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Found 26 results

  1. I got a copy of set 76388 - Hogsmeade Village Visit on Saturday the 5th of February from the LEGO Store in my town. It will be heavily modified to fit into my existing setup, with back halves added to the buildings, same as I did to set 10217 - Diagon Alley set and heavily inspired by the style of 10193 - Medieval Market Village (both sets of which I've owned for over a decade now!) for use in my early-to-mid 1900's-town. You can find all those buildings, along with a few more, below. The Leviathan Inn Here are the pictures of "The Leviathan", which is supposed to be a bar / inn of some sort, and was formerly known as "The Three Broomsticks" pub. This building has a newly added back half and revised details on the inside, including more bench seating, a few beds upstairs, steam heat, drink dispenser tap, and a much-needed cash register. Side note: One of the dark green windows is backwards in this picture and has since been rotated into its proper place. The rear of the model. Unlike the revised Candy Shop, this building opens up to 180 degrees, allowing for the building's inside details to be more accessible. The entire rear half is new, along with most of the building's furniture and all the printed parts. Inside on the upper floor is a few beds for weary travelers, with two beds and two chairs. The room also features a steam-heater modeled after the one in the 2008 Modular Building, set 10185 - Green Grocer. The lower floor has tripled it's seating with two more "picnic" benches. I also added a drink tap to the counter beside a cash register. (the latter feature was sorely missing from the original set!) Wonka Candy Shop This is a rebranded Honeydukes from set 76388 - Hogsmeade Visit with a back half to the building and a (NEW) second sales floor added on. The name WONKA will go over the front door in printed 1 x 1 tiles I don't have in LDD, along with quite a few other parts missing from this model. ...and yes, that's supposed to be Willy Wonka standing out front of the shop. Rear view of the building. (Wonka should really look into getting that roof fixed as you can practically see inside the attic!) Also, the building can only open up to 90 degrees for inside access due to the overhanging structure of the roof and a few other items. This store has everything; a wall of Everlasting Gobstopper's in the four flavors, Scrumdidilyumptious bars, Square Candies That Look 'Round, new-formula Fizzy-Lifting drinks, a Wonka chocolate fountain, Exploding Candy (for your enemies), Lollipops of all kinds, and many more items. (Ok, so I didn't design most of the items in here. square candies and the Gobstopper wall are all I added of consequence to the inside. The rest of the sweets are repurposed / duplicated from the set, but they ARE in there.) Octan Gas Station (and 1920's fuel tanker truck) Here is my WIP version of my gas station and early tanker truck. I added a back wall to the building, made it look more late 1920's / early '30's by adding painted wooden siding, and removing the Christmas-time items as were originally installed by the designer. Also, several printed items are missing in this picture that will be added later. (Thanks to my brother who gave me the new 32 x 32 road plate for this project.) The truck was originally from set 10222 - Winter Village Post Office, while the building is inspired by Brick City Depot's Winter Village Gas Station, which you can see at their website. The Captain's Daughter Tavern This English style tavern was built from set 10193 - Medieval Market Village, and expanded by my brother to have an inside staircase and a better chimney. Rear view of this building. The inside of the model features a Frog on the bar (for no real reason), a inside staircase, and a bunch of seating on the second floor. Their is a gumball machine on the second floor at the top of the stairs. Backwash Bros. Saloon This model was inspired by set 79109 - Colby City Showdown from the 2013 Lone Ranger theme. I turned the 1 story bank into a 2 story saloon, complete with two lift-away sections to access the inside. This picture is from 2015, and the "neon" Saloon sign no longer exists. The first floor features the bar with old fashioned cash register, and a staircase to more seating on the second floor. The second floor features more seats and a piano. This level was originally supposed to be a game room, filled with pool tables and poker dealers. Unfortunately, the room never happened as the space constraints left too little space to place figures. The Adventuring Surplus Store This building was originally part of set 10217 - Diagon Alley, specifically Ollivander's wand Shop. I added a rear to the building and redid the interior to have more of an adventure supply / military surplus store. The store is currently owned and run by Bob from LEGO Universe, and features a few items from the game inside. The rear of the store features the back door. The shop only opens 90 degrees instead of 180, due to the roof being in the way. Inside we have weapons of various origins, from deep space to the distant past. Upstairs is the clothing section, with several space suits and battle armor on display. My Sig-Fig's House This building was originally the Blacksmith's shop from set 10193 - Medieval Market Village released back in 2009. I got it in 2011, near the end of it's production run. It has been turned into my mini-figures house, complete with furnished interior. Here is the rear of the house, continuing the wooden patterns from the front. The inside of the building features a couch, bed and a pot bellied stove. Their is a staircase, which was completely missing in the original set. Johnny Thunder's "Adventurers, Inc." Office (and Johnny's car) This Adventurers model was inspired by my original Johnny Thunder office building from 2015. I modified it into a corner building with a tower like in set 10255 - Assembly Square.The building is modular, and comes apart into three sections: roof, second floor and main floor. This model is my actually second tallest creation, as it's shorter than Lord Sam Sinister's Mansion and only slightly taller than my Saloon. The lower floor features a cabinet from set 10228 - Haunted House and a 1920's style ivory phone borrowed from set 10218 - Pet Shop. A hat rack (also from the Pet Shop set) is next to the wall opposite the desk. The far wall features some treasure from Johnny and his friends many adventurers, such as the Golden Shield from "Orient Expedition", a T-Rex tooth from "Dino Island", a trident from the "Quest for Atlantis", the replica hammer of the Thunder god from the "Age of Ragnarok", the helmet of a dwarf from "The Search for Middle Zealand", and many others artifacts. the upper floor features Johnny's bed, a stove, table with root beer bottle, and a radio / record player. This concludes my buildings I've built since 2013 that I still have built, with more to come. A few of these pictures are from 2015 and 2017... but I'll let you guess which ones. Any Questions, complaints, suggestions, etc. are welcome!
  2. Fill 'Er Up! A while back I presented the Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix pictured being unearthed in an elderly farmer’s barn. This time the little Bugatti is ready to be "fueled up" in a period gas station. Back in the twenties gasoline was sold in quite simple shacks, at times they were drugstores, at times they were pharmacies. What it's sure the early gas stations were very different from modernist or art déco ones. Recently Blocks magazine featured my Bugatti in haystack with step by step building instructions (below) and few days ago I uploaded the pics on my flickr photostream. So if you can't buy a classic racecar you can build it from LEGO! Thanks for stopping by!
  3. This building was heavily inspired by a Winter Village MOC by Brick City Depot from who I bought a copy of some instructions from in 2015. (The link to his store's site is here.) I added a back wall to the building, made it look more late 1920's / early '30's by adding painted wooden siding, and removing the Christmas-time items. Also, several items are missing prints in these pictures that would be fixed in real life. Please note: Both these OCTAN models go with my Hogsmeade-style MOCs... and yes, I know that doesn't make sense with Harry Potter cannon. I don't really care, it looks good next to them so thus it stays! The front of the building with the two art-deco gas pumps. The four yellow 1 x 2 tile parts should have warning stripes pointed on them, and the twin pumps should have OCTAN labeling on top as well. This rear portion of the building is new, along with the removable roof section. It's a little crowded inside, with two shelving racks, a service counter w/ cash register, and a printed poster for Radiator Springs on the wall. The gas tanker is a mashup of the truck in set 10222 (Winter Village Post Office) and the one in Indiana Jones set 7683 (Fight on the Flying Wing) and should have OCTAN branding on the sides of the tank. It can seat a single driver figure at the wheel, too. The rear features tank controls and a rubber hose for filling up the gas station's underground tank. Thoughts on this future addition to my expanding small town?

    Pick a Brick City - Gas Station

    New MOC from my Pick a Brick Wall series (Pick a Brick City), a gas station. Went for a retro/modern vibe! Seed part this time was the 1x3 dark green plate.
  5. Kai NRG

    [MOC] Abandoned Gas Station

    I pass several abandoned gas stations on my normal route to the grocery store. Granted, the don't have quite as much lying around. But that's the fun part! First time I've tried drawing a background for a MOC. Fairly happy with how it turned out! The graffiti on the side here was probably the hardest part. Tough to decide on how best to build letters into the wall. In the end, I wanted a curved style with few sharp edges, so I decided to use tiles and let it stick out from the wall. First time I use the pink heart tile. More pictures on my blog, including a WIP shot. Comments and critique welcome!
  6. lightningtiger

    Art Deco Gas Station

    Like I wrote in my latest hardware store topic I had started a side project.....a gas station and here is a progress shot.....will of course more to come so keep watching !
  7. Norton74

    [MOC] Art Déco Gas Station

    Fill 'er up! My latest build is a jump into the glory days of gas stations, when full service and free oil changes were the rule and the local station was a gathering place for neighbors. My brick-built gas station is inspired to the Shell one located in Tucson (Arizona) and it’s packed with every details you’d expect to find. It showcases an elegant Art Déco architecture completed with curved corners, a tower in the middle, a red outline all around the station and the inevitable Shell writing on top. The build is three in one: the diner on the left, the garage/workshop on the right and the fully-equipped store located in the middle of the building. A look at the back of the station reveals the three locations with many details and the different characters. Outside there are two period gas pump with a beautiful Lego shell on top under a curved canopy. All around you can find tanks, signs, tyres and other stuff. To complete the work I've built a red stepside pick-up truck, a tan Hot Rod and a reddish-brown roadster with some troubles (it's housed in the garage indeed). It was on my wishlist long since and finally I've found the time to built it as I had in my mind. I'm sorry for posting my gas station here with a little delay Thanks for stopping by. More pics and info: flickr
  8. Time for a new W-I-P........tease shot first ! Much, much more to come......keep watching !
  9. lightningtiger

    MOC - Modular Gas Station

    Number two in my modular phase of my AFOL life now and it's like the title says "Gas Station". I chose Octan as this is designed to fit in the Lego world, not the real world. The forecourt has two pumps and a tall light post to illuminate the whole forecourt of this gas station. Here in the above image we can see the side entrance near a typical car jack of the period. Shelves will cans of oil and fluids, spare parts in the clear glass counter, rack of tyres (tires) and a battery stand. There will be more modulars of different sizes coming over the next few months. Lego IDEAS link - Modular Gas Station Modular Hardware Store Brick On everyone !
  10. Put a tiger in your tank!* - Part 2 Few days ago I presented the Volkswagen T1 Esso Service that was the first part of my latest MOC. Today I'm happy and proud to show you the second part: a classic Esso gas Station designed in 1953 by Dutch modernist architect Willem Marinus Dudok. My LEGO Dudok Esso gas station has the same features of the real one: an elegant design, a v-shaped roof on both sides, two gas pumps on a dark grey platform, different advertising signs and other stuff. The shop is on the front of the station; a detailed service garage is located at the back. There are a lot of details both outside and inside the building, let's take a look. In the shop you can find a big desk with a vintage phone, a cash register and a architect lamp. A big clock is positioned on the wall close to the shelves where you can see the oil cans and an old radio. Two neon lights and a fan are hung on the ceiling support. The garage at the back features a lot of utensils, advertising signs and other stuff. My VW Type 2 T1 decked up in Esso livery fits perfectly in this scene. Take a look at the Michelin Man (Bibendum)...I love it! The design of Dudok was simple and brilliant simultaneously. According to the mission he received from ESSO Netherlands, the station had to be functional and inexpensive to produce. It was just after World War II and raw materials were scarce. At the same time the road network grew and pumping stations had to be placed anywhere. 112 Dudok Esso stations were placed along the Dutch highways. Below an overview. Below you can see the real Esso station photographed at the National Automobile Museum Collection Louwman (The Netherlands) where was placed in 2004. I built this brand new MOC last winter and I’m particularly fond of it. More pics and info on my flickr photostream. *Put a tiger in your tank! was the Esso slogan during the sixties and seventies. All the best and happy building! Andrea - Norton74
  11. This Retro styled gas station is a throwback to the glory days of the Drive In Theaters, Route 66, tail-fins on cars, & full service every time you fill up. You used to get this with every gasoline purchase: - Check lights - Fill gas tank - Check oil - Washer fluid refill - Check Tire pressure Fast & Friendly service guaranteed! (Now how's that for good customer relations!) The model was originally built in 2012. It was modeled after the 2011 CARS set 8487, (Flo's V8 Cafe) but made larger and without the launcher and car wash. I recently changed the color scheme to OCTAN colors, (red white & green) plus I added a truck of unknown origin from 2014 (I think my brother may originally have built it.) I'm not 100% sure where it came from as it's been on my computer for so long. This gas station has eight retro-style stand-up pumps, and three lanes for cars to sit while pumping gas. As a side note, this part should go where the 2 x 4 x 3 brick is above the door while two of these 1 x 4 tiles should go on the stand-up sign. The model's rear swings open to reveal the the clock, four-flavor soda fountain, and the attendant's desk. Their is also a storage area under the soda fountain. The back of the model features a rear exit. I think my brother may originally have built this truck, but I'm not 100% sure where it came from as it's been on my computer for about three years. The rear of the truck. The driver's doors open, and so do all four storage compartments. The complete LDD file is available here, if you want it. Remember: Comments, Question & Complaints are always welcome! EDIT 1/9/17: added new pictures and an updated ldd file with tanker truck.
  12. Mestari

    [MOC] Fallout: Gas Station Bar

    I would like to present to you my MOC that is part of a larger display that will take place this weekend in Lublin, Poland at Falkon event (fantasy and sci-fi convent). This is a Fallout themed display. A fellow LUG member is building a gas station that will accompany my bar and will sit on the entrance side, where the parking lot is. Here are some other takes of this build: Full gallery is here: I hope you like it :)
  13. Firefighterlucas

    [MOC] Car fire at the gas station.

    Panic at the Octan gas station today. The motor of a car was overheat so it caught fire. The drive left his car just in time and called the fire department. One of the workers at the gas station tried to put the fire out with a fire extinguisher, with no succes. Ather a couple of minutes the police arrived and closed the entrances to the gas station. Afther that the fire department arrived. They extinguished the fire verry quick. The fire was out and a tow truck came to tow the burned car. No injuries were reported at this fire. The car on fire in front of the Gas Station The Fire department arrives. The firefighters attacking the fire. Thanks for watching!
  14. lightningtiger

    Octan Gas Station Accessory Pack

    The latest city gas station set got me thinking, where is there an ATM to get cash, no fridge to buy a carton of milk, etc., so the tiger decided to toss together a few accessories. Here is the whole collection. For starters a display rack of light globes and brake fluid. Anyone for milk and cheese. Finally if you need cash...... I tossed this on Ideas, but support has been lacking a bit. Brick On everyone !
  15. Hi, just finished my model of a 1960ies ARAL gas station. In these days such stations you could found in a lot of small towns in Germany. It's based on old pictures I found in the internet, I hope you can see some of original details in the model. Some more details: After moderation you'll find more pics in my brickshelf gallery. Thanks for watching! ThomaS
  16. Delbaerov

    (LDD MOC) Chevron Gas Station

    A gas station based on the local Chevron + town pantry concept Lego Chevron Station by Andrew Delbaere, on Flickr
  17. Superfunk

    MOC: Modular Shell Gas Station

    Hi everyone I am happy to present my first "big" MOC: A modular Shell gas station. When I got hold of a MISB set 1256 with its huge sticker sheet, I got started. The gas station is 32 x 48 studs big and a corner modular. There is a double gas pump, a vacuum cleaner, a tire inflator, a public phone and a city map. The shop sells everything from motor oil and fire extinguishers to newspapers and flowers. It has also a large choice of beverages and food - you can even get a burger (well, microwaved only, but still)! The neighboring 16 x 32 recycling station module adds the battery for the power functions lights in the roof and the shop. I also built a Scania tanker truck and a small Mini Cooper to go with the station. Comments & suggestions welcome, thanks for looking!
  18. Hello, fellow Eurobrickers! Warning: This is a picture heavy post - and there's a lot of text as well :) I've been much less active over the past months here on the forums than I used to be. The main reason for that is that I've been very, very active in the real world of LEGO fans, having visited nine LEGO events in the last thirteen months. Part of the time, I've also been busy building - mainly for the LEGO Adventure Book, Volume 2. I was very honoured to be asked to participate in Megan Rothrock's first book, which turned out great - I'm very proud of having been a part of that, although my chapter is a little, tiny one with only six pages. It has taken me to events in Germany, Portugal, the UK and the Netherlands that I probably wouldn't have been to - at least not this early in my MOCing days - if it hadn't been for the book, and I have met so many great people (many of whom are active Eurobricks members) as a result of that. So when Megan asked me if I wanted to build something for the second book, I knew I would be stupid not to say yes. But I had to approach the challenge differently than with the first book, because the stuff that ended up in Volume 1 was all stuff that had already been published on my Flickr (apart for the Ace of Spades building instructions, which I made specifically for the book). For Volume 2, Megan wanted me to build something new. And obviously, if you're building something that goes into a book, you want to do your best. I couldn't just repeat what I did for the first book and build some cars. I needed to do something bigger, and that's why I decided to pursue an idea I'd had for a while, but didn't expect to actually be able to turn into reality for a while yet. I had toyed with the idea of building a gas station that would fit into a modular street, but I also wanted it to feature a (removable) parking deck on top and a ramp leading up to it. So I started out in MLCad with a 32x64 stud footprint. Not a good idea. After having built the entire ground floor and the ramp, it looked like this: I was quite happy with it - but then I thought it might be clever to check how it would look with some cars on it. And they didn't fit - they wouldn't be able to make the turn on the ramp, and they wouldn't really be able to get to the pumps. So it was back to the drawing board... This was so much better. I had another idea all along as well - a pet project of mine is, as some of you might know, updating the classic Town sets from the eighties and nineties, and a favourite set of mine from that era (that I didn't have as a kid, but bought right after coming out of my Dark Ages) is 6561, Hot Rod Club. My contribution to book 1 had a strong flavour of hot rods, so it made sense to just let that evolve into book 2 - and therefore I wanted to make an updated Hot Rod Clubhouse to go on top of the parking deck. I also wanted it to be removable so it could stand alone as a separate building, like the old one. And this is what I ended up with. Note that all stickers are official LEGO stickers. Here's a demonstration of the removable floors. The roof of the clubhouse also comes off (not visible in this picture): Some of my favourite details of the gas station: And the clubhouse: That last one is a respectful nod to the old set - the idea is that the hot rod club grew out of their old clubhouse... So, a gas station and a hot rod clubhouse. That's all good and well, but there needs to be some cars to go with it. First, the Gas Guzzler, a hot rod tanker truck. The idea came from those dark blue curved double slopes. I was able to pick up four of them from some building bins at an event in November, and I thought this would be a good way to use them. You can find complete instructions for the Guzzler in book 2. Add to this the hot rods that go with the updated clubhouse - two from set 6561 and, for good measure, set 6538, from the same year. Sweet Yello: Hot Howler: Rebel Roadster: And, for good measure, throw in a vintage car that I did earlier, the Blue Eagle, to be the gas station owner's daily driver (his name is Gus Gazzler, by the way): Complete instructions for this car can also be found in book 2. So there you have it: A modular gas station with a removable parking deck and a hot rod clubhouse, with three hot rods, a vintage car and a hot rod tanker truck - Chapter 3 of the LEGO Adventure Book, Volume 2, coming out in late November. Hope you like it - I'm certainly looking forward to getting my hands on the book to have a closer look at what the other contributors have built. There are some fantastic builders in there that I'm - again - honoured to be allowed to share space with in a book. And, personally, I feel this is my best build ever. Which is of course a very gratifying feeling when that was what I set out to do - and I was rewarded with a lot more pages in the second book :) More pictures of these MOCs can be found in my Service with a Smile photoset on Flickr. Thanks for stopping by! Are / L@go
  19. lightningtiger

    MOC - Roadhouse

    It's been a while since I built a roadhouse for New Mannum and I thought it was about time for one.......I only need to fit it out for signs and fuel bowsers......keep watching !
  20. omerai

    My collection of city MOCs

    Hi everyone. Looking at all these amazing MOCs here at Eurobricks i decided to share my own. This is a collection of city MOCs that i designed over the past few years. All of these models are made in Lego Digital Designer, and are presented with pictures rendered using POV-Ray. I didn't make a lot of pictures as i'm sharing LDD files in which the models can be viewed entirely. Most of the buildings have roofs built in separate sections that can be removed (using "connected selection" tool) to see the interiors. Also note that because of the high brick count, that some of this models have, slower computers might have problems with opening those files. That's it for the introduction.. I hope to insipre people with my work just like i get inspired by others. Train Station - Train Station.lxf Fire Station - Fire Station.lxf Restaurant - Restaurant.lxf Cafe - Cafe.lxf Fast Food Kiosk - Fast Food Kiosk.lxf Ice Cream Kiosk - Ice Cream Kiosk.lxf Gas Station - Gas Station.lxf Bike Shop & Bank - Bike Shop and Bank.lxf
  21. lightningtiger

    Modular Gas Station

    Well after finishing the hardware store I thought I would build something is a w-i-p shot......keep watching !
  22. atkaforce

    Art Deco Gas Station

    Hi to everybody! Here is my gas station. I hope you like it. There is a "short" vesion and an "extended" Unfortunatelly i'm not so good in vehicles so it is bare...:-) As usually a povray picture and the rest is LDD pic. Cheers ArtDecoGAs by atkaforce1, on Flickr ArtDeco by atkaforce1, on Flickr GasStation5 by atkaforce1, on Flickr GasStation4 by atkaforce1, on Flickr GasStation3 by atkaforce1, on Flickr GasStation2 by atkaforce1, on Flickr GasStation1 by atkaforce1, on Flickr ArtDeco_Ex1 by atkaforce1, on Flickr GasStation6 by atkaforce1, on Flickr
  23. Hello Everyone! Welcome to my latest creation: The Gas Station! Check out the pics and enjoy the atmosphere of the 20's and the 30's, the time when gas stations were stylish and spectacular. Before starting to build I have checked several vintage pictures of old gas stations in order to design the MOC that fits the best this age and also the LEGO Town. I hope you'll enjoy my creations (the station and the cars)! For more pictures of my custom vintage designs, please click here:
  24. lightningtiger

    Operation : Legoworld 2014 Octan

    I decided to take a short break from my Aussie country town and start work on some reverse is a w-i-p shot....of course there is more to come so keep watching !
  25. Hi all, this is my Servo Showdown entry, a Shell Art Deco Gas Station. It's part of the Garage Project, too, but since there will probably be some additions there's no "2.0 status" yet. Main thing here is the snotted roof, but since the main problems were solved more or less at the beginning, this was quite a fun build. Interior: Of course there could be some more details, probably there'll be some more wall decoration ... Details: Counter, radiator (probably already existing, but no direct reference), gas pump (already known), tire holder, register, telephone (same as radiator), shelf with oil cans and stuff, gas cans, illuminated fridge. There'll hopefully be some more pics, but for some reason my photoshop does strange things today ... Hope you like it, C&C welcome as usual!