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Found 49 results

  1. sander1992


    Hello all, I have built a small creation based on the Aquazone series from 1995-1996. The landscape is 48x48 tall and it contains several sets from the series. I tried to create the landscape according to the pictures from the catalogs from that time. I used a lot of blue slopes and modified bricks to create the rocks. The landscape was also shown at a small event Megabricks in the Netherlands. A few pictures of the landscape. Here a picture from another angle. Next pictures gives a better look of the base and the surroundings. I also used a few lights in the caves. The next picture shows the light in one cave. More pictures are on my Flickr account. The pictures are also on my Brickshelf account. Questions and comments are welcome. Sander
  2. Lego Dino 500

    A better alternative to baseplates?

    I was just filling out a PaB cup full of white 4x6 plates for a Winter Village layout, and I found something interesting. By just using the 4x6 or 4x4 plates and bricks to support the elevations, you can create extremely dynamic and realistic landscaping that's actually cheaper than using standard 32x32 baseplates. Using the typical cost of 9 cents per 4x4 plate in regular green compared to the cost of $7.99 of the new 32x32 bright green baseplates, you can divide the $7.99 cost of a 32x32 baseplate with an area of 1024 studs by $0.9 to get 11 plates per dollar, each with an area of 16 studs. Multiply this by 8 to get a cost of $7.99 for a baseplate compared to 88 4x4 plates for $7.92, which has a combined area of 1,408 studs, for 8 cents cheaper not counting shipping. Even though it is a bit more fragile, it can also be easily reinforced with bricks and plates on the bottom, and with a elevation of 4 plates, you can easily place 1x2 technic bricks to modularize your layout. Would this be a more feasible way to do landscaping on our layouts compared to the baseplates we currently use? Theoretically it could eliminate the need for baseplates entirely, aside from using road plates to model roads and highways. Sorry if this is already established, I've seen it used in dioramas and models, but never in such a scale. Here's a few photos of a piece of modular landscape built with this method. The slope of the plates can also be leveled out at any height and secured with bricks, but you can also use the continuous slope to create forced perspective on smaller or shelf layouts. You can also stretch out the plates up to 3 studs per layer and plate allowing you to create steep slopes or flat planes. This is what the understructure looks like, using various assorted plates and bricks to support the inclined terrain. This example was built using 40 4x4 plates, and can be extended further and this method is sturdier than using baseplates which can rarely split, bend, or warp shape.
  3. Click images for FullHD resolution... Find out story plot behind this model and even more on set's official webpage: http://lego.queryen....691518.php?j=en You can see it also at MOC Pages here: LEGO Ideas direct link for those interested:
  4. qoob

    (MOC) Avengers Mansion

    Hello everyone! This is my first MOC ever and it is still under construction. It will be one of my sceneries for my upcoming brickfilm. The idea is to build the Avengers mansion with some of Tony Starks sneaky engineering skills. I wanted to add the gantry machine to the movie at all costs. It can be moved back and forth. The big sliding doors and the balcony with the desk and couch can be opened so Iron Man can land directly and change the suit or whatever. I have a big problem with the balcony. The joints that are used to open it, are not as stable as needed. Maybe you have some idea how to fix it? Of course I will add some more images as I progress. What is planned? - Iron Man armory/lab - Avengers showroom with all the different Avengers - A garage with different vehicles If you guys have some ideas just let me know :) Greetings, qoob
  5. Find out story plot behind this model and even more on set's official webpage: http://lego.queryen....691516.php?j=en You can see it also at MOC Pages here: LEGO Ideas direct link (please, give it your support there if you really like it...thanx):
  6. Sullust. At least it isn’t as cold as Hoth. But the volcanic smoke has made a lot of patrolling missions a whole lot more difficult. Take KQ-351, now restoring in the sick bay after almost suffocating due to a minor failure in his ventilation system. Am I glad this base isn’t built near to any major streams of lava. That would be excellent for defence, but highly impractical… On the other side, this base doesn’t seem to be built to keep anyone out in the first place. Sure, the solid rock walls, the few but strong gates and the narrow entrances are good to keep people inside, but there isn’t much protection from attackers. [soNE Ep. IV] Eye on the skies by Bert.VR, on Flickr It was built when just the thought of attacking the Empire would have made everybody laugh. It was built when there was no real Rebellion trying to crack into it. When everything was peaceful… The main services got a place on the roof. Good for communications. Bad for protection. Cannons? Nowhere to see… So it’s up to us to defend the base. The pilots will have to save the day. The AT-AT pilots on the ground, the TIE pilots in the air. We’ll keep the forces of the Rebellion off, while our friends on the inside will stop the infiltrators. My rank got me this position at the main gate. Destroy everything that tries to get in, they said, until the backup arrives. So my eyes are scanning the air, in the hope of seeing reinforcements, in the expectation of seeing a horde of Rebel fighters. [soNE Ep. IV] Ground reinforcements by Bert.VR, on Flickr At least I’m not alone to stop that filth of the galaxy. Every pilot has been summoned. So I’m not the only one to stand up against this brutal Rebel attack. It will be a lonely battle though. In this atmosphere communication is hard, and in fear of abuse by the Rebel infiltrators, all communication has been abandoned after the distress call to our fleet. Look, there’s one of my colleagues in his TIE flying by, from the other side of the cliff where the hangar bay is. He’s heading for… the sky? Why isn’t he on his post in the first place? It could be a reconnaissance mission, but why? We have our detection equipment right here. We already know the place. And why doesn’t a take our usual routes? Why is he flying like a wampa anyway? Whoever it is, I… It might be a Rebel… And I pull the trigger. My instinct is a good shooter. Smoke coming from the crucial wing section, the TIE goes down. It disappears behind the rocks, where it will most certainly perish in the lava. [soNE Ep. IV] Every shot makes two victims by Bert.VR, on Flickr It might have been a friend… No… the thought petrifies me. But how? How could it have been a friend? That’s impossible. Why would he abandon his post? Why would he fly like that… No, it can not… may not… have been a friend. Surely, I have done what was best. There might be hundreds of explanations. A reconnaissance mission because our equipment failed, an emergency evacuation, some kind of special mission… or just a foolish act of heroism by a rookie. Is there another explanation? Couldn’t ir really have been a Rebel. Who somehow got past all security. But how? Who somehow managed to get away with a TIE fighter. Impossible, isn’t it? Aren’t all TIE fighters in the air? Except… KQ-351’s. Hope. Despair. I’m a hero I’m a murderer . I’ll never know. The wreckage will never be found. People will go missing today. Fighters will perish today. Who knows what chaos the upcoming battle brings. And what chaos might follow. I’ll never know if I did the right thing. Nobody’ll ever know. Nobody even saw it happen. Nobody goes through the same hell as I. No one to talk to. I’m alone with a killer. [soNE Ep. IV] What have I done? by Bert.VR, on Flickr Only now I see what this war is taking. I’ve killed before, but only now I realize I remember every single deadly shot I fired. Twelve. I already took the life of twelve people. People just like me. Friend or foe, I killed twelve people. I’ve killed myself twelve times. What’s left of me? I’m only a human. And humans are not made to kill. Whether I just shot down a Rebel or an Imperial, I’m still a murderer. And I can’t undo that. That’s what this war has turned me into. Not into a hero. Into a murderer. There are no heroes. Not in battle. I won’t claim a medal for what I’ve done. All I can do, is go on. Go on and end this war. I need to do the best I can to stop this war. Even if I’ll have to kill again. This war has to be stopped. And if battle is what it takes, so be it. I hope that one day, this war ends with throwing away weapons. That not the Rebellion, not the Empire wins, but peace. But that’s a thing for heroes. I’m just a simple pilot. All I can do is choose the lesser evil. Either way, I’ll have to kill again. I’ll have to kill others. I’ll have to kill myself again. But that’s the only way. Now that I’ve took this road, I can’t go back. I can only go on to be the victim of my own shots. _________________ OoC: LDD file here One more picture of the gate available on my Flickr Not everything is connected, bacause that's (nearly) impossible in LDD. Those Technic axles in the rock pillars aren't connected to each other, but in real life a (LEGO) grey rubber band should do the trick. Trust me, I tried it out. Same goes for the smallest tires in the smoke, that just hang on the bar. Also, I'm not entirely sure about the rigidity of the rock wall. I did add in some Technic support, but in LDD it's really hard to work with all those angled surfaces. Also, I used a couple of 2x2 dark tan plates, that never appeared in a Lego set, but are available on bricklink. I hope these aren't any major issues, and that you still can enjoy the build.
  7. David FNJ

    [M - B06] Sorn Sabotage

    Location: Sorn, B06 Tags: MANTIS, land vehicle, spying, military, building AG: Sorn Sabatoge by David FNJ, on Flickr Double D's log 12: Kawashita developed a large shield over several of their buildings that is blocking some of our larger vehicles and spacecraft from forcing them to surrender. I am being sent with a few MANTIS operatives to go inside the shield's boarders and take out the shield generators so that reinforcements can finish the job. Our mission, get in, get out, and watch it blow! It's all or nothing! ~ DD out The epic looking doors and spiral columns Roof of the building Yup! Full interior! Gotta have those sci-fi crates! The doors slide open and the locking mechanism works! You can't open the doors without first detaching them. Each lock sets into place on a black stump with the yellow stripe. Because the rod sticks out only a little bit, it makes locking, unlocking, and setting the locks into the black stumps easy and efficient without sacrificing functionality. Next are the photos that show some action shots and rockwork. Finally, the MANTIS Jeep ------------------------------------------------- This was a BLAST to build! I'm very pleased with how this creation turned out from the colors, the building details, the interior, the rockwork, and the MANTIS Jeep. This is definitely my favorite MANTIS creation so far.
  8. DarkDruid

    [O-F09] O.C.S. Mammoth

    Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Pilot, AG, Octan +++++ BEGIN TRANSMISSION +++++ I'm on board the O.C.S. Mammoth now. After that thing on that desert world we're going somewhere cooler! Anyway, mission report says I have to drop a base, which will be occupied by a new Octan scientist or explorer when the time comes. +++++ END TRANSMISSION +++++ The O.C.S. Mammoth carries two Modular Bases.
  9. -Noel-

    [Moc] Base Command Center

    This was built for an RPG on another site. It's pretty much a command center in some moon base or other. I implore you to notice the 1x1s in the base. They were quite frustrating. Here's a shot of my character. He is also the minifigure in my buddy icon. ~Give glory only to God~
  10. BrickCurve

    [MOC] Republic Base On Florrum

    This is my first Star wars moc- the first of many I hope! The idea for this started with my purchase of the geonosis troopers set (75089), modifying the walkers and it went on from there.
  11. This is a counter to Kai NRG's build: link LittleJohn countered Garmadon's build here: link The design was based off of JKBrickwork's ballista and medieval ballista images. The ballista uses only official LEGO parts. Two twisted 'fishing pole' strings are what gives the ballista its shooting capability. The Ulander's fiery darts were proving rather devastating, punching a hole in the outer wall of Ras-el-akhen. But with each shot their ballista grew drier and more flammable, until as one of them lit the bolt for the next shot, the ballista burst into flame: Video: It shoots 18 inches, not counting the distance the bolt slides after it hits the ground . Otherwise, about 2 feet. I put K12 as the location in the title, to mirror Kai's post. I'm not sure if the attack was moved to a different location, as Ska has it listed for H5 in the guerrilla thread. If you see something out of order per the challenge rules, please let me know. C&C welcome
  12. Hey guys! What's up?! I'm a new member (Hello everyone!) and was wanting to get some help going through some old Legos from my childhood/my uncles childhood that I just got from my parents recently. Like most, I actually hadn't thought of a Lego in years, and finally got out the totes that I had in my house that housed about 1/3 of my old sets from childhood (I had mostly space (pretty much every set from 1987-1994 excluding 6987, 6990, but all the SP1/2, BK1/2, Mtron, Ice P, and Spyrius) and some castle/pirates), anyhoo, there was also a huge amount of bags from my grandmas house that I guess I assumed were just "old boring legos" and was gonna stuff them away again, but I looked at some parts sorted out a handful of what I figured were unique parts and made an "Urainium search vehicle" using bricklink inv list and online instructions. As a kid I always thought that the "old space" was boring, but now that I made one its actually kind of cool, and most importantly my two sons love legos and I like building things for them! Anyways, there are POUNDS of old space stuff including at least a Beta 1 command base (6970....found this out based on the one off part 3754pb01), 6971 IG command base (have big pile of blue windows and a few solid blue 4228 parts), robot command ctr (couple solid blue "rocket" pieces and a handful of solid blue canopies), couple fx star patrollers, gamma V laser craft, another Uranium search vehicle, and prob at least 10 more sets (theres a couple 924 and other numbered bricks in there too). Sooooo, here's where I need your expert advice! I'm obviously on the right track using bricklink, etc. but, is there a way to know what "generic" (ie 1x4, etc) brick was from what time period? (ie: look at the mold numbers from the lot it was created on?) I figure if I'm going through all this trouble I might as well try to get it as close to original as possible, esp because these sets are a pretty big deal I guess! ( just bought my son a 6990 since I didn't have one as a kid and figured that would be expensive, but had no idea that these old space bases were worth so much, which makes me want to keep them and pass it on to my children/grandchildren!). Also, any other suggestions would be great too (ie general research/building and if there is a way to ask for older pieces when ordering off, etc in case I need to get a couple bits to finish out a set??). Thanks a bunch guys! Here's a few pics (this is just a little bit of what I've sorted already and the Invader/UFO ship/Forestman thing are just what my son had out from my stuff while I was working on this): Sorry, it's not letting me upload any more pics! I have some large 'windscreen looking things that have the space logo in both large and small sizes, as well as a few others I'd like to have you guys look at but it keeps saying it is too big! I'll try again later on my computer (this is as small as it will let me make it on my phone, sry!) Thanks again for all you help!!!!
  13. This project is the culmination of everything I have ever wanted to build. The Aquazone theme will always hold a special place in my heart, and Lego Technic and Mindstorms have solidified my lifetime addiction to Lego. I know this is a bit of a blast from the past using rcx's but they are cheap (as am I) and readily available on ebay. Not to mention they fit the color scheme ;). I got 10 between 2 ebay auctions and after a few hours of cleaning battery acid and a few solder joints i was left with 6 working units. I sold off some of my collection (bye bye maersk train), mostly minifigs to finance my ebay findings (hello dacta control center). Most of the Aquazone sets were bought years ago on ebay once I got my first job, I was able to snag one of most every original aquazone sets that i couldn't afford as a kid. Now that the history is out of the way on to the building! Features so far include: 2 sets of LED's given a random power level every 10ms, to give a nice flicker effect in the cave. 1 Lamp (more coming from bricklink!), randomly goes between power level 6 and 7 on a slow cycle. This is designed to catch the eye and add realism. Cant wait to get more to light the entire model. Power station in back powered by classic 9v non-geared motor, The propellors spin at different speeds thanks to different sized pulleys mounted on smooth axles, the smooth axles a carefully pushed through the friction pins of the propellors. Automatic air compressor using a rotation sensor to stop at max pressure, and a touch sensor and pneumatic cylinder to trigger start at min pressure. Also features manual override touch sensor to start again. Power functions RC robotic arm, doesnt quite fit in yet, but it will eventually, again this is a work in progress. The picture below is an overview of a somewhat recent picture, for the most recent work check out the brickshelf link. I will eventually post a video of the completed model without all the technical jargon. But if you are in to technical jargon the youtube videos below go in to detail as the model has progressed. Brickshelf Folder http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=546905 Worklog Videos with Commentary part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6
  14. soccerkid6

    Knor Interstellar Outpost

    This build is for the Interstellar Outpost contest on Flickr. The idea is to build a one-man starfighter, landing pad, ground support vehicle, and comm station that together form a space outpost. I don't build sci-fi a lot, so this was a good challenge. After so many Castle builds, using lots of bright colors was really fun. The starfighter's wings rotate with a twist of the knob on top, to switch between flight and hover/landing mode; it also has a functional landing gear. The tanker truck has working steering (also operated by the knob on top) and 'suspension'. The comm station has a full interior and the landing pad doubles as a storage area. And just for fun, a picture with the colors inverted: See more pictures here: C&C welcome
  15. So, I'm starting to work on this LEGO City, but a lot of the buildings I'm using have baseplates at the bottom, and I'm wondering what the best way is to use them with other baseplates, like the road ones. I've seen it done before, with buildings like the Modular Buildings.
  16. Hi! This is my entry for Category B of Home Sweet Home Contest in Sci-Fi forum. Every picture is link on my gallery, where you can find bigger photos. ...From the beggining of space exploration humans built space bases: big and small, protected and unprotected, residential and scientific. But each base was a sweet home for austronauts. [HSH] Cat B - In the depths of space by balthazar_, on Flickr [HSH] Cat B - In the depths of space by balthazar_, on Flickr My austronaut wears grey protective suit. He rides something that lookes like a sky moonwalker! :P [HSH] Cat B - In the depths of space by balthazar_, on Flickr His house has simple interrior. Under the grey hatch - underground room, but i did not build it :( [HSH] Cat B - In the depths of space by balthazar_, on Flickr Life-support sistems: [HSH] Cat B - In the depths of space by balthazar_, on Flickr [HSH] Cat B - In the depths of space by balthazar_, on Flickr No-minifigure: [HSH] Cat B - In the depths of space by balthazar_, on Flickr There is a trailer for austronauts` vehicle :) [HSH] Cat B - In the depths of space by balthazar_, on Flickr After a hard day: [HSH] Cat B - In the depths of space by balthazar_, on Flickr Thanks for watching! I hope you like it! C&C are welcome ;)
  17. This is my creation for the contest "Home Sweet Home" Category A I hope you like it ^__^ Link on MOCpages Link on Flickr Mini Space Cruiser CS "One Man Space Ship" Landing Trasformable VF-1 CS Valkyrie Ladder Trasformable VF-1 CS Valkyrie and Classic Mechanic Suit Empty base
  18. SpaceMan Nathan

    [MOC] M:tron (part 2)

    Here is the other half of my M:tron MOC collection. "Space Huey" (6923 mod) "Galaxy" (build off the frame and windshield of 6989) "M:tron Command" "Monorail" (got this started from the great work of Peter Reid [Legoloverman])
  19. legoman19892

    Steampunk Arctic Base

    Made this around 2008
  20. Jackal76

    Mech facility update.

    Hello all, Work continues on the Mech Facility my brother-in- law and I have been working on. In addition to the Mech bay , we now have a warehouse: a holding cradle for a cargo container: and a spare parts yard: Enjoy! -Jon
  21. Ahhhh… my fingers are freezing! These pilot suits are made to keep you warm in outer space, but this planet is way worse. The only thing this Rebel base has to offer are record temperatures and giant locked doors. This one in front of me is the biggest we’ve seen in the time we’ve been here. A full hour, I’ve been trying to crack this door open. I was selected to be on this mission because of my promotion, and my technical expertise as a pilot. But this door is heavily secured. And we can’t just blast it open. This base is weakened. Who knows what a heavy explosion could cause… Wait… a beep! I don’t know what we did, but somehow… and now, a deep noise… that blasted door is opening! After all the effort it has asked of us, I’ve grown really curious. What could lay behind this door? What secret deserves that much protection? For what obscure things have my fingers been suffering like this? What?! Is that really… a bunch of… plush Tauntauns? That’s so unexpected, I just can’t hold my laugh. My companions apparently are thinking the same. A bunch of stuffed Tauntaun … hahaha! “So what are they doing here actually?” One of my friends remarks. Strange I haven’t asked that question before. Looking around me, the surroundings are telling me a rather dark story. This seemingly hilarious heap of huge plush Tauntauns seems to form a serious threat to the Rebellion. There are consoles in this room, and even what seems to be a walkway for guards. But why… why are these cute animals such a threat to that Rebel scum… I have the feeling that menacing shadow growing on the ground may be the answer. Carefully, I turn around, only to see the biggest Wampa I’ve ever seen. But it doesn’t pay attention to me. It has this kind of exp<b></b>ression of disbelief on it’s face. Not because it’s surprised to see those plush Tauntauns, but it seems like the Wampa wasn’t expecting to see those ever again. Slowly, it reaches out for one of the soft animals, and studies it carefully. Slowly, the exp<b></b>ression of disbelief turns into one of childish joy. Slowly, my exp<b></b>ression turns from fear into a feeling of joy. [soNE Ep. III] A fluffy tragedy by Bert.VR, on Flickr [soNE Ep. III] The connection by Bert.VR, on Flickr The Wampa seems to notice us at last. It turns to me, and reaches out for me. I can’t move. But all I get is a surprisingly tender hug from the Wampa. It seems to thank us, it even seems to smile! I try to hug the behemoth back, and a feeling of deep warmth fills my entire body. My fingers aren’t freezing any more. The coldest planet in the universe just became the place where I found the warmest feeling. Carefully, the Wampa puts me back on the ground. These animals aren’t dangerous at all. On the contrary, I think they might be the kindest species alive. So why are they deemed so dangerous? Maybe… maybe this room contains the answer. While the Wampa is hugging my fellow troopers (if I only could see their faces!), I head for the console. It’s primitive (but it’s Rebel equipment of course), but seems to be in a workable condition. After some fiddling around, the screen shows me a file. As I read it, slowly the horror contained in this room began to came clear to me. [soNE Ep. III] Rebel technology... by Bert.VR, on Flickr It turns out the Wampa-people (to me, those civilized creatures aren’t beasts at all) adores the Tauntauns. In fact, they seem to see them as some kind of divine animal. That’s because the Tauntauns provide milk, fur and especially affection to the Wampa’s on this deserted planet. It has come even so far the Wampa’s began to make Tauntaun plushes, to have their beloved companions always with them. But then, the Rebels came. Needing transport themselves, they rudely took away the Tauntauns from the Wampa’s, only to misuse them. It’s not just a coincidence a lot of Tauntauns died during the Rebel’s presence. They didn’t give them proper food, or affection. Never a rebel sat down to have some tea with a Tauntaun, no matter how hard they worked for them. The Wampa’s are a really friendly and reasonable people, so at first, they were okay with sharing their Tauntauns. But after a while, the Wampa’s couldn’t watch their beloved Tauntauns suffering any more. So they decided to free the Tauntauns from the Rebel’s grasp. They weren’t going to hurt anyone. They just were going to end the Rebel’s tyranny over the Tauntauns. But the savage Rebels answered the Wampa’s action with gunfire. That day, Hoth’s snow turned black with Wampa blood. To prevent any further actions from the Wampa’s the Rebels confiscated all Tauntaun plushes, and even imprisoned some of their people. If they would ever attempt to ‘steal’ (as they say themselves), the Rebels would destroy all those hostages. And that’s the horrible truth contained in this room. After the attack on the base, the Wampa’s must have come back to look for their precious Tauntauns, both real ones as plush ones. I don’t want to know how few of the animals the Wampa’s have managed to save. They couldn’t find their plush toys however, because they were hidden away behind this massive door. I imagine more plush toys are stored in the next room. Maybe there’s even a cell with an abandoned Wampa body in there… Shivers run across my entire body as I read all this. Only now I see the suffering in the eyes of the Wampa that followed us. Only now I can understand how happy he must have felt when we opened the door and revealed the precious interior. Only now I see how cruel the Rebels truly are. The Wampa doesn’t seem to want to leave us. Instead, it seems like it wants to leave with us. He looks like a kid who cannot wait to share his happiness with others. Suddenly, the Wampa releases a thunderous and joyful sound. Just moments later similar roars are heard in the distance. It seems we’re going to have Wampa party here, to celebrate what they’ve found again. Then, as in an impulsive act of thankfulness, the Wampa reaches out to grab another plush Tauntaun and gives the enormous thing to us. A gift. [soNE Ep. III] A gift by Bert.VR, on Flickr Truly, this icecold planet with is inhabitants seems to give me the warmest feeling I’ve ever experienced. I’ve the feeling the Wampa’s and we are going to be close friends. ______________________ LXF File
  22. Lozza9

    Base Plate Decorating

    Hi. I was wondering whether base plates can be decorated, for example, the runway base plate in the lego city airport, as in just painting the smooth part grey for concrete and the rest green for grass? Thanks :)
  23. Bob

    Rebel Assault

    When I'm not hosting Mafia Games or doing college work, I do still build things. I've recently grown out of Star Wars, however I was getting a bit bored of my tabletown Lexington (see my signature), so I uprooted it and replaced it with something new. Basically after the destruction of the first Death Star, Commander Luke Skywalker led many small raids against Imperial outposts in the Outer Rim of the Galaxy. After a few Bricklink orders I've gotten a sort of bare-bones base done. I'm thinking of adding a few turrets and maybe ordering the old Millennium Falcon to assist the vastly outmatched Rebel Soldiers. Also I'm thinking of making a new building to replace the Juggernaut. Skywalker inspires his troops and leads them forward. As more troops rush forward and two drivers rush to the A6 Juggernaut. Two medics take out a wounded soldier. The speederbike motor pool. (Not visible in the main photo due to the tank) The small Rebel squad against the larger Imperial Army. There's a landing pad over next to Flight Control. The larger building is an administrative building. And from the back. The rest of the table is just blue plates, then at the very end a small pirates display, but that's for another topic in another part of these forums. (It's nothing too impressive).
  24. Hello, All I have always been interested in building an Off-Road Lego RC Vehicle but never got around to getting the parts. I also really don't know what I am doing at all . I would like to see what you guys have to say in the categories of: Tires/Wheels The Chassis How to squeeze in PowerFunctions for all functions And even if you want some tips/tricks you guys have Thanks so much, Rail Co