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  1. paupadros

    [MOC] Birds of the World

    Build a collection of birds from around the world! This project recreates the iconic look of three birds from around the world: the European Goldfinch, the Golden-Headed Quetzal from Central and South America and the Lilac-Breasted Roller from southern and eastern Africa. I've created this build for the Bricklink Designer Program Series 4. Go give it a VOTE if you want it to become a real set! European Goldfinch (Carduelis Carduelis) The European Goldfinch is a small bird (12–13 cm – 4.7–5.1 in – long with a wingspan of 21–25 cm (8.3–9.8 in), native to Europe, North Africa and western and central Asia, although it has been introduced to other parts of the globe such as America and Oceania. It has a pretty colour scheme consisting of white, black, red and yellow. Due to the thistle seeds it eats, it is symbolically associated with the crown of thorns. This is why goldfinches are often depicted in Italian Renaissance paintings of the Madonna and Child. I chose this bird because it is the main subject of the famous “The Goldfinch” by Carel Fabritus (1654). Depicted in the model is a male European Goldfinch sitting on a fallen branch in a forest with rocks, foliage, mushrooms and lichen, typical of autumn forests throughout Europe. Golden-Headed Quetzal (Pharomachrus Auriceps) The Golden-Headed Quetzal is a subspecies of the quetzal, a bird native to the forests of Central and South America. It is quite large and has a striking iridescent red, green, black and golden plumage. The Quetzal is very culturally significant for the ancient Maya and Aztecs. Their feathers were considered luxury goods to represent high status and are often seen in the headdresses of the emperors and other costume elements. One of the most significant Aztec gods, Quetzalcóatl, literally translates to “snake with quetzal feathers”. Kukulkan, the Maya equivalent of Quetzalcóatl, has a temple dedicated in its honour in Chichen Itza, which produces the sound of the quetzal with the echo of a clap. The model depicts a male Golden-Headed Quetzal sitting on a tree branch in the rainforest. The jungle floor has a lush green colour and features Amazon Lilies (Urceolina Amazonica). The bird doesn't actually have a golden head, but Lego pieces allow it, so the Golden-Headed Quetzal finally has a shiny head! Lilac-Breasted Roller (Coracias Caudatus) The Lilac-Breasted Roller is a bird that resides in southern and eastern Africa. It is famous for its unique mix of purple, green, blue and brown plumage. They reside in savannas and open woodlands. These birds are carnivores, and eat arthropods and small vertebrates. They are the unofficial national bird of Kenya. The model depicts a Lilac-Breasted Roller perching on a mound of dirt. Behind the model is a small skeleton of one of its victims. This build aims to be an update of the beautiful 21301 Birds, with more detail on the habitats (more in line with the newer 21. I chose culturally significant birds to their respective places of origin and. With this model, I tried to represent three very different birds from around the world, each with their unique history with local cultures, unique colours, sizes and diets. I think I was able to pack a lot with a small piece count and I hope you like this model!
  2. paupadros

    [MOC] Salvador Dali - The Elephants

    Very interesting subject matter and absolutely excellent execution! I wonder how robust it is.
  3. paupadros

    [MOC] London Street

    Thank you so much! I think I captured the essence of the city quite well. Thanks! I think the angle gives it the extra interest that would otherwise be missing. Thank you for all the comments! Sorry for responding close to 3 months late, but greatly appreciated!
  4. paupadros

    [MOC] London Street

    Thank you so much! I'd been to London a week prior to designing this, so I had plenty of source material fresh in my mind, which definitely helped. Thanks! The gap is pretty accidental and a consequence of angling the façade of the Print Shop, but I think it adds something to the whole too ;) Thank you! Means a lot coming from you :)
  5. paupadros

    [MOC] Moon-o-Rail Station

    Love it!! The façade that faces the platform is pretty cool but my favourite part is the platform and the elevated tracks. Reminds me of stations in Vancouver or Japan
  6. paupadros

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    7/10 for me. My favourite part is the mansard roof with the skylights and the dome. The row of white ingots just beneath it is alos very classy. The pediment also seems proportionate. There was an opportunity for nicer or cleverer NPU in the tympanum though i think. The streetscape with the little walled gardens look great and the tree breaks the monotony well. The colour is fine for me, I'm not too fond of the tan frames around the windows (perhaps in white they would have worked with the whole model better). I quite dislike the ares inside the pillars. As someone said earlier, a balcony breaking it up would have helped. Perhaps, the walls on this central section should have been a different colour, so that it stands out as the focal point of the building. I also would have added a white line on the edges of the building to frame it better. In the group pic of the back of the box, it "bleeds" into the Jazz Club. For that building it made less sense, but for a classis/neoclassic building such as this one, it does make sense. Overall quite decent, but seems small for the piece count.
  7. paupadros

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Now it's going to be a disappointment when we finally see it! This looks larger than what I envisioned from the description but we'll see!
  8. paupadros

    [MOC] London Street

    Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like it. It took a little while to get the colour scheme right. I wanted a building in Medium Nougat and another in Tan, as they are overwhelmingly the most predominant colours one tends to see around London. Green and red as the bases were chosen to complement without overwhelming, hence why I chose Sand Green (as opposed to a brigher green) and Dark Red. The angle was the first thing I knew I wanted in the build. It adds that interest that can only be achieved using interesting compostion. Having the maps in the front is a fair criticism. I have them there as it is inspired by the Portobello Map Shop, which has a large stand of old maps in front. I debated removing them, but kept them in the end. Thank you so much! Thanks! It was a bit unexpected, as it got frontpaged almost immediately! Thank you so much for voting, we'll see how it turns out. Absolutely agreed, from the first two series, it was a bit frustrating to see how many of the designs are just gigantic. The intention was always to have a 800-1500 piece model of a full street façade with that British charm. Thank you! Usually my buildings contain quite a lot of chopping and pasting to create a never before seen building. For this, I consciously kept it quite simple and authentic to the source material. Making them "stand out" therefore was quite difficult. So with pretty much every element of the building, there is a familiarity between buildings, but everything changes. Different windows (widths, heights, fences), different brick colour, different cornices...
  9. paupadros

    [MOC] London Street

    "London Street" is my entry for Bricklink Designer Program Series 3. You can check it out there, but I was tremendously busy to post it here and voting is already over. The build depicts a typical street of the British capital. Inspired by the buildings of the neighbourhoods of Soho, Camden and Islington. The model consists of two brick terraced houses set on a fictional street. The ground floor of the buildings have brightly-coloured wooden shopfronts that are common throughout the UK. The buildings are placed at an angle to add interest to the composition of the model. The left building is home to Erling & Sons Flower Shop, boasting an enchanting Sand Green, Tan, and Dark Orange colour palette. It draws loose inspiration from the Golden Eagle tavern on 59 Marylebone Lane. The building on the right is home to Print and Map Shop. It uses a combination of Dark Red and Medium Nougat to replicate some of the more typical terraced homes found all throughout England. The ground floor design takes cues from the Print and Map Shop on Portobello Road. A few extra pics so you can judge it for yourselves:
  10. paupadros

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That looks interesting! Finally another wide modular! I hope they nail the architecture. Surprised how many of you dislike Olive Green given how Parisian Restaurant is probably the most loved model in the entire series. For a Natural History Museum I would have expected a building like the one in Kensington, but excited to see how it will turn out.
  11. paupadros

    [MOC] Florentine Palazzo

    Hello folks! I'm very proud to announce that I've submitted the Florentine Palazzo to the Bricklink Designer Program Series 1! Out of the 375 models submitted, 5 will be selected. Part of the decision will be based on which models get more votes. So, if you'd like to own the Florentine Palazzo, go give it some love!
  12. paupadros

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It's been interesting reading all of your comments and opinions. All in all, I think it's fine. My favourite bit is the 45-degree entrance assembly with the sign. The rest of the Jazz Club is decent, I quite like the window technique as well as the roof techniques. I do feel though that that techniques are more interesting than the result they produce. The blue ground floor is fine for me, sure it would have looked better in another colour, but I don't despise it. The Pizzeria is a big no-no. It looks like the Friends pizzeria but larger. I mean, it's fine for a more fantasy-oriented theme such as Friends, but not for this. Yellow can be well implemented but this isn't it. I like the overhanging plants though :) Overall, a 7 maybe.
  13. paupadros

    [MOC] Florentine Palazzo

    Hi! I recently got the chance to write an article for Brickset about desinging custom modular buildings. In the article, I talk about the whole design process of this model. It encompasses from inspirational images, moodboards, to rouch digital sketches, to failed attempts, to a look into what my digital workflow usually looks like. I hope you will find it interesting and that you can go "oh I don't do this!" or "how come he doesn't do this? It's so useful!". Here's the article! About 2 years ago I also did another article for Brickset about the composition of modular buildings wihich might be of interest to you too ;) Pau
  14. Congrats to the winners! Really great entries and deserved winners. So happy my entry Mission: Lazarus got 5th position (or 4th if you count the joint 2nd place), thank you so much!!
  15. paupadros

    [CaTC] Detection

    Love your entry! It was rather tough to select my votes, but gave one to you. I'm sure that a detective theme is one of those things that has probably been discussed (and dismissed) internally, but I'm convinced that this would be a massive hit. Who doesn't like detectives? And the sets would be full of easter eggs to the brim, with so many self-references. The posibilites are endless here! The builds are very nice too. The manor is the eye-catcher for sure but I'm most impressed with the idea of the bridge set. Instantly recognisable as a setting for a crime and uses just the right amount of pieces. Congrats!