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Found 17 results

  1. simon84

    [MOC] Carpenter's Shop

    Hi everyone I'm happy to share my third MOC which I have been working on over the last 2 months. I build the MOC with BrickLink Studio and used the Eyesight Render for my images. Carpenter's shop is a MOC modular building. The MOC consists of a fully equipped carpenter’s workshop, a small organic store and a two-story apartment. The MOC has a high level of details on each floor. It’s built on one standard 32 x 32 base plate and includes 4 minifigures and one dog. Minifigures Retired customer with her little dog Saleslady of the Organic store Carpenter and owner of the Wood Art carpenter's shop Resident of the apartment and amateur gardener. Level 1 – Carpenter's shop and organic storeThe ground floor contains a full equipped Carpenter's shop with workbenches, drill press, circular saw bench and many other details.The small organic store sells various vegetables and fruits. in addition to a counter and a refrigerated shelf, the store also has a small presentation area outside.Between the two stores is the passage and stairs to the apartment above.Impressions Level 2 – Kitchen, living room and terrace of the apartment Living room and functional kitchen with small dining area and bookcases. Large terrace with raised beds, overgrown pergola and barbecue fireplace. Impressions Level 3 – Bedroom and bathroom of the apartment Small bathroom with toilet, bathtub and sink. Bedroom with bed and closet under the pitched roof. Impressions Level 4 – Roof Flat roof with small exit hatch and antenna. Impressions Thanks very much for reading and I hope you like my third MOC. There are more pictures on Bricksafe and feel free to support my MOC on Rebrickable and let me know what you think about. At the moment I am building my MOC with real Lego bricks. As soon as possible I will post any photos of the real lego building.
  2. soccerkid6

    Harburg Kitchen

    This is my first entry into the Colossal Castle Contest XVI. If you haven't already seen it, you should really check it out. It runs through the end of December, and this model of mine is one of the prizes: The castle room interior category caught my eye this year, so I started off with that. After looking up some medieval kitchens I decided on including a series of stone arches connected by wooden rafters. The loosely connected floor tiles were inspired by Cesbrick, while Matthew Oh’s build gave me the idea of forced perspective stairs. I tried to pack in plenty of kitchen details, so be sure to check out all the images. Like most castles, Harburg has a large kitchen to produce the substantial amount of food required for the staff and castle inhabitants. Eryl and his mother, Lady Karin, visit the kitchen today to check on the preparations of a feast for some visiting dignitaries from throughout Mitgardia. While Karin is shown about by head cook Svein, Eryl takes a turn cranking the spit of meat over the fire and chats with one of the young kitchen apprentices who is about his own age. The warmth and cheerful bustle of the kitchen makes it one of Eryl’s favorite rooms in the castle. Additional pictures can be seen on Brickbuilt. Comments and criticism welcome
  3. So, I've attempted my first Modular. I was limited by the bricks I have, (and a couple of bricks seem to have somehow fallen off), but it's the right dimensions to fit alongside the official Modular Buildings. Just wondering what thoughts/advice people may have to help me improve my modular building skills? So, here's the house And the people and animals who live there There's an open plan living area on the ground floor With a kitchen area A downstairs WC & a place to sit Going up the stairs, we reach the bedroom area There's an en suite shower & a balcony with Jaccuzzi From there, we can access the roof terrace Where the minifigures like to hold barbecue parties I used transparent coloured bricks where appropriate to let in light but retain privacy
  4. Our Christmas project was an XL Brick Bank with full interior. Illumination is next on the wishlist. Happy New Year (DK_Titan & DK_Atlas)
  5. "Inspector Clurog here! Gotta check over your pumpkin pies. Productions standards, ya' know. Everything has to be ship-shape." "Welcome! I'm Kilos, one of the workers here, and we've been expecting you! You're just the ingre-oomph!" "Inspector, he was saying; I'm Tozna, head chef of the kitchen. Follow me and I'll show you exactly what we put into our famous pies. Highest quality ingredients, let me assure you! Watch your mouth Kilos, or I'll bat your ears in," Tozna growled below his breath as the inspector moved towards the first shelf. "And what do you keep in these bottles, eh, daises?" sneered Clurog. "I should say not! Only the finest quality slime is used in our pies! And we make sure the bottles are spotless before filling them with fresh slime. That jar there contains seeds from our own Venus fly-trap, adds some kick to the pies!" "So you say, so you say..." Clurog muttered, as he scribbled some notes on his paper. "What are you doing now, trying to pull the walls in?" queried Clurog as Tozna grabbed a knob embedded in the wall. "Hahaw! Nothing like an inspector with a sense of humor!" guffawed Tozna, "These are storage drawers. See, swamp flowers from Moruth. Kilos! Keep an eye on that pie! I'll have no burned crusts around here." "Well how many drawers do you need? Isn't a roomful a bit much?" protested the inspector as they moved to the corner of the kitchen. "Those are just for show, no real drawers there. Though we have some potent mushrooms, and carrots here. No Avalonian imports, we maintain a strict Nocturnus grown policy. These also are thoroughly washed before use." "That seems decidedly un-Nocturnian! A few bugs here and there never hurt anyone, I find them quite tasty myself. You chef's always claim to have the best of the best, but it's the inspector's job to see what's really going on." "Of course, of course. Well here's a fresh pie now, why don't you check it over for yourself?" "Yes indeed, I have to say with your obsession for cleanliness, I doubt it will even be edible. And It had better be good, or I'll report this kitchen to the PPA." As Clurog moved to sample the pie, the whole kitchen crew (except for Kilos that is, who was busy watching another pie) gathered around expectantly. "Well, it does smell alright," Clurog admitted reluctantly, leaning in to sniff the odorous pie. And then with a swift gulp, the pie dragged Clurog in! "AAAAHHH." "Well boys, good job, this pie passes the test! You can send it out to the Pumkpin Pie Associatin for distribution now, Erus." "Yes sir, Tozna! One more pie for those ridiculous tree-huggers coming right up!" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Built for the Kitchen category of the Pie minichallenge. This build started with the Mixel ball-joint wall design, which I’ve had lying around for a while now. I quite like how it turned out, and will probably be using it more in the future. The working drawers were very fun to make as well. Lots more pictures on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  6. JanetVanD

    MOC: Random Rooms

    I call this series of models my "Random Rooms" because they are a random depiction of interiors; they don't attach to anything, nor are they part of a larger model. Originally built as a commissioned work for a film set, each room needed to be large enough for the actor to reach in and handle the accessories and also allow for cameras & lights. Much of the decor has been "brick-built", as standard Lego doors, chairs, etc. were too small for the scale required. (An interesting challenge!) The four rooms together were completed in March 2016 and took a total of 16 hours to build. For a more in-depth look and to view some of my other works, please visit Janet VanD's Gallery and click on the folder icons on the left-hand-side. Thanks!
  7. LittleJohn

    MOC: Kitchen

    I built this a while ago, for the ABS builder challenge, but just got around to posting it. The seed part for this round was the tan ice cream cone. Everything in the kitchen opens up too: More pictures here: Link C&C much appreciated
  8. alanboar HK

    [MOC] Dream House

    LEGO MOC - Dream House Size : 50 x 50 x 45cm Pieces : 6000 pcs Description : It is my new creation in ACG2015HK. Bathroom - Colorful theme (For Baby Bathing) 2F - Adventure theme (Our bedroom) 1F - Modern theme (For my wife ^^) GF - Classic theme (For my favourite room) Which room do you like? Flickr : Creator : Alanboar
  9. Ever wonder where the minifigs are buying all those coffee mugs? My newest modular is a kitchen store: The first floor is the kitchen store.... Cooking classes are offered upstairs... Here it is next to the Fire Brigade and my candy store moc: Thanks for looking!
  10. scholalala

    My dream home

    Hi everyone! I would like to share my recent creation "My dream home". Let's take a look at the kitchen on the ground floor first. The open kitchen is a place to cook delicious meals for the whole family. Ovens, stoves and fridges are all necessary. Cabinets of different sizes also help the cook to have the cookware and utensils well organized. When the dishes are done, the whole family can dine leisurely at the designer dining table and enjoy great meals. I love cats, so there will be cat-friendly furniture for my cats. :-) A tree-like bookshelf where the cats could hide themselves and climb up to. A cat sofa where the sofa is attached to a cat tree. Cat scratching pole, food and water bowl and a cat house are also important for happy cat life. Now let's move on to the second floor. where we have bathroom, bedroom and a LEGO room. Designer bed, closet and window. And a painting by Piet Mondrian (Composition II in Red, Blue and Yellow). Thai style bathing area. In addition to decoration of various Lego display figures, Lego parts are all well-organized so that MOCs can be done in a more systematic way. Of course we need a computer to help us to do research (as pre-building work) and for sharing. That's all for my sharing. Thanks for reading. :-)
  11. LegoJalex

    [MOC] Breakfast

    Breakfast including juice, milk, egg, sandwich with butter and "Kalles kaviar" (Swedish speciality) and Kellogg's Sugar Smack cereals with strawberries. Partly inspired by cereal commercial videos.
  12. Hey Eurobrickers! It's been a while since I posted any of my creations here (besides my SPC entry), so I thought I post a bunch of 'em here for all of you who don't follow me on flickr to enjoy! First up, one I built last fall Aquam de Petra: Next, my CCC entries: Toil in the Soil and A Delicious Distraction This creation shows an unhappy nobleman, who'd really like to get some sleep: Noisy Neighbors A young boy stumbles upon some mysterious ruins in this scene: Unexpected Discovery And my most recently posted castle MOC: The Carpenter Check out my flickr stream for additional pictures and descriptions of all these builds and more: I have another castle MOC waiting to be photographed that I will hopefully get posted here within the next couple days. Hope you enjoyed this look back on my last few creations! I plan on posting here more regularly in the future, so stay tuned. ;) Soli Deo Gloria! -Digger
  13. Previously I made a MOC modular building, a bank, which has a piece of land on its side waiting for construction. It was to be a restaurant and finally it is done! It is not a big one as it only takes half of the 32x32 plate, but it contains what all the Lego citizens' needs for food! This building is a break from the typical European style that prevails in the original Lego modular building sets. I think a city should be developing, advancing, and things change including building styles. I tried some new elements here, with a more open façade (basically removing the façade for balconies and setting back the entrance), while taking a cleaner approach on detailing. Quick overview with the bank on its side: Let's go inside now! The entrance on the G/F floor is set back a little for a bar area. This is where people gather at night especially on Fridays! I also try sliding doors for the entrance :) At the entrance, you will see a little fridge next to a green counter. On the other side is a cake rack. In the morning, there will be breads for those who want to grab a quick breakfast. 1/F is a restaurant. Utensils are stored neatly. Someone is celebrating her birthday with friends! Well that's a huge cake! The other half of 1/F is a balcony area for semi-open dining experience. Looks like someone is not pleased when serving a rich man... "Hey that's not the tips I am hoping for..." The top floor is also a restaurant area, with an open grill kitchen. Look at the hood! Now an overview with some of my modular buildings, which are easy to recognize. The building style is a little different but still, to me, harmonious with the others. Hope you all like this creation! Let me know if you have any comment on how I can improve this!
  14. Trainmaster247

    Small Lego Cafeteria Kitchen

    Here is a small cafeteria kitchen area that would fit very well in any school or business. The back wall has storage shelves and cabinets along with a stove. We have two cash registers and windows as the seperators between the cooks and people looking at the food. For the rest I will let the pics do the talking.
  15. I saw a video clip from an old 80s TV show, where there was a scene similiar to this one. I thought that scene represented a kitchen from the 70/80s very well, and I got very inspired to build it in LEGO! I thought it was interesting to build in a larger scale, because some LEGO parts can then resemble new things (such as the lamp and the blinds) that they normally would not in minifig scale.
  16. lisqr

    [MOC] Kitchen

    Finally, return to MOCing after 10 months! The wait is too long and too agonizing. But I'm back. It feels good to moc again. So the first moc is a tribute to the ipad game, that I'm addicted to while away from LEGO, "Mystery Manor". This is the kitchen room. It's not an exact replica, but heavily inspired by it. Can you find all the items? ;) Can't find my other business card set at the moment Have to make do with what I have. Enjoy!