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  1. badgerboy

    The future of Back to the Future

    Well, I hope no one objects to me sharing my efforts for New Elementary here. I got over excited and did an animation too. I hope you enjoy its brief silliness.
  2. badgerboy

    [MOC] Mr Moon

    Hello again! Well, thank you to anyone who helped me reach the 1K milestone! There is still a marathon ahead, but I have indeed now made a Mooving version! I'd really appreciate any comments - obviously some more supporters (here) would also be very welcome. Thanks!
  3. badgerboy

    [MOC] Mr Moon

    Well, Mr Moon has finally been updated with Classic Space appeal and was also featured on Beyond the Brick too.I'd really appreciate any thoughts or ideas on how to generate greater support. It's so close to 1K and I'd also really appreciate help reaching that particular milestone!
  4. badgerboy

    LEGO UFO Appreciation.

    This just makes me feel OOOOLD! I was working in my first job after university, designing toys for cereal packets. Nestlé (Cereal Partners) had the option to promote these sets on their cereal boxes. I can't remember what happened to that but we got sent some photocopies of promotional images, to brainstorm from. We couldn't see anything on the photocopies and in the end, to just see the Aliens we had to sign NDAs and all sorts. Exciting times they were. I was really impressed with the sets, bought some for my nephew (who was about eight at the time), I was hoping to build them with him... nope, he did them himself & wouldn't let me look at them :-(
  5. badgerboy

    [MOC] Mr Moon

    Okay, so, still a little bit disappointed that I didn't get selected in the space contest, so I've submitted it as a project... Mr Moon, for your extra consideration was intending to include the following comment, but IDEAS won't allow it: There will be many phases of the Moon, depending on the level of support, because I have ideas for adding to and updating the project. 250 supporters - Option for a classic space/astronaut minifigure in the spaceship orbiting (a CS flag pops up!) 500 supporters - Perhaps an alien could take the place of the flag as the pop-up? 1000 supporters - Option for a cow jumping over the moon, maybe brick built, maybe moulded! either way, a milk carton would replace the flag! 2500 supporters - I will modify the background, add a star field and perhaps some sort of picture frame! 5000 supporters - I will make a new video of all the options and hopefully add it here! 7500 supporters - Maybe a rotating planet or a distant star/sun could be added? I fully intend to make other updates to the project along the way, but there will hopefully be amendments here that come as a result of your suggestions!? 10K! We can make it to the Moon together! Somehow it made the submission "incomplete" or "placeholding" - whatever! I'd really appreciate your support and if you felt you could share it elsewhere, that would also be very cool! Thanks :-)
  6. badgerboy

    [MOC] Robo Raptor Xtreme (LEGO Ideas Space Contest)

    How have I missed this? Okay, going over there now. Great update by the way! We like LEGO Space and dinosaurs in our house, win -win ;-) Good luck in the contest too :-)
  7. If you haven't already, please help Jonas Kramm over the line. He only needs a handful more supporters for his wonderful Viking longboat: Sorry if it's been posted before.
  8. badgerboy

    [MOC] Mr Moon

    Right now I'm kicking myself for not pursuing a minifigure flying the spaceship! D'Oh!
  9. badgerboy

    Iron Harvest - PZM-7 "Smialy"

    Woah! Such fantastic details, the time and effort is clear and well worth it :-) Love the armoured walker!
  10. badgerboy

    [MOC] Mr Moon

    Thank you :-)
  11. badgerboy

    MOC: Gotham City Museum Heist

    It's so, so fantastic. I think I'm in love with the Brontosaurus!
  12. badgerboy

    [MOD] A lockdown project - Odyssey No.918

    Thanks! It's a fun little exercise, researching and finding the parts and building an alternate colour! Thank you! Yeah, it was expensive, totally blew my budget for a few months! It spiralled out of control and kept demanding I do the next one. Really good fun, distraction, worth every penny! Glad you enjoyed the ride too! Cheers!
  13. badgerboy

    [MOC] Mr Moon

    Holy Cow! Black spot £17+ how now Brown Cow? £15+ So, looks like I'm trying to brick build something then!