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  1. Turn 15 has been completed by NOM! More minifigures have been added, as well as building up the green and purple buildings.
  2. Turn 14 - KOTZ worked more on the purple building and contued the green back building.
  3. Turn 13 - CAPOnBOBS has added a food cart, a cart with a crocodile captured (maybe ready for food, yum fried gator), and has worked more on the purple building.
  4. You're always welcome to join!
  5. KotZ

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Completely agree. There's some sets that when I hopefully go back to build I'll remember the fun memories, but there's stuff that was just not up to snuff compared to now. KKII for example, older Bionicles, some of the older Pirate sets compared tosome of the 2008 sets, etc.
  6. It's a really beautiful building.
  7. Turn 12 by NOD! He added a roof to the back building and some minifigure additions.
  8. And here is Turn 11! We're over halfway there! And if anyone still wants to join in, let me know. I've added a band (not sure why two of them are glowing...) and begun a building on the other side of the street.
  9. KotZ

    1187 The siege of Jerusalem

    Fantastic job! The siege towers are phenomenal.
  10. KotZ

    MOC: Asteroid Bar and Fuel

    Great work! I love how different the spaceships all are.
  11. Turn 10 has been completed by CAPonBOBS! He has added a roof to the stage and a small stand behind.
  12. Congrats, CAP, well deserved!
  13. Everyone has been doing fantastic. Turn 09 has been completed by NOD! He has added more minifigures and has continued work on the back house.
  14. Turn 07 has been completed by CAPonBOBS! - added some more building walls, finished Building 1's roof work facade, details to the stage. Turn 08 has been completed by KotZ - Finished off the back walls of the first two buildings.
  15. KotZ

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    God I would love that.