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Found 15 results

  1. mcphatty

    Micro Star Wars (1:250)

    Hi all. I haven't added much to my 1:250 fleet of Star Wars fighters, gunships, freighters and one corvette (plus a couple of mini scenes) this year but I have been working on my photography. I've really enjoyed seeing the groups of ships grow and comparing the sizes of the finished products, Slave 1 and the Rogue Shadow turned out surprisingly big, but the biggest surprise was how huge a Blockade Runner is! In case anyone's interested, instructions for all of them are on Rebrickable... And here's another with almost all the ships arranged together, which took far, far longer than I thought it would!
  2. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] Boba Fett's SLAVE I

    Hi! Time to show you my new project! Now it's only virtual design but I have to start somehow not Boba Fett's Starship, this is... SLAVE I Built in, it lasted for several weeks. The catalog contains 1376 parts, but that is changing all the time. There will be about 100-150 more on a display stand. Scale similar to 75243, but with slightly different proportions, more refined. The functions include an opening back storage, with space for minifigures or carbonite. The wings are movable. Cabin for Boba Fett with control panels, also rotating. A PDF Instructions will be available in October 2021. First, I have to build it myself and check if everything works properly (don't trust the rebrickably MOCs, which even the author himself did not build) What do you think about this project? If you are interested in this project, be sure to check out my youtube channel - edge of bricks, there will be more about this project soon.
  3. Some time ago I bought a set 75243, recently I was looking for a display stand for it. There were a few, but I didn't like the way Slave I attached was questionable Do you want something right do it yourself - I built my own, also did a tutorial - only 94 parts, - easy to assamble, - very high stability REBRICKABLE here: OF BRICKS/display-stand-for-slave-i-75243/#details TUTORIAL
  4. nixtron1

    [MOD] 75060 Slave B1 UCS

    Rebrick/Recolor of the 75060 Slave I. Going for Blacktron 1 theme. Unfortunately, some parts don't come in black. LEGO 75060 Slave B1 UCS by nixtron1, on Flickr
  5. Richpepperell

    Slave 1 8097 [MOD]

    I love the UCS Slave 1, it has been my favourite OT ship since I owned the Kenner 3.75" version back in the early 80s. Unfortunately, my wallet doesn't love the price and with the amount of other Star Wars sets being released, it's not on the horizon. I'm not sure if the UCS is genuine minifigure scale or not (I'm sure someone's done the measurements), but I decided I actually wanted something that might fit more easily into a diorama, so I decided on a MOD of 8097. I was lucky enough to pick up a set without minifigures for less than £50 on eBay, and only needed one Bricks & Pieces and one Bricklink order to get what I needed (mostly bricks from the UCS). Without further ado, I give you the Not-really-Ultimate, Not-really-Collectors Series Slave 1! The main job was re-shaping the dark red bottom 'skirt' which was far too blocky in the original. This made the top/rounded end 2 studs wider, so a bit of fiddling was needed. I lost the flick fire mechanism, but kept the compartment play features as I felt the fit with the aesthetic and purpose of the craft. A bit of greebling on the fin arms made a world of difference. The 4x6 dark red tile with studs on 3 edges (I'm sure it has a name) actually lies a lot flatter and smoother than it looks here. The outline is not perfect, but I'm pretty happy at this scale. The nose guns are pretty much a copied/scaled down version of the UCS. Flight mode, with Boba Fett at the controls. The underside is pretty much as-was. The removal of the flick-fire rack means the interior is actually pretty empty. I've covered the opening with a small 4x6 hatch for now that may become some sort of removable holding cell. One final shot with Boba Fett scouting for his latest prey. No arm printing? Well, that's for UCS only! All comments and suggestions for improvements gratefully received and acted upon!
  6. A long, long time ago I started working on a micro scale Millennium Falcon. To begin with all I wanted to do was add detail to the Microfighter but I kept tinkering and before I knew it I had a growing collection of micro Star Wars freighters and fighters, and here they are! Instructions for all these little builds are on my Rebrickable page. Since this all started with that Falcon Microfighter the cockpit piece (a light blueish-grey 2x2 truncated cone) became my yardstick for scale. Luckily trans-black 1x1 slope pieces work as fighter cockpits at the same scale so all the ships are, and will continue to be, as close to scale with each other as I can manage, at least based on these pieces and whatever reference images I can gather from Google. My Blockade Runner (April 2021) is the last ship on my micro Star Wars to-do list, although it’s hardly micro! The size and weight were a new challenge for me, I’ve never had to worry about a moc falling apart under its own weight before, but I enjoyed the challenge and managed to make it pretty easy to pick strong. I’ve put together instructions for the Tantive IV as well as the Liberator from Star Wars Rebels, which I couldn’t resist building for myself. Rather than doing new posts for each new ship I’ll edit the very long post below. All the instructions are on my Rebrickable page and there are photos and Studio renders some photos of the ships in this post, plus a few more on Flickr and Instagram. Thanks for looking!
  7. LEGO Slave 1 MOC LEGO Slave 1 MOC [Comparison] I wanted to upgrade the original 2000s Slave 1, so I went to work and here's the final result. I'm pretty happy with how it came out, its almost the same dimensions as the original, being only two studs taller and longer. LEGO Slave 1 MOC [Comparison] LEGO Slave 1 MOC [Comparison] I used yellow for the engines on the back due to the 1 x 4 brick not coming in orange. I also have added a handle on the back for easy swooshing. LEGO Slave 1 MOC [Comparison] The wings fold down via gravity just like its predecessors. LEGO Slave 1 MOC [Comparison] LEGO Slave 1 MOC [Comparison] LEGO Slave 1 MOC Han solo fits in the back of the ship like a good little carbonite man. LEGO Slave 1 MOC I have a little tab that lifts up to hold Han Solo in, though not perfect does the job all the same. (He likes to abadon ship when swooshing too hard). LEGO Slave 1 MOC [Windshield with stickers] I trimmed some stickers from the resistance bomber 75188 for the windshield LEGO Slave 1 MOC [Empty seat] His seat is so snug in there that I was unable to find a way to make his seat rotate from gravity when you lift the ship up. :( LEGO Slave 1 MOC [Seat up] LEGO Slave 1 MOC [Seat down] LEGO Slave 1 MOC LEGO Slave 1 [ORIGINAL] LEGO Slave 1 MOC LEGO Slave 1 [ORIGINAL] LEGO Boba Fett's Boba Original [MIDDLE] Boba with spray painted Arealight gear Boba with Arealight gear. LEGO Boba Fett's But that's not all folks this ship holds more than meets the eyes. It has rotatable main cannons and retractable missiles! Lego Slave 1 MOC Missiles retracted Lego Slave 1 MOC Missiles out I also made instructions for anyone who wants to build or upgrade the ship! LEGO Slave 1 MOC by Josiah Seals, on Flickr
  8. Retro

    [MOC] Jango Fett Slave 1

    Hello All, This is not a new model. I posted some pictures of it before, but I thought I could do a bit better on the photography end of things. Jango Fett's Slave 1 is one of the most beautiful ships in all of science fiction, and it deserved a better service. So here we go.
  9. Retro

    Jango Fett Slave 1

    Hi All, I was reading the comments on the leak of the new Boba Fett Slave 1 and saw that a lot of people wished it were Jango's. Since I own 8097 I thought I would try to modernise it a bit and turn it into Jango's at the same time. I was helped by the fact that bizarrely some of the pieces of 7153 turned up some time ago in my parents' house despite me never owning it! Thanks to Rich Peperell and Peter for their designs which I copied and used for inspiration. I am not a master builder or photographer, this was just me having fun.
  10. Legomanarthur

    [MOC/MOD] Jango Fett's Slave 1

    Hey everyone, I've been working on this for quite a while and I need to make a few things clear concerning this MOC. The model is basically a remake of LoRd AmUnRa's Slave 1 which I think looked very close to the "real" model. I built a replica on LDD then decided to change a few things up to make it look more up-to-date, which resulted in a mix between the old style and the new one, so let's say it's a MOD of a MOC. Anyway here it is: So here it is, I hope you enjoyed it, I spent a lot of hours on LDD recreating it and modifying it over the years, I could provide the LDD file but it does not contain my latest tweaks and modifications and I don't have the time to look into it currently.
  11. Hey guys! This is an older creation of mine, but I just realized I hadn't yet posted it here. This set takes inspiration, of course, from the official Boba Fett UCS, as well as from an old partially completed MOC by Flickr user Maelven . The set started after the official release of the UCS Boba Fett Slave 1. I didn't like some of the transitions on the Official UCS, so I set about modifying the set. My favorite set that I owned as a kid was the Jango Fett Slave 1 (7159), so naturally I had to have a Jango Fett color scheme. A lot of the parts on the lower dish of the official set are not available in dark blue, so a redesign was required. However, I also felt the official design was a bit blocky, so I hoped I could make some improvements along the way.
  12. Captain Britain

    [MOD] UCS Slave 1 + Lights!

    Hi all! I hope I'm doing this correctly?! I don't usually find my way over to the Star Wars section but wanted to share my Slave 1 with you all! I snagged the idea from a guy on Reddit who added white lights into his Slave 1 to light up the engines, and I loved the look! I knew I had to do it myself. To make it more of my own take on it I decided to change the lights to orange to try and match the engine colour better. I've also swapped out the trans-blue 1x1 tiles on the top engine for trans-orange, and have some trans-orange discs coming to replace the lower blue ones. Anyway, I hope you guys like! I plan on getting some more lights into the cockpit at some stage but didn't think orange would suit in there. You can just about see the battery pack sitting on the stand underneath with a bit of wire showing. I plan to try and hide this a bit better at some point. Signed by the main man himself :) Played around with the photo a bit as it was still light out when I took pictures... Lastly, the back! I might try and fill the last 3 holes with either more LED's to make the bottom engines brighter but if I did 6 at the bottom I'd only have 8 for the top (there's currently 14). Bonus pic - quick photo of just after I put them in. I pulled the curtain shut to try and get it a little darker but even then it was still quite light and they stand out ok. I need to change the 8x1 brick at the top for a flat 8x1 so it sits flush again, but other than that, and swapping trans-blue for trans-orange I've not amended the build. I hope you guys enjoyed!
  13. StarWars8Spoiler

    [WIP MOC] Slave 1

    I've started a large project, wish me luck. I'm using a Kenner model as a basis, and I will try to cram as much detail as possible into this creation. I'm working from the bottom up. Please offer any advice or criticisms as you see fit.
  14. Legopard

    [MOC] Slave 1885

    Hello Seriously, i wasn't sure where to post this. On the one side it's a Star Wars spaceship, on the other side it's build steampunky. (I hope it's ok to post it here. If not a Mod can change that hopefully :D ) The guys of FBTB making their MOC Madness 2014 and the theme it's: SteamWars My entry is the interpretation of the iconic Slave 1 in the victorian style. I hope you like it. More pictures can be found here. May the steam be with you Jonas
  15. DuckBricks

    Jango Fett (old) for sale

    Hey guys, I am willing to trade 1 old Jango Fett for: Any Blacktron set (Besides small ones. You may give me multiple small sets. I AM NOT GUARANTEEING to accept any set. If you have one to trade, PM me at Any Classic Space set (same rules as before) At least 20 Blacktron minifigures At least 20 Classic Space minifigures White Boba Fett Chrome Bionicle masks Mr. Gold Thanks, and if you are interested, please leave a message on this post. If I am interested in your offer, please PM me at legozebra