences, wich I show in my work, start at 2:00. Main views: The entrance to the hall: Black hall is modular part. Because of the grooves, red interceptings easily inserted between the walls of the corridor. When red barriers are deactivated, grey pillars are extended. The droid's rooms are gifts of my imagination! Don't be so serious! In the right we can seee the passage with the reactor pit. And this hints, that the pit's very long! And the story! You know it! [/url] [/i] The original photos are also in the spoiler: Bonus! Thanks for watching!