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  2. How to Design a Modular or a Non-Modular Building?

    I have several ways of "dealing" with MOCing. First of all I have a notepad where I put all my random ideas. Whenever I think of something, I make a note of it there (it's in my mobile phone). It's usually something like "garage with pneumatics" or "house of Moniuszko", to remind me what I was thinking about and wanted to build. Those builds are planned to be made within several years from now, but I keep that in mind to properly build my stock of bricks. I use bricklink for small orders mostly and utilise LUG BULK and support for the big ones, again planning not just for the nearest exhibition but for future ones too. This planning years ahead is important for financial reasons, obviously. I do not use LDD at all, MLCad only once so far to help myself with the mosaic on the wall of my Palm House. Other than that I always build with real bricks from the start. But before I do that I have much of the building "ready" in my mind already. This conceptual phase can take a lot of time. My current WIP modular (The Ministry of Brick :) ) took more than half a year of thinking before placing the first brick on a baseplate. This is also the reason why I build from the ground up, just like I would have if I had building instructions for my MOC. I simply know how to solve much of the problems before the start. Now, it doesn't mean there are no prolems as I build, far from it, especially in case of said ministry... When I start thinking about my next MOC I start with what makes it distinctive. I usually also build that first to make sure I have it nailed. In my Ice cream parlor, it was the prototype of ice cream rotation mechanism. For my garage - the pneumatic lift and compressor. For the jewellery - the right part with the arched entrance and front of the building. For train station - the windows. And so on. When building, one of the most important thing for me is to build it in such a way that I would want to live or spend time in that building myself. This means I always thought do interiors, which all have communication done for all floors, minifig have a place to sleep etc. I try to make them as nice a place to live as I can. My inspiration comes either from real life (this is rather rare) or I put something together from my imagination, based of course on many examples of architecture we all see everyday. We all stand on a shoulder of giants, don't we? ;) My Ministry is different in that it is inspired by one particular building. Here that real life structure was the stating point and the design done by me focused on making something that would work in modular scale. That process is not simple so I'll dive into it when I publish this MOC. I hope this to happen in may this year at the latest. Great topic, by the way :) Edit: One more thing regarding source of inspiration and ideas. I love Technic as well, so I have this idea to incorporate every technic system made to date to my builds. Power Functions motor and light were in Ice cream parlor. Pneumatics were in Garage. 9V and PF lights were in Railway station with warehouse. Flex system was in my railway control room with level crossing (not yet published, includes Sbrick) Fibre optics will be in... you'll see ;) I have at least 2 ideas for it. And it still has chancesto be in the Ministry. This is fun :D And one day I'll put all of them in one creation with control panel from the technic command centre set, but this won't be modular, so no more info about it ;)
  3. List of MOC Modular Instructions and Searching for More!

    No worries :) The interior does have some Friends vibe to it, but then again, it was intended ;)
  4. List of MOC Modular Instructions and Searching for More!

    I just finished putting together the Jewellery Store "deconstruction" photos. Again - those were never supposed to be shared publicly so please forgive me some sloppiness ;) I had to put it in two files: File 1 File 2 If you are not a fan of bright pink, it's very easy to build that section in tan, it should also look good in that colour. I have used quite a number of bright pink bricks 1x10. Those were pretty rare, so simply use whatever's available instead.
  5. [MOC] Ă˜sterlars Church

    Love it with Jack Stone :) and still hoping for the resurrection of sand red...
  6. List of MOC Modular Instructions and Searching for More!

    If anyone is interested in my Garage, I have prepared photos and uploaded them in a zip file on my Bricksafe page (I still need more time to upload the Jewellery store). If I was to do it the proper way with BI on rebrickable, I would have used different red bricks than I have in real life. I simply used what I had, not the "optimum" selection, so do browse through pictures and make proper substitutions where you feel appropriate before you build it. I won't prepare proper BI because of three reasons: 1. I don't have time now (I need to finish 3 MOCs before my LUGs exhibition starts) 2. I would have to learn LSynth with pneumatics and learn how to handle missing bricks in inventory 3. It would have to be paid instructions to avoid others to make money from my work like they did with my other BIs. One more note about this MOC - it has some pretty expensive pneumatic and PF parts in it, but you can substitute the rechargeable battery with battery box, have one pump instead of two and have it whatever kind is cheaper. You can leave the airtank alone and the same with Manometer (part 64065). You can also use new long pneumatic cylinders. That's what I would do now. Those weren't available when I built this MOC. Have fun :)
  7. List of MOC Modular Instructions and Searching for More!

    Palm House will get its deconstruction photo session late this year. I don't have the gas station I'm afraid. I simply took it apart.
  8. List of MOC Modular Instructions and Searching for More!

    What closeups do you have in mind? I generally have what was published but in high resolution. Also the WIP pictures show a bit of innards. But then again not much...
  9. List of MOC Modular Instructions and Searching for More!

    OK, so I checked what I have on hard drive and from modular buildings I have some photos for the Garage and Jewellery store (step by step to rebuild, but some steps are challenging :) ). Apparently I have abandoned the thought of rebuilding my Train station with warehouse as the only photos I have left unpublished are some WIP (definitely not enough to rebuild...). Is anyone interested in any of those two? I could try to put those photos in one pdf for easy viewing. Unedited it takes more than 0.5 GB for each building. I probably don't even have such quota on Bricksafe...
  10. List of MOC Modular Instructions and Searching for More!

    Thank you very much :) I just wanted to warn against that ebay practices and ask everyone to first check on Rebrickable if what you found is sold or offered free of charge by the owner and get it from the source. After all it takes a lot of time and effort to make instructions for others to use. I don't want others to make profit from my time and gift to the community. Regarding other MOCs of mine... my children are taking almost all of my spare moments so proper instructions are unfortunately unlikely to happen. But if you and others are fine with photos of building stages, then I have already made some for myself just in case I want to rebuild them. It is not "public use" quality, though. And I still have my Palm House built ;) (I hope to bring it to Skaerbaek this year if all goes well) so that needs to wait until I dismantle it.
  11. List of MOC Modular Instructions and Searching for More!

    I'm in the "not worth looking" category, but just in case you are interested in my builds, please note those are free to use. There are some... people on ebay selling them. I'am sure it applies to other free MOCs as well...
  12. [MOC] Grand Palace Hotel

  13. [MOC] Modular Ice Cream Parlor (picture heavy)

    It's been some time, but I finally prepared building instructions for this MOC. Those are now available on Rebrickable.
  14. Thank you for comments and info and afol1969 for the instructions :) It's a shame this has been pulled down...