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  1. 2018 Lego Trains

    Yeah. One of my biggest barriers as a trains collector, since I was younger, is it's nearly impossible to find resources out of the store shelves for trains, unless you know of bricklink. And even then it can be a stressful venture, dealing with parts lists, excel sheets, shipping costs, and making sure you've gotten everything on time. As nice as Bricklink is, Lego really needs to lower the barrier of entry for Lego trains, as official sets are usually the most economical, simple solution to stuff. I'd like to see Lego offer maybe one or two brick built trains, with no wagons. Just an unpowered locomotive with the parts to build a few alternate models, and a single car set. 1-133-1 was a perfect example of a set like that. $40 for a cool locomotive, and two minifigs, and you could find a car to go along with it, 10170-1, right next to it on the store shelves. As nice as a comprehensive train theme would be, part of 9V's downfall was the large amount of sets. If we had just the two city trains, maybe a small set or two, and a separate locomotive and car you could purchase, that'd be more than enough.
  2. 2018 Lego Trains

    I'm actually pretty hopeful for this year's trains that are releasing. The builds from what I've seen are more complex and interesting than previous ones like 60051 and 60052, despite being aimed at the same target audience. I know others aren't as satisfied with it as I am, but I can definitely commend the designers for what they've done so far. I still have a few gripes, like the small amount of cars, and the length of the cars, however, that's a result of the price point and constraints of the system.
  3. [MOC] "Ximos" mini race car

    I'm loving the looks of this model so far. Fast, clean build, and simple drivetrain and steering. Have you thought about uploading this to Rebrickable?
  4. Lego E-formula competition idea

    I'm building a car, though my lack of parts is a bit of a pain. I don't have small balljoint components for small scale suspension or steering mechanisms, I might have to get another Technic set. 13 wide axles, 4 42mm wheels, and 2 PF m motors, one for steering and another for drive. I think it'd be a good idea to provide updated technic building resources for steering and drive mechanisms, and provide a standardized chassis for less experienced builders to build around and base their designs. How are tracks going to be built? I'm thinking you could use double sided tape and foam pipe insulation, similar to how scale RC tracks are constructed.
  5. Lego E-formula competition idea

    What's the minimum sized wheel we can use? I only have M motors. Unless I do some crazy stuff like direct hub powered wheels, which kinda ruins the fun of designing and building the chassis, I wouldn't have the resources to build and compete. If there was a micro class, using 43.2mm rims, I think that'd be rather helpful.
  6. Future Pirates Speculation

    True. We're not going to be getting good pirates sets for a few years, in the gap between Pirates of the Caribbean films, similar to LotR and Fantasy, or Star Wars and Space. I imagine they're going to be using Dead Men Tell No Tales and all of these sets to build up a new fanbase for Pirates, and gauge interest in it for after the film's popularity dies down after a few set waves.
  7. [MOC] [LDD] [WIP] Millennium Falcon

    This looks amazing! If I were you, I'd take some SNOT bricks so you can add some greebles to the body and mandibles. You could use that to get the rest of the piping detail done, as well as everything else. The mandibles could be thickened up a tiny bit, they seem a bit too thin to me. Any chance we could see this with a brick built cockpit?
  8. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    I love the design of this set. It's a good sign to me that they're starting to branch out in set design, instead of the boring typical stuff they do with the ship plates. Making it like that using ribs allows them to make it even more accurate to the film, and have a more realistic shape. Hopefully we receive a new Black Pearl as well, I don't like the design of the original BP and QAV.
  9. What franchise should Lego do next?

    DnD may be out of the future because Hasbro owns WotC, but there are other decent ideas for fantasy. The final How To Train Your Dragon film comes out next year, they could easily snap that up for a late series of sets like with Lord of the Rings. There's a Elfstones of Shannara series on MTV that looks okay. Or Lego could reboot the Lego Heroica series into a larger, deeper, fleshed out series with better game mechanics and actual sets. DnD would be awesome though.
  10. [UCS] [WIP] [MOC] Venator Class Star Destroyer

    This looks awesome! I don't think there's much criticism to be had about it, the shaping and detail is pretty accurate. My only gripe is the shaping of the back end, it could stand to stick out a bit farther. You could fix that with an extra 3x3 45 degree slope plates underlapping the back ones by two studs. Or maybe by replacing those slope plates with some 2x3 ones, which would match the larger angle on the back wings. Here's what I assume is your current plating over it. And here are my two solutions - keep in mind I'm not that advanced a builder. Everything I do is in LDD for lack of job and physical parts. You could extend it with an extra of the same plate, though this would require you to lay a skin two plates thick, or mount the entire section a plate higher on your hinge assembly. Or you could rebuild that section of plating with 2x3 slopes, which is what I would do. This is rather rudimentary as I don't know your build, and I just quickly mocked this up, but it could work. Especially in comparison to the pic of an actual Venator.
  11. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I'm certainly hoping for it. But I wouldn't mind if it takes a bit longer, that should give me time to get a job at Lego for that sweet discount. I wouldn't mind even a rerelease of the 10179, though whatever they stew up should have a fair bit more accurate detailing with some structural room for an interior.
  12. @Jeffinslaw Any words about potential locos and cars? I can't wait for that, they've had the section on their website for a couple of years now. I'm waiting to get a job before I start purchasing track.
  13. How Do I Train? (adapted from a talk)

    Thanks for posting this! I'll have to try this method, I just eyeball stuff right now, which has a somewhat detrimental effect on the design of my models. It looks like Sariel's scaling program could work for this.
  14. Power Pick-up Wheelset

    If it's going to be possible to support multiple trains on a single layout, then there's a slight issue: While the 9V remains the same, the amperage/draw should increase (double) with every additional motor or pickup. To support this, we'd have to increase the the voltage being supplied to the track, and apply some sort of resistor or mechanism to limit the current draw to 9 volts. I'm pretty sure at least, I'm not the best with electricity. Much like the current draw safety mechanism in Power Functions receivers and motors. To limit costs, it could be possible to limit support to a single motor, and give the option and advice on applying resistors to the pickups to limit power draw and damage to components.
  15. Ball bearings!

    I believe so, I ordered several pairs before and they were the complete assemblies. Try and get the 2878c02, the axles and wheels are removable, and will make for much easier modification. So we've all seen the video of the world's fastest Lego train, right? With these bearings, and some ingenuity, we could potentially surpass this. I lack resources and parts, but do you think we could do a volunteer group build, to see if we can build something to beat it? I can help design trucks and cars in LDD.