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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone! It's been a very long time since I posted anything online and I have decided that this ends now! In the next couple of weeks I will upload a few creations of mine that I built in the last year or so and never published.. until now! The first in this series of MOCs is the tiny minifig-scale AT-RT walker. I designed this one to have all the articualtion it needed to fully crouch down for storage in a LAAT/i or an AT-TE while maintaining the right proportions and shaping when standing up, too. There really isn't much to say about this tiny build, so here come the pictures! :D I hope you like them and if you do, leave a comment. And even if you don't like them.. constructive critcism is always welcome! ;) Instructions can be found in the Spoiler below:
  2. *Your entry has earned 2 XP*
  3. Hello there ! Here is my first post on Eurobricks and I wanted to share with you my latest Star Wars MOC : ‘’Underground Clone Base On Kashyyyk’’ This Moc takes place during the end of the Clone Wars and represents a base that would have been dug in the deep jungle of Kashyyyk. I’ve try a lot of new and advanced building techniques for me. For all the fans of the Lego Star Wars games, there are two little details I think you’re gonna like ;) If you want a cinematic video of this MOC, here it is : Underground Clone Base On Kashyyyk by Hugo, sur Flickr Underground Clone Base On Kashyyyk (back) by Hugo, sur Flickr Underground Clone Base On Kashyyyk (top) by Hugo, sur Flickr Underground Clone Base On Kashyyyk (-2 and -1) by Hugo, sur Flickr Underground Clone Base On Kashyyyk (-3) by Hugo, sur Flickr
  4. *Your entry has earned 8 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* With the galaxy open again to non-humans, a Herglic shipwright finds his way to Kashyyyk to revive the shipbuilders guild lost during the Imperial occupation.
  5. TyGl200

    Kaskyyyk MOC help

    Hey so I'm building a Kashyyyk MOC and I need some help with the tree. Can I have sort of idea on going about this.
  6. Hey everyone, this is my 32x64 moc inspired in the battle of Kashyyyk. I used mods of the sets: 7929, 75036 to improve the moc. Any suggestions? Lego Star Wars: MOC Battle of kashyyyk, on Flickr Lego Star Wars: MOC Battle of kashyyyk, on Flickr
  7. Hello, Today I present my first MOC I am posting on Eurobricks:- "In the wilderness of Kashyyyk". The idea behind the MOC was to create a "slice" of the world that is Kashyyyk. I've chosen a bright colour scheme to work with as I feel it keeps the MOC rather upbeat as opposed to a fairly dark colour scheme which may be more accurate but more gloomy. Anyway, here is an overview shot. 20160327_130539 by badgersdontvote, on Flickr A reverse shot of the scene. 20160327_130513 by badgersdontvote, on Flickr From the foliage near the river. 20160327_130826 by badgersdontvote, on Flickr Without the figs. 20160327_125217 by badgersdontvote, on Flickr From the back 20160327_125245 by badgersdontvote, on Flickr Thank you for looking, I hope I have formatted the pictures correctly and to an appropriate size. If you have any feedback or would like some more photographs, I would be most gracious. ~Janeway
  8. Whats your favourite aspect of the Star Wars prequels? To me it always were the memorable designs of the various ships and land vehicles. Especially Revenge of the Sith with the Venator Class Republic Cruiser as well the Clone Turbo Tank and the AT-AP Walker featured some of the best the trilogy has to offer in my opinion. The only sad thing here is that those designs got barely any screen time in the movie. The AT-AP in particular is actually never seen fully or is ever focused on, the model just walks trough the background in the Battle of Kashyyyk several times. A real shame since its design and functionality is great and really beats all the other smaller walkers in the Star Wars Universe to me. The second System-Scale Version of the AT-AP from Lego was released last year and its a very good set. Only when you look up source material of the Sniper Tank, you will notice some mistakes and flaws in the design. One of the bigger ones, besides the usual wrong colorization and the play features, is that the Engine of Walker is actually missing. Instead the official Lego AT-AP is hollow on the back side and features some sad big gaps all over the place. So the decision to tackle some of those flaws was a fairly easy. First some reference/source material I used for modding the Lego version: And now for my own modded Lego Version: Besides the usual color tweaks, cover ups and gap filling I really tried to seperate the light and dark bluish gray to recreate the sillhouette of those thick armor plates on the front and sides of the walker, while the legs and the engine are uncovered. The gun on top of the main artillery cannon has been changed as well. The springloaded shooter is gone and instead the control console is now where it belongs (Instead being on the ground). Also the cockpit interior got enhanced and stuffed out. The main technic frame is nearly completely covered, there are more controls and greebling, accessory holders and the inside actually connects with the engine to create a more bulky and authentic look. Some pictures of the official Lego model to compare the MOD to: And while we are at comparisons, together with the big one: What do you guys think? Got any feedback or suggestions? And what do you think about the model itself? Would like to hear your thoughts.
  9. Luckypat

    [Moc] Battle of Kashyyyk

    Hello everyone :) I recently finished up the project that I've been working on: The Battle of Kashyyyk. A battle from episode III that was so short, but still grabbed my attention. Wookiees lead the charge What's a Star Wars moc without an Indiana Jones Easter egg? ;) Anything that you like/don't like or would have done something differently? Please feel free to share! I am always looking for ways to improve. Thank you, Pat