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  1. Mestari

    [MOC] Single-family home

    Thank you! I like to build in such way that I would later like to live in the place I built as a minifig ;)
  2. Mestari

    [MOC] Single-family home

    Thank you both :) When I was building this, I didn't realise I also had another bag of those wooden plank tiles but with a slightly different pattern... so next time, even more and with more variety! ;)
  3. Mestari

    My city layout: Dark Brick City

    So much work and so much space needed... But it looks really good. My dream would be to also have a city, but all with my MOCs. Impossible due to lack of space. I envy you ;) Keep the updates coming!
  4. Mestari

    MOC: The Station hotel

    Pure awesomeness... :)
  5. Mestari

    [MOC] Single-family home

    Hello, I would like to present to you my latest MOC of a single-family home with garage: It is inspited by several projects of similar style that is apparently quite popular around the area of Warsaw, Poland. Could be not just here, but more widespread phenomenon. This is a a fully furnished two story building with small garden, garage and a fitting car (yes, it does fit inside, although barely :) ) The tree was built to finally use all those leaves I took from a PAB wall. And boy, is it part intensive... Here you can have another look at the tree and the side of the building: and yet another one: And now for the car: I am not a car expert, just wanted to have something to go with the building :) OK, so let's go inside. But just before that - a general areal view of the ground floor and surroundings: Here you can clearly see the plan of the ground floor. Once you enter the house from the top, you will see stair leading to the first floor on your right, underneath those is a kitchen area, on your left doors leading to the garage, bookcase, and doors to the toilet. Straight ahead door leading outside to the other side of the building. And here is a view of the kitchen: and the other side of the room: Let's climb the stairs and see what awaits us on the first floor: A living room with essentials like gaming console ;) There is also a bedroom with wardrobe, desk and a bedside table: More pictures can be found on my Bricksafe. I hope you like it :)
  6. Mestari

    Cemetery MOC with lights and Movie References

    Oh my, really well done :)
  7. I believe pretty much any other maker has better colour consistency than LEGO.
  8. Mestari

    A whole lot of Transformers

    A steam engine too???? Nice :)
  9. Mestari

    [MOC] Galaxy Explorer SDR-926

    This is amazing. Congratulations, I wouldn't have the will the ever disassemble ;)
  10. Mestari

    Diesel Train Filling Station

    So nice :)
  11. Awesome use of Lego plant pieces. One of the best uses I have seen anywhere, really. Match minifigure scale.
  12. Mestari

    Parisian Restaurant

    Thank you! I too wish 9V was available, track as well...
  13. Mestari

    Parisian Restaurant

    Thank you everyone for your feedback and comments ? I'm glad you like it!
  14. Mestari

    A-Frame Cabin

    Great :) and all those memories it brings... I really like the area where wood is stored. And think they should fix it up a bit, it starts to fall apart ;)
  15. Mestari

    [MOC] LL885- New Coalition Repair Freighter

    I love reading through the days of this assembly :) You build insanely quick... and must have a hangar for building!