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  1. Joshua_Caley

    [MOC] [LDD] Elite commando Base

    Hi I am back from holiday i spent the last past 2 days on this build and rendered it of 360° turn on bluerender took 2 hours and 11 minutes tops. I reckon it came out well I hope you's enjoy it and the acclemator class mK.II or 2nd build is comign soon so stay tuned for that. The images you have been waiting for are here:
  2. Joshua_Caley

    [MOC] [WIP] [LDD] Acclamator Class

    Hey guys thanks for the feedback in nearly back from Turkey just 2 more days to go and then I will be back on Thursday the 11th and hopefully the project will still be able to open (I hope) i have a good time here really missing the project work all I have is my phone so I can't reply to comments and that but it's been an amazing time, can't wait to get back to work and what I'm thinking is the the back and front and bottom needs extending because the bottom is actually up to scale and the design isn't finished yet but it should be quite big and hopefully hold more then 20 minifigures includes (shock troopers, 501st, working officers in stations and a variety of veichals) but it should be good
  3. Joshua_Caley

    [MOC] [WIP] [LDD] Acclamator Class

    Hi last time i uploaded In progress [Moc] of a acclamator class but this time i got an update that i have done so far i did decide to put detail into it i tried my hardest but im getting onto the sides and then soon hopefully will get to bottom of it done before i go away on holiday i will be back august the 10th if i dont post I am hopefully to have a variety of colours like : Maron , grey , and a shade of grey , it has red on it because it carries shocktropper even though its a acclamator class not a venator class , I hope you enjoy it so far.
  4. Joshua_Caley

    [MOC] Mustafar scene Anakins Failure

    yeah thank you for the feedback , i will try better in future if i recreate it but atm i got a project in work and it has alot of detail atm
  5. Joshua_Caley

    [MOC] [WIP] [LDD] Acclamator Class

    aha thats what she said but no thanks aha
  6. Joshua_Caley

    [MOC] Mustafar scene Anakins Failure

    Thanks lads
  7. Joshua_Caley

    [MOC] [WIP] [LDD] Acclamator Class

    Which is hopefully to be done soon or after when I get back from holiday which should be good
  8. Joshua_Caley

    [MOC] [WIP] [LDD] Acclamator Class

    Hi and this title might sound intreeging but i have just spent over 2 days trying to work out this project i am working on which is the acclamator class in LDD which i am building in progress here are some pictures so far As you can see im trying to put detail into it , i dont mind if its not upto scale or its not right well atleast i built something or came up with something i think that it looks good so far
  9. Joshua_Caley


    i dont think downloads really bother me tbh , i dont really like fishing for likes the only reasons why i put i a download instead because i just didnt know how to post a picture but i worked it out, I feel like your having a go at me for putting download and im sure this website is open for anyone but you know what i really disagree because i feel like im getting picked on
  10. Joshua_Caley

    [MOC] Episode 2 AT-TE

    yeah i think its one of the settings on it or its just the white background needs to go and change but cheers man i think the colour is better now
  11. Joshua_Caley

    [MOC] Episode 2 AT-TE

    Hey guys I was also looking at at Episode II of star wars and when the clones attack the droids.I seen the at-te's i did look at the set (the old set)I did take some blueprints from it so I dont know to even say it was my own but i build it on LDD and then rendered it in Bluerender and results turned amazing the shadowing is amazing the graphics is amazing on this software , it almost makes it like its real, giving credit to : KamalMYafi thanks mate. i think i missed a peace at the front oopsss!!....
  12. MUSTAFAR Hi i know this has been hard for me the last couple of days because i feel like im not really wanted on this because i think my ideas a just to taccy and plain and rubbish, but i was looking at episode 3 stuff an scenes, I see that anakin failed to kill is fello master obi-wan. This was rendered in BlueRender - I recommend using it if you wan't your LDD mocs to look in a good quality If you want DOWNLOAD: or you cant download it at the bottom which is quicker I think mustafar.lxf
  13. Joshua_Caley


    Hi last post i did wasnt going well but 17 downloads ..... really i think i could reach moree but anyway check out my moc I did on LDD..... THE SIEGE OF LOTHAL As kanan jarrus seeks out for hope as the JEDI ORDER was previously destrotyed by the imperial. The imperial forces land on the planet of lothal of the out reaches of space. kanan jarrus and sabine should be taking out the local patrol to seek what the the new forces that rule galaxy after the successful mission of ORDER 66. The imperial Force have took the local village to scavenge out more jedi to hunt. kanan jarrus tries to distract the local patrol but he ends up striking his light saber and defend his self from the imperial forces.... J_C_LOTHAL_rebels_(MOC).lxf
  14. Joshua_Caley


    Hey guys im new here and i was looking a old/new lego sets - This is my moc/build of the republic speeder bike , there is no minifigers includes just the speeder bikes its self because of digital designer you can't get the decals on the minifigures Republic-speed_Bike-J_C.lxf