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  1. KotZ

    [OL - FB] Letters

    Thanks! It's the lipstick element, 93094. Thanks! Stud.io is VERY reflective!
  2. KotZ

    [OL - FB] Letters

    Thanks! I've seen the paintbrush used like that elsewhere, but I can't remember for the life of me.
  3. I'm still around technically.
  4. While Emile was off across the world, the task of administrative duties in Nouveau Oleandia had fallen to Elise. She had never imagined herself to be writing so many letters. Matters of state, business deals, casual check-ins on aquaintances who were necessary to keep businesses running. Occaisionally a letter from the front would come in, and she would send a return to Emile, but it was difficult.
  5. So excited to see this post! I had a blast at Brickworld and thanks for letting me take part in this absolutely fantastic collab. It was great meeting people I've known online for years and then finally building with them, and this was the build to jump in on! Can't wait for next year!
  6. KotZ

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Heroica Hall

    The doors to the hall open. Varen stumbles in. "My rickety chair still there?" he asks, words slurred slightly. He walks past the notice board, past everyone and right to the bar. "Ah there it is!" The damn broken, rickety stool. Varen grabs it, hits it a few times to get one leg back into place and he sits down on it. "Water please. I really need it." He looks around the hall. "Oh. Sorry. I'm back. I think."
  7. Ok. Wow. This is a long time coming for me to write this. I'm absolutely embarrassed it took me this long to come back to Heroica and leave a party and harm a game like this. There's really no excuse that is acceptable as I made the commitment to be a part of the game and ultimately failed at that. While I logged into EB everyday, I just couldn't mentally check into any of my commitments for a time, be it Heroica, BotBS, or well anything. Luckily I'm doing better so hopefully I can really try to be a part of this again. That being said, I did have fun win this mission that @The Legonater ran. It was really interesting and the interactions were great. I loved how every NPC felt different from each other and how they interacted with the party. Of course in RPGs (and as we saw in Heroica Fantasy), not every NPC interacts with every party member, and you did really well keeping track of all of that. There were a lot of characters to keep track of and you did it flawlessly. Varen interacting with the crew friend felt real as well as all the other Player characters. I really enjoyed playing with everyone while I was active as they all committed to their characters. I think while this was a long quest, I had fun with it. I've just gone back and caught up on everything I missed due to my abscence. The roleplay was my favorite part (still trying to figure out the combat) and you created a really intricate quest storywise which I loved. My one complaint which is due to the system might be the way the combat is. Battles take a long time. I'm not sure if it's because of low activity or complication (and this is not your fault) but it felt like every encounter went to late game Heroica Fantasy levels of time to calculate and figure out what to do. As much as I love this new grid system for tactics, it felt long. Didn't help that I definitely didn't spec Varen well for this quest.
  8. KotZ

    [OL-FB] Show of resolve

    I really like how messy it looks. Great work!
  9. Ah I was there with the EB team! I actually got to meet Phred and chatted with him. Nice guy!
  10. Thanks for the game! I enjoyed it!
  11. KotZ

    EB Members Title Archive

    Second title! "Mark II" due to Brickworld.
  12. KotZ

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I'm not embarrassed to buy. My local LEGO stores recognize me usually. I also just got back from Brickworld and told people why I'm going to Chicago. They thought it was cool. There's a lot more embarrasing things to spend money on. LEGO (even before their recent push into the AFOL market) is not one of them. Anyone who says as an adult you should not buy LEGO has not seen some of the awesome MOCs people make.
  13. Let's get a lynch. Vote: Lt. Arnold (EmersonDAnite)
  14. Heyo we got one! Sad to lose Macdougal though. Cheseelo has some pretty good analysis there. Riley also just has made a reasonable defense. So do we lean towards Arnold for today? As Cheese man mentioned, it's a great place for scum to vote.
  15. Just seeing this now! Excited to be there.