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Found 136 results

  1. The Black Star

    Hi guys! This is my pirate ship, the Black Star! It have more than 2000 bricks and it's longer 80 cm
  2. Hello guys! Since christmas I am working on my first LEGO ship MOC. Pictures are here on flickr: Please be adviced that this is a work in progress-Project (WIP). This means that things can change at every time. I'll update the album as soon I make developement. Stay continued and follow me. You can give me advices so I can improve my work. End of project is earliest in summer 2018. _____________________________________________ Specs about the ship: Name: HMS Providence Type: Frigate Rate: 5th Cannons: round about 38 Lower gun deck: 10-11 cannons each side Quarter deck: 06-10 cannons each side 2 hunting cannons + 2 stern cannons Measure hull: Length: ~100cm Height: ~50cm Others: Minifig fit in decks Rudder will be operative ____________________________________________ Your's sincerely Robin_IV
  3. Redbeard and Polly adrift

    IMG_3939 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr IMG_3940 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr
  4. Hello Everyone, I sell my designs MOC on LDD, sell on eBay. interested lego MOC lovers will be announced. 1- Volkswagen Golf MK1 GTI 2-UCS Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile 3-Scorpion's Soul Ultimate Pirate Ship 4-Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag ''Jackdaw'' Pirate Ship 5-Technic Liebherr LR624 Litronic Crawler Loader 6-Mass Effect Andromeda ''ND1 Nomad'' Thank you.
  5. Previously: Chapter 1 Chapter 2: Sinbad the Pirate Hang The Rules Rescued Shipwright Shipwright's Office The Komodo Dragon "Because They're Pirates!" Fish Market The Trial of Sinbad The Trial of Sinbad part 2 The Trial of Sinbad part 3 You claim my client is "not nice." You're twisting my words! I'm saying your client is guilty of acting evilly. Gentlemen of the court, you may not realize this, but one of the causalities when the HMS Mardier's Misfit sank had a widow who lives in this very city. A Corrington officer brought her the bad news. She was greatly distraught and now had no way to provide for herself and her household. The Corrington officer could do nothing more than offer his condolences. But when Sinbad heard about her plight. He brought her enough money to live on for at least the next year. Now you tell me, does this sound like the actions of a man bent on evil? To be continued...
  6. Previously: Chapter 1 Chapter 2: Sinbad the Pirate Hang The Rules Rescued Shipwright Shipwright's Office The Komodo Dragon "Because They're Pirates!" Fish Market The Trial of Sinbad The Trial of Sinbad part 2 You say it is wrong for my client to attack your ships. Let me give you another scenario. Imagine with me, a scene down by the docks. One man, a good business man, owns a warehouse. But a better business man buys him out. Now, is this better business man wrong for being better? Of course not! He's just proven himself superior in his trade. Can we please got on with this? Of course, but just as if nothing would happen if the less shrewd warehouse owner had put up a fuss about being bought out, so to should nothing happen to my client. As already proven, his actions were sanctioned by Corrington's Vice Admiral himself. Just because you don't like that my client practiced his superior skills against Corrington's ships is inconsequential. Um, hmm, that makes sense but it still doesn't seem right. Or course it's not right! No matter what he says, it's not nice to sink other people's ships! So it comes down to moral character does it? Let me give you another example... To be continued...
  7. Previously: Chapter 1 Chapter 2: Sinbad the Pirate Hang The Rules Rescued Shipwright Shipwright's Office The Komodo Dragon "Because They're Pirates!" Fish Market The Trial of Sinbad "And I say he's guilty!" responded the lawyer defending Corrington. Judge, I object. My client has done nothing wrong as his actions have been sanctioned by Corrington's Commander-in-Chief. You see, I have here a notarized statement saying as such: And where did you get such a document? From your notary of course. Ah, I see. Objection sustained. But... but... attacking our ships is just wrong! Um, well, that's true too. Defendant, how do you respond? To be continued...
  8. Previously: Chapter 1 Chapter 2: Sinbad the Pirate Hang The Rules Rescued Shipwright Shipwright's Office The Komodo Dragon "Because They're Pirates!" Fish Market Stop him! Court was in session in King's Harbor. The honorable judge Wilkinsen was presiding over a case involving a smuggler when a commotion broke out. Please sirs, you're interrupting a court of law! Mind your manners! Your honor, I'm trying to submit myself to the court, but these ruffians wouldn't allow me in! And rightfully so! Order must be upheld! Court proceedings cannot be interrupted just to meet the needs of one individual! But since all decorum has already been forgotten, pray tell why you wish to see me? I am Sinbad the Pirate, and I've heard that I am a wanted man in Corrington. It's true sir! He is guilty of the most heinous of crimes against the crown! If this is true, then let me stand trial. I have nothing to hide. A pirate you may be, but we believe in upholding law and order here in Corrington, so you will be tried by a jury of your peers. Hear ye, hear ye! Court is now in session! Pirate Sinbad, you are charged with attacking Corrington vessels while being unprovoked and without cause. How do you plead? If I may sir, I'd like my lawyer to answer that. Sinbad had rescued 3 men from the gallows. One of those men was Hamilton, a skilled lawyer who had acquitted all his cases to-date. He had been found sleeping with another man's wife in Oleon which had given him a death sentence. But Sinbad knew he would need a specially talented man if he ever went to court so he rescued him. I will be defending this honest man. And my client is not guilty, as I will here prove. And so the trial began. To be continued...
  9. Redcoat Caribbean Fort MOC

    Hello Eurobricks, this is my first post! Built a Redcoat fort using some of my bricks (had to do some parts of it in a less than optimal way due to piece shortage) As you can see i used large tan BURPs ontop of two 32x32 baseplates to build the "island" that the fort is placed on. Next goal is building a small port/harbor on two baseplates near the stairway leading up to the fort :-) Link to whole photoalbum:
  10. Arrival at King George's Cove

    Hi All, It has been a while I did not post anything. Over the past few months, I started building an Island, then build a another island, then a ship to go in between. I exhibited this MOC in Swindon early this month. This was my first exhibit. Anyway, I hope you'll like it!
  11. Spanish ship: Leviathan

    Hello all, After view and review a lot of posts about mocs, one month ago i started my own project, and now it´s finished. I know there are a lot of things that could be improved, but this is my first moc and i think it´s not too bad after all, that´s the reason i wantd to share with you. The name of the ship is Leviathan. This is the hole view: Front view: Backside view: With the flag: Inside views: Other: I would like to thanks Sebeus because he is my inspiration. Regards.
  12. Thanks guys! It was a nice game, not many partecipants, but that's it! Ahrrrrrr!
  13. Previously: Sinbad the Pirate Captain Sulu, captain of the Golden Dragon, decided to set out for lands uncharted and search for treasure. There were many tales of pirates who sailed beyond the known lands to find an island where which to bury their treasure. Sulu hoped to chance upon one or more such treasures. As such, he recruited a Platoon of men to sail with him into the unknown to help protect him against any potential dangers. They set out from Fatu Hiva and landed on an island simply known as #3 on an obscure map he bought off a drunk sailor. They landed without incident and began to explore the island. What would he and his crew find on the island?
  14. Previously: Chapter 1 Chapter 2: Sinbad the Pirate Hang The Rules Rescued Shipwright Shipwright's Office Now completed, Sinbad and some of his pirate gang wanted to take the Komodo Dragon on her maiden voyage to test her mettle. They hopped to come across some unsuspecting merchant, but what they found was more than they bargained for. "Steady men!" shouted Sinbad. "Don't let her get too close!" "Man the cannons!" shouted another. "Prepare to fire!" They had come across one of the fabled sea monsters. It reared its ugly head and prepared to strike. Why it had decided to attack them, Sinbad did not know. Maybe it had something to do with all that rum they had drunk the night before...
  15. [MOC] Blow, Harry, Blow!

    Three brave survivors (or maybe not so brave... or maybe not all af them, but nevermind) on the raft escape from ancient beast. After a sea battle with Imperial ship, Harry and Olaf were trap on a raft under leadership of old sea dog Bartholomew Gingerhead. While Harry blowing the sail, and Olaf work with a paddle, fearless captain throws harpoon after harpoon into the monster! It won't eat them! Or?.. Place your bets, Gentlemen!
  16. Swashbuckler McGolden-Skull

    Flickr Album
  17. Arr mateys, it is Talk Like A Pirate Day 2017! It seems even Batman is taking to the Seven Seas, to plunder and drink rum: Batman in full pirate regalia, aboard his trusted "Black Bat". Who needs more than one sail? Who needs cannons? He's Batman! It is a rather simple construction, aye. Loot is aplenty, and you need some room for your batarangs. So celebrate todays most piratey holiday, and may your rum bottle go never dry!
  18. [MOC] Mutiny of the Map

    Hi all. I'd just to like share my first Pirates MOC - "Mutiny of the Map". This was inspired by Nivremis' MOC of the island shown on a Lego pirates treasure map. That made me think about other possible scenarios around the treasure map... and this is what I came up with. A reason for mutiny! Mutiny of the Map 1 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr Closer shot of the "action". Mutiny of the Map 2 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr And the standard straight on shot. Mutiny of the Map 3 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr Thanks for looking.
  19. Here is my section of the Cactus Brick display that was put on at the Phoenix Comicon. The club coordinated on making a large diorama depicting the colonial's efforts to battle the pirates for domination of the sea. Enjoy! The storage area The Long Dock There are more pictures available here: Additional Pictures
  20. Bilge Punk Pirate Mech

    Something I created last night in the studio. Honestly, I wanted to make a gritty, steam-punk inspired airship, mixing pieces parts from the Ninjago: Skybound 70603 Raid Zeppelin, 70601 Sky Shark, and Day of the departed 70592 Salvage M.E.C. All that I got from that was another pile of bricks. Also, a pilotable mech suit for Pirates. My inspiration was the Skeleton Mech that came with Ronin's Salvage M.E.C. Honestly, I wanted to make a diving suit for my LEGO CMF Series 8 Diver. After putting it together and taking it apart and rearranging the pieces so many times, I ultimately converted the Diving suit into a fully weaponized battle suit for the Brickbeard Pirates. Looking at the build, it looks like an extremely scaled down version of Kai's 70721 Fire Mech. Another source of inspiration, is Captain Metalbeard from the LEGO Movie. By far my favorite character, and set, from the entire thing. (I have made heavy modifications to stock Metalbeard from 70807 Metalbeard's Duel, as well as build from scratch with instructions, An Evil Robot variation of Metalbeard I've come to call Steelbeard. The foot on the left leg is the only thing I dislike about the entire build. It seems flimsy as it is supporting the entire thing, and consists of two bricks. I do like the grating on the angle piece, to make it look like a boot tread though. The major difference between this Moc, and traditional Steam Punk, is that this is more in line with the golden age of Piracy. Ergo, in lieu of a Steam Boiler, this battlesuit is fueled by Rum, grog, or anything else foul smelling that can burn in a boiler. Bilge Punk, if you would prefer to call it anything.
  21. The Adventure Galleon

    This is a MOC that I designed for Lego Ideas, inspired by the 2009 wave of Lego Pirates sets. The major inspirations behind this set were the new Balloon pieces that were introduced last year in 2016, as well as the fun compact ship that came in the Lego Spongebob set 3817-1, The Flying Dutchman, Circa 2012. However, I did not get past the first 100 votes that I needed to advance to the 6 month grace period to advance. This has not discouraged me from refining the idea for the set, and I plan to re-submit a newer version of the model soon, hopefully with new play features. Since I've last submitted this MOC, it has gone through several major revisions, which I am very eager to share with you in the following weeks.
  22. Previously: The Lady Arlene New Allegiance Welcome To The Crew The Death Of Captain Morgan Sea Turtles Part I "Faster! Unload the boats!" Hundreds of voices yelled over the beach, Captain Morgan marched forwad, holding the Jolly Roger in his hands. A Foot In The Door by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr It hadn't been hard to assemble this bunch of scallywags. As soon as word had spread of his return, people had followed his call to the sea turtle island. Six ships had come from Bastion, his very own Lady Arlene being one of them. And several more ships would join. From Rassilon and Charlatan Bay as well as from any other pirate nest west of Terraversa. Some hundred meters inwards of the isle he stopped and began to speak: "Brethren! You all know my name! You all followed my call! As one of your very own kind, I claim this island in the name of the brethren of the Sea Rats, and for every living soul in this world that starves for freedom. Shall this be a free colony for free men and women. Shall it not be harmed by the greed of kings and high lords! This Port shall henceforth be known as Tortuga! And now do your bloody work you disgraceful bunch of shivering sea slugs!" A Foot In The Door by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr
  23. Previously: The Lady Arlene New Allegiance Welcome To The Crew The Death Of Captain Morgan The voice of the surge commanded Captain Morgan back to the living. Slowly he moved his hand, feeling the sand between his fingers. He rose his head and squinted around. It took him a moment to remember. His ship was gone. His crew dead. But he was alive. When the Queen Annetta's Revenge had vanished beneath the waves, the wake had pulled him underwater. In the dark abyss he had awaited Poseidon. But suddenlysomething rushed by in front of him. Something that felt like a rock, but it welled up. Or was up down and it was sinking? Unable to think he pulled his knife and stabbed it into this thing. He could not remember how long he had drifted on the ocean, partially on the surface, then again diving and swallowing the salt of the sea. Sea Turtles by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr Now he saw his floating rock; it was a sea turtle. The knife was still sticking in its shell. Sea Turtles by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr Morgan stood up. He was marooned on a small pieca of rock and sand. A forest of coconuts grew on the inner land. He recognized this island and its location. After founding a small pool of fresh water, he began collecting driftwood and lut up a signal fire. It was likely that sails would appear on the horizon regularly. The question was, which colours they would bear. After one day he finally noticed a ship. It took an hour until it was close enough to reveal its allegiance. The flag was blue and yellow. From now on, Benjamin Morgan knew he was saved. And more; he had a plan. Sea Turtles by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr
  24. Previously: Chapter 1 Dramatis Personae: It was not a normal day in the Blue Lantern pub. With the absence of Captains Li and Cho Fang as well as Captain Fheng there was a power void among the pirates that frequented Rassilon. Captain Sulu, captain of the Golden Dragon was already famous for capturing many prizes. A number of the other captains were leaning towards making him their leader. Captain Sulu Captain Ching Shih had sailed for Li Fang for many months taking control of La Oleon when she was first captured and then The Viper after Li Fang died. Quite a few captains favored Shih. Captain Shih The pub had not been closed to local traffic, but most citizens knew better than to try to enter while the captains were vying for power. So when Sinbad strolled in it was met with some surprise. Everyone turned to watch him as he bought a drink and then raised it for a toast. "To the pirate captains!" he shouted. No one raised their glass. Sinbad just cocked an eyebrow and took a swig. "You may be wondering why I'm here," Sinbad asked. "Well, it's to make a business proposition." Just then another man walked into the pub. There was a gasp heard throughout the room. At first glance it had seemed that Captain Fheng was back from the dead. The man held an uncanny resemblance to the former captain. He said, "Whatever this scum has to offer you can wait. I am Captain Fheng's son, Francis Fheng and I have come to claim the right of Pirate Lord among you. Many of you sailed under my father's colors, now I've come to ask you to sail under mine. My father wanted to show the 'civilized' world how wrong they are for trying to tax and enslave us. We were meant to live as free men and I intend to sail against anyone who says otherwise. Who's with me!?!" As Francis was finishing his rousing speech Sinbad walked up to him and said: "Excuse me, I don't like being called scum." "You, you sailed with my father. Yet you weren't there when he died. That makes you scum and not worth my time." "Well you better make time. You see, it doesn't benefit me if everyone here sails under your colors. So I'm going to give you a choice." Sinbad pulled out a coin. "What are you getting on about?" "It's simple. We are all here by our own choice. I'm not making you stay or go. That's your choice. But I'm telling you that you better choose to leave." "Son, you're crazy! Get out of my way." Sinbad pulled out a pistol and everyone gasped. "Alright, if you won't make the choice. I'll make it for you. I'm going to flip this coin. If it lands as heads, I'll let you leave alive. If it lands tails you'll be leaving to go meet Davy Jones." Before anyone could react Sinbad had thrown the coin in the air. He caught it and looked at it. "Heads. You're lucky day." Francis Fheng turned and fled the pub. Sinbad turned to address the captains. "As I was saying before. I have a business proposition for you all." He walked back to the bag he had left and the counter and took it to one of the tables. All the pirates gathered around him, their former vying for power forgotten. "All of you sailed under Captain Fheng before his untimely death. As you know, he died fighting for what he believed in. That was his choice. I'm asking you to elect me as your Pirate Lord and to sail for something even better than beliefs." "And what's that?" shouted one of the captains. "Gold. There's lot more where this came from. I have it stored in safe location for now, but Freddy can validate my wealthy. He helped me bring it back for the forsaken island we found it on. Make me captain of the Priest's Bounty and elect me as your leader and I promise to make you all rich beyond your wildest dreams!" It was a unanimousmus vote. Sinbad was now Pirate Lord of all pirate captains in Rassilon.
  25. Previous The Lady Arlene New Allegiance Note: this episode plays before the last MRCA! ______________________________________________ Welcome to the crew by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr „I hope you’re right about that Captain Morgan“ said Bo while he stared into the camp fire, „the crew won’t put up another month without prey.“Zhao Lin knew about the crew’s mood too well. It hadn’t been a week since she beheaded a one of the gunners who had spoken the word: “Mutiny. I know. And I know how to handle such affairs.” But Lin also knew that mere brutality could sustain discipline only for a while. To stay captain she had to be successful. So was the pirate’s way. “Zhao Lin!” Welcome to the crew by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr In an instant all guns and blades were pointed at each other. A group of three men came out of the forest and stopped in front of the captain. Their leader began to speak: “My name is Mubaku. I am the Queen Annetta’s Revenge’s quartermaster. Benjamin Morgan sends his regards.” Zhao Lin was surprised. “Where is your captain? I was told he would meet me here in person. I did not come all the way from Rassilon to speak to his subject.” She said. “There are no subjects in this crew, captain Zhao. Only free men unified under the colours of our captain. We honour the pirate’s code. And our captain apologizes for his absence; his plans changed. He set sail toward the east. More I cannot tell you yet. But Morgan offers you to sail with his Lady Arlene and several other ships on a trade voyage.” “Trade voyage? Earnestly? He wants me to play the escort for his merchant man? How dares he to slight us? We are no lesser pirates than your crew! We do not trade, nor do we fight for pay. We take what we want. I promised my men rich captures.” Lin had taken herself into a rage. What was this Morgan thinking? Welcome to the crew by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr The man called Mubaku had listened to her calmly. “Your quarrels with your crew are your problem, captain. Morgan offers you 100 doubloons for your escort. Won’t that be enough to please your crew for a month? Also, you can keep what you catch. Any ship you take as a prize on the voyage will be yours, as long as you defend the convoy. See it as a trial. Take this chance, earn his trust, and soon enough you will sail with Morgan. What say you?” Zhao had calmed down. This wasn’t what she had hoped for. But there weren’t many options left. A few of her men would be furious and take this as a humiliation. But 100 doubloons and the chance to sail with other armed ships weren’t that bad. And on the other hand, if she now returned to the crew without any deal with Morgan they would most likely become mutinous and maroon her on a lone rock somewhere on the open water. “Aye, we have terms. I will escort your convoy. But when we return, I want to talk to your captain.” Mubaku nodded with a smile: “Very well. Welcome to the crew of Benjamin Morgan."