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  1. CIS Droid

    [MOC] Munificent Class Star Frigate

    This is the best lego Munificent I've ever seen, so many clever techniques that captures the ships shape beautifully. Good job @Brick-Wombat
  2. CIS Droid

    Lego Star Wars Secrets of the Data Disk

    Thank you so much, I'm happy you liked the sets and Foley, both of which i spent a lot of time on.
  3. You captured dagobah beautifully, love how detailed the ground is. You also did a good job with the water, but my favorite part of the moc is the tree, it looks very interesting.
  4. CIS Droid

    Lego Star Wars Secrets of the Data Disk

    Im glad you enjoyed it, cant wait to show you my future brickfilms.
  5. My first official brickfilm, I've worked on it for a while now, i hope you enjoy Ive posted the republic base seen in the film here, @LegoRacer1 it took a while, but here it is. I hope you enjoy it.
  6. CIS Droid

    Conveyex Transport MOC (LDD)

    Wonderful build katakana, you truly captured both the transport and its surroundings beautifully.
  7. Very nice, i dont care much for the minifigures, but i will admit thats mostly me being nostalgic to the classic yellow minifigures, but the rest is stunning. I love your plant work, it looks fantastic, and so does the water (love little details like the crocodile in the water and the shallow/deeper water effect ) you really did a fantastic job with the scenery.
  8. CIS Droid

    Conveyex Transport MOC (LDD)

    That looks fantastic, very accurate to how it looks in the movie.
  9. CIS Droid

    Conveyex Transport MOC (LDD)

    That might work, i will be looking forward to see what you come up with.
  10. CIS Droid

    Conveyex Transport MOC (LDD)

    Me too, do you think you could find some way of doing a rail system? I would love to find a way of making the Coneveyex transport be double sided like in the movie, but I'm just not sure if its doable.
  11. CIS Droid

    Conveyex Transport MOC (LDD)

    That looks great, very reminiscent of the movies own storing box. I love this picture because its so similar to how it was shown in the movie I really liked this scene in the movie, and i think you did a great job with the transport.
  12. CIS Droid

    Conveyex Transport MOC (LDD)

    Looks good, the hyper fuel capsule is a little long, but i do like it better than the official version. Only thing i would change is a proper storage system for the capsules.
  13. CIS Droid

    [MOC] Battle of Kastria 1: The Hermit

    Thats okay, I'm just happy you replied to my comment, and i would love a pm of your collection. Could you mention me when you post the next part?
  14. CIS Droid

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    The UCS slave 1 and the republic fighter tank.
  15. CIS Droid

    [MOC] Battle of Kastria 1: The Hermit

    Hm, its not that bad, works to demonstrate a barren wasteland and broken home, in the middle of an ongoing construction perhaps. Its a bit hard to judge, but i like your optimism of making a 5/10 part series of mocs. Could you show me your collection of bricks, seeing it would help me understand your situation more.