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Found 8 results

  1. Entry Name: TTT - The Tracked Trike Mr Obi's mighty machine gun tracked trike, or... TTT - The Tracked Trike! A big machine gun is always useful in the Wastelands. And a mobile one even more! Hello everybody, this is my entry for the [TC17] contest. This is a tracked trike with a big machine gun on top of it. The machine gun has 4 barrels that are moved forward and backward by an orange rotary selector. As a bonus, the barrels also rotate themselfs doing a lot of noise :-) RC Features (two PF IR Receivers): Driven by two L motors 4 speed @Didumos69 simple 4 speed based gearbox, modified to use a torsion bar for the 90 degree delimiter and an embbebed 4th to 1st blocking mechanism. Servo for speed change using a @charbel 90 degree stepper Servo for steering Secondary distribution gearbox, with 4 exits, commanded by the same shaft used to command the speed gearbox, driven by an M motor. 1st speed: Tracks enlarge for stability 2nd speed: tilting machine gun 3rd speed: rotating machine gun 4th speed: firing machine gun Other functions: Tracks with a suspension Tracks always under tension, front sprockets shares shock absorbers with first boogy Foldable chair on the machine gun And some (lousy and unedited) videos... The Tracked Trike, my entry for the [TC17] contest. TTT moving around: TTT Firing: TTT suspension and tracks: TTT All functions while in a stand: TTT Steering: I hope you enjoy it.
  2. Hello everyone! I finally finished my build, made the video, edited the video, aaaannnnnnndddddd..... POSTED THE VIDEO!!! I would like to say thanks so much to everyone who offered advice and critiques throughout the build process. Please read through the build log below for more information about the truck, but for now, please enjoy the video! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I started out with a bit of a classical Mad Max-style build... A hot-rod, with an oversized engine, and high suspension... And nice pointy bits sticking out all over the place. It has since morphed into a hot-rod mated with monster truck, sprouting a crane from the middle, on Claas tires and requiring 12 shock absorbers... And its motorized! Photos will come tomorrow with the sun and the good lighting.
  3. The world as we know it is destroyed. All that's left is the wastelands of a civilization that once thrived. But for us who have survived the fall of humanity, we need a vehicle that can bring us to safety - and help everyone else do so. It is the Halftracker. This is my submission for the TC17 contest. As the name suggests, it is a half-track. It will have a claw arm attached to the roof of the truck. The arm will have full 360 degrees of rotational freedom, but unfortunately this means only two functions can go through the turntable. The functions/features I am considering for this model are: Driven tracks (uses an individual L motor on each track as opposed to a differential to prevent slipping) Steering on front axle Oscillating front axle (with shock absorbers) Suspended tracks Arm rotation (full 360 degrees) Jib elevation Claw Additional motorized function (e.g. a winch). It will have 3 IR receivers, so there is room for one more function. The suspended tracks and oscillating axle will help the Halftracker tackle any fallen debris, and the claw arm will clear out any roadblocks for people to get through. Currently I have the tracks and their drivetrain and the front axle (the oscillating portion) completed. The tracks are pretty solid at this point, so building the chassis should be pretty straightforward. Photos:
  4. Welcome to my workshop! The combat wheelbarrow! Interceptor vehicle. Functions PF: 1. On the move: 1 Buggy motor 2. Steering: Servo motor Manual functions: 1. Winch combined with a harpoon 2. Lowering and raising the blade for braking 3. Tilt control of the blade This is just the beginning! Almost done! Link to the album:
  5. It has been years after the unspeakable and the survivers used whatever machinery they found to make a new start. The last bit of civilization was rebuilt in a form of the mobile base nicknamed the FrankenBase due to the nature of it's design. Frankenbase was assembled from the following leftovers: Buckets and bogies from a pair of tracked loaders Front frame, suspension and axles from a monster truck Command bridge and helipad from a stranded ship Crane and two containers were salvaged from a dried up port The base also features three support vehicles, a quick buggy, a small bulldozer and a helicopter: To propel the massive base, all wheels and trackes are driven and suspended: The suspension allow the massive vehicle to easily crawl over rough terrain: The track bogies can also steer, giving the FrankenBase a very tight steering radious: The only way to acces the abse is by lovering the ladder in front, which also serves as the ladder to acces the walkways surrounding the entire vehicle: The crane uses a special mechanism which locks onto containers in order to move them: The command deck is protected by nets and features controls: View of the backside with the crane raised: Some trivia about the model: The entire model took me around 2 weeks to build All functions are powered by 19 motors and controlled by 6 BuWizz bricks It measures over 130 cm long, 45 cm high and 40 cm wide The weight is estimated to be around 7 kilograms This is my second largest model built, first being the Go-kart It's one of my most eccentric builds ever The different colors are intentional, representing the chaotic nature of it's envoirment Size compared to the Liebherr: See the model in action the video:
  6. The idea of this vehicle is a pickup truck combined with a bucket arm on the back. I haven't thought much about that bit though - we'll see later on how that turns out. The main vehicle is underway, with the folllowing features built: 4 wheel drive 4 wheel HoG steering Locking diffs Gearbox (2 speeds, reverse and neutral) Fake V8 The following features are planned: Suspension (Currently not working) Locking suicide doors Winch Large turntable in the bed, with the throwing mechanism...) And here are the photos. Tonight/tomorrow I will rebuild the chassis to make it stronger and correct a few mistakes. 20200202_163642, on Flickr 20200202_163708, on Flickr And the new rear axle I designed after writing the top of this post? Screenshot from 2020-02-02 17-15-36, on Flickr
  7. Finally got some idea, at least concept. I don't know, where it will lead, or even if I'll finish it. But I havent built anything for so long ... First idea was to use tractor tires, but they don't fit so nicely together with those angular beams. So I switched to Unimog tires. Anyway, I have 8 from each type, so I still don't know which I will use at the back.
  8. The initial idea was to create a tank with the most helpful additions for post-apocalyptic, but then I realised that's not that mad max sooo; "Now the gun shoots spears instead of traditional tank rounds (this is also innkeeping with the ban on modifying parts), which are far easier to use independently of the industrial arms complex and fit the blades over guns aesthetic of mad max. There is a giant double wide dozer/shovel hybrid on the front both for creating fortifications and destroying them. On the back of the turret is a crane, while also being arguably the most important piece of machinery in construction it also allows for display of those you deem unworthy of a place in your convoy. The tanks itself is suspended on 5 sets of double wishbones pilfered from discarded medium duty trucks, while the general shape of modelled after tanks from throughout history on the whim of the history crazed lunatic that jerry-rigged the thing together when the world first fell apart." Back to the Lego; the supergun is the centrepiece and is one of the few shell ejecting guns built. The gun uses the newer spring shooters (roughly 1x4 brick sized) currently in a 6 shot magazine and will recoil the barrel, trigger the launcher, open the breach and the eject the round with one smooth motion. The gun barrel moves forward on the motor loading a round then suddenly reciprocates back on a spring performing all the other operations in a split second making it look like a real gun firing (I even made the shell cartwheel when ejected ;)). As everything is directly controlled by the barrel/recoil there is only need for one spring and as this spring does not have to contain the energy to launch the spear the spring can be relatively light allowing for multiple shots per second (the shells stream out like we all love). I will post picks and a vid once the gun is mounted in the turret, just had to make this post as I went from nothing to my best ever gun and tank chassis in less than a day.