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  1. The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    ^ I was just going to post that too! It's just a tease though, I need a whole sheet of them!
  2. That was a great read. Thanks for all your efforts @Jim! I also, am intrigued by the mention of Mars. It could be ripe for a new Mars theme... exciting!
  3. The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    I don't mind that model, I don't currently want it though... if it's going through the usual official designer changes then it might emerge the other side (for me at least) as a more desirable item... if, for example, there was a classic space logo worked into it somehow then we'd be in business! <pipe dream> ...of course, if there's any sort of upcoming celebration of the classic space line in set/theme form, or a whole new sci-fi theme, then it might explain why this choice was made. </pipe dream> I can't quite express why I want a new Space theme. Especially when simple mods and additions to existing sets could give me something approximating a Sci-Fi theme, I could take a City Jungle theme set (having watched my son playing recently, the mobile lab or half-track spring to mind), remove the animals and possibly re-build the "ruins" parts a bit, add in the alien from CMF S13 in an adaption of a Nexo-Knights ship perhaps and with alternative headgear/helmets for the humans, I'm nearly there. I can/could do that and probably will/should but there's something about opening an officially released set in a nicely designed box, even before that there's something in the anticipation of a new set, the new theme parts too, imagining what the building experience will be like and the possibilities offered by those new parts. Star Wars sets are, for the most part, overpriced and I find myself less drawn to those sets in the wake of TLJ. I'd like to spend my money on sets that appeal to my "space" interests but I want better value and I see a new theme as the answer to those desires. Nexo Knights is going, possibly partially as a result of the revival of Harry Potter, especially where the overlapping "castle" and "wizard" aspects are concerned, but that leaves the "robots" and "rockets" needing a new home right? I'm pessimistic about the likelihood for a new theme despite the potential I see. I'm not the target market though and I it's been pointed out elsewhere that perhaps kids just don't think space stuff is all that cool. My little boy much prefers his Jungle LEGO to my Classic Space certainly.
  4. Classic Porsche 911

    It is so cool, can't believe quite how accurate you've got it, but I feel like it needs something to represent the 'b' pillars. Wheels look much, much better by the way.
  5. I think you're right, probably a new topic. Thanks for your hard work!
  6. Thanks @Jim, that's great.
  7. @Jim is there any word on this? Admittedly it now appears to be just @Digger of Bricks and I that are interested. Just so I stop pestering you though, will it be a front page posting, a new thread or attached here? I imagine it will still be a good read, whatever the content.
  8. Have LEGO approved the transcript yet? I do keep hoping the answers are forthcoming, even if there are no particular revelations. Apologies for the bump/hassle!
  9. Classic Porsche 911

    It's fantastic. My only question is are there any alternate tyres/wheels you could use? A lower profile tyre or one with less deep-set tread might look nicer. But that really is nit-picking what is otherwise a sensational build!
  10. The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    I've still got my fingers crossed for some sort of revival of the theme based on the LEGO movie sequel or as part of the 40th anniversary... I'm prepared for disappointment though.
  11. Classic Space Lego pile comes back to life

    Wonderful stuff! Really enjoying seeing all these sets, even though I have one or two of them myself. Your collection is just fantastic and in much better condition!
  12. [MOC] The Sphyrna: A Freighter Wars Entry

    I didn't know where best to post this piece of news, but the result of the freighter wars contest has been put back until Nov 24th... didn't seem significant enough for it's own thread. (quoted below from the comments page). "REBRICKADMIN Hi everyone! Unfortunately we've had to postpone announcing the winners because there were so many awesome entries for the judges and Lucasfilm to look though. This extra time will allow them to carefully review all the amazing entries that were submitted. We are sorry for the delay but appreciate your patience!" Oh, and thanks @roadstermatt!
  13. [MOC] The Sphyrna: A Freighter Wars Entry

    Thought I'd just share a few more shots as I managed to find some time to edit them. Top and bottom, this picture might be a bit dark, I forgot to adjust the levels. All the panels open. Ryk's Lego room! For the freight being carried by the Sphyrna, I thought it would be fun to use the new Falcon we are all trying to win. To make a sticker for the 2x2 tile, I had to simplify the box art somewhat, oh and 'remove' the logos! Although this looks a bit rough and very basic, anything more complicated or accurate looked awful when printed out at size! Finally, here's the very rough design sketch I did before I started building as a guide for where I was aiming to get to. The basic frame structure owes a little bit to the 4504 but I deviated from it quite a bit in the end, especially where my mandibles connected. At the scale there aren't too many options open. I just hope that won't count against me.
  14. Survey: New parts and new colors

    5,6,9 and 10 definitely! I'd also add 18990 and any other sized domes they saw fit to add!
  15. Next UCS Set

    I've seen this sort of thing suggested a few times over the years and I've always thought they'd great. I like your additions of the minifigure and stand though, takes it to the realms of possibility. Definitely collectable and they'd be great parts packs too!