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  1. Thanks Jim, great review and I agree it is a great build, although I didn't build the gearbox, it is also a challenge to modify, if you like a challenge, that is what makes Lego so enjoyable. I don't mind the blue background, it works for the model
  2. Lego sets are always marketed in price groups, the difference now is we have a higher price group than we used to, the Zetros is the equivalent of past flagships but now we also have UCS 18+ sets.
  3. I find that in my Facebook group people are always asking for instructions, as often happens here too, but I always encourage them to have a go at building it themselves, ask for help if needed but try and work it out for yourself
  4. I think you just can't please people. Some want full remote control others want gearboxes, you try and compromise and everyone complains.
  5. So just don't look at the instructions and build it just from the photos
  6. The gear rack housings appear to be DBG, which means that part is in two new colors this year
  7. you modify the set, it isnt an included function. There is a lot of work needed to make it happen, all the blade mounting points have to be able to rotate in another plane as well as the actuators operating individually. I have made some progress with this mod but am making many others as well so its all still a work in progress.
  8. To me the biggest issue is with the mountings for the blade lift actuators, relying on pins
  9. We can say this is not priced right or anything we like, Lego is the manufacturer and they can sell at any price they wish. They actually make the sets to a price point, so many sets in x bracket, so many in y bracket per year. The Liebherr and the Cat are in the highest bracket. It is our choice whether we buy a set or not, arguing about how it is priced will get us nowhere.
  10. If you have a look around there is a lot more than just two pics, even on where it is listed for sale coming soon (unless you are in NZ) Enough info for some of us to have worked out a lot of details and started building our own copy.
  11. That would also make it possible to remove the outer support for the upper sprocket, so it could be made to look more like the reduction hub there.
  12. It has 4, two motors for the rippers, 3 for the blade.
  13. It has now two hubs and 8 motors
  14. Another great review. Nice set, shame about the price, seems to be quite common lately. Liking the new colored parts, each year we are getting more colors and rare colors of parts, the orange tapered panel was one many wanted to recolor 41999 to build a General Lee iirc.