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  1. BaronSat

    Saber Island using modern parts.

    Glad you like this model, it makes me happy that fans of Classic Pirates make good comments. You're right the Spanish Island a cool model . If the partslist (.bsx or pdf ) can help you, PM me or contact me via my website and I'll send it to you with pleasure.
  2. BaronSat

    Saber Island using modern parts.

    In fact I wanted masonry bricks in Dark red but had none in stock . Stickers would have been a nice choice, but I like and dislike them at the same time, like many Afols. Probably the days I build the model I wasn't in a sticker's mood.
  3. BaronSat

    Saber Island using modern parts.

    Thanks. It's cool you still have your original so you can compare :) In fact I've never really likes the yellow minifigures, even when it has sense and everybody had the same face (when Lego politic was : everybody is equal so they all look the same and kids can imagine what they want) so I started to use flesh tones in the late 2000s, if I remember well. But it's not a big deal for the people who want to build my model, they just have to swap to yellow ;)
  4. BaronSat

    Saber Island using modern parts.

    Pleased you like it and the old school spirit. Good you don't have parts from those classic set you can build this model and tell me what you think, that would be great. Yes I re-built Eldorado Fortress too but haven't published it in this forum... need to fix that.
  5. BaronSat

    Saber Island using modern parts.

    Thanks for your kind and detailled comments, that's very important to me. The color of the "water" is Bright Light Blue (following Bricklink description). You check that and all the rest on my page, which link is at the beginning of my post. The old palmtrees were nice and I have tons of them but I told myself that everyone was not in this case, so how to make a palm tree when we do not have this vintage piece? well, "voilĂ "! And yes the fact that it's attached with a clip allows to place it on small surface, even vertical. Pleased to see I'm not alone and there are some other "flesh tones" lovers and that you noticed I use the basic/classic face so it's moden but no too much The Obi Wan face look so classic that I couldn't pass, even if it has a headset under the tricorne... time and multiverse travel involved.
  6. BaronSat

    Saber Island using modern parts.

    Yes, I'm still alive and building but apparently I'm rusty as I posted in the wrong section of forum, you're right it's a MOC, can you please fix that for me? Pleased you like the model, I know that the purists prefer yellow but I prefer to use the color flesh is personal ;)
  7. Hello Pirates fans, Like many of you I can't stop loving the old Classic models so I wanted to rebuild this one but using modern parts, that because I wanted people, who don't own vintage parts, to be able to enjoy the model. To share my creation, I created building instructions with partslist and stickers (not everybody has those rare parts) and put them on my website. You can find get them for free at this adress : Saber Island Redux Instructions I did my best to respect the classic style and introduce new colors and parts, hope you'll enjoy the model. Don't hesitate to tell me what you think, please. Now go building
  8. Hello, I have some promo / display / hanger carboard items but can't find informations about those?! As I know there are experts here, I'd like to know if anybody ever saw these, does people collect them, is there any data bank and any other things you'd like to mention :) The photos are large (note for moderator : if better I can put all the photos in my post) so I just put a link to a folder hosted on my website : Just this one as it's the only on refernced by Bricklink but in German language. Thanks.
  9. Hello SW fans, Wanted to share my Hoth turrets playset. It's inspired by a vintage toys from the early 80s but useful for today dioramas. I tried someting new for the turrets and the radar cannon, hope you like the result. Building instructions are available on my website : Hoth turrets If you want more photos, just ask me ;) and I'll post them here.
  10. Hello, Like many people I'd love to have a MOTU line made by Lego but as we know it's impossible. So as I'm in a Brikcheadz phase I decide to build He Man and Skeletor just to see and finally I love them. Don't know if I'll build more or some vehicles or playset as the format is a bit big. if you have any opinion, comments, they'll be welcome.
  11. BaronSat

    [MOC] The Khetanna Jabba's Sail Barge

    Thanks. Yes I remember and yes I keep the idea of SW vignettes in mind as it's a great idea. You have a lot to build but don't miss to visit my website before 15th august if you plan to buy instructions.
  12. BaronSat

    [MOC] The Khetanna Jabba's Sail Barge

    Thanks :) Thanks. I can be very specific about this since I modelised it to create building instructions for my shop, and so, this model requires 3085 pieces for its construction. Yes, the Lego skiff was to narrow. Ha, ha, thanks. Thanks. In fact, building my very first version was much more difficult because there were fewer pictures, plans and drawings at the time ... it was a long time ago in a galaxy far away ;)
  13. BaronSat

    [MOC] The Khetanna Jabba's Sail Barge

    Thank you, it's very cool to read you, it reminds me of the way I was when I build. When the models are finished, the pleasure is a little over, but your enthusiasm gives back some fun. Yes I kept the Rebo at this place because it's accurate and otherwise impossible to use ;D Pleased you noticed those details. Thanks. I had neglected the cockpit on my previous version but this time, taking my photo archives and my books on Star Wars I thought it would be a good idea to add it to this model. Yes just plain red paper, as usually. But a coat of varnish would not hurt. Thanks. Details .. do not we live just for that ... and a lot of minifigs too. You have found the two important points in one sentence. ;)
  14. Hello Star Wars fans, I just realized today that I didn't posted any picture of my new model of the Barge of Jabba here on eurobricks ??? !!! Some of you, may have seen them on my site but for the others I think it's time to correct this error. I'm just going to put these two for now but if you want more, tell me. In the meantime you can see my page here: Questions and comments will be welcome and I will answer as best I can.
  15. BaronSat

    MOC my NEW Bantha model

    Thanks, I'm pleased if I can help. You're probably right about the Bantha's size and yes I knew they use an elephant for the movie, that's why I posted a comparison photo, but what a Bantha would be with small horns? When building with Lego bricks, you have to compromise;) But that's an interesting point you mentioned.