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  1. [MOC] Modular Ice Cream Parlor (picture heavy)

    It's been some time, but I finally prepared building instructions for this MOC. Those are now available on Rebrickable.
  2. Thank you for comments and info and afol1969 for the instructions :) It's a shame this has been pulled down...
  3. Do you know what happened to this MOC on Rebrickable? I can't find it anymore...
  4. 2017 Lego Trains

    Could you please elaborate on those O-rings? Do you mean the orange piece of train motor assembly that has almost perfectly round cross section? Are those interchangeable? With what? I was always wondering why is it like that instead of typical technic axle slot. Do any of you know the reason?
  5. MOC Modular: Decoration Gallery

    Looks nice, especially the interior. The photos are superb. I don't know how you did that... I am not too fond of the cheese slopes on the facade though, I would change that. But apparently it's only me ;)
  6. [MOC] Telehandler

    That is a shame, I hoped that you have found some good and cheap :) way to do this. When I am doing instructions I often need to include some images that Lpub won't let me (or I can't do it) and it's a problem I can't solve now. I will look at your results, maybe it's enough, but adobe is not cheap...
  7. [MOC] Telehandler

    Thank you :) Can you tell me what software you use for pdf stitching?
  8. [MOC] A Child's Christmas in Eastern Ontario

    Ahh... you beat me to the Calvin and Hobbes scene with snowmen. I figured nobody would do that and I have time to linger with mine. Superb MOC, so much detail that you just want to pour a glass of wine and start admiring :)
  9. [MOC] Mountain Hut (in 90's style)

    Thank you, indeed it was good to sit among the old stuff and immerse in the 80/90 plastic ;) I like BURPs but only in this setting . It feels at home here.
  10. [MOC] Mountain Hut (in 90's style)

    Thanks , there is some minimal furniture and the top can be taken off. You can see it in the gallery .
  11. I was on vacation some time ago and I stayed with my family. They had some old LEGO from the 90's, mostly City and Western. Of course I had to tackle this mass of plastic to see what can be done :) So, it's not my usual build, but it gave me a lot of fun and some appreciation for the parts palette we have today :) I'm sorry for the picture quality, I did not have any whote background save for the table cloth with lots of patterns on it ;) Full gallery is here:
  12. [MOC] Fallout: Gas Station Bar

    I would like to present to you my MOC that is part of a larger display that will take place this weekend in Lublin, Poland at Falkon event (fantasy and sci-fi convent). This is a Fallout themed display. A fellow LUG member is building a gas station that will accompany my bar and will sit on the entrance side, where the parking lot is. Here are some other takes of this build: Full gallery is here: I hope you like it :)
  13. General Part Discussion

    Thank you, some modding is ahead of me then :)
  14. Layout: plan fo new layout

    Thank you. I will have to see if I have courage to saw through my pieces when I have more than one each :) I really don't like the geometry of the LEGO one. It is too limiting.