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  1. Wow! That's an amazing build. Congrats to everyone for the win. There's so many cool aspects to this. I think @Silver.Smith's forge realm and @Gideon's ice realm are my favorites.
  2. Very nice! Welcome Ross Fisher to Oleon, the greatest faction.
  3. Kiray takes all the items she found on the shelves. "If anyone wants or needs these, let me know."
  4. Sorry all, real life has been a real kicker this past week. Kiray looks on in a mix of horror and fascination. She looks at the vials on the shelves. "There are some sick people in this world."
  5. Kiray rushes to the Founder's side to help any way she can. "If she can't walk, we'll have to carry her out of here. Vindsval, do you think you could manage if that's the case?"
  6. KotZ

    What did you buy today?

    Not a set, but I got a tattoo today of a Castle minifigure, Benny, a Clone Trooper, and my character in Brethren of the Brick Seas that's essentially my sigfig now.
  7. Kiray stares stunned at the Founder. "Well, good thing we went here first," she mutters to know one in particular. She checks for traps. She then tirects her attention to the faeries, "Have you ever seen vines like this before?"
  8. "I wish we could get to both. The Fey One we absolutely need to rescue. Monk, if you need assistance to hold Rosier, I would go with you, but I fear we will fall before the others arrive."
  9. "Capable? I suppose. It really depends on the job. Some are better suited than others." She then notices the others quarrelling. "If you mean that, then this happens more often than not, though we usually come together." She accepts the loot. Then, she added, "I'll be the first to." She eats her pickled mushroom. "Well, it's definitely pickled, that much I can tell."
  10. "Great work everyone," Kiray says as she checks to see the enemies are actually dead. She then looks to the faeries and tells them, "You guys are good."
  11. Kiray atatcks the golem twice with the crosswbow. If it's dead, she goes for the next available target.
  12. Kiray goes for Dark Druid A twice from the back. "Oh I really hope I don't get knocked out after this."
  13. KotZ

    [OL - A-MCRA] Travels to Terraversa

    Build I: "Sir," Emile shouted as he sprinted up to Hollande. "May I have a word?" "Quickly, Captain," his superior said, "There's quite a bit I need to attend to." "I made contact with a man working for the Huntress, and she wants to meet," Emile replied. "She gave us a time and location. I want, no need your blessing to do this." Hollande thought for a moment. "As you wish." "If I may also ask, would it be wise to bring a gift to them? If we're to work with the Huntress and her people, I think it would put us in good standing if we offered them some coin. Is 100 doubloons fair enough?" "That sounds reasonable, Emile." Hollande turned to go. "One last thing," Emile quickly added in. "The contact we made with is a fairly, uh, interesting fellow. One whom I've dealt with before. He's unsavory, in my own opinion. What do you recommend, sir? I need advice." Holland was silent for many a moment. "Bring glory to Oleon and the RNTC. That's my advice." With that, Hollande walked away to his next order of business. Build II: "Think they'll show?" Emile asked the guard he brought as they set the chest down in the middle of the bombed out building. Emile took in the surroundings. "Seems they haven't gotten around to fixing this one up yet." The guard pushed at a cannonball with his toe. "A little obvious for a secret meeting, no?" "Just keep your wits about you," Emile warned. Then, Emile's old captain stepped into the building, followed by the Huntress. "Emile, the Huntress. Huntress, Captain Emile Perreault." The Huntress looked Emile over. "Captain Perrault. My colleague speaks highly of you." Emile carefully worded his answer, "We're acquainted. I believe I've proven myself to him before." He then gestures to the chest. "And I believe this here proves the committment from us to work with you and your people. 100 doubloons for you as you see fit. Consider it an advance." The Huntress looked in the chest, as did the Captain. When she looked back up at the Oleanders, she gave a warm smile.
  14. Kiray goes for Dark Druid C twice with the crosswbow from the back.
  15. KotZ

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Definitely better than it had any right to be.