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Found 47 results

  1. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Don't pick the flowers

    If you are out on a day trip to an alien world, remember please do not pick the flowers.
  2. By the year 2500, Humanity has come to rely on Moscovium, a powerful but dangerous elemental fuel. Energy giant EnCorp has a monopoly over the element, both mining and processing Moscovium ore. When an accident occurs at one of EnCorp's processing plants, how does Safety Director Covup respond?
  3. Missing Brick

    Aliens UD4L Dropship

    Thanks to Blacktron for the custom Spunkmeyer and Ferro dropship pilot minifigs and Larry Lars for the APC design.
  4. Finally had time to finish my Aliens MOC (had this in mind for quite some time, but took ages to get the right bricks...) I tried to match the size of the Powerloader, the Alien and the Alienqueen to match the minifigs... I hope you like it? Let me know what you think. Update: Feb 26. ...more pictures! Here's some new pictures (Groupshot, Details) ...hope you like it.
  5. This is a build inspired by someone else's MOC. Thanks for the great build, LegoLogical. The video of his build is a LOT nicer - I'm just riffing with my spare parts here. Although the Canto Bight story line from The Last Jedi surprisingly doesn't involve gambling - I'm sure TLG is going to give us a scene from this planet eventually. Likely the falthier escape instead of this casino. Once I saw this MOC I thought it was the perfect size for this location and I'm a big fan of having every film-centred location in Star Wars represented somewhere on the shelf. Although the story line's merit may be contestable - who doesn't love gambling aliens?? I should point out that this MOC was designed before TLJ Blu Ray's deleted scenes gave us a look at the facade of the casino, which has more wide, pronounced white pillars along the face of the structure and some groovy 1960's masonry. I think the build pairs pretty well with the Resistance Transport 75176, which by itself is kind of a blah display. Wanted to include as much of the casino floor as possible, tried to include the piano / bar / slot machine area, and kind of gave up trying to integrate both the casino and the bar. You see what I have here. At the moment, I'm only displaying the main square casino area on my shelf and I may junk the bar and move the colored glass directly behind my pathetic stand-in for the Master Codebreaker. (He's on a roll, you know.) If I come into a lot more spare parts that favor white, I may try and complete the build. Also, if we get do an official falthier escape set from Lego or perhaps some Canto Bight police speeders, I'll likely revisit the build. And please take a peek at what LegoLogical did - my build really doesn't do his justice. Thanks for looking.
  6. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Micro Scale UFO Attack

    Hi all, Here is a little moc inspired by the Washington Monument scenes from "Mars Attacks" and "Earth Vs the Flying Saucers". Hope ya like it
  7. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Saucer Man from Planet X

    Hi all :) First came the flying saucers! Now behold their foul other-worldly pilots! The dreaded Saucer Men from Planet X! Filmed in Invader-scope.
  8. Good Evening Everyone; Long time LEGO fan main choice of entertainment as a child but now coming back to it as an AFOL and need some help. I have decided to take on the Aliens APC and Dropship for my first MOC's. I've been using 'Missing Bricks' and 'HAVOC' creations and reference but I can't seem to figure out what exact parts make up the wheels on the APC from the LEGO website. Would someone be willing to give me some guidance? Time and consideration appreciated, see pics. Cheers
  9. I have built one model of this coolest APC ever back in 2008 and wanted to improve on it ever since. So finally, 9 years later (gee, I'm old): As usual, photos and some reading:
  10. Made for a competition at the Swedish LUG Swebrick. The theme was horror. I used a lot of parts from the new constraction figures line but the main body is almost only system. Fully articulated though the weight makes some poses hard. For LDD I changed the colorscheme to mostly tan and dark tan. Some parts were however not available in LDD. facehugger01 by mordatre, on Flickr facehugger02 by mordatre, on Flickr facehugger03 by mordatre, on Flickr facehugger04 by mordatre, on Flickr
  11. Andromedas Gates

    [Challenge 5][Cat D] More Clerical Errors

    The organisers of the Games invited the native races of Andromeda to participate in the events. A number of alien races accepted and sent competitors. Unfortunately, there were some errors in the rules that were sent to them. For the Land Race event, there were, uh, some typos that meant the Aliens are somehow riding bikes, I guess? Alien entry 1: Alien Entry 2: Alien Entry 3:
  12. Andromedas Gates

    [Challenge 5][Cat C] A Typo

    The organisers of the Games invited the native races of Andromeda to participate in the events. A number of alien races accepted and sent competitors. Unfortunately, there were some errors in the rules that were sent to them. For the GARC event, there was a typo in the title... Alien CRAG 1: Alien CRAG 2: Thanks for reading! C&C welcome!
  13. The organisers of the Games invited the native races of Andromeda to participate in the events. A number of alien races accepted and sent competitors. Unfortunately, there were some errors in the rules that were sent to them. For the Boat Race event, there were typos in the size limits and the guidelines about whether motors were allowed... Alien entry 1: Alien entry 2: Thanks for reading! C&C welcome!
  14. Andromedas Gates

    [Challenge 5][Cat A] A Clerical Error

    The organisers of the Games invited the native races of Andromeda to participate in the events. A number of alien races accepted and sent competitors. Unfortunately, there were some errors in the rules that were sent to them. For the Mech Wrestling event, there was a typo in the size limits... Alien Entry 1: Alien Entry 2: Alien Entry 3: Alien Entry 4: Alien Entry 5: Alien Entry 6: Alien Entry 7: Alien Entry 8: Alien Entry 9: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These alien mechs are just to make the numbers up to an even 32 for Cat A. They'll all be entered into the competition with a score of 1, so some of you will get easy first round matches... or suffer very embarrassing defeats
  15. Missing Brick

    Sulaco Loading Bay

    Custom Aliens Minifigs by Matthias: http://www.eurobrick...pic=58464&st=25 Power loader design by Larry Lars
  16. PaddyBricksplitter

    The New Neighbours

    Hi all, Here's an MOC called "The New Neighbours" inspired by american 1950's sc-fi comic covers. I know its a little bit on the dark side but it's winter in Ireland and this is as bright as it gets! Hope you guys like it :)
  17. kofi

    [MOC] alien lands

    Here's my next MOC hope you enjoy! alien lands - outpost by kofi, auf Flickr Edit: Maybe it should be postet in the SiFi forum! Sorry for that!
  18. Missing Brick

    Alien Hive

    Some scenes from James Cameron's Aliens featuring Blacktron's custom figs. I shot these a couple of months back but have only just been able to post here thanks to a trick that restores flickr functionality on old iPads using
  19. car_mp

    [LDD] Minion Aliens

    - USS Sulaco, do you copy? - ..... - USS Sulaco, I think we need more Colonial Marines down here.... and bananas too... A new mix, Aliens and Minions, sorry if I hurt someone´s feelings... "All right, sweethearts, what are you waiting for? Breakfast in bed? Another glorious day in the Corps! A day in the Marine Corps is like a day on the farm. Every meal's a banquet! Every paycheck a fortune! Every formation a parade! I LOVE the Corps!"
  20. Location: Freegate - G02 Tags: Civil, Spaceship, Exploration Continued from last week... After introductions, Callahan turned back to the green man and barked some type of orders. What followed Hannibal surmised was a heated argument, followed by a begrudged acquiescence from the green man. Smoothly and quietly the circular formation lifted to reveal a steep tunnel down. Callahan - "The Merchant Confederation would be honored to open negotiations with one of Octan's executives. I can open a policy guaranteeing your safety for the duration of your visit, with the Octan Corporation and any of your heirs as beneficiaries. You have nothing to fear from us." Hannibal - "I did come down here to explore... "Mercy Brandy, proceed onto your next drop. I'll activate my beacon whenever I'm ready for a pick up. Out." After a longer than expected argument with his assistant, Hannibal follows the green man down the tunnel, flanked by Callahan. Along the way, Hannibal prods for more information about the Merchant Confederacy. Callahan - "We're a loose organization not unlike your corporations. Out here there is little need for such a strictly structured organization, such as yours, and we do not benefit from affiliation with any government. We've developed over time out of a mutual understanding between merchants, their markets, and their customers. We are hopeful to develop such an understanding with Octan, as well." Hannibal - "Without government affiliation, how did you acquire the technology to make the jump through the Gate?" Callahan - "Mr. Hannibal, we didn't come through the Gate. My people have been here for thousands of years. Subjugated as slaves to alien overlords. Experimented on, mutated, engineered. I may look familiar to you, and we are of the same species, but there are galaxies between us." [O - G02] Merchant Confederacy 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Hannibal's stomach sinks again and the tunnel opens up to a hangar full of aliens and humans alike. Immediately in front of him are more green men, but with elaborate red cloaks and golden weapons. Callahan - "These are our hosts. The Emboians of Freegate jealously guard any guests taken under their care, which is why they are not to happy to see you. We've got a lot of people here right now, so outsiders make them nervous." Hannibal - "Yeah, I'm not getting a great vibe from them... Why are so many of your people here as 'guests.'" Callahan - "We won't be here long, what I want to show you will require a short trip, but it will help you understand our situation, and why we need Octan." [O - G02] Merchant Confederacy 2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Hannibal is unnerved by the stares of the hangar full of strange people as they make their way to the small starfighter in front of them. The Emboians are strange, as are the well dressed fish men to his right, but the more human looking aberrations are somehow more distracting. Callahan - "The M.C.S. Gadfly will take us closer to the core. I would have taken you in my own ship but it doesn't have the speed or defenses that this ship can give us, and I couldn't risk your crew following us." They board the Gadfly and leave the hangar with two humans as crew to the ship. Callahan, while open about the make up of his Merchant Confederacy, is reluctant to talk about their destination. C&C appreciated
  21. Location: Freegate - G02 Tags: Civil, Land Vehicle, Spaceship, Exploration While dropping supplies to mining startups on G02, Pilot John Hannibal noticed a strange circular formation on a glacier. Because Cantillon was already headed for the surface with OS-461, Hannibal decided to tag along with the Mercy Brandy's current land speeder to investigate the anomaly. There certainly appeared to be a man-made structure carved out of the ice and Hannibal circled around to get a closer look. When he did, he was "greeted" by some green-faced man, yelling in a foreign tongue orders Hannibal generally understood. Both stayed still, the green man with some sort of pike and Hannibal with a revolver he was not sure if the native had noticed. As the moment tensed, Hannibal caught the shadow of a ship coming overhead. Cantillon should not have the 461 in this sector. Hannibal risked angering the native to radio the Octan pilot. He didn't want to see the native killed, over such a simple misunderstanding. Cantillon - "Hannibal, I'm not in that sector but I'm on my way. Keep your comm open, the Mercy Brandy is coming in overhead." Hannibal stomach sinks. The mysterious ship drops in. The native doesn't move; eyes locked on Hannibal; pike back and ready to fly. [O - G02] Introduction to the Merchant Confederacy 3 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr A door on the far side of the ship opens and the pilot barks something at the native that releases his stance. He appears to be human, but the markings on his ship are neither Kawashita nor M.A.N.T.I.S. The pilot approaches. Hannibal remains silent, keeping the native within his field of vision. [O - G02] Introduction to the Merchant Confederacy 4 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Callahan (the pilot) - "I've called off my man. Please call off your own. They will be overhead soon and I mean you no harm." Hannibal - "OS-461, Mercy Brandy, standby, but keep the airspace clear." Callahan - "Thank you. My name is Bridge Callahan. I represent the shareholders of the Merchant Confederacy. Who might you be?" [O - G02] Introduction to the Merchant Confederacy 5 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr To be continued... The speeder and foliage was used in my Cat. B build, but I figured it wasn't scored so I could reuse it here. C&C greatly appreciated.
  22. LittleJohn

    [M - E02] The Jungles of Jurin II

    Location: E02-Jurin II Tags: Vehicle, Exploration Job: Explorer After delivering my rock samples from Guinevere back to HQ, I was asked to test out the new T4 Jeep in the jungles of Jurin II. I accepted the job. Picked up a few plant samples to take back to Dr.Arvan 'Yrich Arkov's lab, but haven't seen much else of interest so far. Wait.. what was that? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Stay back, I've got a MANTIS™ Death Ray Blaster©, and I know how to use it! The alien stared at me with his baseball size eyes, not moving. I relaxed my grip a little on the Death Ray Blaster©. Just then, I had a brilliant idea; I got out a coil of rope and made a lasso out of it. The alien seemed disturbed by this movement, and started to turn away. I threw before he could get to far though, and hauled back on the rope, to stop his progress. It was then a simple matter to tie him to the back of the T-4 and tow him along behind. Big Sal's gonna love this! A few more pics: More pictures here: Link C&C welcome
  23. After watching a documentary about Puma Punku, I decided to rebuild one of the famous H-Blocks with LEGO-bricks. I tried to build it as small as possible (2x4 brick for comparison) without losing too much of the original measurements/aspect ratio...
  24. Missing Brick

    Aliens: Hadley's Hope Colony

    Scene from James Cameron's 1986 movie 'Aliens' The colony complex looks deserted.... but they still have power. PS. Please check out the Aliens article by Blacktron and I in the latest free issue of HispaBrick magazine:
  25. Missing Brick

    Aliens APC moc

    Scene from James Cameron's 1986 movie 'Aliens': The marines approach the colony complex in the APC. The atmospheric processor glowers in the distance