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  1. eurotrash

    [MOC] Miniland Pirates

    MOC: Miniland Pirates I've wanted to do a miniland scale pirate MOC for a while, but I couldn't never seem to find the right scene (some may argue that I still haven't, but here goes anyway). More stuff and nonsense at
  2. eurotrash

    MOC: Safety Last

    Thanks Murdoch. I just love those movies and they're so chock full of scenes to replicate. Cheers! I really enjoy building in this scale. It's fragile and you're constantly having to take decisions about what to include or exclude while still trying to retain enough of the character of the source. It's definitely not like building at a minifig scale. But a word of warning: Spending too much time at this scale can have profound unintended consequences. There's more stuff and nonsense at this scale at
  3. eurotrash

    MOC: Safety Last

    MOC: Safety Last It's a scene from 1923 Harold Lloyd Silent Movie Classic, (some liberties were taken by changing the background to a skyline view) Enjoy!
  4. eurotrash

    MOC: Guinness

    What was I going to build with 2000 technic pins and bunch of tan plates? Nothing came to mind so I grabbed a cold one while I pondered. Still nothing. I’ll think of something eventually. Probably. Building Instructions are available.
  5. eurotrash

    Bulk Material Train Unloading Facility

    Great job Terry, it looks fantastic. Are you going to be taking it to any shows in the midwest this year?
  6. eurotrash

    MOC: I ordered a Chicken Pizza....

    The sacrifices I have to make putting food on the table and all I get is complaints... I was thinking of ordering Beef Wellington tonight, but after this experience I'm having second thoughts Now that Tikal-ed me!
  7. ....and they sent me a Chichen Itza. And they forgot the Mayan-aise
  8. MOC: Tailgating with a sixpack of Duff Beer I was genuinely conflicted as to where to post this. I'd considered the Scale forum, but that didn't seem right. Maybe the Special forum? Possibly, but again not right. So, I've put it in the Licensed forum for its Simpson's reference. I hope you enjoy it - now, if you'll excuse me I have to crack open another beer - it looks like i spilled the first. More stuff and nonsense on Flickr - Mods: Please feel free to move this elsewhere if you think it's a better fit there.
  9. eurotrash

    MOC: "You're right Shaggy!"

    Thanks! Unfortunately my attempts at a Scooby were miserably bad - so i recycled him into the TV Table. So, I guess, technically he's still in the picture. You just didn't recognize him :)
  10. eurotrash

    MOC: "You're right Shaggy!"

    MOC: You're Right Shaggy! The resolution on these old TVs is rubbish" More stuff and nonsense on Flickr.
  11. eurotrash

    MOC: Trick or Treat

    MOC: Trick or Treat Halloween comes earlier every year don't you think? These guys are dressed as a Ghost, Loot Box Llama and mini-cthulhu. Enjoy!
  12. eurotrash

    MOC: Jaws

    MOC: Jaws I went through four earlier versions that weren't up to scratch so they got thrown overboard in the chum bucket. Come on in - the water's fine!
  13. eurotrash

    MOC: Good/Bad build

    I can't decide whether this is a good build or not.... More stuff and nonsense over at
  14. eurotrash

    Trains in 4-Wide

    Okay, it's been a while since I've posted anything here, but I couldn't resist building a 4-wide PCC Streetcar. This one is based on the example sited at Union Station. Kansas City.
  15. eurotrash

    MOC: Darth Bender

    MOC: Darth Bender I've been working on this for a couple of days and went through eight different variations for the 'eye-box' - ranging from designs including wheel arches, cheese slopes, SNOT- and not SNOT, six wide and five wide. In the end I went back to version 5. Comments and ridicule most welcome and there's more stuff and nonsense on Flickr