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  1. "Uh... return?" Varen repeated back. "We'll take Agent Lars back with us, not necessarily whatever..." he waved his hand towards the Thudaal and the tank, "this is." "Intertwined? Like calling to each other from the void or something?"
  2. "Could this possibly be our lost agent, but in a different form? Polaris, you took on a different shape as well."
  3. Oh I can't reveal all my secrets
  4. Season 2, Episode 6. I've been waiting to show this for so long haha.
  5. I’d say we’re like rats and we are everywhere, but we’re not Sea Rats.
  6. “Somethings not right.” Varen keeps his hand close to his rifle, just in case.
  7. Gee, I wonder how that got there... VIVE LE ROI!
  8. "Yeah we need to be slick here."
  9. KotZ

    Ldd vs stud.io

    I think @Guyinaplaguemask was meaning that in digital builds most people use LDD, which I think is inncorrect and most people use Stud.io, in my view. Personally, I prefer LDD and use it for all my base building and basic minifigure posing, but I use stud.io for decals and smaller details unless there is a specific technique LDD doesn't support.. But yes, LDD is not supported anymore (and not for awhile). I hope with LEGO buying bricklink this will lead to better Bricklink/stud.io integration.
  10. "Well this is certainly puzzling," Varen quipped.
  11. "Yeah, when we get back I'll go talk to someone. You've got a good point on the drones. We should completely dismantle them."
  12. I've got this exact issue. I build on my carpet floor a lot, and there's inevitbly hair that gets on the floor, and then they get caught in the pieces and I don't notice until it's too late and then they are stuck there forever.
  13. I myself never had a dark age. I had periods of lull, sure, but that was mainly in college where I didn't have time to build MOCs (I still was doing LDD) and would purchase stuff every now and then, but I was still fairly open about the hobby, and when I was on holiday breaks I'd be building and such, and Christmas and birthdays always brough LEGO from family.. Always checked EB and Brickset everyday. Since graduating college four years ago, the "grey" ages haven't come back. I'm constantly buying sets, building digital and physical stuff, etc. I might be one of the odd ones out in AFOL communities.