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  1. A few years ago I built a Conan the Barbarian MOC. I've always enjoyed the character in various forms of media and when I saw those snake looking helmets knew I would use them in something like this. This was built in early 2019 - I was contemplating how to detail the capitals on the columns and then Mark of Falworth posted his Fall of Cyrene MOC and I immediately used the technique I saw there, also mixing it up a bit. This MOC has set on the shelf in the Lego room for 3 plus years and I finally took some photos. Conan and the Snake Cult 1 by Magma X, on Flickr Conan and the Snake Cult 2 by Magma X, on Flickr
  2. Magma

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    He loves a good speculative article. I linked to it because he took good close up photos of the figs and it saved me doing it... ;-)
  3. Magma

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    New parts appearing in Australian stores. Store manager told me they should be out at all Australian stores now. The blue wizard posted before was there, so I got a couple. These castle torsos were also there. So I bought a bunch. There were also pigs in my store.
  4. Hi. Earlier last year I was in the middle of another MOC project and it proved to be more involved and difficult than I initially thought. So I took a break from it... and I started playing around with some LBG parts around a train motor and ended up building a Neo Classic Space Train (Spacetrain SPACETRAIN!). Because why not. It does run! There is enough clearance between the pentagonal tiles and the wheel bases for it to turn around standard Lego track radii. I've run it at public shows, although it is quite heavy and only has one motor in it for now, so its top speed is a bit limited. I might add another motor at some point to speed it up, but I've been busy on other MOCs instead! Larger resolution photos are on flickr. Hope you enjoy it! Was tempted to post in the train forum but not sure whether its more space or more train... Overview Classic Space Train Overview by Magma X, on Flickr Reverse Angle Classic Space Train Reverse Angle by Magma X, on Flickr
  5. Thanks very much Peppermint_M! I am humbled to be featured. Thanks iammac, JarJarBonks, and rodiziorobs for taking the time to comment, I appreciate you taking the time to do so. I am glad you like it! Cheers M
  6. Hi all. This is my first post in this subforum. I'd like to share my first Ninjago themed MOC that I made late last year with you, a raid on a shrine (and defending it!). Overview Ninjago Shrine Raid 1 by Magma X, on Flickr Close up (of bad guys in action!) Ninjago Shrine Raid 2 by Magma X, on Flickr Alternative view Ninjago Shrine Raid 3 by Magma X, on Flickr (Larger versions available on Flickr). I have no idea what the plots of Ninjago are - I just used some of the figs I had acquired to make a little scene based on a variety of Asian inspired influences (like Ninjago itself really). I hadn't bought any Ninjago sets until a few years ago (the Temple of Airjitsu seduced me), and since then I've bought a few more sets - there have been a number of great sets released lately and I quite like the dragons and buildings. This MOC started from an attempt to build a roof using the "cheese" slopes - getting the centre roof section done took the longest part of the build! The rest of it flowed from there and it was an opportunity to use some of the exotic leaf colours I had acquired to see what they looked like in a MOC. This was built for the "Ninjago" monthly build theme for our LUG. Thanks for looking.
  7. Magma

    [MOC] Classic Space - Welcome Home

    Thanks all, I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Glad you like it! Yes, it was a conscious decision - I wanted the ship to look fast but also wanted to imply some functionality so kept the greebles to the underside and around the engine. Thanks for the positive words.
  8. Hi all. I'd like to share a MOC I made over a year ago which I only just got around to photographing recently. Our fearless heroine on long range patrol, will she make it back? 919 CS Spaceship Right Side v1 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr Of course she will! Classic Space Welcome Home - Front On by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr Close up Classic Space Welcome Home - Close Up by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr Angle shot of base Welcome Home - Left Side by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr And I also had a bit of fun with photoediting... so here is an attempt at some box art. 919 CS Spaceship Left Side Box Art by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr And here is a photo of the various sides of the spaceship itself: CS Spaceship Multiple Views by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr I had a lot of fun building this. I wanted to do something with the new trans yellow windscreens (well new at the time anyway!) and built that area... and then built the engine... and then had to figure out how to connect them together! I like how sleek it ended up. I confess to swooshing it a few times... ;-) I also played around with greebling on the underside and that turned out to be surprisingly tricky to do, my hat is off to those people who make it look effortless. I referred to it as 919 mainly because it is closest to 918 -"One Man Spaceship", which is the largest Classic Space ship I had as a kid. But I didn't set out to make an update to 918... I just wanted to build a Classic Space ship... :-) Larger resolution pics available on flickr for those who like that kind of thing. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking.
  9. Magma

    [MOC] Mutiny of the Map

    Thanks guys! Thanks very much! Yes, the holes were incorrect digging spots. No doubt the next captain will have better map reading skills.... ;-)
  10. Magma

    [MOC] Mutiny of the Map

    Hi all. I'd just to like share my first Pirates MOC - "Mutiny of the Map". This was inspired by Nivremis' MOC of the island shown on a Lego pirates treasure map. That made me think about other possible scenarios around the treasure map... and this is what I came up with. A reason for mutiny! Mutiny of the Map 1 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr Closer shot of the "action". Mutiny of the Map 2 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr And the standard straight on shot. Mutiny of the Map 3 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr Thanks for looking.
  11. Magma

    [MOC] Modular City Park

    Cheers Wesley! Yes, the corners are 48x48 baseplates. The middle modules are all two 32x32 baseplates. In 32x32 baseplate terms, the overall dimension for the large park is 3x5, and 3x3 for the smaller park.
  12. Magma

    [MOC] Modular City Park

    Thanks everyone for the positive comments! Yeah, I really enjoy making little minifig scenes that have action or a self contained story. At the last show I was supervising for awhile near the display and enjoyed hearing people point out those little scenes to each other. Made me smile. It was built in calendar terms over the period Nov 15 to June 16, but in terms of actual hours I reckon there is... maybe around 40 hours. I spent a bit of time working out how to do the first corner with the angled steps, then built one of the side modules - that was all pre xmas 2015. I was away on holiday for most of January 16, then came back and built the remaining modules. I had build sessions scattered in there where I experimented with tree designs, and that kind of broke up the module builds - building the same thing over and over gets a bit dull. It was about 90% done by the end of May, with minifig posing done last. And there were a lot of waits for BL orders in that period too... Thanks - I was particularly happy when the dimensions of it worked out so that the fencing would look seamless over the modules. And even in the smaller configuration!
  13. Magma

    [MOC] Modular City Park

    Thanks very much for the positive comments everyone, I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to do so. It has taken me a long time to get around to taking photos so it is great to be able to share it with people online at last. Thanks, it took me awhile the first time to figure out how to do them, but once I'd built one corner module it was relatively easy to build the others. I actually refined the technique - the first one wasn't built all that efficiently, the last one used a lot less pieces on the underside. Yes, it is mainly 1x2 trans clear plates - the spouts in the fountain itself are arranged in an approriate arc. Inside the fountain is a combo of trans clear plates and trans light blue square and round plates and tiles. The overflow into the pond in the large layout is trans clear plates turned sideways underneath the top layer, if thats what you are referring to. You can see that overflow segment sitting near the fountain in the photo showing the breakdown of the park. Thanks again for looking everyone.
  14. The Tower Bridge 10214 was released in 2010... that would be why. I don't think they started doing numbered bags for every large set until a couple of years later. I remember building the MMV after getting used to numbered bags and the MMV did not have numbered bags. It was somewhat tedious having to sort through all the pieces to find what you were looking for.
  15. Magma

    [MOC] Modular City Park

    Hi all. This is my first time posting in the town forum. I just wanted to share a MOC I built for our local Lego show "BrickExpo" in late July 2016, which I only recently had the chance to photograph properly when it was part of a recent LUG collaborative display at the Bricks at Woden School show, and then again when I set it up at home a week or so back. I wanted to build a formal park that was in scale with the Modular buildings, with the aim of having a larger display piece that could be used in the LUG's collaborative layouts. I had already prototyped corner and side modules when LEGO announced the Fun in the Park set, and that set inspired me to proceed with it. So over the course of several months in early 2016 I built all the rest of the park modules. I realised later on in the build that I needed to provide wheelchair access for the new fig, so I turned a side entrance into a ramp and made it the focus of an "opening" scene for the new access ramp. I bought the Fun in the Park set on day one of release and had an entertaining time posing figures (I did use all of them from the set, but one is out of sight on the far side), and thought up a few more minifig scenes as well. The Park also gave me the chance to try some different techniques, especially with the trees, which I made from techniques I saw online and with some variations of my own. Jokingly I refer to it as "UCS Fun in the Park". In the following two overview shots taken at the show, one LUG member built the brick-built roads, and another built the multi-coloured row of town houses in the back. Various members contributed sets etc. Overview 1 Modular City Park Overview 1 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr Overview 2 Modular City Park Overview 2 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr The Opening of the access ramp Modular City Park 3 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr Close up of the Statue end of the Park - a tribute to our founders Modular City Park 4 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr I guess I am a romantic at heart... Modular City Park 5 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr Kids enjoying the park Modular City Park 6 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr Corner Modular City Park 7 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr How the park is constructed Modular City Park 8 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr And because the park itself is modular, it can be used in a smaller configuration if required! Modular City Park 9 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr Larger versions of all photos can be found in the flickr album here for the extra keen: Thanks for taking the time to have a look.