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Found 18 results

  1. soccerkid6

    An Exotic Feast Part 1

    As has become customary, I built a series of vignettes as prizes for the the collaborative category. And of course I had to set them in the guilds! Here is the first, I will try to get the others posted before long. The Adventurers Guild in Alnya has a long standing tradition of a grand feast during the summer solstice. It’s not just a celebration, as their extremely competitive mindsets saw it quickly develop into a challenge. The master chefs, some of whom are capable adventurers in their own right, select teams of the most skilled and daring heroes to gather the rare ingredients needed to create dishes of exquisite flavor. The team responsible for creating the most delectable dish is rewarded with a generous bounty of gold and also first choice of quests until the next annual feast. Rogdul, a vaunted goblin burglar, was tasked with obtaining some of the rare mushrooms only found in the deep caverns of Nocturnus. Equipped with a dagger and good supply of torches, Rogdal ventured for hours through dark, claustrophobic tunnels before coming across a small stream that led him to discover a cavern and most importantly the coveted mushrooms! Few more images on Brickbuilt. Always feels like coming home to post in the guilds
  2. I've posted elsewhere that the new(ish) 3x3 windows are well-suited to railway carriages, but unfortunately they are currently only available in tan, dark brown, and dark purple. The Gate Stock Tube trains I posted earlier do look stylish and authentic in dark red and tan but I wanted to try and make good use of all three window colours with train liveries that might have appeared 100 years ago. So, out came the colour swatches to see what might go together, and I spent a month on Bricklink trying to get my head around colour-part availability (headlights, clips, windows, ugh, nothing makes sense). PURPLE WINDOWS Lets get the big mistake out of the way first. I was trying to see what might go with dark brown, a really nice stylish colour. Red worked well on the swatches, so I gave it a try. I find Lego standard red unsettling. It looks very plasticky (yes, if I don't like plasticky I am in the wrong hobby, but bear with me) and also a little bit fluorescent. It killed the dark brown, I didn't even bother photographing it. Purple is a really troublesome colour in general, and there is something particularly lurid about Lego dark purple. With those unwanted red parts from the failed dark brown experiment, I decided to give it a try. Noooooooooooo! This was horrible, the two difficult colours together gave the combination from Hell, almost literally. I couldn't bear to commute on a train in these colours, it would be like riding inside body parts. So, I needed an interesting colour (not tan or grey) that would complement and tame the purple, and be available in the necessary parts. The only contender I could find was bright light blue, which actually works reasonably well and is surprisingly available. I don't think you would have seen a livery like this 100 years ago, but does anyone have any other suggestions? To be continued ...
  3. This new train came about as a result of my combining some parts and suddenly getting a flash of inspiration, that aircraft pieces might make a rather nice Tube Train. The basis for this is London Underground Gate Stock, the first generation of EMU trains used on the earliest tube lines. of the small tunnels (just 12 feet diameter) not only were the trains reduced in size, but early electric motors were too large to fit under the passenger saloons. The solution was to have large powerful motors plus all electrical and air equipment together on a motor coach in a big compartment behind the cab. Long trains could have a motor coach at each end but motor coaches were forbidden in the middle of trains because of the safety requirement that passengers should be able to walk from end to end of a train in case of emergency without encountering electrical equipment.Air doors were not introduced on the London Underground until the 1920s. Until then, cars had gates at their ends, opened and closed by gate operators. A six coach train would require a rear guard, four gate operators and a driver. Initial passenger loads on the new Underground lines were disappointing and labour costs were ruinous, plus boarding/unloading, and departures were slow.But back to Lego City, where the year is still 1905 and a new tube line has opened to Botanical Gardens. Hmmmm, the track in the yard is somewhat uneven! The rear car is a control trailer, with no motor but controls for operating the motor coach remotely. You can see, posed next to the main line EMU trains, just how much I have shrunk down the tube trains. I could have gone even further, but I wanted a top-hatted figure to be able to sit down in the saloon. You can also see the size of the motor bogie compared with the trailer bogie. The tram wheels are awful but in the end they were not a bad size relative to the standard wheels for showing the effect. Here is a gateman, signalling to the rear guard that all is clear for his section of the train. More details of the gate end, and lots of illegal build techniques in evidence, but the gate top was so perfect I had to adapt it. The large round central buffers are prototypical, so the coupling distance is not too awful. Not many seats, one per window. Minifugures are too wide but these new 1x3x3 windows are perfect. This is how I joined the cars together. There is just enough clearance for a thin liftarm. Annoyingly it is not quite long enough: the corners of the rear platforms just catch each other on curves. If I motorise this, I will either file off the corners or else stick to R56 track. Motorisation is unlikely because of the drag caused by five bogies of those wretched tram wheels. Spot more illegal build techniques. Once you have killed your first Lego brick, it becomes easier to do it again.Final thoughts: I am not quite happy with the fronts, I think that the problem is the windows, which should really be dark red. Lego produces a terrible range of windows in a lamentable range of colours. I could have used clear panels, but they would have looked too modern for a train this age I wish I had sorted the dark red pieces before using them. The two shades are noticeably different. I am currently investigating flexible hoses for air and electrical connections between cars. I am also investigating self-adhesive printable vinyl to depict opening side windows. These coaches are slightly longer than the main line EMU prototypes I showed before, so now these will definitely have to be lengthened. really need a tube station to go with these, a wonderful one was posted here years ago, but it looks as though it would eat up bricks for a full length train.
  4. Well, now it seems that Botanical Gardens Station is also going to be served by a new Underground line, and for the Edwardian era, that means Gate Stock: [google Underground Gate Stock for lots of great photos] I have mocked up something to test various ideas for a three car train. As you can see, I have managed to keep the overhang under control, just! To save a bit of space, the trailer bogie is offset, so first question: Currently the trailer bogie is on a turntable with a couple of hollow stud plates so that I can offset it. Can anyone think of a way to save a plate's height and still offset the bogie without raising the floor? Second question, and this is my undoing, what am I going to do about couplings? I don't think there is enough clearance under the Airline parts, and raising the fuselage(!) up will be a shame. I do hope this problem is going to be fixable, because it's going to look splendid when it is finished. Any other comments appreciated. As ever, I am designing for Lego rather than striving for authenticity.
  5. Hello there ! Here is my first post on Eurobricks and I wanted to share with you my latest Star Wars MOC : ‘’Underground Clone Base On Kashyyyk’’ This Moc takes place during the end of the Clone Wars and represents a base that would have been dug in the deep jungle of Kashyyyk. I’ve try a lot of new and advanced building techniques for me. For all the fans of the Lego Star Wars games, there are two little details I think you’re gonna like ;) If you want a cinematic video of this MOC, here it is : Underground Clone Base On Kashyyyk by Hugo, sur Flickr Underground Clone Base On Kashyyyk (back) by Hugo, sur Flickr Underground Clone Base On Kashyyyk (top) by Hugo, sur Flickr Underground Clone Base On Kashyyyk (-2 and -1) by Hugo, sur Flickr Underground Clone Base On Kashyyyk (-3) by Hugo, sur Flickr
  6. Hello to everyone. I'd like to present a new project. I'm building an Underground Mining Loader. The idea came to me two years ago when Lego released the set Mine Loader (42049). By the time, I was expecting this to be the flagship model (1H) of that year, but it turned out to be a medium-size model. So I built my own. I took parts mainly from my Volvo Loader (42030) and built a version with a much lower profile. The result was ugly but functional. It's being on a corner getting dust. A couple of weeks ago I took this Moc apart and I'm rebuilding it from scratch. I'm not showing the "original" because it's really ugly. I hope I can make a decent model, something between good-looking and functional. Although most of the ideas come from the previous Moc, the "improved version" it's proving to be a difficult job. I think it would take a couple of weeks to finish the improved version. Here're some pictures from the first part. I'm happy with the results. I think 1/5 of the job is done. Disclaimer: I'm not trying to replicate a specific machine, but I have taken inspiration from the Caterpillar portfolio Thank you for your time. ****Pictures of the final model**** Lateral access to motor. For maintenance purposes, I guess. Hardly noticeable IR receivers ;) Easy access to motor. Cabin with chair and control panel. No floor. Easy access to battery and cables. You can also accommodate the rechargeable battery.
  7. Hi, At the recent Lego World 2013 in Copenhagen I displayed my model of Islands Brygge Metro Station including NXT controlled sliding platform doors. This model is the fourth in a line of trains with automatic sliding doors, that I have built over the last years (version 1, version 2, version 3). I have compiled a short video to show all the functionality including some "behind the scenes" footage: The NXT controls the following: Output 1: Running the train on the inner loop (9V) Output 2: Running the opening mechanism for the three sets of platform doors and three stes of train doors Output 3: Running the elevator Light sensor: Stopping the train at the platform (accuracy: 1 stud) Distance sensor: Detecting the lower position of the elevator (dynamically calibrating the elevator cycle) Touch sensor: Detecting the outer position of the opening mechanism (dynamically calibrating the cycle) In addition, there is a 9V metro train running on the outer loop and PF lights on the platform wall and over the platform door. Some images of the station, which was part of a bigger display of Islands Brygge, a central neighborhood in Copenhagen: After moderation, more pictures can be found here. The station is modelled very closely after my local metro station, though I have reduced the number of opening doors to three sets. Here are some reference pictures: I am looking forward to your comments. Esben
  8. Greetings all, This summer, I am away from home at an internship with a mine so the only set I had was 42060, Roadwork Crew. I've never built a technic MOC before, but I'd figure I'd try after seeing all of the machinery underground that it would be a good challenge, especially since I only had the pieces from one kit. Most of the scoops at this mine are either Sandvik or Eimco, but this model is not specifically modeled after either make. The functions include raise/lower arm, movable bucket, steering, adjustable lights and opening door. Photos are below. From the front: Underground Scoop 05 by Fritz4783, on Flickr From the rear: Underground Scoop 11 by Fritz4783, on Flickr Functional arm: Underground Scoop 01 by Fritz4783, on Flickr Thanks for looking. Also, this is my first post, so feel free to let me know if I need to do anything differently for the future.
  9. legoMoccer

    [MOC] Subway Train and Station

    hello, i decided to create a subway train and the station as i feel lego is lacking a subway, the station is based on the Swedish undergrounds as they are filled with nice colours and the train is just a generic subway car which probably fits more towards a NYC sub but oh well please let me know what you think the project is also on ideas if you would like to see this
  10. spirogero

    [MOC] Batwing emerges

    Batwing takes off from its underground base, over the lake, on a retractable launch pad: 2 by Spiros Geropoulos, on Flickr More on FlickR. 32x32 studs.23 cm high, 900 parts approx.
  11. So this has been a REALLY long-term project of ours but we're finally making some progress. Godwins Hollow was originally conceived as the place that the LEGO Agents would defend from the menacing henchmen of INFERNO! All respectable evil-doers need a secret lair and this is the start of theirs! Once it's completed we're hoping to have two full levels underneath the mountain, trap doors revealing weapon systems, launch bays, and all of the other despicable stuff an Inferno HQ should have. Once you scroll thru the pics below you'll be able to see we've made some significant progress on the base level both inside and out. The main hover jeep garage, mountain exit, and repair bay are all in place. There is a personnel elevator to take you to the command center and eventually on to the next underground level, and two mech bays for the Inferno mechs. So please take a look at what we've done so far and feel free to leave any feedback you'd like. Enjoy! As always, there are more pics on our Flickr page and over on MOC Pages. Thanks for checking it out.
  12. This tube stock model is based on the 1996 stock that currently runs on the Jubilee and Northern lines. My goal was to keep them 6- wide, and worked to fit the proportions that came from that. As a result, the model uses small tram wheels, which introduces an obvious problem if i wish to motorize it. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do so i'm happy to hear them! The model roof isn't high enough to fit minifigures inside unfortunately, but removing their legs and clipping them to the inside can produce a nice effect. I'll possibly post some more photos in the near future, as well as a showcase video on my youtube channel.
  13. HruppertDK

    Subway system

    Can anyone think of an idea for a LEGO set based on the NYC subway system? If so i would love to see your ideas :D
  14. NickLafreniere

    [MOC] LEGO City Subway Train Car

    Hello Eurobricks community, I would like to share my newest design that I've been working on for many months and now it is finally complete. Please take a moment to read the description and see all the photos for all the details of the set! As train enthusiasts, I would love to hear your opinions and criticisms of my design. If you have any questions, I will be glad to provide more information.
  15. It was a beautiful summer day in Mitgardia. The dwarf on guard atop the wall certainly thought so, as he smiled benignantly upon the snow studded landscape as far his the eye could see. And so thought the Mitgardian soldier snaking through the underground passage, though for different reasons, for he could not see a foot in front of him. In fact, the reason he thought so because it seemed as though he would finally accomplish what he had been attempting for the last fortnight, namely, making his entrance into the dwarven fortress before him. He had been charged by Sir Uridius Dratiphe to gather as much information as possible about the dwarven plans. It was by now a well known fact that the dwarfs were planning to invade Avalonia, but where and how they would cross the border was the question. Suddenly he ran into something hard, just under the wall. He was about to give vent to his frustration when he heard voices in front of him. Creeping forward silently, he put his ear against the wall and listened. On the other side of the wall in the castle's underground council chamber (dwarfs will do such things, you know!) a few of the leading dwarfs were having a council. "We are honored to have you here general," said the governor, "what news do you bring us from the frontier?" "All going well, mayor, our brethren are gathering weapons all along the border. In a few days all will be prepared for the attack. Best of all, Elon and all his men have not the slightest idea of our plans!" Additional wall pic: My entry to Category A of Challenge III Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  16. In 1900, a second deep level tube railway was opened beneath London's streets by the Central London Railway company. Some of these stations still exist forming part of London Underground's Central Line. This model illustrates how one of these stations would have looked in the 1930s. Station facade with office building above: The facade hinges open to reveal the ticket hall and wooden panelled entrances to two lifts: These stations were designed by the architect Harry Bell Measures. Unfortunately none have survived in the their original condition as they have either been demolished or had their lifts replaced by escalators: Link to album on Flickr
  17. ~This Quest is for chosen heroes only. If you'd like to learn how to join, please refer to the Heroica RPG Rules & FAQ topic.~ Knowing they were to help the Proggs - whatever they were - the heroes retire to their chambers, the shade of night falling over the hall. Come nightfall, their employer would post up information regarding their rendezvous. Deciding to get some rest before embarking on yet another quest, the heroes chosen slip into a deep sleep... an unnaturally deep sleep. In their slumber, their normal dreams a slowly overtaken by a horrid sight... Nightmares plague the heroes throughout the night. Visions of a prospering city crumbling to a fathomless cloud of darkness, hordes of unidentifiable creatures lunging out form the shadows to attack the terrorified, yet faceless, civillains... Building topples and are engulfed in purple flames, the landscape getting ravaged. The detail of the vision was frustratingly vague, yet frighteningly vivid in other places... In the course of one short nightmare, they saw an entire city torn to pieces, reduced to ash, and swept away. Startling awake from their horrid nightmare, 5 heroes gather in the hall. These heroes were... The Party: Sgt Jon. Mcency (Pyrovisionary) 54 years old male human witch Level 18 *Dual Strike* *Immune to blinded* *Hastened* Power: 35 (18+17) Health: 35/35 (7+17+8+3) Ether: 18/18 Gold: 498 (70 owed to Brickington) Equipment: Demonic Scissors (WP:17, dual strike, Light, Darkness, Hollow (Potion) daggers), Witch's talisman (All attacks Cause the badly poisoned effect), Pegleg of Hastening (Permanent hastened-effect to the user; Immune to Blinded, suitable to Sarge only; footwear) Inventory: Duplovian Swift Halberd (WP:3, stuns on successful hits, Hollow (-) halberd), Duplovian Helmet of the Guard (SP:2, Immune to Magic and Healing), Mythril Shield (SP:20), Pheonix essence x3 , Potion x4, Grand Potion x5, Remedy x5, Nostrum, Venom x3, Deadly Venom, Smoke Bomb, Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Telescope, Magic Compass, Magnifying glass, Business Card, Bone x2, 2x Gold Ring (worth 15 gold; can be given to someone to make them enamored with the giver), Counterstrike gloves. Erdathcath Madilinas, 199 years old, Level 19.5 Druid Power: 29 Health: 33/33 Ether: 22/22 Gold: 349 Equipped: Tritech Handcannon (WP:13), Satchel of Awesomeness (Causes lucky-effect; bodywear), Mage's Muffler (protects from sealed) Inventory: Longbow (WP:7), Quick bow (WP: 6, Suitable to rangers, provides hastened effect for one round each battle), Helmet (+1 max. health), 6 Potions, 3 Grand Potions, 7 Mead, 10 Smelling Salts, 15 Venoms, 3 Deadly Venoms, 1 Super Deadly Venom, 2 Floral Bombs, 2 Ice Bombs, 2 Lightning Bombs, 1 Fire Bomb, 3 Smoke Bombs, 2 Water Bombs, 2 Holy Bomb, 2 Dirt Bombs, 2 Air Bombs, Grand Tonic, Bone, Skeleton Decoy, Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Telescope, Saber teeth, Scroll of Weakening, Ruby, Snake Eye Charm (protects from petrify), Amulet of Optimism (Adds the confused-effect to all attacks; suitable to Erdathcath only; accessory) Elgar Gligin (played by Jedi master Brick) Level 24 2/3 Druid *Immune to Fragile!* Power: 34 Defense: 6 Health: 38/38 Ether: 24/24 Gold:706 Equipment: Mockthril Crossbow (WP:11 Permanently Deadly envenomed), Chainmail (SP: 2, Bodywear: half damage from Fire elemental enemies and double from Electric elemental enemies) Emerald Hood (SP: 4, headwear, protects from Fragile) Inventory: Fauxthril Longbow (WP: 5),Smoke Bomb, Bedroll, Emerald, Sapphire, Topaz,,Opal, Aquamarine, Spade, Pickaxe, 3 Potions, Needlessly Large Rod (Non-Artifact Item, Curses a random enemy. Usable once per battle.) Does not prevent free hits. Grand Potion (x3), Fireworks, Remedy (x2), Hide of The Regret (halves damage from undead; suitable for anyone, backwear), Tonic, Grand tonic (x5), Root beer (Restores 10 health, or can be used as a bomb against undead enemies for 20 damage. The Root Beer does not affect non-undead enemies.) , Ambrosia Name: Unknown. Most call him "Em," though his real name remains largely mysterious. Unknown age male human ranger Level 14.5 Power: 23 SP: 2 Health: 16/21 Gold: 285 Equipment: Aquabow (WP: 7, Water-elemental), Anniversary Medal (Artefact/Accessory) (Power +2, SP +2, Max. Health +2, Max. Ether +2. The values will increase by 1 with each passing year)[/font], Syndicate Cowl (SP: 2, Immune to Doomed effect) Inventory: Consumables: Smoke bomb, Grating Stone x2, Nostrum x2, Potion x5, Remedy x4, , Venom, Ice Bomb, Grand Potion, Mead x2, Quality Cutlass (WP:6, Dagger) Equipment:White Marksman's Hat (⅙ chance of Assassination vs. Flying monsters; Headwear), Gentleman's Hat (SP: 1, suitable for men, headgear. The wearer has a 1/2 chance to not be affected by (Asleep), Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe,Bow(WP:5), Ranger's Quiver (+1 WP to all Bows/Crossbows), Iron Knuckle Armour (Body, foot, and hand wear. Counts as one artefact. Usable by knights and dragoons. SP: 10. Cannot be removed by enemies), Ambrosia Jeaux Elmfyre (joeshmoe554) Automaton male, Evoker Level 15.5 *Blessed* *Transcended* Power: 26 (Level 15 + WP: 11) Defense: 0 (-2) Health: 23/23 (6 + 3 + 14) Ether: 16/16 (15 + 1) Gold: 167 Equipment: Divine Cannonade (WP:11; gives blessed- and transcended-effects to user; hollow; handcannon), Handy Suitcase (SP-2, use 2 Items; accessory), Enchanted Ring (Accesory, protects against Sealed) Inventory: Golden Handcannon (WP:9; lightning-elemental), Eminus (WP: 5; bow), Ranger's Quiver (WP+1; backwear), Topaz, Grand Tonic x2, Phoenix Essence, Venom x2, Smoke Bomb, Holy Bomb, Water Bomb, Bedroll, Bone x6, Turdwing (fly familiar; causes confused to one opponent whenever used), Grand Potion x3 Summons: Thunder Mode Referring to the questboard, the party sees yet another note posted ontop of the Quest 81 notice: QM Note: Welcome to Quest 81! You folks have 24 hours confirm - when you all do, I'll move you folks to the rendezvous point.
  18. -The following forum is for chosen members who have signed up and have been chosen for the quest. If you'd like to join the game, head over to the Discussion and Rules Forum to find out how!- Alexandre le Chevalier (Played by Capt.JohnPaul) Level 21 1/3 Black Knight, 20 year old elf male *Immune to Stunned* Power: 31 Defense: 14 Health: 39/39 Gold: 5 Equipment: Sword of the Elven Blademaster (WP: 10 ;ignores SP, +1 gold per successful strike), Cross Heater Shield (SP: 10), , Dapper Hat (Headwear, wearer has a 1/6 chance of becoming encouraged at the start of each battle), Black Knight Armor (SP:4, protects from Stunned effect.) Inventory: Potions (6), Bedroll, Smoke Bomb, Smoke Bomb, Fire Bomb, Feather Duster of DOOM (WP: 1) Deadly Venom x2, Tome of The Regret, Volatile Venom x5, Mead, Nostrum 2x, Smelling Salts x2, Grand Potion Johon [AKA Alf Gregory] (Bricksandparts) 25 years old male human Barbarian > Raider Level: 23,2/3 Power: 31 (23+8+4) Health: 40/40 (23+8+1+7+0) Shield Power: (5+1) Ether: ~/0 Positive effects: *Immune to:* (*Fragile*, *Cursed* *Stunned* ), *Natural Respite* Negative effects: (none) Gold: 1726 (1726(1), 0GB(50), 0CB(50), 0GO(80), 0CC(70), 0GC(100), 0M) Equipment: Weapon - Sword of Decay (WP:8) - (once the target is inflicted with damage they lose a quarter of the power of the strike each following turn for three turns. the effect cannot be compounded with more strikes. Suitable to Mages, Knights and Barbarians.) Shield - None Artefact 1 (L1-9) - Heavy Armour - SP:5, protects from fragile-effect, suitable for barbarians and knights Artefact 2 (L10-19) - Bravado Boots - 1/6 chance of being Lucky at the beginning of every battle Artefact 3 (L20-29) - Sticky Gloves - Increases the amount of gold stolen by 50% (rounded up), suitable for rogues and beast warriors. Artefact 4 (L30-39) - Artefact 5 (L40-49) - Artefact 6 (L50+) - Extra Artefacts: Helmet (+1 max health), Blessed Amulet – Protects from cursed-effect. Dog Statuette - (suitable for anyone, SP: 1, once named (Rover), speaking the name summons a dog almost certainly to tag along on madcap adventures and make snippy comments.), Hide of The Bleeding - restores 10 HP and 5 ether for every enemy the wearer kills, suitable for anyone, Scarlet Hood - +4 to power, immunity to stunned Extra Weapons: Greatsword (WP:3), Focal Staff (WP:5, Focus Fire-Roll a 3 for 5 ether Suitable for clerics and mages), Gladius (WP: 15, Darkness elemental, 1/3 chance of Fragile on succesful hits) Tools: Shovel (1), Pick-axe (2), Magnifying Glass (1), Magic Compass (1) Consumables: Potion (4), Venom (2), Remedy (1), Mead (6), Smelling Salts (12), Nostrum (12), Trial Brew (1), Elements: Aquamarine (1), Emerald (1), Topaz (1) Scrolls: Scroll of Sleep (1), Scroll of Blindness (1), Scroll of Sealing (1), Scroll of Confusion (1) Quest items: Blue Rose Elgar Gligin (played by Jedi master Brick) Level 22.66 Druid *Immune to Fragile!* Power: 32 Defense: 6 Health: 35/35 Ether: 21/21 Gold: 26 Equipment: Mockthril Crossbow (WP:11 Permanently Deadly envenomed), Chainmail (SP: 2, Bodywear: half damage from Fire elemental enemies and double from Electric elemental enemies) Emerald Hood (SP: 4, headwear, protects from Fragile) Inventory: Fauxthril Longbow (WP: 5),Smoke Bomb, Bedroll, Emerald, Sapphire, Topaz, Opal, Aquamarine Venom x4, Spade, Pickaxe, 3 Potions, Trickster's Mask of the Elf(Accessory, Changes user's appearance into an Elf), Needlessly Large Rod (Non-Artifact Item, Curses a random enemy. Usable once per battle.) Does not prevent free hits. Grand Potion x2, Fireworks, Remedy, Dualis Scepters (WP: 8, Club/Staff, Dual-striking), mead, Hide of The Regret (halves damage from undead; suitable for anyone, backwear), Grand tonic (x5) The party members slowly trickles in, and finds themselves behind the Beyland Enterprises building. The seedy alley has a few barrels and empty crates lying about, but nothing of interest except a single manhole at the back of the alley. A large rat scurries about, most likely looking for food. The parties employer, the mysterious Abbot Watt is nowhere to be seen. Welcome to A Secret Under Eubric! You have 24 hours to shop and confirm. There's not a lot to do at this moment, but feel free to look around the back alley. If I screw up, let me know, and since I'm making a huge leap from below level 10 to level 15+, expect a few hiccups. With that in mind, let the roleplaying, COMMENCE!