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Found 29 results

  1. BrickRandom

    [MOC] Apartment building of the future

    For a contest last year, I created a 'construction of the future'. I built the 'apartment building of the future'. I didn't win anything of course, but I'm quite happy with the result, so I thought I share some pictures here. The building This 'building of the future' consists of several economical tiny houses stacked on top of each other. Each tiny house is equipped with a kitchen, shower, toilet, elevated bed and dining area. Each tiny house has a balcony, suited for enjoying the sunshine of growing your own vegetables. The lower two floors house a bar, where locals are enjoying a drink and a performance by an upstart local band. The building is powered by solar panels and a windmill on the roof. Transport in the future is by way of bike, flying car or personal jetpack and mail is delivered by drones. This means there is no need for stairs As the original design was far too big to build in real life (over 7000 pieces and over 1 meter tall), I have also created a somewhat downscaled version and made it compatible with the modular building format. This version can be found on Rebrickable: Apartment of the future modular. Pictures And now for some pictures: And more in the 'spoiler' section: Enjoy!
  2. *Your entry has earned 12 XP* Word has spread that the Imperial Pyerce maybe on our home planet of Mandalore. Nabare sent me out to see what info I can find. I walked through the city streets of Mandalore. The informant was supposed to be at a cantina just around the corner. I sat in one of the stools and waited for him. Turned out he ran the joint. He came to the bar and started conversation. A shot blasted out. I turned to see an imperial not far away. This had been an ambush. The blast should have killed me at point blank range- good thing I had beskar. I pulled out her blasters, shooting both the imperial as she ran and the informant. Searching the imp scum, I found a data chip. Turns out that doshing informant got her the intel she needed. We were going to find Pyerce- at least I hoped.
  3. simon84

    [MOC] Lion Pub

    Hi everyone I'm new here in the forum and like to share my first MOC which I have been working on over the last 3 months. I build the MOC with BrickLink Studio 2.0 and used the new Eyesight Render for my images. I love the modular building sets from Lego but I missed the detail level on the upper floors. According to this I decide to design and build a more detailed modular building with more minifigures than the regular ones from lego. This building represents a classic British pub with a lot of typical details like a British cab, a London phone box, a classical English pub facade with a lot of flowers and much more. The modular style building with 3 floors and an accessible roof is built on a 32x32 base plate and contains 32 minifigures and approximately 6000 parts. Level 1 - Bar The first floor contains the main bar area of the pub and small full-featured restroom with toilet, urinal and lavatory. Outside there are bar tables and a red phone box. Minifigures Craftsman enjoying his after-work beer Bobby (Police Officer) on patrol Barkeeper and owner of the Lion Pub Regular guest who enjoys his retirement Best friends enjoy their free evening Level 2 – Gambling room The second floor features a gambling room complete with a pool table, poker corner and dart board. There is also a balcony on the back side to the backyard. Minifigures Young couple play a game of pool Office worker playing a game of darts Student can't keep his hands off gambling Housewife practices her passion at the poker table Professional poker player Level 3 – Live Music The third floor features a stage for live music, a small bar and a second full-featured restroom. Minifigures Punk who also loves Rock'n'Roll Aging hippie Piano player Elvis imitator and musician Groupie Barmaid Businessman enjoys a cool pint Champagne connoisseur and music lover Level 4 – Rooftop Party The last level offers space for a roof top party with a sitting corner under the overgrown pergola, bar tables, barbecue and DJ. Minifigures Man enjoying the delicious Hotdogs Barbecue chef Security DJane Female dancer Boyfriend of the female dancer Bestfriends start the evening with prosecco Celebrity couple Cab / Taxi Last but not least, the MOC offers a Classic London Cab heavily influenced by the "TFL Classic London Cab Taxi" from bamsham363 Minifigures Businessman treats himself to a pint Taxi driver Thanks very much for reading and I hope you like my first MOC. There are more pictures on Bricksafe and feel free to support my MOC on Rebrickable and let me know what you think. At the moment I am building my MOC with real Lego bricks. As soon as possible I will post any photos of the real lego building.
  4. Stormtrooper on 24 hour leave. Republic Party by Terry Akuna, on Flickr 1) This is a republic party ... no Jedi scum allowed. Republic Party by Terry Akuna, on Flickr 2) Bartender! OJ ... straight up! Republic_Party_006 by Terry Akuna, on Flickr 3) Your'e a Stormtrooper? ... You're a Jedi? ... Putz! Republic Party by Terry Akuna, on Flickr 4) Movies are not the only people who can do product placement. Got Milk? Republic Party by Terry Akuna, on Flickr 5) Whats your ID trooper? Take a hike Jedi scum! And don't even think about taking that bottle of grape juice! Republic Party by Terry Akuna, on Flickr 6) I'm on 24 hour leave ... can't a girl have a glass of OJ in peace ... I thought Lord Vader killed off all these flashlight swingin' fools!
  5. FBros

    [MOC] Prater Ferris Wheel

    Hi all,We're back again to show you another old MOC, the Prater Ferris Wheel.The ferris wheel is built on the mechanism of the #4957 LEGO set and the style is that of the Prater in Wien, while the café and the park are invented.The work consists of about 8000 LEGO bricks (80 minifigures included). You can notice plenty of details, including people taking a selfie, fallen leaves, frightened people escaping from the park, jogging guys, pretty girls, elegant couples waiting for their high-class wagon, men at work, plants, bike raks and so on. Here are some photos; you can find more on our Flickr profile. Thanks for visiting! FBros
  6. This is a build inspired by someone else's MOC. Thanks for the great build, LegoLogical. The video of his build is a LOT nicer - I'm just riffing with my spare parts here. Although the Canto Bight story line from The Last Jedi surprisingly doesn't involve gambling - I'm sure TLG is going to give us a scene from this planet eventually. Likely the falthier escape instead of this casino. Once I saw this MOC I thought it was the perfect size for this location and I'm a big fan of having every film-centred location in Star Wars represented somewhere on the shelf. Although the story line's merit may be contestable - who doesn't love gambling aliens?? I should point out that this MOC was designed before TLJ Blu Ray's deleted scenes gave us a look at the facade of the casino, which has more wide, pronounced white pillars along the face of the structure and some groovy 1960's masonry. I think the build pairs pretty well with the Resistance Transport 75176, which by itself is kind of a blah display. Wanted to include as much of the casino floor as possible, tried to include the piano / bar / slot machine area, and kind of gave up trying to integrate both the casino and the bar. You see what I have here. At the moment, I'm only displaying the main square casino area on my shelf and I may junk the bar and move the colored glass directly behind my pathetic stand-in for the Master Codebreaker. (He's on a roll, you know.) If I come into a lot more spare parts that favor white, I may try and complete the build. Also, if we get do an official falthier escape set from Lego or perhaps some Canto Bight police speeders, I'll likely revisit the build. And please take a peek at what LegoLogical did - my build really doesn't do his justice. Thanks for looking.
  7. Emile, We got a plot of land in Fatu Hiva that we could build on. It may not be profitable yet, but it will be as the village grows. It's a three story building with an extended addition to store the alcohl from our factories, so wjhen people ask for more hopefully we have more in stock. Three stories can you believe that? Maybe when can rent out different areas? There's so much commerce going on here. All my love, Elise Elise, Dear, this is fantastic news. Our business will expand soon to other colonies. Commerce from Oleon will grow so much we won't be able to manage it. Coudl you imagine? I'm doing my best here out in some of the furthest regions. You won't believe it. I'll be back soon, with gifts, mind you. But the only gift I can't bring back is you, as you're there already. Soon to see you, Emile
  8. Previously: Chapter 1 Dramatis Personae: It was not a normal day in the Blue Lantern pub. With the absence of Captains Li and Cho Fang as well as Captain Fheng there was a power void among the pirates that frequented Rassilon. Captain Sulu, captain of the Golden Dragon was already famous for capturing many prizes. A number of the other captains were leaning towards making him their leader. Captain Sulu Captain Ching Shih had sailed for Li Fang for many months taking control of La Oleon when she was first captured and then The Viper after Li Fang died. Quite a few captains favored Shih. Captain Shih The pub had not been closed to local traffic, but most citizens knew better than to try to enter while the captains were vying for power. So when Sinbad strolled in it was met with some surprise. Everyone turned to watch him as he bought a drink and then raised it for a toast. "To the pirate captains!" he shouted. No one raised their glass. Sinbad just cocked an eyebrow and took a swig. "You may be wondering why I'm here," Sinbad asked. "Well, it's to make a business proposition." Just then another man walked into the pub. There was a gasp heard throughout the room. At first glance it had seemed that Captain Fheng was back from the dead. The man held an uncanny resemblance to the former captain. He said, "Whatever this scum has to offer you can wait. I am Captain Fheng's son, Francis Fheng and I have come to claim the right of Pirate Lord among you. Many of you sailed under my father's colors, now I've come to ask you to sail under mine. My father wanted to show the 'civilized' world how wrong they are for trying to tax and enslave us. We were meant to live as free men and I intend to sail against anyone who says otherwise. Who's with me!?!" As Francis was finishing his rousing speech Sinbad walked up to him and said: "Excuse me, I don't like being called scum." "You, you sailed with my father. Yet you weren't there when he died. That makes you scum and not worth my time." "Well you better make time. You see, it doesn't benefit me if everyone here sails under your colors. So I'm going to give you a choice." Sinbad pulled out a coin. "What are you getting on about?" "It's simple. We are all here by our own choice. I'm not making you stay or go. That's your choice. But I'm telling you that you better choose to leave." "Son, you're crazy! Get out of my way." Sinbad pulled out a pistol and everyone gasped. "Alright, if you won't make the choice. I'll make it for you. I'm going to flip this coin. If it lands as heads, I'll let you leave alive. If it lands tails you'll be leaving to go meet Davy Jones." Before anyone could react Sinbad had thrown the coin in the air. He caught it and looked at it. "Heads. You're lucky day." Francis Fheng turned and fled the pub. Sinbad turned to address the captains. "As I was saying before. I have a business proposition for you all." He walked back to the bag he had left and the counter and took it to one of the tables. All the pirates gathered around him, their former vying for power forgotten. "All of you sailed under Captain Fheng before his untimely death. As you know, he died fighting for what he believed in. That was his choice. I'm asking you to elect me as your Pirate Lord and to sail for something even better than beliefs." "And what's that?" shouted one of the captains. "Gold. There's lot more where this came from. I have it stored in safe location for now, but Freddy can validate my wealthy. He helped me bring it back for the forsaken island we found it on. Make me captain of the Priest's Bounty and elect me as your leader and I promise to make you all rich beyond your wildest dreams!" It was a unanimousmus vote. Sinbad was now Pirate Lord of all pirate captains in Rassilon.
  9. Mestari

    [MOC] Fallout: Gas Station Bar

    I would like to present to you my MOC that is part of a larger display that will take place this weekend in Lublin, Poland at Falkon event (fantasy and sci-fi convent). This is a Fallout themed display. A fellow LUG member is building a gas station that will accompany my bar and will sit on the entrance side, where the parking lot is. Here are some other takes of this build: Full gallery is here: I hope you like it :)
  10. paupadros

    [MOC] The Iron Horse

    Welcome to "The Iron Horse"! This family-run restaurant, now owned by Emma, but dating back from at least her grandfather, offers anything you can ask for. From drinks and beers on the first floor to a full menu on the second floor with the best views of the city! It's the big day for Emma! After months hidden beneath the scaffoldings, she is proud to present the new and revamped version of the original restaurant. With her, the new cook, the new waiter and three curious taking pictures at the inaguration. This new look of the building resembles the original Mississippi Townhouse very much, although not as dusty and about to fall over! Minifigures: Along with some of the interior furniture. I'm so happy about this modular that I've submitted it to Lego Ideas. If you want it to stay a chance, please support it! Lego Ideas: Oh, I forgot. All the interior pics: First Floor Second Floor Ehem, not really a floor, just the underside of the roof...
  11. Hi everyone, I am always looking to broaden my range of Architecture styles that I try my hand at, so this time its mid-century modern. This was a good way of incorporating some interior ideas I had without building a huge exterior building to house it. I've went with a understated colour palette, and simple but varied textures which are found in many a lobby of civic buildings built around this time. A few features such as the large simple wallclock, sloping windows and planters were all a common site in all the reference material I could find. The bar overhang(er) was a personal touch. It's another bar but this time within an Airport lounge. Anyway on with the pics, 5 in all; You can view them on my flickr stream here if you prefer: Comments welcome! Bon voyage!
  12. craigslegostuff

    "Trois" French Wine Bar

    Hi everyone. I've been away for a while, but have been very busy working on my second modular building. Please check the link above to see lots of pics. If this is your first visit to my Flickr, welcome and hi! I'm a 42 year AFOL who's just rediscovered the wonder of Lego building. Do let me know your thoughts on any of my builds, I am always very keen to hear your feedback. ****************************************************************************** "TROIS!" FRENCH WINE BAR ****************************************************************************** - my second modular building! I decided to spend a lot more time on this one... or more accurately: it's TAKEN me a long time! Anyway, I'm really pleased with the result. After my first attempt (see Al's Stars N' Stripes Grill on my Flickr), I decided I wanted to do something with a lot more detail on the outside. A bit more colour too, as well as a nicely packed interior design too. "Trois" is a snazzy wine bar. It includes three main floors/ sections (plus the roof!): 1ST FLOOR - MAIN BAR The main bar features include a bar, coffee machine, bottles of wine / spirits / confectionary display An angled door leads to a back room (with some kind of electrical unit) etc, which leads out onto the alley out back. 2ND FLOOR - LOUNGE BAR - An extension of the downstairs - just more space for sitting / sipping! Also leads out onto a small balcony with wooden decking. I am particularly pleased with this little corner - I really like the lamp and the rather ornate drainpipe. Also on this floor is a small landing that leads to.... an elevator! Not a working one unfortunately, but you get the idea - it takes people up to the bathroom on the top floor... 3RD FLOOR / W/C / UTILITY ROOM A simple unisex bathroom. Features two toilet cubicles (apologies for the bad lighting; I couldn't get my camera in there very well!) NB. Obviously the toilet cubicle doors should really be plain white, but I don't have any yet! The transparent doors could prove a little embarrassing for my minifigs! A small handbasin with faucet, and finally there's a small storage / utility room. Let me know what you think guys - always great to get feedback / suggestions etc. - Craig, April 2016 "Trois" French Wine Bar by Craig Brooks, on Flickr
  13. Hello star wars lego people. Proxy here, first post. I've been collecting the star wars sets for a couple years now. I have a bad habit of buy two of each set to see if I can combine them into an improved version of the set. My latest run was at the Mos Eisely Cantina. Using two Cantina sets, along with some left over parts from my advanced Jabba's Palace, I made the follow improvements. I'm not 100% complete and satisfied with it yet, but its a good start. I wanted to keep the same feel as the original set, and not build something insanely accurate to the movies. I feel this still holds onto the heart of a lego set. Exterior Front entrance with Stormtrooper patrol 20140823_153120 by artisanproxy, on Flickr Stormtrooper patrol 20140823_153135 by artisanproxy, on Flickr Front view of the Cantina's side 20140823_153323 by artisanproxy, on Flickr Rear view of the Cantina's Side 20140823_153306 by artisanproxy, on Flickr Rear entrance 20140823_153254 by artisanproxy, on Flickr Interior Set still folds open as originally designed 20140823_153426 by artisanproxy, on Flickr Improved bar 20140823_153646 by artisanproxy, on Flickr I used the face from the Rancor handler for the bartender 20140823_153623 by artisanproxy, on Flickr Background characters on new wall (Bossk is totally getting a lap dance) 20140823_153557 by artisanproxy, on Flickr The band has been filled out to 20140823_153542 by artisanproxy, on Flickr Wall Tops Removed The side wall ceilings are removable for playability 20140823_153755 by artisanproxy, on Flickr Side view with ceilings removed 20140823_153811 by artisanproxy, on Flickr Top down view 20140823_153747 by artisanproxy, on Flickr I have advanced versions of some other sets I can post as well.
  14. Born the 3rd son of well-to-do land owner in Olean Sinbad was expected to join the clergy as all good 3rd born sons were known to do. His oldest brother was to inherit the land from their father, and the 2nd son was already a person of note in the Olean Navy. And if Sinbad were to follow tradition, he would become a well spoken clergyman. But Sinbad did not believe in the religion of his people, and he did not want to be stuck on land his whole life. His heart yearned for the sea so to the sea he went. His full story is for another time, but after more than one voyage, Sinbad ended up on the island known as the Nest of Thieves. The island lived up to its name and soon Sinbad found himself penniless. ­­­­ Not without resources, Sinbad lifted a few coins off of a drunk who had passed out in an alley. The coin was just going to be spent on drink, thought Sinbad, so what harm was there in him being the one doing the drinking? He entered a loud tavern known as Marco’s and settled into a corner. He noticed many of the bar’s patrons were of an ethnicity different than most he had encountered on the main lands of the peninsula. He assumed they were of the Orient, a land even further south and east than New Oleon. Their speech was a little different, but easy enough to understand. “I tell you father, we are wasting our time here!” the man standing at the shoulder of “father” said. “The best men are to be found at the bars closer to the docks.” “Yes young grasshopper,” “father” replied, “But those men are also more blood-thirsty and less likely to appreciate the fine line our crew must walk in our endeavors. Remember, you are not captain for a reason, you still lack much experience.” “Ha!” the son exclaimed, “I may not be captain, but as quartermaster I hold just as much power as you. Be careful not to forget that!” “You’re arrogance does not become you Li” he replied. “Now are we going to continue to argue like dogs over a bone or are you going to find us some more recruits? We need at least one more member if we are going to pull off our next privateering run for Lord Foxx.” Sinbad perked up at this. He wasn’t sure he was ready to join a bloody-thirsty crew. He needed a ship with a level headed captain so he could learn how best to make a living in this new world he had entered. A privateer was nothing more than a sanctioned pirate who managed to turn some profit towards the one who sanctioned him. But a captain who accepted a privateer’s license was more likely to give Sinbad a chance to learn how to be a good crewman without too much punishment or ridicule. “I couldn’t help but overhear that you’re in need of another member for your crew” Sinbad said as he stepped over to their table. “Where do I sign up?” “We don’t take just anyone you sewer rat!” spat the son. “You look like you don’t know your fore from your aft sails!” Ignoring the tirade of his son Li, the father asked, “You look Oleander by birth, where do you hail from?” Sinbad looked down at his feet, “My past is not important, only my future. I wish to sail the seas and live a life on the oceans. I may not know much yet, but I swear I’m a quick study and a hard worker.” “Hmm,” nodded the father. “A man who runs from his past always finds it just behind him.” The father looked Sinbad in the eyes for a long time while Li looked bored and impatient. At least the father said, “I am captain Cho Fang. Will you serve me and my crew as a faithful member and able bodied hand?” “Sign me up” was Sinbad’s reply. Additional shots:
  15. snaillad

    MOC: Paradisa Cafe

    Hello everyone, I was Inspired by a couple of sets I had when I was a child - Breezeway Cafe - 6376 and Sand Dollar Cafe - 6411. The colour combinations used were cheerful and I always wished I had bricks using the colours of the Sand dollar baseplate in particular! Thanks to the 'friends' theme for bringing more choice of bricks in lighter colours I can create something I've had in mind for sometime now. The main part I wanted to use was the large curved window pieces which I purchased a while back. The ground floor houses a bicycle and surf board rental shop and the Paradisa cafe bar area, the upstairs lifts off in one piece and has more seating for a great sea view! No parrots included, although I have added the much loved seagull, a splash of pink and the usual palm-tree. I would have loved to have done a fully rendered background in the style of Paradisa but don't have the know how so I've simply used a couple of the typical colours. On with the 3 and only 3 pics (Hopefully Santa will bring me a new Camera!) You can view them on my flickr page here Any comments of feedback welcome! Best wishes for winter! Bring on summer
  16. Palixa And The Bricks

    Modular Microsoft Store

    Hello everyone This is my fifth modular building. Well, to be fair, it's more a modification than it is my own creation. My husband bought the instructions for the Apple Store a while ago and enjoyed building it a lot. But since we are not that much into Apple he asked me to replace the store by his favourite brand. I liked the original building but I always thought that it's not quite the right scale and doesn't really fit together with the other modular buildings. So I took the elements that I like (which are the colours, the facade of the ground floor and the layout of the smaller window) and created my own version. There's now a Microsoft store on the ground floor with real sliding doors. The interior is mainly based on the original one, only adjusted to the different corporate design. On the first and second floor there are apartments of a comic-strip artist and a musician. The highlight is the cocktail bar on the roof terrace which is considered an insider's tip among Bricktown. I hope you like. Any comments are welcome.
  17. Previously I made a MOC modular building, a bank, which has a piece of land on its side waiting for construction. It was to be a restaurant and finally it is done! It is not a big one as it only takes half of the 32x32 plate, but it contains what all the Lego citizens' needs for food! This building is a break from the typical European style that prevails in the original Lego modular building sets. I think a city should be developing, advancing, and things change including building styles. I tried some new elements here, with a more open façade (basically removing the façade for balconies and setting back the entrance), while taking a cleaner approach on detailing. Quick overview with the bank on its side: Let's go inside now! The entrance on the G/F floor is set back a little for a bar area. This is where people gather at night especially on Fridays! I also try sliding doors for the entrance :) At the entrance, you will see a little fridge next to a green counter. On the other side is a cake rack. In the morning, there will be breads for those who want to grab a quick breakfast. 1/F is a restaurant. Utensils are stored neatly. Someone is celebrating her birthday with friends! Well that's a huge cake! The other half of 1/F is a balcony area for semi-open dining experience. Looks like someone is not pleased when serving a rich man... "Hey that's not the tips I am hoping for..." The top floor is also a restaurant area, with an open grill kitchen. Look at the hood! Now an overview with some of my modular buildings, which are easy to recognize. The building style is a little different but still, to me, harmonious with the others. Hope you all like this creation! Let me know if you have any comment on how I can improve this!
  18. A little urban renewal to transition the Detective Office part of town with the more classy modulars... my latest modular is "Chop", a small Asian fusion bistro in an Art Deco storefront. Oddly enough, I've wanted to use fish as an architectural element for a long time. 1st floor interior: Decorative wall panels. 2nd and 3rd floor feature a nice but somewhat cramped 2 bedroom aparment. Next to a couple of my other mocs. Thanks for looking! (Sorry the photography isn't great.)
  19. Gabor

    [MOC] Snack Bar

    Hi! The life in big cities is impossible without snack bars. We can find them everywhere! They mean the only one choice for the running and hurrying people to get some food and drink quickly during that very short period of the day when they have a break. Well, this kind of foods and drinks are not the best for our health. Fortunately not every snack bar is bad. For example in my version if someone wants to eat something healthy and delicious, he or she can find it in the menu! Hope you find your favourite food here, and you leave a nice feedback in the visitors’ book! My favourite is the microwave oven and the hamburger tower! „The pizza is ready!” „The fish is ready!” „The chicken is ready!” „The two hamburgers are ready!” ’The hrr krhhh…. The loudspeaker is absolutely necessary. I’m sure, that the employee would get a massive sore throat at the beginning of the day without it! Someone pays, the lady puts the order into the computer, it appears on the central screen, the chef and the other workers look at it and they know what the next order is. The back is very lifelike, too! Empty bins and boxes, air-conditioner, vent hood, big and small trashes and a dog, who hopes to find something… and a lot of insects because of the food. The building has some interesting building techniques. I’m proud of the windows, they are doors after a rotation by 90°. I like it that the white frames are 3D, they leave the plane of the wall. The picture shows, what I put behind the tiles around the window. Look at the windowsills, too. I used offset plates under 2x2 tiles, 1x2 tiles can solve it without that plates. More pictures on Mocpages! Thanks for watching! :) Enjoy your meal!
  20. My newest modular is a small hotel with a New Orleans French Quarter look. The first floor: Three rooms on the 2nd floor with a shared bath: The top floor apartment belongs to the owner - Mr. Good & Evil. His secret lab is accessed through the bookcase. And the back... Comments and ideas are welcome! Thanks for looking.
  21. eurotrash

    MOC: The Blue Octopus Bar

    This MOC started life as a 16-wide Bar (from Brickcitydepot's excellent plans), then morphed into a 32-wide, then got reworked into a corner lot, then got re-skinned with a couple of Sponge Bob sets and finally it looks like this... A three story fun-palace of adult beverages and top tunes! The ground floor has some ultra-cool non-linear walls and a submarine door as an exit. The awnings are from a 9V Railway crossing set from the 90's. And beware of the wall octopus when you're using the payphone! The top floor has a roof top Bar Back to the ground floor - with it's detachable front! "We're OK as long as he doesn't play Public Image Limited's Flower's of Romance.... again" There's a very strict door policy... "It says here No sporting clebs, No men in wife-beater T shirts and No backpackers. I'm sorry gentlemen, but you can't come in" But the party is in full swing on the top floor! "Oi! That stupid cephalopod stole my drink!" The SNOT headphones are held together with a couple of.. Anyway I hope you enjoy it and criticisms, comments and ridicule most welcome!
  22. Kristel

    MOC: Trilogy (Modular Building)

    Hi everyone! I'd like to present my latest modular building, a pub / nightclub called Trilogy. The name comes from the three levels, with three different themes - bar on the ground floor, dancing on the first floor and lounge on the top floor. Bar on the ground floor: The dance floor with live DJ on the first floor: The lounge on the top floor: More images on Flickr. Thanks for looking! C&C always welcome.
  23. Gregory: Welcome back Jordan, it's been a long time Jordan: Yes it has, but now i am back for good. My second attempt to build something Castle themed. I think this one was better then my last.
  24. Toltomeja

    [MOC] Route 66

    And here it is... Finally! I have the joy and honour to present you my last work. The legendary Route 66 connecting Chocago and Los Angeles, traversing wild deserts of Arizona. I tried to include everything that makes the US American - a bar, gas station, typical truck and Harley motorcyclits. Okay, enough words. Let's watch the pics: Some more photos will come as soon as Brickshelf staff removes all the naked women pics out of my gallery. And just as a fun-fact. It's actually the biggest MOC so far and te first attempt to build cars. So now I can finally get to do something else... Yay! Have a nice journey!
  25. zephyr1934

    Custom 1xN ladders

    As I mentioned in my post about the GN S2 MOC, I have slipped one step further down the Lego purity slope and made my own ladders. (click on the image or here to see the full gallery) You can see examples of the short ladders clipped on at the front of the tender and the long ladders clipped on at the back of the tender. If you look closely at the ladders on the front of the tender, you will see that the surface is matte (they will not be mistaken for shiny bricks), but some of the lego bars have a similar matte surface. The spacing between rungs is similar to the lego bars, but I've made the holes square instead of rectangular. Probably not something a minifig would want to put their foot in. I think the dimensions look a lot better for my rolling stock and it is definitely a heck of a lot easier than trying to do a brick built version. This past week I've retrofitted one of my earliest MOCs with the new ladder- original in back and new in front. Click on the image to see more, including the smaller ladder on the other end of the car. I like the proportions a lot better. After doing this change, I see a lot of other tweaks that I will do to the boxcar, e.g., using grilled cheese bricks for the running boards leading to the ladder, removing the buffers You can see photos of all four sizes that I've fabricated so far here. And for those of you who want to be tempted down the purity slope, you can do so here. Enjoy!