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  1. Thanks! Thank you! I've come up with two styles for drapes (the other one will be in another, non-BOTBS build I'm working on), but I like the simplicity I got with the banners. And high stakes, this is all fair game here!
  2. Turn 01 Has been completed by @NOD! He has added a second house.
  3. KotZ

    Terraversa Peace Talk

    Oleon has sent a letter for diplomatic talks to bring peace to Terraversa.
  4. Robert Perrault, II, Duke of Vitoria, sat down in his office to quickly pen a letter to open diplomatic channels regarding the Terraversan Conflict. He hoped that writing the letter and sending off first before arriving for the talks would give the other nations ample time to read his proposals. To Miro Oldis, L'Olius, Mr. Palma, and those whom represent the various nations involved in this conflict; This is certainly quite a diplomatic challenge we seem to have found ourselves all in out in Terraversa. Nation vs nation is not something any of us wish to see. As we have seen raids and settlements taken. Brigadier des Armées Charles Louis Gabriel stated in his previous letter to you, Archduke Oldis, that this matter must end via peace talks. I myself have seen battle many years ago, and I know the horrors it can inflict. Before this turns into a fullscale war, it is necessary we sit down and discuss our terms. I have been appointed by His Majesty King Philip I to act as the representative for Oleon. Now I must be forthcoming, as otherwise we will snap at each other. My nephew, Emile Perrault, was on this expedition to Terraversa, and I very much would like to see him and his colleagues safely back in Oleander territories, as I'm sure all of you would like for your respective commanders, sailors, and troops. Surely many of you have relatives involved as well. What bloodshed has been spilled is enough, so let us begin discussing terms. 1) An immediate ceasefire between all warring nations on the island of Terraversa. It will do us no good to discuss peace when we have bayonets at each others' throats and musket balls flying over our heads. 2) The current distribution of territory in Terraversa shall remain unchanged. Kings Port, as now held by Oleon, shall remain in our hands. Oleon shall renounce any claim to Pamu or Westface, and these settlements shall remain under Terraversan control. Regarding this, the town of Tanari is outside Pamu or Westfaces zone of control, surrounded by our forces. The position is untenable and the force there is doomed if ordered to go on resisting. Thus, I propose the town pledge loyalty to Oleon, the mayor and local officials may remain in place upon their pledges, any of the garrison wishing to remain may pledge the same oath, those who choose to depart will be granted safe passage to Pamu or Westface. Tell those departing to take the towns coffers with them, our men will help you pack it. This brings me to my second point. 3) Safe transport for all those who wish to emigrate from a region they feel might be hostile to them to one of their choosing. For example, there are many Loyalists who joined forces with Oleon during this engagement spread throughout Terraversa. We hope they are guaranteed safe passage to lands held by Oleon, such as the city of King's Port. You have my word that those who wish to leave King's port for a city more suitable to their political leanings will have the same. This will allow for all nations to have their supporters in their own borders, like with Silthonia and Tanari being traded. 4) All treasure gained throughout this ordeal will be retained by the factions who claimed them. 5) As this negotiation does not fully address our minor conflict with Corrington, we ask that you stay out of that affair, both militarily and diplomatically, as we attempt to open diplomatic negotiations with Corrington to resolve that feud in a way that is agreeable for both parties. If, for some sad reason, a fullscale war does break out between Oleon and Corrington, we wish to not have our treaties with the parties addressed here broken by other nations joining our side or Corrington's. Neutrality from you is desired as we settle our squabble. I hope and do truly believe we will be able to resolve this conflict relatively quickly and without bloodshed. Sincerely, Robert Perrault, II, Duke of Vitoria
  5. KotZ

    [MOC] Strip Club

    Thanks! Glad you enjoy it! I'm glad you like it, thanks!
  6. KotZ

    [MOC] Strip Club

    ... did you get your blocks off? I'm sorry, I had to make the joke. I mean, Stranger Things have happened
  7. Turn 01 has been completed by @Professor Thaum! He has kicked it off with beginning to build a colorful house.
  8. KotZ

    [MOC] Strip Club

    Thanks! That was what I was going for. A lot of places out in the middle of nowhere are more plain, but the trying to make it ritzy but actually being tacky is very true. I just had to try to emulate it.
  9. KotZ

    [MOC] Strip Club

  10. KotZ

    [WIP] Castle of Syndrifel

    Thanks! There's still a long way to go, but it will get there! In retrospect, I probably should be. Al of this is just a picture in my mind that changes every so often, which leads m to the problem I mentioned earlier of trying to figure out what needs to go where. Luckily the exterior walls (while not built fully) are pretty set in stone (ha).
  11. KotZ

    [MOC] Strip Club

    Yes, quite unusual! Thanks! I found that torso and just had to use it, it worked perfectly for me. As for Emmett, don't tell Lucy
  12. KotZ

    [MOC] Strip Club

    Every town needs one, right? Definitely a more "mature" build then I normally do, so continue at your own risk. This was a fun build to do, and challenging. I wanted to do something a little outlandish, similar to the Trap House I made awhile back, and this idea just had me cracking up the entire time I was building. As you can see, we'll start on the outside. I based the outside on a few I had driven past in LA, with the statues out front. This part was probably the most difficult, as I didn't want to jut out too much into the sidewalk, but I didn't want to lose valuable real estate inside for the build. The stonework on the sides are alternating headlight bricks and normal SNOT bricks, to give a little texture and depth. The bouncer performing an ocular pat down on a possible client. The signs, so you know what to expect. The front of the owner's office. The back. Stairs lead up from to the office. The section on the left is the dressing room. Here we see the owner of the joint, his safe, and his black couch. Now to the inside of the club. Here is the stage (with pole), dancer with some clothes on the ground, and two guys "making it rain." The pole is legally attached through SNOT connections. The left has the door to the dressing room. Here is our DJ/emcee calling out the dancers. "And here's Trixie!" Two clients enjoying themselves. The ATM is to the left. A dancer talking to a guy, seeing if he wants to come with her to the VIP room. He seems quite excited. Somehow stud.io doesn't have that torso, so I had to us partmaker to make the decal. Long views of both sides. Here's a dancer coming into the dressing room for her shift. One girl is putting on lipstick before she goes on stage. Here are some lockers for the girls to store their stuff. One of the VIP rooms, with a client getting a lap dance. Top view of the establishment. Enjoy! Comments and criticism are more than welcome!
  13. Thanks! And I can never keep track of the Classes. Thanks! Thanks! I know LDD doesn't have them, unsure about stud.io. I'm currently rendering another build (not related to BotBS), but I'll check when it's all done.
  14. Oleon needs more ships! Similar build to some of my older ships, but trying to take what I've learned (such as making masts in three parts), and just trying some different techniques for the deck railings, as well as some color differences. My last one was tan and black, the rest have either been dark blue and black, or just white with yellow and medium blue. This time I decided to go for white and medium blue, but with some gold accents to help the ship pop. I originally planned on calling her Inflexible, but we already have a ship of that name! Also think this is class 5?