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  1. LDD design contest: design a Martian surface

  2. Ninjago airship and temple

    Thanks for that. I now have a few ideas for a figurehead after seeing the new Destiny's Bounty so will look at modifying it.
  3. MOC - Oasis of Tears

    Great. Love the palms especially.
  4. 8886 PF cable issue

    I have had similar problems with PF connections and also have resorted to slighly bending the contacts to fix the problem.
  5. How many spare parts do you have?

    I have a reasonable collection of spares, if I run out there are a few spare boxed sets I can part out. I like to be able to build a MOC with the spares I have on hand so have to keep a few about.
  6. Grader Volvo G940C

    Well done. Looks like a grader and I guess works like one.
  7. Mars Base

    the Mars Crane?
  8. Ninjago airship and temple

    I displayed it at one of our shows in the dark-zone we had with blacklights
  9. Ninjago airship and temple

    Probably not something that would be saleable, economics and marketing have a lot to do with set production. I am sure the Ninjago designers do some awesome mocs also. Thanks for the compliments, I have two awards from LUG events I have displayed at, one of the judges at one is a Ninjago designer. The deck is quite busy, has a couple of studs all around though, quite a bit of below deck space.
  10. Ninjago airship and temple

    Thanks. Unfortunately they are packed away between shows and moving house, but maybe later. The landscape I am wanting to rebuild to a larger ninjago island scene about 4x8 baseplates
  11. Mars Base

    Almost completed my Mars base still waiting on 10,000 1x1 round plates in lugbulk to finish the ground detailing so had to display it as is at our show last weekend. I will be showing it next year as it will be ten years since Mars Mission and will be adding more Mars Mission sets to the display, and a hanging frame so they can be suspended above it.
  12. Favorite Space Line?

    Mars Mission and Neo Classic Space for me. I have built a big display for the tenth anniversary of MM next year.( Marsbase)
  13. Mindstorm RCX RIS 2.0, software needed

    RCX software was designed for windows 98, there is a patch to get it working with XP but I dont know of any for later software. That is why I have kept a computer with XP on it.
  14. It has a few issues which shouldn't be too hard to sort out but a great build and looks like it should. Looking forward to upgrading it to remote control for the tracks, make it easier for loading. As far as loading a truck, it is not normally done in real life, they don't stop the screen between trucks