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  1. Hello Eurobricks! This is a recap of the third part of Xenoarchaeologist, The Hour of Chaos. Or, to be correct, the first episode of the recap. The third part consists of three distinctive episodes and contains lots of events, so I decided to retell it in three posts. The names of the episodes were invented especially for these recaps. The Hour of Chaos is the finale of Xenoarchaeologist trilogy. Unlike the two first parts, it isn't connected with something in Adventurers mythos, but a separate story which concludes the plot lines of Donner, Farseer and Kruger. It was published in 2014 on the Russian Fan Forum of LEGO but wasn't translated for Eurobricks even partially. So this is the brief recap of The Hour of Chaos in English. Warhammer 40000 universe belongs to Games Workshop Ltd. Most of the characters and locations in the story are original. The recap of the first part, The Pyramid of the Dead, can be found here. The recap of the second part, The Jungle of Doom, can be found here. WARHAMMER 40000: XENOARCHAEOLOGIST PART THREE: THE HOUR OF CHAOS RECAP EPISODE ONE: THE HUMAN HIVE Prologue In an aristocratic castle on Krieg, noble baron Mannfred von Kruger tells his son, Sam, to leave the planet. Even Sam's favorite dog must stay but not him. Mannfred doesn't explain the reason for this but he is genuinely worried. Over a thousand years later, a working-class family lives in a housing block in Hive Primus of Necromunda. At the supper, a boy shows his parents his made-up map of an alien world but his father is annoyed at him. This boy's name is Johann Donner. Many years later he is picked by Illinois James, a wandering Inquisitor and xenoarchaeologist, to be his student. Donner accompanies James on several missions in alien worlds. On one such mission, they have to steal a crystal at mysterious ruins but are surrounded by three separate forces of Orks, Eldar and Tau. Johann and Illinois quickly take the crystal and run away from overwhelming alien armies. When it came time, Donner kneels before Lord Stanislav Vigilansky, the Grand Master of Inquisition on planet Spiridonia, in a gothic Imperial cathedral. Vigilansky appoints him a new Inquisitor. Illinois James and tech-priest Charles Kilrus are highly proud of their apprentice. James gives Johann his old, adventure- and battle-worn hat. But in the present day, Vigilansky gathers other Inquisitors in the same cathedral on Spiridonia and accuses Donner for befriending vile Eldar and murdering Inquisitor Albrecht Hammer. Stanislav labels Johann the heretic and declares the hunt for him. Separated by many light years from Spiridonia, the Farseer meditates in his room on the Eldar craftworld. He recalls the Fall of the Eldar and the tragic fate of his sister. Eyla, Exarch of the Howling Banshees, enters his room to talk about Autarch Erestril who sacrificed himself in battle with Tyranids on Smert. The Farseer tells Eyla about his woes and she is shocked that he shares his emotions with her. After the departure of his sister, he feels very lonely and devastated but hides this beneath the mask of calm and reasonable figure. Eyla comforts the Farseer and he gives her Erestril's power sword and shuriken pistol. When she leaves, the Farseer receives a message from Moyaz, one of his trusted Rangers. Moyaz tells him that he found Samuel Kruger in Burton system. The Farseer realizes it's time to help his new human friend to deal with his archenemy. In the hive city of Burtonopolis, the adult Samuel Kruger oversees the grey, polluted sky in a luxurious penthouse. With Rudolph Steiner, Gunslinger, rogue psyker Cassandra Dexter and Ogryn nicknamed Bonehead he prepares crates of blood for some disgusting Chaos ritual. Then Kruger discusses some treasures with Julio Palomar, a rogue trader selling drugs and Chaos artifacts on black markets. Kruger is determined to bring his plans into life. The story Johann Donner's Inquisitorial cruiser, The Emperor's Lightning, flies through the open space in the search of Samuel Kruger. As many Imperial spaceships, it looks like an ornate gothic cathedral. Donner finds a strange white item in his small and cozy cabin. It's an Eldar wraithbone, a psychically-active material. Donner takes the wraithbone and reveals a projection of Farseer. The Eldar tells him that his Rangers found Kruger on Burton Primaris. The Farseer also remarks that due to Imperial hunt for Donner it's better to go there through Webway gates, one of which is on Memnon, a nearby moon. The Eldar would join Johann in the Webway later. On the bridge, Donner, Charles Kilrus and Patricia Red discuss the news with Captain Harold Kane. They decide to land on Memnon and to find the Eldar gate. An Arvus lighter delivers Donner, Kilrus and Red from the ship to Memnon. After arrival to the desert moon under green sky and sandstorms, they ride their Land Speeder to find the Webway portal. The local feral Orks chase the Land Speeder with their Deff Koptaz. But they fail to hit it down because of deflector shields installed by Kilrus. Donner finds the Wevbway gate and the Farseer near them. They fly through the portal on the Land Speeder and leave Memnon and the Orks forever. The Farseer brings Donner and his retinue to his craftworld again. Under the domes aboard this gigantic space vessel, the humans see white, clean and shiny Eldar structures. They emerge from the Webway at the main square near some mysterious gates. The Farseer is pleased to see his old friends again. But other Eldar, such as Farseer Temaniel who is his apprentice, are not satisfied to see "primitive monkeys" in their sacred craftworld. The Farseer leads Donner, Kilrus and Patricia above verdant Eldar gardens. They end up in a dining room where the Farseer feeds them with surprisingly nutritious vegetables and Murzion, his pet Gyrinx, with fish. The Eldar tells that Kruger hides in Burtonopolis, the capital city of Burton Primaris. Donner decides to go there incognito. Donner, Kilrus and Red dress as civilians and return to the main square. Kilrus hides his bionically-enhanced body under the suit of some old and wise professor. The Farseer hides his true appearance under a human illusion. Disguised, the heroes go through the Webway gate to Burton Primaris. They emerge in a countryside which is not consumed by growing city jungle yet, near farms and cows. The Webway gate standing near the road is invisible for humans. Donner, Kilrus, Red and the Farseer, as ordinary Imperial ciivilians, catch a flyer bus to Burtonopolis and leave. Burtonopolis is an enormous hive city filled with people. Farseer who got used to loneliness in the craftworld, is disoriented and disgusted by human lifestyle. He is also shocked by an Inquisitor who arrests a man only for some fancy clothes. Donner and Kilrus find an apartment which used to be one of Illinois James' hideouts, and use it as their headquarters. As it's nearly impossible to find Kruger in the very large city without access to bureaucratic data, Johann decides to infiltrate the Imperial Administratum. Patricia, as a former clerk, needs to apply for an admiistrative job to find Kruger in their network. Next morning, Patricia and the Farseer move to the Administratum building. The city is busy and crowded, with flyers sweeping between the streets and citizens hurrying to their work. Patricia and the Farseer go to Imperial Square by underground train. The Eldar wonders how so many humans tolerate each other in a narrow carriage. The Administratum building towers on Imperial Square. In the center of the square stands the globe of Burtonopolis before it was colonized by the Imperium. Patricia joins the crowd of clerks and moves to the Administratum entrance. The Farseer stays waiting for her. After lots of queues and bureaucratic procedures, Patricia manages to enter the main office which is on the eagle-shaped top of Administratum skyscraper. Patricia appears in front of the local Master of Administratum. She presents herself as Linda Storm from Burton Secundus and shows documents faked by Kilrus. The Master accepts her as a new clerk of Administratum and says that she needed to start her work next day. Meanwhile in his penthouse, Kruger meets the Crimson Prophet. This enigmatic psyker leads the Right Path, the sect of Chaos cultists operating on Burton Primaris. The Crimson Prophet was an Imperial sanctioned psyker but after a battle with Chaos Space Marines he decided to betray the Imperium. Currently he is sworn to Tzeentch, the Chaos God of change, mutation and magic, and a daemon of this God lives in his head. The Crimson Prophet hates the Imperium and wants to take over Fergus McCracken, the corrupt Governor of Burton system. Kruger offers his help but the Prophet hates the off-worlders too and trusts only the Burtonites. But Kruger says that he's got a trump card - something called Belthazor. The Crimson Prophet starts to respect Samuel and makes an alliance with him. Meanwhile, Patricia and the Farseer return home from the Administratum. They visit Ultramart, the local store named after a Space Marines Chapter, to buy food and uniform for Red, and the Farseer wonders about the concept of supermarket. He wants to take the food with him and doesn't understand that he needs to pay near the exit. Kilrus makes an upgraded data slate which can be used to extract data from Administratum network. Patricia needs to bring it to her workplace but it's difficult to pass through the Securitas who check and take every undesirable electronic devices. So the Farseer needs to replace one guard. Next day, Patricia and the Farseer go to the Administratum again. Donner and Kilrus follow them taking the next train. The Eldar mind controls a Securitas to leave his post and stuns him with a cane. Then the Farseer uses an illusion to look like a guard. He passes Patricia with her improved data slate, and she is ready to start her work. Administratum clerks, dressed in uniforms, sit in rows at their cogitators, processing data under the supervision of Ordinates. When the superiors don't see, Patricia takes her data slate and starts the uploading. When Patricia is over with her work, she leaves the building and reunites with Donner, Kilrus and the Farseer. But they are quickly ambushed by the Gunslinger and other Kruger's henchmen. They realize that the infiltration to Administratum was a trap orchestrated by their enemy. The heroes jump on an underground train, and Kruger's henchmen follow them. They fight on the roof of the train. Donner, Kilrus, Red and Farseer deal with ordinary humans but are overpowered by the Gunslinger, a cyborg with a lascannon instead of one arm. They move to the end of the train and jump off its roof. The Gunslinger stays atop the train, firing his cannon, but is suddenly hit by a bridge. The heroes end up in the Underhive, lower city levels inhabited by gangs and drug addicts. The Farseer uses his mind control to evade one such gang. Suddenly they see a familiar figure. It's Magos Eugenius Nikitus, a tech-priest of Adeptus Mechanicus and their friend. In the mean time, the damaged Gunslinger returns to Kruger's penthouse. Samuel is disappointed that Donner was alive and orders to start the ritual. Inquisitor Hecate Llorona, the same one who arrested a man for his fancy clothes, sweeps the Underhive in the search for Johann Donner. She was called by a squad of Arbiters who witnessed Donner fighting on the train roof. Eugenius brings Donner to his underground laboratory where he conducts his experiments. The Zodiac, his old cruiser, was requisitioned by Archmagos Zeekus, and he needed to continue his research in another place. As always, Eugenius is accompanied by Thorvald Ragnarsson, his faithful Squat student. Thorvald mocks the Farseer for being the Eldar, and the irritated psyker changes his appearance several times using illusions. At one point, he recalls Inquisitor Llorona and absurd laws of the Imperium. Later the Farseer calms down and uses his illusions to pass as a servitor, a cyborg made for manual labor, and returns to Donner's headquarters to retrieve armor and weapons. The heroes leave civilian clothes and return to their familiar appearances and weapons. They turn on Patricia's data slate and find out that Kruger hides in a penthouse in Panem Building, under the alias of Baron Samuel von Barron. Eugenius uses the electro-riser, one of his inventions, to climb the skyscraper and to reach the penthouse. Donner, Kilrus, Patricia, Eugenius, Thorvald and the Farseer climb the Panem Building and look for Kruger. They find the heretic on the rooftop, performing some ritual. The eight-pointed star of Chaos is painted with blood on the roof. A rogue psyker, Cassandra Dexter, reads spells, and Kruger, Steiner, Gunslinger, Palomar and Bonehead are watching her. Donner and Kruger fight on the rooftop, kilometers above the surface of Burton Primaris. But the Inquisitor is late to interrupt the ritual. A space hulk appears in Burton system, and the coming of Belthazor is inevitable. Kruger and his men are outdone by Donner and his friends. The heretics teleport to their ship which is crewed by servitors under Calculus, a cyborg which serves as Kruger's captain. Meanwhile, Donner is surrounded by Hecate Llorona and her retinue. She declares the anathema and prepares to burn Johann and is friends as heretics but Donner teleports away too - to The Emperor's Lighning which emerged from the warp near Burton Primaris. Donner's cruiser leaves the hive world to find a mysterious space hulk that Kruger summoned. To be continued... Thank you for reading! I hope you liked the story and that my work is not vain.
  2. Xenoarchaeologist Part II Recap

    Hello Eurobricks again! It's time to continue the recap of my Warhammer 40000 Xenoarchaeologist series. The second part of this photo story trilogy, The Jungle of Doom, was published in autum 2013 on Russian Fan Forum of LEGO. Only the prequel was published in English on Eurobricks. Because the translation from Russian to English would be a lengthy process, I'm going to present you a brief recap with best photos from the story. Very much like the first part, the second one is still Johnny Thunder in Warhammer 40000. But while The Pyramid of the Dead has Egyptian motifs like the first wave of Adventurers sets, The Jungle of Doom has (obviously) jungle ones like the second wave. The style of photos and sets and some characters' minifigures in The Jungle of Doom differ from the ones in The Pyramid of the Dead. This is because the first part was made by me, Illarion and Artlego, and the second and I made the third parts alone. Warhammer 40000 universe belongs to Games Workshop Ltd. Most of the characters and locations in the story are original. The recap of the first part, The Pyramid of the Dead, can be found here. WARHAMMER 40000: XENOARCHAEOLOGIST PART TWO: THE JUNGLE OF DOOM RECAP Prologue Three years after the events of The Pyramid of the Dead, an Adeptus Mechanicus cruiser approaches a green planet. This spaceship is called Zodiac and belongs to Magos Eugenius Nikitus, a high-ranking tech-priest of the Adeptus Mechanicus. As many other tech-priests, Eugenius is more than 500 years old because he replaced most of his body with bionic parts, considering flesh weak and unreliable. He has augmetic lenses instead of his eyes, and grey moustache is one of the few remnants of his humanity. Eugenius is a famed inventor and explorer. He travels the Galaxy in the quest for technology lost during the Age of Strife but also likes to invent something himself, which is seen as heresy by many other tech-priests. In his adventures, Nikitus is accompanied by his apprentice Thorvald Ragnarsson. Thorvald is a short and grumpy tech-priest with white bushy beard. Eugenius and Thorvald arrive at the planet of Smert. Smert is the Imperial death world which means its environment is very dangerous for humans. The lush and verdant jungles of Smert are filled with extremely poisonous plants and carnivorous animals. But the humans manage to survive within the concrete walls of the cities. One of such cities is Thanos, the capital of Smert. Eugenius and Thorvald go along the streets of Thanos to the governor's palace. Jean Francois Henri de Vermin, the young and arrogant governor of Smert, meets the tech-priests in his office. He tells him about mysterious alien ruins lying within the jungle. His Imperial Guardsmen tried to secure these ruins but failed because the stones somehow attracted local Orks. De Vermin begs Eugenius to investigate these strange alien objects and Nikitus agrees. Thorvald offers Eugenius to find a guide among the locals to better understand the jungle. They walk into a bar in Thanos where they find a slender man with handsome but somewhat strange face. He wears a hat like the Inquisitors do and calls himself Donner. The story A Land Speeder flies above the stormy winter seas of Cadia. Inquisitor Johann Donner arrived on this heavily-guarded fortress world close to domains of Chaos to find heretic Samuel Kruger who escaped Anubis with the Ether Crystal, the deadly Necron weapon. And now, with the help of local Inquisitor Albrect Hammer, he and his retinue, Charles Kilrus and Patricia Red, look for any Kruger's whereabouts. Donner, Kilrus, Red and Hammer chase Sandy Abnett, one of many Kruger's henchmen, on their Inquisitorial Land Speeder. Though Donner and Hammer are both Inquisitors, they are very different. On one hand, Johann is a xenoarchaeologist from Ordo Xenos and prefers finding alien artifacts rather than hunting heretics. On the other hand, Hammer is a straight-line and bold Inquisitor from Cadia, the world torn by perpetual war, and likes to act first and to think second. He serves at Ordo Malleus, the organization which hunts Chaos daemons, and wields a giant daemonhammer. With the help of Cadian Imperial Guard, they hit Abnett's flyer down. Sandy crawls from the cockpit on the snowy surface but is quickly stopped by Donner and Hammer. Albrecht insists to burn the heretic but Johann wants to interrogate him first. Sandy tells Johann about some death world in the Terribilis Sector. Then Hammer interrupts the interrogation and burns the heretic with his inferno pistol. After the conversation with Abnett, Donner's Inquisitorial cruiser, The Emperor's Lightning, leaves Cadia. Johann, Charles and Patricia meet on the bridge and find out that the death world Abnett mentioned is the jungle world of Smert. Captain Harold Kane who bears a remarkable resemblance with Donner, sets the ship's course. Inquisitor Hammer accompanies Johann and brings with him two interrogators, Hieronimus and Gregorius. They are grim-looking and wear black robes. The Emperor's Lightning moves through warp, the hyperspace-like alternate dimension inhabited by dangerous daemons, and appears above Smert. Inquisitors Donner and Hammer visit Governor de Vermin and he tells them about the alien ruins. Johann confirms that they are the main reason of his visit, not telling de Vermin about Kruger. He believes that the heretic is interested in the ruins too and wants to find out how. Meanwhile, in the jungle, Eugenius, Thorvald and Donner the Guide move through poisonous grass. Eugenius' and Thorvald's tech-priest power armor and Donner's thick trousers protect them from the venoms, and the guide somehow manages to calm dangerous snakes down. They are accompanied by Golem, the servitor who is basically a lobotomized cyborg with a plasma gun. The expedition finds the ruins and encounters some Orks near them. On the top of an alien stone stands Da Weirdboy, the leader of the aliens. This psychic Ork wears a cloak and has a peg leg and a large beard made from Hairy Squigs, the hairy leech-like creatures bred by the Orks. He holds a long magical staff with feathers and a large mushroom. It looks like the aliens are performing some kind of ritual, dancing near the ruins and roaring. Eugenius and his team interrupt the ritual and clash with the Orks. His Adeptus Mechanicus power staff meets Da Weirdboy's wooden but still effective psychic staff, producing lots of lightning in the air. The other Orks try to shoot the humans down but they are bad at shooting. Finally, the tech-priests overcome the Orks who flee deep into the jungle and reclaim the ruins for the Imperium. The Imperial Guard secure the object. They deploy the Tauros assault vehicles with mounted heavy flamers. Back in Thanos, Donner and Eugenius meet each other. As a tech-priest, Kilrus shows deep respect for Nikitus who is known as the Master of Ideas for his ingeniuty. Donner and Eugenius reveal that the ruins are some sort of psychic beacon, emanating weak but prominent psychic signals. They also find out that there are two other alien stones in the jungle of Smert, and that they are occupied by Da Weirdboy's Orks who use them for their rituals. Meanwhile, Thorvald and Donner the Guide eat pizza and drink in the bar. Ragnarsson compares his companion with an Eldar, in the negative way. But Donner denies his connection with the Eldar and tells he is human. Thorvald tells the guide that he is a Squat, a member of the race of dwarf-like mutant humans from high-gravity worlds. Squats lived independently from the Imperium and were excellent engineers. But a Tyranid Hive Fleet destroyed most of the Squats, and the remaining few lost their homeworlds and are scattered across the Galaxy. Thorvald's homeworld of Thrudheim was completely destroyed because an Eldar force refused to defend it against the Tyranids. And Thorvald survived as he was studying on Mars, the main planet of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Donner the Guide is deeply depressed by this story. The following night, unknown bandits attack civilians Tasha and Alex at the streets of Thanos. Inquisitor Hammer saves them and fights the criminals with his daemonhammer. In the morning, Hammer gathers the people at the main square and declares about a new heretical cult on Smert. In the front of many civilians, he executes the captured bandits with his inferno pistol. The crowd, including Alex and Tasha, cheers him. Meanwhile, Donner and Eugenius move to the second ruins. They ride a Valkyrie Assault Carrier, an Imperial VTOL aircraft, with Kilrus, Patricia, Thorvald, Golem and Donner the Guide. Orkish Deff Koptaz, crude and built from scratch, approach the Valkyrie and try to shoot it down. The Orks manage to hit one of Valkyrie's engines and it is forced to land within the jungle, luckily near the needed ruins. Donner the Inquisitor, Kilrus, Red, Eugenius, Thorvald, Golem, Donner the Guide and the rest of aircraft's crew come from the vehicle and engage the green-skinned aliens. They tend to defeat the Orkish crowds, though the Greenskins kill the crew of the Valkyrie and Da Weirdboy makes Golem's head explode. Da Weirdboy, standing atop the alien stone, performs a powerful psychic storm with his staff. All the heroes are hit by psychic lightning and lie on the grass. Only Donner the Guide stands up and calmly faces Da Weirdboy. He reveals himself to be the Eldar Farseer in disguise. The same nameless Eldar Farseer Johann Donner met on Anubis, with whom they made some kind of strange inter-racial friendship. The Farseer battles Da Weirdboy, sending his own psychic lightning to the Ork. Finally he overpowers Da Weirdboy and blows him away but is confronted by Eugenius and Thorvald. Donner insists that the Farseer is his friend. But Thorvald is stubborn and bitter about his homeworld betrayed by the Eldar. Donner says that not all Eldar are the same and that he is a competent Inquisition operative who decides what to do with the Farseer. Eugenius reminds Johann that he is not the only Inquisitor on Smert and insists to give the Farseer to Inquisitor Hammer. On The Emperor's Lightning, Hammer orders to take the Farseer to the torture room. Donner confronts his Inquisitorial colleague but is captured by him too. In the torture room aboard The Emperor's Lightning, Hammer chains the Farseer to an electric table and tortures him with electricity. He asks the Eldar about the alien ruins on Smert. The Farseer recalls how he visited the death world with his sister more than 12000 years ago, long before the Fall of the Eldar. They were talking, sitting on the deadly grass and repelling the poison with their innate psychic powers. The teenage Farseer liked that place because he sometimes wanted to be alone, away from the Eldar society which didn't understand him. But his sister considered such type of leisure boring and told about her friends, Drizzel and Malonil, who knew the meaning of true pleasure. In response, the Farseer thought of them as of silly Eldar. After the talk, the Farseer and his sister were sleeping near the alien ruins. And the Farseer saw a vision of ruined gardens, dying Eldar and laughing marauders. This was the vision of approaching Fall. The Farseer's sister calmed her brother but he still worried about the future. The Farseer told about the vision to his teacher, the great Farseer Eldrad Ulthran. Eldrad said that this was not relevant and that the Farseer shouldn't think about this nightmare. But the Farseer found out that Ulthran secretly gathered a meeting with other Farseers and told them about the approaching catastrophe. The Eldar returns from his childhood memories, happy and unhappy alike, with pain from Hammer's torture devices. The Inquisitor gloats with hatred, saying that the Eldar were always devious and arrogant aliens who wanted to destroy the humanity. In the mean time, Patricia hacks the ship's cogitators and open the door of Donner's cabin where he is kept by Hammer. Patricia and Kilrus free Donner from the custody and break into the torture room. Johann demands to free the Farseer but Hammer says him that though this Eldar may be innocent, the entire Eldar race cannot be trusted by the Imperium and the Imperials must not ally with these aliens at all. In the battle, Donner, Kilrus and Patricia free the Farseer and kill Hammer's interrogators. Johann's power sword meets Albrecht's daemonhammer in deadly combat. Hammer throws Donner back, preparing to kill him as a traitor of Imperium and humanity who sided with the Eldar. But Patricia takes two inferno pistols lost by the Inquisitors during their fight and burn Hammer in his power armor, very much the same way he killed heretics. Donner and Red understand that they became traitors and criminals from this point and that Hammer managed to send a message to Inquisition before his death. But they still have a work to do with the alien ruins and Kruger who is there somewhere. Eugenius and Thorvald don't agree with Donner and leave The Emperor's Lightning. After the battle with Hammer, the Farseer tells Donner about the ruins in Johann's cabin. The mysterious stones were built by the Slann, an ancient reptilian race with phenomenal psychic abilities. They intended the ruins to be psychic beacons, emitting the waves across many parsecs around Smert. The Farseer saw de Vermin's face in his visions and thought he was somehow connected with great danger. The Eldar arrived on Smert riding his jetbike. But he was quickly surrounded by the Orks and needed to abandon his jetbike and blend with local human society. During this talk, the Imperial Guard forces capture the third ruins, wiping out the Orks. The Farseer thinks that there is some malevolent power behind de Vermin. Donner, Kilrus, Red and the Eldar return to Thanos, to the Governor's palace to find out the truth. Johann takes Hammer's daemonhammer as it can be a powerful weapon, and Patricia takes Albrecht's inferno pistol instead of one of her paired stubbers. Near the bar they find Eugenius and Thorvald and convince the tech-priests to come with them. The Farseer mind controls de Vermin's guard with his psychic powers, and the heroes enter the palace. Johann faces Governor de Vermin, and he tells Donner his true story. He was a weak child and thought it was connected with incest within Imperial noble houses to which he belonged. But the truth was far more awful. When Jean de Vermin became 18 years old, his parents who ruled Smert told him they were a part of a secret Genestealer Cult consisting of human and Tyranid hybrids, and the House of de Vermin was secretly infested by Genestealers long ago. Then Jean killed his parents and tried to kill himself but the voice of Tyranid Hive Mind interrupted him to do this. De Vermin understood that the real purpose of his life was to serve the Tyranids and to bring the will of the Hive Mind to Smert and other worlds. Donner realizes that the bandits executed by Hammer were not Chaos heretics as the Cadian Inquisitor thought but Genestealer cultists who kidnapped people at night to infest them. De Vermin tells that his Genestealer Cult was cut off from other Tyranids when their Hive Fleet was stopped by Space Marines of Ultramarines Chapter. And then Jean met a man who offered him some help. Samuel Kruger casually walks into de Vermin's office and says that he helped the Governor to connect with the Tyranids in the outer space. He learned about the Slann psychic beacons but didn't know how to activate them. Later Eugenius unknowingly helped de Vermin and Kruger to activate Slann ruins and now the stones are about to work. In the antechamber of de Vermin's palace, the Farseer, Patricia, Charles, Eugenius and Thorvald encounter Genestealer hybrids, horrible mutants expressing both human and Tyranid features. They fight the waves of zombie-like enemies with their close combat and ranged weaponry. Donner and Kruger start dueling. They fall from the balcony of the palace and land on the main square where de Vermin's guard run to assist the heretic. Kruger tells Donner that he wants to betray de Vermin and to lure Tyranids on Smert to take their psychic energy with a weapon based on the Necron Ether Crystal. The heretics needs billions of souls - but why? Patricia, the Farseer and others fight the hybrids and de Vermin back in the Governor's office. Finally, they escape the palace and jump off the balcony to pursue Kruger and his henchmen, the mad scientist Rudolph Steiner, and the cyborg Gunslinger. But the heretics teleport away from Smert. Meanwhile, the Slann ruins in the jungle activate, emanating beams of light into the sky. A massive Tyranid Hive Fleet arrives on Smert in their humongous bio-ships. Lots of deadly alien creatures emerge on the surface of the world, coming from biological drop pods, and the sky is filled by greenish spores. The Tyranids surround Donner at the main square of Thanos, and the heroes fight them back. Remaining Genestealer hybrids emerge from de Vermin's palace, including the Governor himself, and are killed by Donner's people very much like their more alien cousins. The Imperial Guard forces who remained loyal to the Emperor rather than to de Vermin fight the Tyranids too, shooting them with laser fire. The civilians of Thanos, including Tasha and Alex, hide in buildings but are quickly found by the Tyranids. The aliens rend them with their claws and eat. Meanwhile in space, The Emperor's Lightning and The Zodiac battle with Kruger's ship. The spaceships fire at each other with batteries of huge cannons. The Eldar reinforcements arrive at Thanos. They are led by Autarch Erestril on a jetbike. Murzion, the Farseer's pet Gyrinx, also comes with them and reunites with his master. Captain Kane reports that Kruger prepared his cannon to fire. Donner realizes that the heretic wants to destroy Smert with the Necron weapon and to take lots of human, Ork and Tyranid souls for his dark goals. The Farseer tells there is a chance to hide in de Vermin palace and to cast a psychic shield which will defend them from Kruger's all-destroying weapon. Donner moves out but a giant Tyranid Carnifex approaches the main square. Autarch Erestril sacrifices himself to save his friends from the Carnifex, ignoring the warnings of the Farseer and Howling Banshees Exarch Eyla, his lover. He engages the enormous creature in unequal combat, saying he was wrong about Donner on Anubis. Erestril's sacrifice gives the heroes some time, and they hide in de Vermin's palace. With the help of Murzion, the Farseer casts the powerful psychic shield which blocks Kruger's deadly wave of energy. The heretic fires his weapon, and every living soul on the planet, except Donner and his friends, was eliminated. Then Kruger's ship escapes to the warp. The heroes walk onto the ruined main square of Thanos, filled with corpses of Tyranids, Genestealer Hybrids, humans and Eldar. They mourn Autarch Erestril who sacrificed his life to save them. The Farseer and Exarch Eyla take Erestril's soul stone, a gem which contains his conscious soul. Donner promises to continue his hunt for Kruger. He departs with the Farseer and Eugenius - only to meet them again later... To be continued in Xenoarchaeologist 3: The Hour of Chaos... Thank you for reading and watching! I hope you found the story interesting and enjoyful.
  3. Xenoarchaeologist Part I Recap

    Hello Eurobricks again! Long time ago, in 2013, Illarion, Artlego and I have published the first part of Xenoarchaeologist, a LEGO photo story set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe (the prologue was published on Eurobricks). This story is written in Russian, and translation to English is a lengthy and consuming process. So to make you familiar with Xenoarchaeologist, I decided to do a short recap of each part of the trilogy. This is the first part, The Pyramid of the Dead. The original premise of Xenoarchaeologist is basically Johnny Thunder IN SPACE, but there are many new characters and plots not connected with LEGO Adventurers. I am sorry about the quality of photos and sets. It is better in the next parts of this story. I hope this would not distract you from the plot. Warhammer 40000 universe belongs to Games Workshop Ltd. Most of the characters and locations in the story are original. WARHAMMER 40000: XENOARCHAEOLOGIST PART ONE: THE PYRAMID OF THE DEAD RECAP Prologue It is the 41st millennium AD, the grim darkness of the far future. And there is only war. The humanity is united by the Imperium of Man, the totalitarian and dystopian regime worshipping the God-Emperor. The Inquisition watches the order in the Imperium and executes everyone who is suspected in heresy and betrayal of humanity. And the Imperium is surrounded by lots of enemies: from aliens such as savage Orks and enygmatic Eldar to dangerous Chaos daemons coming from the parallel dimension called the warp. A human forge world of Sara is attacked by Tyranids, locust-like aliens eating everything they have met. The Imperial Guard protectors of the planet fight back but are overwhelmed by masses of enemies. The Imperial High Command of Sara retreats to an underground bunker. The General receives a message that an energy wave of unknown origin has destroyed all Tyranids and Imperial Guardsmen alike at the planet surface. After that, the bunker is infiltrated. Not by the Tyranids but by human heretics. Their leader, a man in a top hat, raises his hand wearing some strange red glove, thinking that this would kill the General and his remaining soldiers. But the artifact fails and the heretic has to deal with the Imperials using simple force. His henchmen defeat the General, and he orders them to open the databases and to look for some other exotic weapons of mass destruction. The story Meanwhile, at the other end of the Galaxy a cruiser goes through the darkness of space. It is Emperor's Lightning, the ship of Inquisitor Johann Donner. Johann serves at Ordo Xenos, the Imperial organization which deals with alien threats and artifacts. He is a renowned xenoarchaeologist and seeks any opportunity to visit distant worlds covered in alien ruins but doesn't like hunting and killing heretics which may be necessary during his work. As many other Inquisitors, Donner wears a hat and a leather jacket. Donner's retinue consists of two people. One of them is Magos Charles Kilrus, a 300 years-old tech-priest of Adeptus Mechanicus who possesses great knowledge about aliens and their technology. His old body is havily augmented by bionics that help him to live longer than most humans and make him a strong fighter. Kilrus wears a red cloak common for tech-priests and a pith helmet, a gift from one Imperial Guard General from Praetoria. The second one is Interrogator Patricia Red. In the past, she was a clerk in the Imperial Administratum. Donner saved her from bandits in her homeworld of Medusa IV and offered service in the Inquisition. Now she is a professional agent trained for combat and a remembrancer who records the adventures of the team. Donner's retinue is invited to Anubis, a backwater desert world. Local archaeologists have found some ruins of unknown origins and the planetary Governor asked Johann for help. Donner and his retinue fly to Neo-Neo-Neo-Thebes, the capital of Anubis. As many other Imperial cities, it features many gothic buildings. The civilians look at the newly-arrived Inquisitor with curiosuty and fear. Donner visits Governor Peregrinus Adamantius. The planetary ruler tells him more about these strange ruins. They are undoubtedly alien but the Imperium haven't met that kind of aliens before. Donner requests a Land Speeder from the government. He, Kilrus and Red move to the desert. But on the halfway the Land Speeder is shot down. It is the work of the Orks, aggressive green-skinned aliens which present a serious threat to the Imperium. Donner, Kilrus and Red fight the Orks in the caves under the desert. The Greenskins try to kill them with their primitive war vehicles built from scrap and junk. Donner and his friends fight boldly but are overpowered by the horde of Orks. However, they are suddenly rescued by a team of Eldar, technologically advanced elf-like race of aliens. The Eldar are led by the Farseer, a powerful psionic wizard who can predict the future, and Autarch Erestril, a military leader. The other Eldar are a squad of Howling Banshees, female Eldar warriors with swords, led by Exarch Eyla. The Eldar help Donner to defeat the Orks, crushing Greenskins with their swords and psychic powers. Johann encounters the Warboss, the overgrown leader of the Orks, and wins the battle with him. Before Warboss dies, Donner asks him how the Orks came to Anubis. The leader tells that some "'umies" brought the Greenskins in their spaceship and promised to give the aliens some Imperial weapons, more efficient than the Orkish ones. Donner suspects that the Governor is the one who brought the Orks to Anubis. But why? Despite many conflicts between the Imperium and the Eldar, the Farseer is peaceful and friendly to Donner, though Autarch Erestril expresses distrust of humans which most Eldar view as primitive monkeys. The Farseer brings Johann and his friends to a Webway Gate, a portal to a parallel dimension which Eldar use to travel between worlds. Donner follows the Farseer and goes to the craftworld, one of many giant spaceships where the Eldar live. Ten millenia ago, these aliens had a prosperous empire which was collapsed by hedonism and birth of a new Chaos God, Slaanesh. The remaining Eldar escaped their Fall on enormous space vessels where they live to this day. Inside the craftworld there are lush gardens and glaringly-white, impossibly-clean and ornate Eldar buildings. The Farseer feeds Donner, Kilrus and Red with exotic fruits and vegetables. But Johann wonders that the Eldar are vegetarians and the Farseer gives meat and fish only to Murzion, his pet Gyrinx, a cat-like creature which forms a deep psychic bond with its master. The Farseer invites Donner to his office to tell him about the origins of Anubis ruins. Kilrus notices that a human face with moustache and a bionic eye appears in Farseer's crystal ball. This unfriendly face keeps watching Donner and his friends. The Farseer tells that the mysterious ruins belong to the Necrons. This very ancient race of aliens made a deal with Star Gods C'Tan and was turned into deadly, nearly-indestructible skeleton-like robots. They became the slaves of C'Tan but managed to overthrow their masters. Now the Necrons sleep in their tombs beneath the surface of many worlds, unbeknownst to many humans, Orks and other species. And on Anubis, the archaeologists carelessy awakened them with their excavations. Meanwhile in the capital city, Gustav Carnarvon, the Professor of Anubis Imperial University and the leader of archaeological team, meets a weird, widely-smiling man. He introduces himself as Rudoplh Steiner, a representative of Southern Alburn Archaeology League, some private scientific society. Steiner offers Carnarvon some help with the ruins and vertigious career and Gustav agrees. After the rest in the craftworld, Donner and the Eldar continue their adventure. They return to the webway to find a portal to the Necron pyramid. But soon they encounter Dark Eldar, the sadistic rogues which hid in the Webway during the Fall and now raid the Galaxy purely for violence and new slaves. Humans and Eldar fight the Dark Eldar as they don't want to be taken and tortured. The Farseer clashes with a Dark Eldar woman and suddenly recognises her face. The heroes manage to drive the Dark Eldar back. After the battle, Erestril suddenly accuses the Farseer for treason. The Farseer tells he can expel the discordant Autarch from the craftworld but Erestril refuses to go and stays with him until the Necrons are defeated. Donner wonders what is happening, and the Farseer notices this and places his hand on Johann's shoulder, giving the Inquisitor a psychic insight into his past. Twelve millenia ago, before the Fall, the Farseer was a child and was good friends with his sister. She was the closest and dearest Eldar for him. Later he became an apprentice of renowned Farseer Eldrad Ulthran and predicted the upcoming catastrophe. But many Eldar laughed at him, including even his sister. The Farseer and his allies left their homeworld on the craftworld but his sister remained and presumably died. Despaired and grieving, the Farseer left his craftworld and returned only after many millennia, hiding his real name. And until now he didn't know that his sister escaped to the Webway and became a Dark Eldar. Johann sympathizes with the Farseer and his loss. They realize that, despite their different races and widespread xenophobia on both sides, they can still be friends. Later the heroes are ambushed again by the Dark Eldar, and for this time they bring a larger force. Donner kills their leader, Archon Drizzel, but other Dark Eldar surround and capture Johann and his friends. Donner, Kilrus and Red find themselves chained to simple beds in some dark building. They see dreadful surgical instruments pointing at them and hear a sadistic voice of the Haemonculus, the mad Dark Eldar master of poisons and surgery. The Farseer is imprisoned too. He realizes that he is in a Dark Eldar fortress in the Webway and that his sister is their new leader. She wants to torture her brother by herself and plays with him using her knife. The Farseer reminds her about their happy childhood and tells about redemption. But she refuses and only laughs at his face. She has forgotten her older ways and now wants only to make others suffer to prolong her life. Meanwhile, Exarch Eyla and the Howling Banshees infiltrate the fortress and free Autarch Erestril and human slaves of Dark Eldar. The Haemonculus unleashes on them his horrible creations made from parts of different creatures. And suddenly the Farseer's sister attacks the Haemonculus. She kills him to save her brother but is mortally wounded. The Farseer, freed by Erestril, takes a soul stone and desperately tries to capture the soul of his sister. After the Fall Slaanesh wants to devour the souls of all Eldar, and any Eldar soul eaten by this Chaos God experiences eternal pain and torment. Craftworld Eldar wear soul stones which capture their souls after death, and these souls can be brought to craftworlds where they live calmly and peacefully. But the Dark Eldar do not use the soul stones and instead prolong their lives torturing other beings. The Farseer holds the soul stone near the corpse of his sister and realizes that he is late. Her soul has been already devoured by hungry Slaanesh. Utterly depressed that his sister is completely dead, the Farseer unleashes psionic rampage on Dark Eldar while his friends fight them. He doesn't notice a trap door in the floor and nearly falls into a deadly meat grinder but is saved by his new human friend, Johann Donner. The heroes leave the Dark Eldar fortress and return to Anubis by the Webway. They see that a group of humans has already reached the Necron pyramid. The heroes reach the pyramid by themselves and enter it. They move through corridors made of unknown metal and come to the throne room of Amentekh, the Phaeron of Anubarakh Dinasty. Donner tells Amentekh that he wants to destroy the Necrons but the Farseer says that he has come with peace. Amentekh tells the Eldar that the life of a Necron is eternal suffering and gradual loss of mind and that he desperately wants to have a body of flesh and blood but this is impossible. The Farseer says that Eldar and Necrons, despite their differences and aeons-long mutual hatred, have very much in common these days, and promises the Phaeron that together they may find a cure. But Amentekh refuses the help of the Eldar. New visitors enter the throne room. Their leader is a moustached man in a top hat. His right eye is replaced with a bionic monocular, and his left hand is replaced by a hook. Kilrus recognizes the face he has seen in the Farseer's crystal ball. And Donner recalls that he is Samuel Kruger, a fallen Inquisitor who made deals with aliens and defeated Chaos Space Marine forces using summoned daemons. His henchmen are Rudolph Steiner, the scientist and black archaeologist who has learned from Dark Eldar Haemonculi, the Gunslinger, the cyborg with the cannon in his arm, and Johnny "Ace of Spades", the rogue trader and notorious bandit. Kruger says that he was interested in artifacts that can destroy the population of entire planets. He has found such an artifact, the Gauntlet of the Blood Daemon, but after one use against billions of Tyranids and Imperial Guardsmen on Sara, it refused to obey him. Then Kruger found records about strange ruins on Anubis and quickly realized that they belonged to Necrons. He wanted to get the Ether Crystal, the Necron artifact which can be turned into a weapon of mass destruction. For this he bribed Governor Adamantius and brought the Orks to stop Donner. Steiner used his connections with Dark Eldar to distract Johann when he escaped the Orks. Kruger says that he did all these atrocities only for the sake of humanity but Donner doesn't believe Samuel and calls him a traitor of the Imperium. Kruger tells that humanity doesn't equal the Imperium and orders his men to fight. Steiner unleashes a daemonhost, a Chaos daemon trapped within the human body of Gustav Carnarvon. The daemonhost strikes with his psychic powers but is quickly stopped by the Farseer. The Imperial alliance with Eldar, the heretics and the Necrons engage in a three-sided fight. Donner, Kruger and Phaeron Amentekh battle in melee combat. But Samuel uses the opportunity, steals the Ether Crystal and escapes the tomb. Over the entire planet, thousands of Necrons emerge from the surface and kill people in towns and cities with their Gauss flayers. Feeling some good fight, bands of Orks brought by Kruger assault Anubis, and the Imperial Guard hold back both the Orks and the Necrons. The Space Marines of the Ultramarines Chapter arrive on Anubis in drop pods. These genetically-enhanced super soldiers in power armor join the worldwide battle with aliens. The civilians are evacuated from the planet, as there are no signs of heresy or dangerous virus. Donner and his friends emerge from the pyramid to see Space Marines fighting with Necrons. Brother-Captain Tertullian leads the attack. Meanwhile, Kruger and his henchmen teleport away with the Ether Crystal. The Farseer and his Eldar leave Anubis too, saying Donner they would meet again. The Space Marines commence Exterminatus, the devastating orbital bombardment of the planet. Lots of cruisers burn the surface of Anubis with orbital lasers. Thousands of Orks and Necrons die in purifying flames. The latter resurrect in their tombs, only to return and to be killed again. It is unknown whether the Necrons have been completely destroyed by Exterminatus, or the lasers haven't reached their underground tombs. Donner, Kilrus and Red returned to Emperor's Lighning. They stand on the bridge with Captain Harold Kane, watching how Space Marines obliterate Anubis, turning the already desert planet into a lifeless rock. Governor Peregrinus Adamantius is arrested for bribery and awaits the execution. Donner swears that he will find Kruger and kill him. Johann and Patricia say that they love each other and that they want to face all these challenges together. They realize that life still continues, despite the awakening of Necrons, the death of Farseer's sister and the destruction of Anubis. And in the craftworld, the Farseer thinks about his sister and the Anubarakh Dynasty, two ghosts of the past which have finally perished. He blames himself for his sister's betrayal but later sees Johann Donner's face in his crystal ball. The face of his new human friend. The Farseer looks at Johann and understands that he still has some things worth living for. To be continued in Xenoarchaeologist 2: The Jungle of Doom... Thank you for reading and watching! I hope you enjoyed the story.
  4. MOC: Aurora

    It's absolutely fantastic! It reminds me of Outland from Warcraft (because of floating rocks), but Outland is dark and demonic, and Aurora is very bright and beautiful.
  5. MOC: Warcraft Gilnean House (Modular)

    Thank you for comments! The stained glass window was completely my decision. In WoW, gothic windows are simply yellow.
  6. Lego, buildings from WoW

    Hello Ayan! Nice to meet you here! I've built a house from Gilneas but I think you've already seen it. And what's about making a single dwarf house or a couple of houses, albeit more detailed?
  7. MOC: Warcraft Gilnean House (Modular)

    Thank you all for comments! I had an idea to make this as a stand alone house but I liked how a Chima wolf looks in a top hat. And then, I thought I should pay the credit. And for me, Warcraft is not an addictive multiplayer online game which it has become now. I've been a fan of Warcraft since my childhood, when it was a strategy game. And I consider it as just another fantasy universe, very much like Middle-Earth.
  8. Hello everyone! Here is my new MOC - a Gilnean house from World of Warcraft game: Gilneas is one of human Seven Kingdoms in the world of Azeroth. Initially it was in the Alliance but after the Second War proud king Genn Greymane ordered to construct a high wall at its borders and to isolate his country from the rest of the world. During the Third War the Undead Scourge attacked the wall and then royal archmage Arugal unleashed worgen, the ferocious wolf-like creatures. The attack was fought back but the worgen curse spread in the kingdom itself, turning people into werewolves. The situation was further worsened by the Cataclysm which shattered the Greymane Wall and sharp sea reefs and by Forsaken undead which attacked the already devastated kingdom. Gilneans, both human and worgen, had to rejoin the Alliance again and left their homeland with the help of Night Elves. Gilneas is one of my favourite World of Warcraft zones, the others being Blood Elven Eversong Woods and Dwarven Loch Modan. It's very gloomy and stylish place. This kingdom was rainy and foggy even earlier, but with the worgen curse and the war it became more inhospitable. Its style resembles the mix of Regency Era England and Transylvania as it is depicted in horror films. Gilneas is one of two human kingdoms with its own unique architecture. Gilnean buildings are mostly post and beam, built around large timber frames. Also they are heavily influenced by Neogothic style. Initially I planned to built this house from Gilneas City (it is in the centre with Light's Dawn Cathedral in the background): But then I ran out of parts, so I decided to make a simpler building and to relocate it to a countryside: I've changed a layout a bit and didn't replicate the building strictly. This house is somewhere in Gilnean forests. It's inhabited by a four-people family. The parents' names are Sam and Catherine, and the children's names are James and Mary. They were invented specifically for this MOC and didn't appear in the game. Side view: Another side view: Rear view: The balcony with wooden railing: Mary overlooks the forest: There is a little garden behind the house: The family is harvesting crops: This door leads into the basement: Where terrible spiders live! In Azeroth they can grow up to that size and even larger! Walls with timber frames: The small grave - maybe, someone of the family's ancestors is buried there: The chimney looks like castle or cathedral tower: In the second floor there is a high gothic window with stained glass: A protruding beam under the roof: The entrance to the house: There are two lamps near the door. Red Gilnean roses grow in front of the house. Sam is going to hunt with his dog: The house consists of eight modules: They are the plate, the ground floor, three first floor modules, the second floor and the attic. The green plate without the house: The basement from the inside: The steps and pillars in front of the door: The autumn apple tree: And another tree has already lost its leaves: The ground floor: I designed the interior by myself because in-game buildings look like movie sets rather than real houses. The stairs lead to the first floor. There are pictures on the wall. Also there is an arms rack near the fireplace. It houses muskets, pistols and a rapier: The balcony can also be easily detached: The dining table with different food: The family is having a dinner: At the other side there are a small table and two barrels. The first one is with wine, and the second one is with useful tools: The carpet and two chairs near the fireplace: There you can warm after going to the cold Gilnean forest. Also this fireplace can be used for cooking. The fireplace with added chimney: The fireplace arch from the outside: The stone chimney is large and tall: The fire and charcoals: It connects with the house using two pins. Here you can see where the basement was: The first floor consists of three modules. Here is the first floor room: The stairs lead to the second floor, and the doors lead to rooms under the roof: Also the roof above the door is added to this room. That's how it works: This is a chilren's room. It has a double-decker bed: There is a toy box near the bed. Mary and James on the bed: The stairs: The room near the balcony: There are a chest and a table: The second roof module is near the chimney, so its wall is blank: It houses the bathroom and the toilet: The second floor: The ladder on the wall leads to the attic. In this room there are Sam and Catherine's bed and a desk where Sam makes his experiments: It looks like Sam is not only a hunter, but also an alchemist and an amateur astronomer: He has flasks, an ancient magical scroll and a map with some troll ruins (maybe in the Hinterlands or in the Swamp of Sorrow) on his desks. The final roof module: From the other side: You can see the interior only after removing a roof: There are only a chest and cobwebs. Now let's assemle the house, It can be done the only way. With the ground floor: With the left roof module: With the first floor room: With the second roof module: With the chimney: With the second floor: With the roof - it's ready! More photos: And finally, a small story. Once upon a time, at night in Gilneas... "It's a strange noise outdoors, Sam." "I'll have a look now, Kate. I'll take my gun and torch. Come, Pitbull!" "Bow-wow!" Sam bypassed his house and saw a strange creature, an anthropomorphic wolf in a ragged suit and in a tophat. Sam and his dog chased the worgen in the garden: They ran past the grave, and a ghost living there began to howl: The worgen moved too fast for a human. But the hunter with his dog brought him to the tree: The worgen climbed high (and a crow sitting on branches seemingly didn't notice him) and jumped back on the ground: Sam chased him and was amazed when he saw this creature near his wife and children: "Keep calm, Sam. It's my uncle Henry!" "Are you mad?" - Sam asked wonderlingly. "No," - the worgen answered in human language, - "I have fallen to the worgen curse, but night elf druids managed to save my mind. We aren't anymore the beasts you hunted. We can even become human at will." Then he turned back to human, and all recognized Uncle Henry: Sam was astonished but soon he became happy like the others. And here is another bonus. After the Cataclysm the Horde and the Alliance fought for Gilneas: The Gilnean worgen joined the Alliance and fought with enemies of Stormwind in respond to night elves' help. Thank you for watching!
  9. Hogwarts Boathouse Death of Severus Snape This is the Hogwarts boathouse. It is the place to store magical boats which are used to bring first-year students to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by the Black Lake. Also Professor Severus Snape died there in the film adaptation of Deathly Hallows (in the book he died in the Shrieking Shack). The boathouse from Deathly Hallows: Part II: The live-action full-scale set which only lacks the roof: I was always impressed with scale of Harry Potter studio sets. And this is the boathouse from the Hogwarts model which was used in first six Harry Potter films (along with Production Designer Stuart Carig): The boathouse was redesigned in Deathly Hallows: Part II, especially for Snape's death scene. Side view (with Harry Potter spying on Voldemort): Rear view: Hagrid transfers first-year students to Hogwarts Castle: The empty boathouse: The furniture (I don't know why wizards need oars but they were in the film): The main characters: Harry Potter, Professor Severus Snape, Lord Voldemort and Nagini, his pet snake and horcrux: The interior with Snape and Voldemort: The Death Eater and his Dark Lord are discussing magical powers of the Elder Wand: Harry Potter is hiding behind the window and watching for Snape and Voldemort: ...And suddenly the windows opened... "AVADA KEDAVRA!" No, not like that! This is far much better: Voldemort ordered Nagini to kill Snape, and she bit his throat: No mercy, no compassion. The Dark Lord doesn't care of his pawns. Voldemort is ready to leave the boathouse: Harry collects Snape's memories into a vial and looks into his eyes. The grim and snarky professor sees that the eyes of his most hated student remind him of his unfortunate love. Of Lily Potter. And then, he dies. Or, at least, it seemed like that:
  10. Hello Eurobricks! Let me introduce the teaser for the second part of my Xenoarchaeologist story which takes place in Warhammer 40000 universe. The far future of humanity The planet of death, covered with impassable jungle The dangerous heretic is at large and wields an absolute weapon And it is the Inquisitor's duty to find and stop him Humans Orks Eldar The eternal war will start this autumn (The photo of the heretic is taken from the first part of Xenoarchaeologist made by Illarion, Artlego and me)
  11. Which 'Space' theme should LEGO revive?

    I don't know why people don't like Life on Mars so much. I think it was a good theme, it had lots of good ideas and colours. But the models were poor indeed.
  12. Avengers Helicarrier

    Really awesome! And Tony Stark made a new giant exo-skeleton especially to repair Helicarrier's engine!
  13. Warhammer 40000: Xenoarchaeologist. Part II Prequel

    Thanks! Yes, it's me
  14. LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    I like AT-AP. It's very realistic.
  15. MOC: Travelling to Mitgardia

    Midgard is the human world in the Norse myths. Asgard is the gods' world. And there are also seven other worlds.