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  1. Here is My take on Fidget Spinners this one is capable of Spinning Itself.
  2. I've done a number of modification and this idea of modifying Lego came of the back of Motorizing LEGO then later on the Lego Magnet. So The only reason why I Modify certain Lego Parts the way I do is to either Build a Monster Lego Truck or To build with Magnets. That is why I call it a Monster Lego Truck because that is no simple Lego Truck. Other then that I don't Modify Lego parts just for the sake of doing it if I did that I would have ruined alot of Lego in the process. That is why I have a number of stipulations that must be first meet Before I do the Mod. My First Requirement is that I must have above a certain number of the same Lego parts in order to proceed with Modified version I will not modify anything that I only have a couple of. I Also don't Modify any Lego that is rare or is no longer being made. Another condition I made for when it come to modified Lego part is that it must be easy to replicate, and when it comes to using JB weld with Lego these conditions still applies. I don't like modifying Lego parts if in the end it was not necessary and the Idea was never useful. For a good Lego Modification to be consider Good by my standards the mod must be Good all the time and versatile. A Good presentation of a versatile Modification is when it comes to cutting Axes to length. Now cutting Axes to length is a Special LEGO Modification that some Enthusiast consider cheating but I don't think about Lego in the terms of cheating the System, I'm think of it in terms of making the System fit better together and Axle Length is important when it come to a variety of angles fitting better together. Bending is another one of those weird Rules. I try not to Bend anything to make it fit, forcing parts to fit is not a good idea especially if you want something to move or drive an axle but if bending is used for aesthetic appearances then bending is just another part of the instructions.
  3. Here is a couple of Pictures of a LEGO Technic Part I made.
  4. 3rd party RC electrical components is very compatible with LEGO. If all you want to do is connect up some Lego Motors to the RC system then that should be pretty easy to do. The only thing that requires any kind of modification is a PF cable so it can connect with the RC ESC.
  5. I've hand made my own Technic parts. The Best way to make your own Lego Technic parts is using the Lego Technic Parts you have available around. By using the already made Technic parts you will have a better Connection with other Lego parts and this way making your own Technic parts will come together better.
  6. Boxerlego


    I describe myself a Purist. Lego is part Art and part Artificial Module Building Block or in other words part Art and part Science. Understanding this idea called Lego Purism some people can see it as Strictly Building with Lego and that in its most pronounce sense means building what is made inside the LEGO instruction books and only building what is displayed inside the LEGO instruction books and nothing Else that is Lego Purism in the basic sense you could call this Group the Collectors. However LEGO Is very Unique because the collectors ideas and tendency are not in control of this idea as what it means to be a Purist and thus the Epiphany of Purist Behavior came primarily from the Builders becasue they were holding opposite views apart of the Collectors and the Builders Preferred to build what ever they could Imagine. However by Natural Outcomes the Builders inherently become blind to Ideas of greater illusion like Pro Lego Building Skill and then suddenly the idea of building what ever you could Imagine with Lego suddenly becomes Impossible because you simply don't have enough Lego to do it. The way the Builder see's it, is that there is no standard way of building so what is considered gluing Lego together for them is simply not the best thing to do but for some its just adding in an extra step in Lego Building. Now certain Purist builders will disapprove of gluing Lego but we must never forget (Purist) that there are pre-glued decals that can be put on the Models. Now this brings me to next group of Lego purist and to understand how these Lego Purist go about Building and collecting you must think that when it comes to building with Lego that I can be very creative even to a point where the Idea of building the impossible is possible is very possible Lego Purist Style and the fact that Lego is Art combined with Science Creates the Extraordinaire Purist. The extraordinaire will build with Lego like you have never seen before. Collectors and Builders are defined by whether if they Build by the Book or not by the Book but the Extraordinaire are defined by what they are capable of building with Lego. Now there are several Kinds of Lego Builders out there and this being the Technic Forum I will talk primarily about Technic Builders here but special take note that most Purist Never mix the Lego Bricks with the Technic Beams. Understand how Technic paved the way to a new method of Building with Lego which gave rise to the four wheel Lego Machines since that is what most consider Technic is about. Lego Technic brought a new Idea of Lego Purism to the table. Here we can see that there are two factions of builders one side is composed of Studded builders and the other side composed of Studless builders. These two Groups of builders envisioned the modern building techniques that are dominantly used today. However there was another form of Lego purism that was forming to create another kind of Builder and Collectors all based around the Lego Minifig which ultimately was the foundations for themes like Star Wars to Minecraft which brought forward a new form of Purism for Collectors and Builders called the Aficionado. My theme Is something I like to call "things that make stuff move" which are commonly referred as Engines and Motors. For me nothing says more then Lego then building with the basic building blocks of Nature that is called Magnets which is also the core component of any working motor or engine. The fact that Building with the basic blocks of Nature (Magnets) just shows that even the basic blocks of Nature are Naturally apart the of Lego System and thus must be consider Purist after all Nature tells us that the basic blocks are Naturally apart the of Lego System. Just something to think about.
  7. Thanks for the Comment. Right now I'm focusing on Building a Magneto Electric Generator and Displaying some Interesting effects with it. Right now the Magneto Generator has 6 Magnetic Poles on the Rotor all the same Polarity meaning there either all North or South. I have a couple of other Ideas I want to try out but right now I want to stick with this and See all what I can achieve with this setup before Moving on to other Magnetic rotor Setups. The Coils on the Magneto Electric Generator are unique in that they are Small Perpetual Motion Holders which are not your standard Generating Coil Design due to the fact there encased completely in Metal allowing for better magnetic interaction with the Metal. I also have some other Ideas I want to try out when It comes to the PMH generating Coils But right now the problem is Figuring how a good way to go about it due to the fact I got to dissemble and rewind the coil to make the generating coil I have in mind. Another Reason why I made this is try to replicate Other various Motor/Generator Designs out there and do some of my own Testing with these designs.
  8. Wow, This is Awesome. A lot of thought must have been put into this receiver design. What I like about with this one is that I can add those Cool Rumbling Engine Noise on my builds or have those neat retro laser sound effects or just make a simple Alarm Device. I also like the Idea that this does not need a Smart phone to function with it and that it is ready to work out of the box. There is lots of potential with this PFx brick if you plan on incorporating Sounds and Lights with your Creation. There is really no limit what you can do here with it So much possibilities It would most certainly be a big Step in building. Its always Great to see what people can come up with to push the limits with Devices like this. Plus the fact its still in Beta testing so there is always room for improvements to be made so there is no telling what the future can hold for this receiver. To me It sure appears that there is more in the works for the overall use fullness especially if somewhere down the road you plan to use of the Lights system as a Method of Control for Additional Motors systems, Exactly like how the Micro Scout Motor functioned in the Droid Developer Kit. So with that said I can Imagine this PFx Brick would be very useful in building very advance Lego Machination like Droids and other complex Robotics designs if you plan to incorporate additional Method of Control for Additional Motors and Lego Sensors of the sorts. Once capabilities like this are possible there is no telling what devices like this can accomplish.
  9. It does look great. @msx80 Excellent work on the Micro Motor. It looks like it could fit perfectly in between two plates one one top and one on bottom. Also it looks like it could be one Strong Micro Servo Motor.
  10. Excellent Work, Look at that buggy fly. Nice job on building the Hybrid RC. It's interesting to so see how much you put into this, But once you start looking at everything that is involved your pretty much building a Lego chassis around standard RC parts along with some 3D Printed parts here and there to make it work. Its Interesting to watch but I see the perception deception when it come to builds like this sure you want to build a RC car out of LEGO but the question still remains how much Lego will you need to Sacrifice to get the performance that you desire in the RC Buggy.
  11. I never have tried that. I only had enough of the old 9v Wires to combined for one Motor connection.
  12. Hello Everyone, Now your probably asking yourself "What is this About?" Well this a different continuation that Ultimate LEGO Motor/Generator Model Build that is going to have its own post due to the Reason that my other post was along the lines of an April fools joke and I don't want to get that confused with what I'm about to give you a peak into is no joke and is something that has never been done to the capacity that I have accomplished with Lego. But in order to fully grasp the kind of accomplishment you are witnessing being done with Lego we first need to go down the list of all the different kind of steps that I have done with this Electric Motor Build in order to see the full picture because this is no longer just simply a Work In Progress and to my expectations is becoming the impossible made possible because what you going to see here simply has never been done with Lego. This brings a whole new level of thought to the phrase of thinking/building outside of the box. In the beginning my goal was to make a LEGO BLDC Motor make it spin. Here is a video of that accomplishment. But here is the deal I was just getting started with my electric Motor and I had even bigger plans for this machine. 001_stator by boxerlego, on Flickr When I first built the Electric Motor, I don't need to exaggerate It set around with out a Magnet Rotor to Spin for a long time, I fought very Long and Hard and put in a lot of days worth of time searching around the internet for a design that would work well with the Electric Motor. I thought so long on building this rotor Design that When it came to building the Magnet Rotor I figure that in order to do it right I got to go to the basics for the best Idea, which was based around the wagon wheel method of construction. For me this was the best Idea and was the best approach to build the Magnet Rotor which could incorporate all kinds of arrangements, sizes, strengths and number of magnets. Rotor magnets by boxerlego, on Flickr By building the magnet rotor in a similar fashion to the Wagon wheel I was gaining the ability just like a interchangeable Wheel to have a interchangeable Magnet Rotor for the Electric Motor. That is the kind of Rotor you want for a build like this. LEGO Magnet Rotor Axle Bearing Race Bushing by boxerlego, on Flickr Lego Impeller Plate by boxerlego, on Flickr Now the next goal of the Electric Motor project is attaching this Impeller plate and surprising enough all the 4 screw holes on the impeller Plate fitted so perfect with Lego it was like it was made for LEGO. You have seen people attaching DC motors to their Lego builds but, How many people do you see attaching an vacuum impeller to their LEGO build with Machine perfected accuracy? The answer is only one and you are only going to see it here everyone. Lego Impeller by boxerlego, on Flickr Attaching the Impeller to the Electric Motor is a Huge Step for this Project. I have done what most would have deemed Impossible. I don't need to exaggerate I to also thought It was something that would never be done. How awesome is it to see this Vacuum Impeller Unit be able to attache to the LEGO System. Now this Is becoming the workings of a Real Deal LEGO Generator. Comments & Questions are welcome.
  13. Try this Dual Battery Box Out. See if you can get more speed from your Creation, Its so Powerful it Destroys Electron Theory. Tutorial Link
  14. Boxerlego

    [O-E10] The Final Rendezvous Point

    Thanks for the comments, Glad to be back, I finally got a little free time I've been very busy for the past couple of months fixing problems around my grandma's house. This is the bottom Half of a Robot I've started building since august of 2016, So far the Project has been put on hold so its been collecting dust ever since, But here is sneak peak picture of what I've been Basing my ideas on.