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  1. mishka242

    [MOC] Interdictor-class Heavy Cruiser

    Wow! I'm so pleased, that such a great master, like you, wrote to me^^ I've seen your works, but didn't know they were yours:D Now I follow you on Flickr and hope not to miss smth interesting and new(: To be honest, i took some ideas from your Cruiser, but i think, it's good that our works differ at the same time)
  2. mishka242

    [MOC] Interdictor-class Heavy Cruiser

    I wish i had them:D im living in Russia, and we have some problemes with price on lego pieces) and these r unreasonably expensive( Ive just answered the same question, u may check it) I ve seen his work once, my friend showed me, but i cant find him anywhere( could u help me?
  3. Hi!) I dont want to write here very much, but want u to give me some attention and look at my last work(: My flickr https://www.flickr.c.../123837842@N07/ P.S. some interior:D Thanks for attention!(^
  4. mishka242

    Star Wars Clone Base "CargoB-808"

    Thanks(: Didnt know that..sorry I have one: how can i look at my and other members' profiles? coz now it seems to me, that im just not allowed to do this(
  5. mishka242

    Star Wars Clone Base "CargoB-808"

    Thanks! I dont think, that was "lacking".. As i said i joined this forum today and this work is quite old) I was just a "little boy", too young.. u know) and didnt like to make anything inside! In a few days im going to post my other works^^
  6. Hi guys! It's my first Topic here, on Eurobricks, hope you'd love it(: I called this base "CargoB-808": its name consists of words "Cargo" and "Base". Train have quite a lot of place inside its aim is to transport some sort of ammunition, weapons, usefull little things^^ Some pictures made from the front: The ground floor plays the role of warehouse: Here u can see a jail and and a surgery: And there are a lot of control pannels on the first floor(: One more beautifull photo and thats it!)