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Found 9 results

  1. Here's something familiar from The Clone Wars to share with you - the Munificent-class star frigate. This one is seen throughout The Clone Wars series and in Revenge of the Sith so it was on my Must-MOC list for a long time. I wanted to make sure it would look somewhat suitable in scale when displayed with the Venator 8039. There's likely no hope of TLG ever doing this ship. There's not much to it but a shell of a hull with some guns around it - I was hoping to place an interior somewhere but there's barely any space. I recycled a bit of familiar parts - that sticker from the front slope pieces are from the Mandalorian speeder. The black strut in the front is there only to keep the ship upright. I had a version without the ventral fin but it looked wrong. I also got some inspiration from stark mark 5's sweet build here: Comments welcome. I can see now that I have to fix those engines. Next build.
  2. *Your entry has earned 19 XP*
  3. Wow, first real post here! This is my modification of TLG's 75042 Droid Gunship, in an attempt to make it more film-accurate. List of Modifications: - removed play features such as dropping bombs and spring launchers - slimmed down light laser cannons on winglets - changed main laser cannon to add articulation and increase accuracy - added additional pieces to front to cover gaps between ball turrets and nose - added more accurate payload on underside of disc - removed cockpit hinge, filled details appropriately Here's a view of the whole thing. Off to the side, you can see the original cockpit section, which can be easily installed As a little bonus, you can open it to reveal the HMP's Droid Brain! In canon, nearly all of the Confederacy's space and ground "vehicles" were actually independently-controlled droids. However, many games portray them as vehicles with onboard pilots, so you can easily remove the droid brain, as it is only attached via the front two studs. Above is a close-up of the droid brain. The image below shows the improved payload of missiles. Let me know what you think! I'm planning to make more accurate versions of other ships as well, so let me know what you'd like to see next!
  4. Ive been working on a stop motion lego movie since last years august, which heavily features this republic clone base. This is my first ever attempt at a clone base, using no brick linked ordered pieces, instead only using pieces from my own brick collection and my destroyed (2008) deathstar. These were taken 5 months ago, and i cant take any more pictures of the base because i destroyed it when i finished filming all of its scenes. The turret is an old moc of mine of the "75088 senate commando battlepack" turret.
  5. Forresto

    Octuptarra Tri Droid

    Based on gas bag headed predators from the Techno Union homeworld of Skako, the Octuptarra Tri Droid was a successful weapon used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems throughout the galaxy during the Clone Wars. The only part of this MOC I didn't build is the head which is from the first Homing Spider Droid. Otherwise everything else is original. Size Comparison: Comments, suggestions, questions are all welcome! If you want to see this or more MOCs like it, please feel free to check out my flickr account.
  6. Dinobrick

    [MOC] WIP minifig scale MTT

    I am taking on my largest MOC yet, a fully (minifig) sized multi-troop transport. I will be updating this thread with picturs as I go along. It will feature a two floor droid deployment rack, rear space for destroyers, and even a retrofitted Super battle droid rack. It will, however, NOT be in accurate colors due to my lack of suffecent brown or separatist blue. Any suggestions would be appreciated. :)
  7. Nom Carver

    (MOD) 75042 Droid Gunship

    I know it is nearly pointless to post a topic about a MOD but I will do so anyway , I have always liked mid range attack vehicles, chopper like vehicles such as the republic and droid gunships, when I saw this one on the shelf I had to get it but once it was built it had a couple issues, it looked nice while "flying", but when it was landed it looked pretty awful (which is most of the time), I dont know if those flaps that fold in to the bottom are actually the landing gear, but since there is nothing else to support the ship while on the ground, it has to be and it does a terrible job, it also bothered me that the "chin" or the bottom of the cockpit always touch the ground and moves the central canon, and last but not least, the missiles that were supposed to be rockets are now drop bombs and they are only six, I would have prefered to have more rockets even if they were not meant to be a play feature, but this is a toy and it is supposed to have those and since it's also a building toy all these issues can be easily fixed. It looks almost identical to the official vehicle. P1010005 by Nom Carver, on Flickr Its "cheeks" and the height of the cockpit are reduced by one plate. P1010017 by Nom Carver, on Flickr It has this improved landing gear. P1010007 by Nom Carver, on Flickr P1010011 by Nom Carver, on Flickr P1010034 by Nom Carver, on Flickr P1010036 by Nom Carver, on Flickr P1010037 by Nom Carver, on Flickr And those old dreaded flick fire missiles came to be pretty handy here, it gives it that play feature instead of the drop bombs and it also allows to store more missiles. P1010041 by Nom Carver, on Flickr P1010044 by Nom Carver, on Flickr Thanks for watching .
  8. Nom Carver

    [MOC] AAT/d

    Due to to some design flaws on the trade federation armored assault tank (AAT) the CIS has developed a new vehicle that combines its fire power with increased speed and agility, it no longer requires of a pilot droid to be controlled but it can still carry two droids for immediate deployment, its low profile makes it nearly invisible to most ground sensors or visual detection (at least until it reaches its effective fire range), it was designed to attack in groups of three to five units against republic AT-TEs overwhelming them with their speed and fire power, since those vehicles proved to be extremely effective against the clumsy AATs that could not maneuver fast enough to avoid being detected and shot down, another advantage of this vehicle is that it has no pilot seat which makes it imposible to be sliced into and controlled by the enemies (a situation that proved to be a problem more than once), and finally it also proved to be extremely effective against enemy infantry and urban layouts, places where the AAT could be easily outmaneuvered. P1010007 por Nom Carver, en Flickr P1010011 por Nom Carver, en Flickr P1010009 por Nom Carver, en Flickr P1010015 por Nom Carver, en Flickr To be honest, it all started with an effort to make an AAT, but I realized I had not the bricks to make it full size so I made it like this, C&C are whelcome.
  9. Little_russian_AFOL

    MOC: Grievous' bodyguard

    Shalom! I am Little Russian AFOL, and today i am show for You my custom IG-100 droid bodyguard from Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars animated shorts and Dave Filloni Clone Wars animated episodes! I saw an Intel report on this. I think they are Grievous's personal bodyguard droids. Prototypes built to his specifications. To fight Jedi. ―Anakin Skywalker, to Obi-Wan Kenobi by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr Magnaguard. by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr Scene from Clone wars 2008 (S01E10) Shootin' with rocket launcher by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr Scene from Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith Kenobi and MagnaGuard by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr Sayonara, users! Epic. by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr