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  1. KotZ

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Yup. I thought it was against the rules anyway. Like make a post about your MOC, and throwing the link to the Ideas page is ok at the end, but show off the MOC, just don't say "support this!" especially if it's, in my opinion, lackluster. I think a signature is fine, but I'm not a rulemaker here.
  2. Fantastic work! What a clever build.
  3. Where's the tuba? *fwoom fwoom fwoooooom*
  4. All from Warhammer! I'm having a lot of fun turing these into LEGO. Thanks!
  5. "For the Emperor!" the captain shouted. "For Altdorf! For the Empire!" While wildly innacurate, the Helstorm Rocket Battery was incredibly scary, especially when it hit its target. What's that, Toddy? Some rockets almost hit you? Well maybe you should get out of the way! Here we can see Helstorm Rocket Batteries in the colors of Altdorf being led by an Altdorf Captain. Here we can see a captain with his sword and firearm, ready to lead brave men into battle.
  6. Can't we just make two AI Fabuland figures? This is FabuPunk after all.
  7. KotZ

    Lego Legacy as a Tabletop Game?

    I think this would fit better in the LEGO Media and Gaming subforum. I'm a little confused on what you mean as a tabletop game. Isn't this basically the Heroica game TLG put out a few years ago? If it's about a storyline/quest, we did have on this board the Heroica fantasy RPG and hopefully someday the Heroica 2.0 game, which is leaning towards a sci-fi/fantasy/who knows version of the original. In the RPGs on here, characters are infintely customizable aside from race and class which you choose from the beginning, and class could be changed for the most part. Regarding LEGO Legacy, I enjoy the game, but it's horribly imbalanced and drop rates are atrociously bad. I'm not sure how these would run for a tabletop game.
  8. So I was right! This is Cyberpunk 2077!
  9. KotZ


    Thanks! The neon green was perfect for the gold and brown.
  10. KotZ


    Thanks! I looked at a lot of photos and paintings/drawings of the minis to get as close as I could.
  11. Will this one be delayed to november like Cyberpunk 2077? Either way, count me in.
  12. Yes-yes, kill the manthings with the DOOMWHEEL! For Clan Skryre! I'm a huge fan of the Total War games (I credit them with having instilled in me a love of history... or well "history" from an early age), and I was a bit reluctant to get into the Total War: Warhammer games, but after some convincing of friends about a year or so ago, I've been playing the new ones nonstop. While I love the Empire and Eltharion, I've got a fascination with the Skaven, especially Ikit Claw and his oh so lovely doomrockets, doomwheels, etc. So I did what any other AFOl would do. Design a doomwheel. As you can see below, it's basically a modified 75040: General Grievous' Wheel Bike. I doubled the wheel design, making two wheels instead of one, and had 2x3 plates replace the "center wing" pieces on Grievous' wheel. I then had to modify the parts of the outside wheel, or brown tire really, to be a bit longer, and then also build a bit of an interior to fit a rat/minifigure to control. While some pieces aren't available in the colors shown here, this should be entirely buildable, and playable. For me, if it looks like it could be played with (such as not an Architecure set or similar), it should have some sort of playable element. This one does roll. In theory. So like the Skaven. It works. In theory. And if it doesn't, sacrifice those skavenslaves and nuke the enemy. Neon green comes from the nukes/warpstones/crazy magic the Skaven tap into to crash the moon into the world. Yeah, that happens. Oops, spoilers. Yeah, these ratmen are nuts. What's that, Mr. Witchhunter? You say there are no ratmen? Ok.
  13. KotZ

    Why do you collect LEGO?

    I've met a lot of good people through LEGO, and it's always fun to discuss stuff or work on MOCs together.
  14. Brickshelf is my go to for LEGO stuff. You could also try imgur, especially if you post to Reddit a lot.