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  1. That's great. I'm going to want few of those!
  2. Star Wars

    That's great news. If Ewan McGregor reprises his role, I'd be happy to sit and watch a couple of hours of whatever they decide to put on film. I'd love to see Mace Windu return too, whether in a small cameo capacity or in a full on dual billing scenario, some sort of surviving 'jedi chronicles' which might involve Yoda in a consulting capacity... exciting!
  3. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I wonder if editing the 'levels' of the freeze frames would reveal anything in the dark areas.
  4. Blacktron Rectifier

    Neat! The pose is great too!
  5. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I have 10179 and am looking for something new, I can appreciate that many do not have that set and would like an opportunity to have a reworked official copy, even if it has a few key changes. Most importantly, I can appreciate that it would be at a much more reasonable price than the 10179 still commands on the resale market. If the new one is very similar, I will be both disappointed and relieved. If it's just a new cockpit, I won't be able to justify the cost of the whole set (or the space) so I might try to wait and hope someone parts it out on Bricklink or it appears on Bricks&Pieces. I don't want that to be the case, but then I don't really want to spend the money either. The new Falcon will really need to impress me, new parts, functions/features like retractable landing gear or smuggling compartments (or dare I say a partial interior) and an entirely different build. I'm not really bothered what minifigures come in it, I've always wanted slightly longer legs for Chewie but can see the 'system' issues around not making them like Woody's and therefore stupidly long for Chewie. Finally, I'm hoping the box will be something very special too. Inlay/sorting/storage trays would be a real bonus. I'm hopeful for greatness but prepared for a Deathstar or even Hoth scale disappointment.
  6. Thanks @Jim! You could have done with a spoiler reveal on that comment though ;-)
  7. I've no doubt you're an extremely busy man @Jim, it's evident fwiw. I was just wondering how it was going with ploughing through your audio files. I've been trying really hard not to bug you about it, but for me, the curiosity to know what the designer's responses to some of the questions were, is on a par with what precisely will be revealed by unwrapping of a humongous mysterious box wrapped in white paper!
  8. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    If that's the cockpit, it does indeed appear to be in an odd position, if you assume that's the front of box... very well might turn out to be my imagination but I think it's the back of the box and I'm seeing hints of an interior...
  9. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    @GryffindorResistance I don't suppose you're able to tell us where you saw this, not necessarily the very specific information, but a general idea... Was it a leaked image? A trade catalogue? Are you privvy to advance info in some way you can't fully share? Will totally understand if you can't answer this. I've been feeling that some further tangible info was coming, doubt we'll have to wait until Sept 1st to see or hear more! Thanks for the info you've shared already, it's very encouraging!
  10. For me: Blacktron 3: Mostly black fuselage with some fairly exposed engines using dbg and lbg with perhaps some carefully placed brown and dark orange maybe even some olive or dark green and dark blue on the body work to make things seem older and rusted here and there. Canopies in trans red and cockpits internal stuff in flat red. All manned by minifigures designed to look like droids with a group of leaders who're all partially droid in some way? Futuron: @Digger of Bricks I really liked your "friends" in space idea. Reckon they'd work quite nicely here with white, lilac, light azure etc. It's that space colony idea of yours and I'm seeing "Eden Project" style geodesic domes featuring in a really big set. Unrelatedly, but since I think you shared a couple of Lego dreams. I had one several years ago, it was like a warehouse garage I went to to do a Lego deal, when I got there it was like an old shop, but filled with Classic Lego Space sets, all mint. Stacks of 918, 924 and a couple of 6970 proudly displayed on a high shelf there were many other sets round and about a few that were entirely new (never existed). I was crushingly disappointed when I woke up.
  11. Custom Printed Classic Space Colour Variants

    That first pic makes me inordinately happy!
  12. The Neo CS Fleet

    There's a lot of great ideas here! Good work!
  13. @MAB I posted the vaguest of vague comments and interpreted them in a way that I felt to be relevant to this topic. Bali's comment can be interpreted in many ways (what I originally wrote was intended to be a little tongue-in-cheek). For what it's worth, I'm not arguing with you, I understand how companies like Lego operate and how information given to the public is handled. You are right, it gives nothing away. I'm just suggesting that there is a positive spin that can be taken from this if you so wish.
  14. Indeed it can mean "No, but I'm not giving you that information" or, "No, there is nothing planned." but in the context of the discussion his comment (in my opinion) alludes to something, and he would have said "there are no plans at the moment" if that's what he meant. Equally he could have meant "Yes, but it's probably not what you are expecting, and I don't want to disappoint or raise false hopes!" This is all conjecture, of course. The worst sort of speculation on virtually no information... it would be foolish in the extreme to lay any kind of a bet on Classic Space making a return as a full theme based on these words alone! I just think it means you can't rule it out either.
  15. No problem linking the interview! Glad you both found it interesting!