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Found 11 results

  1. Captain Genaro

    [OL FB] Wine Press

    No one knows the exact origins of the winepress. Many say it was Dionysus who, upon seeing how much of glorious juice was wasted by the traditional trampling of grapes, has Hephaestus create the first wine press, a machine which early Oleanders quickly reverse engineered and spread throughout the Empire. Others (heretics obviously) claim it was the inevitable result of scientific progress in a wine-obsessed nation. Regardless of how, the important thing is the winepress is here. To the untrained observer it seems simple enough. A basket is filled with grapes from nearby barrels. Once the basket is filled, a capstan is turned to lower a plate, slowly crushing the grapes. Juice flows out a hole in the bottom of the basket into a cask. until the cask is full and ready to be stored for fermentation. The cake, the remaining seeds, skin, and stems are then put aside and usually end up as food for swine. Despite being a very manual task, the work requires significant skill. The grapes must be properly harvested, for unripened or overripe fruit could contaminate an entire batch of wine. Lowering the capstan is no small task either. Too much pressure and the artisan risks crushing the seeds, a terrible disaster, while failing to press hard enough would result in juice stuck in the cake. But for the man who can master this craft, the rewards are rich. P1130821 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr
  2. "I should have bought more bread... and cheese!" This is an entry for Week III of the Style it Up Contest by InnovaLug. The proposition was to build something that could stand on up to 4 studs, unattached, as if floating. I'm enjoying to build non-castle themes lately, so here you go. I'm trying to expand my building horizons in different perspectives and scales. Also, make sure to check my other entries for this contest: Week I: Stag in the Shadows Week II: Self Portrait Week IV: Yet to come Hope you like it. Let me know what you think - I'd love to hear some critique. (and, if you'd like to build and display any of my MOCs, let me know and I can work on instructions too)
  3. Keymonus

    A new vineyard

    Fatu Hiva, Ile D'Or, July 619 After the dark happenings of the previous months, life in Fatu Hiva returned to normality. Patrols of soldiers and groups of native warriors started a fierce hunt against the bands of fanatics still infesting the jungle and, even if some of them may have escaped, no new attack was reported. The economy of the settlement flared up again too: the natives returned to their fishing activity, while the plantations outside Fatu Hiva were repaired and expanded, allowing the recovery of the brewing activities. This little vineyard was bought by a foreigner, a Varcosian, who invested a large sum of money to expand the plantation. A little is known about this individual, but he is rumoured to have earned his fortune during the successful expedition in the jungle. While up to now the vineyard is sufficient for the requirements of the settlement, the Varcosian has imported seeds of Oleander grape, in order to expand the business and export wine and spirit in the archipelago. Today, the workers are cleaning a part of the hill from the undergrowth and are building new terracing. By sure, even if a lot of time will be required for the first profitable harvests, starting a vineyard near to the Oleander capital of alcol production is a wise investment. The herd of a native shepherd is very useful to remove herbs and low bushes... ...while more robust plants are removed with more resolute methods. Meanwhile, other workers realise the terracing for the new plants, planting poles in the ground and shovelling away the earth. Overall view The sheep And the "mysterious" owner, one of Tristan's followers during the expedition against the fanatics, in which absolutely no treasure was found. I will license this build as large plantation (instead of using a micro) as prize for the last challenge.
  4. Trador is not only known for its applecider, it has also some of the best wines of New Terra: the Casa De Flores, famous for its unique aroma. The vineyard is a very popular attraction in Trador as visitors can follow a guide around the vineyard and drink some wine afterwards. Today, the soccer Teams of Prio, Royal Garvey Engineers and MAESTRO Engineers are visiting the vineyard. Meanwhile Lord Maximilian Damaximus and his wife taste the latest production of the wine. --- Thanks for watching! C&C welcome :) Will be licenced as a Large plantation This module is to be placed behind the Trador Merchant Quay (pictures of this somewhere in the future :p )
  5. This is a rebuild/upgrade of my first tow truck. Features are as follows: - 8x4, powered by 2 L motors geared down 3:1 - proportional steering on 2 front axles using servo - pendular suspension on rear axles; independent suspension on front axles - side and rear outriggers - tow fork - tilting cabin - fully functional, 360° rotating crane - fake engine (straight 4) The cab is a mod of the Arocs; the side outriggers are pretty much the same as 42070's. All the functions are driven by an L motor and 9 2-way selector switches (6 on the truck and 3 on the crane). Here are some quick pics - will take better ones and shoot a video when decent lighting is available. It's pretty heavy, so I had to use eight hard shock absorbers on the front wheels. In spite of the weight and the ridiculous amount of friction due to the old wheel hubs (8297), the servo still works smoothly.
  6. SkywardBrick

    [MOC] Modular - La Plaza Deliciosa

    Check it out on Rebrickable: La Plaza Deliciosa (instructions available) Meat, cheese, wine, produce, bread and pastries; what more could a minifigure need in their diet? All can be found at La Plaza Deliciosa! This Modular MOC building features 5 stores, all food related; -Butcher’s -Cheese Shop -Wine Shop -Produce Shop -Bakery
  7. "Left, right, left, right, left" cried the Major as the soldiers marched along the street in the early morning. Following the company, Captain Anthony Genaro couldn't help but think that marines had it much better. Sure, you had to deal with all the perils of the sea, but you never had to drill, much less go on long marches, at such an ungodly hour. After all, no marine officer would dare risk disturbing the captain's sleep. But these thoughts were soon replaced with others as Anthony arrived under the black sign for one of Breshaun's most reputable wine merchants. Breshaun Wine Merchant by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr A bell over the door rang as Anthony stepped in. A lone assistant stood there brushing fictitious dust off an immaculate display of bottles while barrels, probably just arrived with the merchant convoy, were stacked along the windows. Before Anthony could move, a voice cried from the cellar. "I'll be right with you, sir," the voice cried as hurried footsteps came up the ladder. Breshaun Wine Merchant by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr The shopkeeper quickly appeared, closed the hatch, and after briefly adjusting his jacket he turned and exclaimed "my dear Captain, welcome, a thousand welcomes to you!" as he gratefully shook Anthony's hand. "We've heard of your heroic successes at keeping those pirates at bay, keeping them away from our merchant fleets," continued the shopkeeper, shaking Anthony's hand with increasing vigor. "But, oh, how rude of me, where are my manners. Davis, Davis there," called the shopkeeper to the assistant. "Bring the Captain a Bleaunote Royal, 614." "Which I'm doing, isn't I." replied Davis in his nasally whine. "Please, sir, how may I be of service" continued the shopkeeper, his attention returning to Anthony. Breshaun Wine Merchant by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr "I'm in need of several crates of wine," replied Anthony. "One of the highest quality and several others of good quality, but nothing too expensive" Anthony went on, briefly giving Davis a polite nod as he took the glass of Bleaunote Royal. "Certainly, sir" said the shopkeeper. "Now, what exactly did you have in mind?" Breshaun Wine Merchant by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Breshaun Wine Merchant by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr
  8. Hey fellow AFOLs! As some of you know, I've decided to get back into Lego trains 10 years after I since last played with them. I ordered new parts and now I'm in the process of designing a new permanent layout for my 9V and new PF track. I found that most track designers were way too overloaded with functionality for my purposes. I therefore tested the Track Designer on a Windows Machine that I had. It seemed to work perfectly for my application but since I'm a Mac user I don't intend to keep a Windows Machine running to be able to use TD. So I got Wineskin and got it up and running! So now here's a tutorial on how you can use track designer on your Mac! I hope this is useful to some people! Always happy to hear feedback! 1. Download Track Designer Find and download the Track Designer application. (I don't know if it's okay to post a link here so I'll just let you use Google to find it) 2. Download and install Wineskin Again, use Google to find, download and install Wineskin. The installation is pretty simple, just unzip the .zip file to a location of your choice. Inside you should find the "Wineskin". Open the App for the next step (For this tutorial I used the Winery Version 1.7). 3. Installing an engine To install an engine, press the "+" on the left and pick an engine from the drop down menu (I used WS9Wine1.9.20 for this tutorial). Click on Download and Install. Winery will now do a couple of downloads and installations and should present you with an engine in the list of "Installed Engines" on the main screen. After this step I clicked the "Update" button, to make sure everything is up to date. 4. Create a wrapper Using Software on a Mac requires you to use an .app-wrapper. To create a new wrapper for Track Designer you click on "Create New Blank Wrapper". Enter a name for the wrapper (TrackDesigner for example). Then click OK. Winery will ask you if it should install the .net Framework. I don't know if Track Designer really needs this, but I installed it anyway. Afterwards Winery will ask you if it should install Gecko. This is an imitation of the Windows Web Framework - you definitely don't need that for Track Designer. So deny that installation. Once the wrapper is ready, a Window will let you know. Click the "Show in Finder" button. This will make it easier to find the wrapper for our next step. You should now see an Application named "" in your Finder. It's located under "/Users/<YourUsername>/Applications/Wineskin/". 5. Launch Track Designer with your wrapper To launch Track Designer, first unzip the you downloaded in the first step into a folder. Make sure you unzip it into a folder - otherwise it will leave a huge mess of files in your directory! Open the folder with your unzipped Track Designer files in it. You should open two Finder windows for this. One Finder windows should contain your Wineskin wrapper, the other the Track Designer files. Locate the "td.exe" file in your unzipped folder and drag and drop it onto your "" wrapper. If you followed all steps correctly, in a few seconds you should be able to see a window open up with the Track Designer up and running
  9. craigslegostuff

    "Trois" French Wine Bar

    Hi everyone. I've been away for a while, but have been very busy working on my second modular building. Please check the link above to see lots of pics. If this is your first visit to my Flickr, welcome and hi! I'm a 42 year AFOL who's just rediscovered the wonder of Lego building. Do let me know your thoughts on any of my builds, I am always very keen to hear your feedback. ****************************************************************************** "TROIS!" FRENCH WINE BAR ****************************************************************************** - my second modular building! I decided to spend a lot more time on this one... or more accurately: it's TAKEN me a long time! Anyway, I'm really pleased with the result. After my first attempt (see Al's Stars N' Stripes Grill on my Flickr), I decided I wanted to do something with a lot more detail on the outside. A bit more colour too, as well as a nicely packed interior design too. "Trois" is a snazzy wine bar. It includes three main floors/ sections (plus the roof!): 1ST FLOOR - MAIN BAR The main bar features include a bar, coffee machine, bottles of wine / spirits / confectionary display An angled door leads to a back room (with some kind of electrical unit) etc, which leads out onto the alley out back. 2ND FLOOR - LOUNGE BAR - An extension of the downstairs - just more space for sitting / sipping! Also leads out onto a small balcony with wooden decking. I am particularly pleased with this little corner - I really like the lamp and the rather ornate drainpipe. Also on this floor is a small landing that leads to.... an elevator! Not a working one unfortunately, but you get the idea - it takes people up to the bathroom on the top floor... 3RD FLOOR / W/C / UTILITY ROOM A simple unisex bathroom. Features two toilet cubicles (apologies for the bad lighting; I couldn't get my camera in there very well!) NB. Obviously the toilet cubicle doors should really be plain white, but I don't have any yet! The transparent doors could prove a little embarrassing for my minifigs! A small handbasin with faucet, and finally there's a small storage / utility room. Let me know what you think guys - always great to get feedback / suggestions etc. - Craig, April 2016 &quot;Trois&quot; French Wine Bar by Craig Brooks, on Flickr
  10. This is my 2nd entry to the Colossal Castle Contest - Category: Medieval Husbandry The Eleves are producing their own wine in the hills of Valinor. After squeezing out the grapes, the wine is stored directly within the hill. The wine cellar is accessabble by lifting up a part of the hill. Thanks for you comments ! I recommend you to also participate in the contest. Greets !
  11. slackware

    My Lego Wine Bottles

    Wine Bottles with ice cube many bottles many bottles via my flickr