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  1. You first design the build digitally then we look over it and make revisions until its finalized. Then I can make the payment and you can send the file and list of bricks. Originally it was supposed to be that the other person builds it with the $300 budget and they would get like $100 as payment for building it, collecting the materials, etc. But after a recommendation to not do this due to shipping and scamming concerns I decided to just build it myself unless the other person is reputable and can ship it carefully so that it doesn't break. I'm a little confused myself on how to do this myself now but I think the best way would be by having somebody designing it digitally then building it myself.
  2. Good idea, do you know any model builders that I could contact regarding this to design a digital version of the build then compiling a list of parts to purchase from bricklink?
  3. The budget is $300 in total. You get paid for your work and the overall build.
  4. Service Status: Still looking for somebody to perform this task. Hello, as the title states; I am for looking for somebody who can digitally design me a imperial base with a budget of $300 in total as well as create a list of bricks to purchase from bricklink so I can build it myself. I expect the model to be detailed, high quality, and look good. I never made any builds digitally so I'm not sure how I would be able to rebuild it from a online model but I'm sure you can help with that. Total build budget is $300. You get paid the remaining amount after cost of bricks. So for example, if the build costs $200 from the bricks, then you get $100 as payment. You may use any software as long as it can be easily reproduced physically. I think stud.io would be a good software to use as it links with bricklink to buy parts easily. Here are the specifications and features of the build. Also includes picture examples from similar MOCs and feedback on them. This document has been recently revised with more detail on 7/24, https://pastebin.com/9FDgvCRB Post here or PM me if you are interested in doing this service.
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    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Yeah no problem, thanks for the advice.
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    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Is there a kit full of blocks to build a base or a list of blocks to get? I'm looking to make more of a gray themed MOC and terrain to have combat between the two sides. I'm planning on building Republic and imperial themed bases, one for each. My budget is around $200 USD to obtain all the building materials, baseplates, terrain stuff, etc. I have the minifigures, weapons, and vehicles that I want so there is no need to buy those. I already tried pick a brick, and bricklink but I'm looking for more of a "set" of stuff with most/everything of what I need to get.