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Found 7 results

  1. Mars Mission had its flaws of course, the absurdly high sticker count in many sets being the bane of children building sets and collectors efforts to complete them and sure, two piece green aliens aren't a brilliant minifigure design on its own. But I do believe that the theme has been overlooked enough and as a fan I would like to present my reasoning. The greatest aspect of the theme is its excellent vehicle designs. The Astronaut vehicles are quite impressive and as aside from a few exceptions, they have the consistent vision of being civilian mining vehicles drafted into military service. Take the Claw Tank for example, between its massive grabbing claw, the elevated glass cockpit designed for spatial awareness more than protection and its cargo tubes, it’s clear this was intended as a cargo hauler. Furthermore, the Crystal Reaper is literally just a crystal harvester with a single gun and a couple of missiles strapped on for self-defence. These aren't the weapons of an organised invading army, it’s the desperate defence force thrown together with what they had. The alien’s designs are also excellent, all of them being sleek, pointed, designed for speed and stealth, the complete opposite of the Astro's rugged and heavy vehicles. They truly look alien, almost animal-like in some respects with the red teeth accents and flowing green tentacles. I will also issue a small defence of the figure designs themselves. The alien drone designs whilst being lack lustre are purpose built for the sake of their vehicles, you know, the thing you’re buying the sets for. Being only two studs wide, they can fit in places where conventional minifigures cannot, which helps with the design of the vehicles as it makes them far less bulky than they could be. Whilst I admit that perhaps the battle droid design could have been used instead, I think it would take away the more unique aspect of the alien drone design and would simply be a copy of the Life on Mars aliens. The astronauts are also perfectly fine, sure they all have the same uniforms, but each has a unique face print as well which does bring some variety. Keeping in mind this is fundamentally in-universe meant to be the early days of Lego space exploration, so it would stand to reason that they wouldn’t all have personalised uniforms yet. In particular, I think it’s actually very poor the fact that many are so opposed to the conflict in a box formula, when it emphasises the play aspect of the sets. Sure, pacifism and more diplomatic space themes have their appeal, but I think we need to remember these weren't designed with AFOLs in mind and most kids usually aren’t entertained by pure exploration. Most kids probably won't be getting more than one set for a while as well, unless birthdays and Christmas’s are close together, hence its prudent to get both factions into the single set so that kids can get a basic storyline going at least with the first buy. Maybe this wouldn't be an issue if the theme wasn't conflict focused, sure, but then we wouldn't have many of these excellent designs. Also let’s face it, the colour pallet is phenomenal, the orange and white of the Astros is such a good look, very pleasing to the eyes. The alien's black and lime just adds to their mystique, the aura of 'alien', almost evoking the xenomorph with its black form and green acid blood. When put together they create the perfect contrast, complimenting the existing contrast of vehicle designs excellently. It may simply be personal taste, the the colours are the icing of the cake. I would like to hear other opinions on this theme though, feel free to comment and start your own discussions!
  2. MuscoviteSandwich

    [MOC] MT-125 Mobile Prospecting Lab

    At more then twice the size of the previous MT-21 rover, the MT-125 is a more robust and capable rover that can be used in a variety of applications. It features a full pressurized cabin/airlock and can comfortably seat 3 astronauts. This particular rover is fitted with a lab so it can analyze samples and scout out future crystal deposits. It is unarmed, though it does have a cache of personal weapons for the crew just in-case they are ambushed in the field. I also have an album with more pics on my Flickr if anybody is interested! Build notes: So this is kind of a loose re-imagining of the Mars Mission set 7648: MT-21 Mobile Mining Unit in what I'm calling "Neo Mars Mission style", which is essentially a bit more realistic and has a greater focus on mining crystals then blasting aliens. I hope to remake more Mars Mission sets like this in the future. Also to note, a majority of the rover's suspension system has been adapted from the Official 21104 Curiosity rover set.
  3. This model was heavily inspired by A Plastic Infinity / Arcane Sweetie Belle's old (2012-ish) build, as seen here on Flickr. I took the basic design of the ship seen there and added newer parts and an updated color-scheme. This Unidentified Flying Object is meant to be the space ship of two of the Unikitty! CMF Alien Puppycorn figures' species. The ship without the figures. The trans yellow cones are simple forward-fixed laser weapons, but don't be deceived: they are only part of the defense grid on this ship! The rear of the ship features two engines, while the lime green 2 x 2 round tiles on the hinged tail are supposed to have this print here for a national symbol. The cockpit can seat two pilot figures and the roof is quite tall, so their unicorn horns can fit. The cockpit hinges to allow access to the inside to place the figures at the controls. The pilots of the ship, as best I could recreated in LDD. They are supposed to be two of these figures here. As usual, any comments, questions, suggestions and / or complaints are welcome. I plan on building the ship in real life after getting my final Classic Space models in order later this year / early 2019, but the alien figures are already on the way right now.
  4. Bricktrain

    Mars Base

    Almost completed my Mars base still waiting on 10,000 1x1 round plates in lugbulk to finish the ground detailing so had to display it as is at our show last weekend. I will be showing it next year as it will be ten years since Mars Mission and will be adding more Mars Mission sets to the display, and a hanging frame so they can be suspended above it.
  5. Galactic_Pineapple

    LEGO Mars Mission: EPISODE 1

    Hi everyone! I made Episode 1 of the Mars Mission Series! Check it out!
  6. I found this in an old LEGO Club magazine, but the code won't enter on Internet Archive: Anyone ever enter it while it was active/possible?
  7. Here is my entry for the Micro Sci-fi Contest. This is my representation of the central base of operations of the Mars Mission. It is complete with a hangar, science lab, watchtower, defensive center, living quarters and an Energy Crystal Silo. Not to mention a Pump-Vac Power Plant. (Sorry for blurry pics in advance) An Overview A view of the caves underneath being cleared for supports. Here is a view of the Science Labs, Defense Center, and Power Plant at the center, and the Energy Crystal Silo (angular tower) on the right. Unbeknownst to the Astros, a small alien hive has begun to take root beneath the mighty fortress. More pics of the building and pictures of the mini-vehicles (all of official sets, by the way) here on my Brickshelf (once open to public). C&C is always welcome!