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Found 19 results

  1. evancelt

    [MOC] M:Tron Habitat

    A quick M:Tron Habitat build for a CoWLUG habitat challenge
  2. evancelt

    [MOC] The Motherlode

    "The Motherlode" 'Come in M:Tron Central - this is Odette' 'Johnson was right, we just needed to follow the local flora back to the source. Setting up forward mining operations now. I think we've hit the motherlode!'
  3. ProfSrlojohn

    [MOC] M:Tron "Wasp" Scout Mech

    I was told by my peeps on the TTV Message boards that you guys over here would appreciate this more than they would, so, I present to you, lovely members of Eurobricks, the M:Tron "Wasp" Scout Mech! More pics in the Jammer. There will be more MOC's of this sort coming in the future. Comments and Crits are Always welcome!
  4. AVCampos

    m:tron [MOD] B.A.T. Mobile

    Here is the Bio-containment Armoured Transport - Mobile, or "B.A.T. Mobile" for short. It is based on set 76112 App-Controlled Batmobile, with aesthetic changes to fit the M:Tron style. Instead of being only black (and sometimes very dark grey), it adopts the lovely M:Tron red-and-black with trans-neon-green colour scheme. I also extended the wheel axles to allow the addition of disks for a more futuristic look. Some of the changes were dictated by the lack of versions in the correct colours of some of the parts, most notably the black Tilted Corners 4X4 W/Angle (design ID 43708) in the front and the trans-red Cockpit 6X6X2 (Design ID 35331). Since this is M:Tron we're talking about, obviously I also had to remove the stud shooters. Other changes were mandated by the parts I had at hand... The bio-containment unit window at the top glows when the vehicle is loaded and ready to roll. I intend to bring it to Skærbæk Fan Weekend this year, for you to see it if you're interested.
  5. Kalais

    [MOC] M:Tron BoatTronShip

    Recently I received LEGO part 18913c01 which is the giant modern boat hull. This "brick" is obviously dedicated to build floating ships with it. But I was looking, and looking at it and decided that I need to find some other use for it! Read more » Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - [MOC] M:Tron BoatTronShip Follow my new MOCs and articles at: LEGO Blog | Facebook | Flickr | Google+
  6. AVCampos

    Attack on Outpost M

    A Blacktron 2 squad is attacking this outpost belonging to the M:Tron Corporation! The base's crane and AT Loader had begun loading LR Carrier... ... when CRASH! Marauder Mech tears down the gate and points its weapons at the petrified worker, while his colleagues run for their lives! While the jetpack-equipped soldiers jump over the fence, Artillery Mech moves into position to provide support to the attack. [/url] At a distance, Comms Intercept Trike coordinates the attack. Indifferent to all this commotion, M:Cat only thinks about the next space sardines meal... Besides this MOC's "diorama" factor, I tried to give it some "playability": there must always be some Technic in what I do! The three mechs (AT Loader, Marauder Mech and Artillery Mech) are poseable, AT Loader having a mechanism to raise its crane. The base's crane pivots and has mechanisms to raise it to catch magnetic containers. LR Carrier has steering on 4 of its 6 wheels, and the cockpit turns into a ship for emergencies. Comms Intercept Trike has functioning steering from the side "antennae". Finally, here's an aerial panorama of the attack: (note: the photos have this background because they were taken during BRInCKa 2014, my LUG's large event) Comments & Criticisms?
  7. Kalais

    [MOC] M:Tron Base

    M:tron base was shown first time March 18th, 2017 at LUG exhibition, Bytom, Poland. Today it is premiere on the internet :) Read more Elevator: Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - [MOC] M:Tron Base Follow my new MOCs and articles at: Facebook | Flickr | Google+ --- Notice: This is a shortened version of the post from LEGO Blog - Bricks' Treasure.
  8. Spirit

    [MOC] M:Tron MAGNUD

    M:Tron time! So, I made a mecha freely inspired by GUNDAMs (not rigorously at all, proportions are off) and more specifically the ones designed by Matt 0ne whom I thank for his help and advice with this, as well as for letting me take inspiration from his (awesome) LDD models. This is the MAGNUD : Mechanical Armored Giant with Nuclear Unobtainium Drive. While a defensive unit, like the Asteroid Field Recon Voyager, it's also used for any other task. Recently nicknamed Lucy, apparently something about the picture above. I was particularly curious about the feasability of a mecha at this scale. And more precisely if it would collapse under its weight or not. Well, the answer is: possible, but finding the right balance can take a few seconds. It has a cockpit and a pilot. Nothing complicated to keep it as light as possible. You can have an idea of its scale with this picture (look at the hand). It has retractable missile launchers... And railguns. It can easily be given fairly natural poses thanks to a number of joints. And it has wings and reactors because... because it's easier to make it fly than walk. The bottom of the legs are in two separate parts to increase stability and solidity. And it's really a poser, that's almost annoying sometimes. It'd better stop with that behaviour. Its eyes are phosphorescent, and of course, like any good M:Tron, it glows under the black light. There, hope you liked it.
  9. Lego set 6059 Knight's Stronghold was released in 1990. As a child I was dreaming about it. It was a bit more realistic dream because it was much cheaper then big castles. I always knew parents won't buy me big castle. It was outrageous expansive in post-communist Poland with crazy exchange rates usd/zloty. But there was small hope for smaller and cheaper 6059... Well, in the end, I never get big castle nor 6059. I was so crazy to get those big doors, black castle panels and of course those awesome knights. Read more Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - Lego 6059 goes to Space - Stronghold with M:Tron and Blacktron Follow my new MOCs and articles at: Facebook | Flickr | Google+ --- Notice: This is a shortened version of the post from LEGO Blog - Bricks' Treasure.
  10. Danorak81

    M:Tron 6923 Request...

    Hi guys. I don't know if this is an odd request or not. I'm putting together a little additional Christmas present for my brother this year. I've managed to build a Cosmicopter/Particle Ionizer out of my box of spare Lego. I've bought a set of great condition instructions-all the bricks have been cleaned and bagged. I want to box it up for him, but obviously original boxes are as rare as rocking horse poo. I've got a nice thick cardboard box about the size of a DVD case too, just plain. I want to make it like getting the set again like when he was younger! What I'm looking for now is a scan of the original box. I can find images online, but they're either poor quality/photo's etc. I don't need it to be big enough to blow up 10 times the size of my house, but good enough to be a decent quality at about 9"x6". This is the box in question: I want to print it off and stick to the top of the box, just to dress the presentation up a little. I could scan the instruction front page but it's not the same! Can anybody help me out? Or is there a big database of box art/scans hidden on the internet anywhere? Any help appreciated! Dan :)
  11. Spirit

    [MOC] M:Tron Barge

    For my first Shiptember experiment, I wanted to make a barge for my (neo) M:Tron fleet. Length: 134 studs Weight: ~3.7kg full, ~3.4kg empty (Click pics, see bigger pics, but you know that) The barge is a cargo able to fly in and out of atmosphere. It can transport all kinds of ore and raw material. It's especially useful to bring the ice extracted from the asteroid fields to the colony. Each compartment can be sealed with a small pressure on its top, which proved to be a life saver several times. Reactors are convenient to move the barge, but it's really hard to find anything interesting to tell about them. Anyway, it can also transport standard M:Tron containers... And has a landing surface for small vehicles similar to the ones found in Mega Core Magnetizers. It has a toolbox. Toolbox aren't really funny but that area was so empty it was depressing. But the most important is the cabin... Because it has a sofa. And nobody knows how the sofa, which is the only sofa from Earth on this side of the galaxy, got in there. Penelope, the pilot, says the barge was built around it. It also has toilets, a water fountain, a small refrigerator and a cute bed hidden in a corner, which is unfortunate because it's really cute. Finally, the seat of the deck can move in front of the control panels. It doesn't sound like much... and well, it isn't, haha. There, I don't think it's impressive in any way, but I've had fun building this and I like it, it's a fine addition to my fleet. I realized 100 studs isn't as hard to reach as I first thought, so I'll probably try bigger next time.
  12. Spirit

    [MOC] M:Tron AMGASM

    Here's my 14th M:Tron MOC: the Autonomous Mobile Greenhouse, Acclimatization and Seeding Machine ! (Click on pics for bigger versions.) The AMGASM is one of the flagships of the terraforming M:Tron crews. Its three greenhouses help to acclimatize plants, micro-organisms, worms and insects. Its water tank collects rainwater and water from the ground to optimize the acclimatization to the direct environment. The living organisms are then taken and dropped on the ground after it's been plowed. Its very slow progress, only 16km a day in optimal conditions, is the main reason for its full automation. Maintenance is done daily, although almost entirely unnecessary. A crane keeps the small M:Tron vehicles (such as those from the Mega Core Magnetizers) nearby during the daily monitoring. The cockpit allows manual control and setting of the tools and devices. Finally, the upper platform is accessible through a trap door located above the entrance. There, I hope you liked it. :)
  13. Here is the Asteroid Field Recon Voyager : This is my 13th custom neo-M:Tron MOC, continuing with the extended colour scheme I had detailed some time ago in this thread. Of course, you can click all the pictures for bigger versions. The Asteroid Field Recon Voyager (AFRV), is inspired by the Stellar Recon Voyager (6956) gameplay-wise and retains some of its decoration elements. Like its predecessor, it gives the feeling of a large interior, now with 5 crew members on deck, has what originally seemed to be canons, huge radar parabolas on the top, a container transport vehicle on the front and has a hold on the back for container transportation. It lacks however the small containers on its side, which were both too small and impractical, but they can be put in the hold with other containers. Its purpose was re-imagined and it is now dedicated to the destruction of asteroids threatening the colony, and the transportation of containers and devices. The AFRV is about 76 studs long, 62 studs wide and weights approximately 3.7kg (8lb 3oz). It has eight reactors of varying sizes... And 30 or so steerable guns, missiles... Among which some are well hidden. A small container transportation vehicle is hidden under the bridge. The hold is equipped with a crane to load the two new containers. The new containers are, of course, in the same standardized format as those of my other vehicles (see the first topic for details). The entrance of the ship is located in the hold. The ship can be opened to play inside. The bigger part at the top can be easily removed and is locked in closed position with the octogonal windows. Also, there's a new little droid. There's a weapon rack at the entrance, and the mandatory fire extinguishers because everything burns at every opportunity in space, movies taught us that. The bridge is accessible through sliding doors, that's a mandatory feature as well. Nobody's playing Space Invader... when the captain's around. Finally the landing gear can be retracted. And the bonus black light pic: The entire flickr album is visible here. There, hope you enjoyed it.
  14. danth

    [MOC] M:Tron Comet Chaser

    Here's a little M:Tron MOC I made. Sorry for the crappy pics.
  15. This is my collection of custom M:Trons. As some will notice, I extended the original colour theme: - dark grey and touches of dark red, to increase the volumes, - some bits of lime green to underline movable parts and windows, - gold for motors (although those are usually hidden), - transparent clear for some lights, - transparent light blue to depict electronic and energy (usually not directly visible either), - some transparent red and green for side lights, danger, closed/opened and such. I also used the transparent bright green along with the transparent neon green, essentially because some shapes aren't available in neon green, and both colours are very close and fluorescent. So you've been told, this isn't canonical M:Tron. To accommodate with that, let's just say it's a lost M:Tron colony terraforming the hostile planet they crashed on in the neighbourhood of a blue giant after a blacktron attack. ;) Let's begin with the mandatory Mega Core Magnetizer: I chose an asymmetric design with the crane on the right, which let me extend the vehicle, add big reactors and a second cockpit as well as other things on the left side. The main functions were kept, and the three small vehicles are still there. Only the flying one can't be taken out of the truck with the crane any longer. It can also receive all kinds of containers and compatible vehicles. For the sake of realism, there's a door to enter the second cockpit inside the truck, but to be honest, it's impossible to put the minifig on its chair without removing the cockpit. The second is the Exploration Spaceship: It's really simple and essentially a collection of clichés. It has the Particle Ionizer's rotor, big reactors, a small vehicle attached behind... And of course it can split and the front ship has deployable wings. Here's the "Red Scorpion" Drill: There's once again a slight asymmetry in the design. The drill can be moved to the front of course (it would be really useless otherwise ), and obviously the cockpit can be opened. The "Red Riding Hood" Robot: Asymmetric again, a hand on one side, a magnet on the other. With a collapsible arm to reach high and low areas. Next is the Particle Ionizer II D.A. "Goldfish": While it looks like a submarine and is actually amphibious, its main purpose is to navigate areas of dense atmosphere. It retains the functionalities and arrangement of the original Particle Ionizer, excepted for the rotor which was already on the Exploration Spaceship. First of all, a small robot: And of course it can carry containers and other objects of the same standardized format: The Ore Truck: It's essentially a modified version of the Space Police Spy-Trak I. It was originally meant as a replacement for the Celestial Forager with the drill of the Red Scorpion, but the drill was way too big. You may also notice it's the only one with a directly visible gold engine, but if you take a close look at the others, you can see them on a few pictures. The Armadillo-Class Boulder Destroyer "Mighty" (added 2014-08-26): Here's an armoured all terrain vehicle designed to destroy dangerous boulders in any situation. When he saw it, the boss said "This is... Mighty !" and laughed. He winked and added "Pun intended." Only one other M:Tron actually got the joke, but the nickname was kept. You can't tell the boss he's not funny. The Mighty is a compact vehicle equipped with two cannons which can be controlled either from the cockpit or from a control panel for better accuracy. It's designed for rough terrains and has a great stability. I really wanted to use many wheels on a small vehicle, the cannons seemed to fit naturally. Note that not two cockpits are designed with the same method despite their apparent similarity. The Vector Chaser: Inspired by the vector detector, it's only meant to be the "fast unit" of the collection... Despite its apparently defective engine. The Satellite Relay: This is a mixed remake of the Lunar MPV Vehicle (1621) and Mobile Satellite Up-Link (1478). The Autonomous Sealer: Here with his M:Tron buddy also responsible for sealing off leaks. And finally, the Elite Troop along with the most fantastic Mobile Toolbox of the universe (or so it's programmed to believe): After the crash, a few of the surviving Blacktrons who had attacked the Colonial Ship decided to join the M:Trons to survive in this extremely hostile environment. They chose their name themselves, but are really doing their best to protect the base from all threats. The other Blacktrons agreed to a truce (but only because they were outnumbered 1 to 20, lacking any kind of amunitions and starving) and often work as mercenaries. More M:Trons will come in the future, along with a base, but that's it for now. :) Edit: corrected links on 2nd and 3rd pics. Edit2: added "Mighty"
  16. SpaceMan Nathan

    [HSH] Cat A -- M:tron Northern Command

    My Home Sweet Home entry, M:tron Northern Command. Half a continent away from the planet's main M:tron base of operations, an M:tron commander has set up a research and exploratory outpost. He was able to requisition a couple Ionizer class hueys, a ground roadster and two expository scout vehicles...and of course his own speeder bike. Rule number one for me when I build: it must be playable. LEGO is all about play and creativity, so every build of mine must be too. So I tried to put as much play into this build as possible while still keeping the competition in mind. I focused on the outside while not skimping on the inside. It is a modular build with the top level coming off very easily. Additional and full size pictures can be found on my Flickr page.
  17. SpaceMan Nathan

    [MOC] M:tron (part 2)

    Here is the other half of my M:tron MOC collection. "Space Huey" (6923 mod) "Galaxy" (build off the frame and windshield of 6989) "M:tron Command" "Monorail" (got this started from the great work of Peter Reid [Legoloverman])
  18. SpaceMan Nathan

    [MOC] M:tron (part 1)

    So M:tron is my favorite theme, probably because it was my first LEGO space theme. So I need to split this into two posts. "Utility" "Speeder" "Seederbike" (mod from 6811 alternate back of box design) "Security Flyer" "Crosswing" (6877's wingman) "Glyder" "Roadster"