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  1. 2017 Lego Trains

    Could you please elaborate on those O-rings? Do you mean the orange piece of train motor assembly that has almost perfectly round cross section? Are those interchangeable? With what? I was always wondering why is it like that instead of typical technic axle slot. Do any of you know the reason?
  2. MOC Modular: Decoration Gallery

    Looks nice, especially the interior. The photos are superb. I don't know how you did that... I am not too fond of the cheese slopes on the facade though, I would change that. But apparently it's only me ;)
  3. [MOC] Telehandler

    That is a shame, I hoped that you have found some good and cheap :) way to do this. When I am doing instructions I often need to include some images that Lpub won't let me (or I can't do it) and it's a problem I can't solve now. I will look at your results, maybe it's enough, but adobe is not cheap...
  4. [MOC] Telehandler

    Thank you :) Can you tell me what software you use for pdf stitching?
  5. [MOC] A Child's Christmas in Eastern Ontario

    Ahh... you beat me to the Calvin and Hobbes scene with snowmen. I figured nobody would do that and I have time to linger with mine. Superb MOC, so much detail that you just want to pour a glass of wine and start admiring :)
  6. [MOC] Mountain Hut (in 90's style)

    Thank you, indeed it was good to sit among the old stuff and immerse in the 80/90 plastic ;) I like BURPs but only in this setting . It feels at home here.
  7. [MOC] Mountain Hut (in 90's style)

    Thanks , there is some minimal furniture and the top can be taken off. You can see it in the gallery .
  8. I was on vacation some time ago and I stayed with my family. They had some old LEGO from the 90's, mostly City and Western. Of course I had to tackle this mass of plastic to see what can be done :) So, it's not my usual build, but it gave me a lot of fun and some appreciation for the parts palette we have today :) I'm sorry for the picture quality, I did not have any whote background save for the table cloth with lots of patterns on it ;) Full gallery is here:
  9. [MOC] Fallout: Gas Station Bar

    I would like to present to you my MOC that is part of a larger display that will take place this weekend in Lublin, Poland at Falkon event (fantasy and sci-fi convent). This is a Fallout themed display. A fellow LUG member is building a gas station that will accompany my bar and will sit on the entrance side, where the parking lot is. Here are some other takes of this build: Full gallery is here: I hope you like it :)
  10. General Part Discussion

    Thank you, some modding is ahead of me then :)
  11. Layout: plan fo new layout

    Thank you. I will have to see if I have courage to saw through my pieces when I have more than one each :) I really don't like the geometry of the LEGO one. It is too limiting.
  12. General Part Discussion

    I have a question about pf motors. My daughter has a tendency to play with her duplo train and since recently with motorised car by Madoca I built for her "manually". Sometimes the car is on, sometimes off, but playing with remote is not always an option for her. The motor is then "driven" by her hand. Does it mean she can brake it?
  13. Layout: plan fo new layout

    How difficult is it to modify the switching track the way you did? Do you have some special tools to do that?
  14. Ford Farmer pickup

    To say it is great is not enough :)
  15. Started the Pet Shop

    Don't do that ;) LEGO quality is not in line with their motto, but Lepin is waaay behind. It would be money lost.