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  1. Kiray searches the chest. "Maybe something of note was left?"
  2. What did you buy today?

    I got three First Order Specialists at Toys R Us today on discount. I always hated TRU anyway.
  3. Awesome, we got a scum finally. Now who's the rest? I'll check when I get more time, but I think the doctors votes were generally later in the day.
  4. "Superstition? Or maybe something, or someone, is in there they don't want us to see?" Kiray starts to walk towards the stairs. "LEt's get settled and then check out Room Number Four."
  5. "How not right?" Kiray asks. "Impending ambush? Trap?"
  6. "I don't think they ring a bell to me either. But I want to check out the empty room. I don't know why, but I've got a feeling about that room."
  7. "Not particularly, but you seem like decent, honest folk."
  8. I've been pretty happy with the printing so far in the past year. The details are very good, but MAB hit on the white paint which has always been an issue. Absolutely a local issue. You can easily say the same thing about any store in any business. Luckily, my local LEGO store is well staffed on weekends when kids are running around.
  9. I think your vote doesn't make sense, but I can see your logic behind it.
  10. This is great! Wonderful recreation of bogatyrs!
  11. So asking for a vote tally needs a reason now? I think that's silly. Regarding my vote for Mummy, if it did scare him, cool? At least he's participating in the day now. @LegoMonorailFan If he is the town vig, then yes we definitely need him, but we'll need some sort of evidence for it.
  12. Unvote: The Mummy (Actor Builder) You talked, a little bit, but you talked. So I'll remove my vote. Vote: Gorgonzola (fhommes) You never answered my questions about why you think the kills are how they are, or anyone else's.
  13. "I hope that's not a bad thing, sir," Kiray says as she looks around the room. "Cozy place."
  14. Future Pirates Speculation

    I'd love Islanders sets too, but LEGO won't touch that with a ten foot pole if they know what's good for them. Indiana Jones they had the veil of plausible deniability, and they also removed any icons/symbols that would have been offensive.