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  1. Bricktrain

    Technic 2022 Set Discussion

    It depends on the configuration, if it has a Derrick for superlift and a luffing fly then it will need 4 winches.
  2. Not until the new battery box version is in production and distributed. I believe it may be an exclusive to one toy chain, that was mentioned. As I have mentioned to others it is still cheaper to buy it from overseas even with shipping.
  3. Is it really worth dragging a thread up from 4 years ago ?
  4. Bricktrain

    Technic 2022 Set Discussion

    Yes it is to do with the screw on lid of the battery box, there is another new standard which covers the AA battery boxes and states they must have to be removed with a tool. It is going to be in most countries but the dates of implementation vary. That is why there is no Zetros or CatD11 available in NZ
  5. Bricktrain

    Technic 2022 Set Discussion

    I am waiting to see if they start using the updated battery box, otherwise there will still be no rc sets for New Zealand
  6. Bricktrain

    General Part Discussion

    at least you could cut it to make the 3 parts it would have been made from
  7. But if they wont sell at the price you want them to sell at then you dont have to sell to them. The prices on S@H are Legos retail prices, what they sell at.
  8. Lego has been battling for years with retailers offering discounts over 15% here, finally they seem to have won the battle, mostly because the retailers havent been able to receive enough stock from Lego to be able to discount it, hence why the stocks dont last long at all when they do have a sale as they have low quantities
  9. The remote control for the D11 does have a setup similar to the control plus app, there are a few vids on you tube showing them
  10. Thanks Jim, great review and I agree it is a great build, although I didn't build the gearbox, it is also a challenge to modify, if you like a challenge, that is what makes Lego so enjoyable. I don't mind the blue background, it works for the model
  11. Lego sets are always marketed in price groups, the difference now is we have a higher price group than we used to, the Zetros is the equivalent of past flagships but now we also have UCS 18+ sets.
  12. I find that in my Facebook group people are always asking for instructions, as often happens here too, but I always encourage them to have a go at building it themselves, ask for help if needed but try and work it out for yourself
  13. I think you just can't please people. Some want full remote control others want gearboxes, you try and compromise and everyone complains.
  14. So just don't look at the instructions and build it just from the photos