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  1. paupadros

    [MOC] Octan Avenue

    Thank you. I had wanted to do a modular which was not only modular in the floors but that you could repeat indefinitely across a street. Plus, you can change the colours of the model with absolute ease. Thanks
  2. paupadros

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hadn't been here in a little while. Some thoughts: I've worked recently on a Cool Yellow modular. I tried it out and I think it's a little too much on it own. I paired it with Light Royal Blue and they look wonderful. That said, I wouldn't be surprised with another building on the brown realm; we've had DO, AS, CG and Bookshop with at least a brown or nougat coloured building. As for businesses, again based on the ones I've done that Lego hasn't still: Magic Shop, Record Store, Art Gallery, Newspaper Office (don't know how to call it, the place where there are lots of desks and people writing stories), Newspaper Press (with the machinery and all), Model Store, Rug Store ... yeah some are very specific. A bit of a bold prediction for my side: I'm feeling like this year will be the Post Office finally. Most of it is pure gut, but since we got Bookshop with was a historic one they'd never done last year, that's what I'm feeling. Vegas Architecure set?
  3. paupadros

    [MOC] Octan Avenue

    Thank you! I tried everything. As long as they don't come up with a piece that is just the 1/6 brick bit of the bracket, blocking the window is inevitable Thank you! I worked hard to achieve an overall pleasing effect! Really fun to design. Still trying to get my hands on the real set though
  4. paupadros

    [MOC] Octan Avenue

    Thank you Andrew! It's an honour to get such a message from one of the masters!
  5. paupadros

    [MOC] Octan Avenue

    Thanks! It's a really great technique to get compact windows with a frame around them.
  6. paupadros

    [MOC] Octan Avenue

    Thank you! The alley is simply there for compositional purposes. Yes, it adds quite a lot of unnecessary staircases throughout the building, but, ultimately, the important aspect (for me) is the view from the front and not so much the actual practicality of the building. In fact, in all but the ground levels, the stairs and the wall are a single assembly that can be pulled out, meaning that even in the tiniest of rooms, there's plenty of access. You might have a point with the thing about the explicitly calling it a digital build, although I've never really done it. Thanks a lot guys!
  7. paupadros

    [MOC] Octan Avenue

    Octan Avenue, the newest addition to the modular street! I promised myself I would complete a new modular in less than the year it took to complete my previous: Baseplate Alley, but here we are. Exactly another year since my previous model, here’s my eleventh modular: Octan Avenue (yes, I'm simply using a well-known Lego brand as a street name, despite the building having nothing to do with it!) The design of this modular began in Autumn of 2019. On my way to university, every day I would go past a building in Les Rambles in Barcelona that just seemed quite fitting to turn into a modular. While in no way a stunning piece of architecture, the entrance to the Plaça Reial is orthogonal enough for it not to be a nightmare in Lego bricks but has quite an interesting mix of porticos, asymmetrical façades and clearly marked centrepieces in the corners to the middle street. This building reminded me of another similar building from Palma de Mallorca. Again, mirrored façades with an alley in-between. This one, though, with much more adorned Art Nouveau flair. For my model, I kept aspects of both sources of inspiration plus a bit of my own magic. My building has the alley over on one side, simpler window designs and the running portico (like the building in Barcelona) but much more pronounced tower-like elements protruding with very prominent designs on top (like the building in Palma). Building the tops of the towers was remarkably difficult. Because the yellow building naturally has more presence as it has more volume, I needed a spire that would draw attention and finalise the design effectively but not overshadow the blue building. This is why the tower top in the blue building is wider and a tiny bit taller. Hand on heart, I was stuck doing all kinds of spires for both buildings for a good month and a half until the combination of these two worked well. A simple 360º view: ============ Interiors: My focus is always on exteriors and nailing those. Interiors are always the second half of the job. I like coming up with original quirky shops to fill my modular and in this case, they are: Yellow Building: Model Store This one was quite fun to do. The ground level has models of two airplanes: 10226 Sopwith Camel and the one the kid in 10270 Bookshop is playing with (he had to buy it somewhere didn’t he?) The middle level has a model of the recent 10277 Crocodile Locomotive and of my three first modular: Magic Shop, Italian Villa and The Iron Horse (2016). You can find them on my Flickr, Instagram or their respective EB topics. The top level has five more mini-modulars of mine: Sweets & Co, A Summer in Tuscany (2017); Klee Corner, Disco 2000 Vinyl Store (2018) and Baseplate Alley (2019). Blue Building: Rug Store For the blue building, I needed a shop that housed items on its walls as it barely has any floor space. A rug store is ideal. The ground level houses the staircase to the middle floor and a bunch of boxes and items that are little Easter Eggs to official modular. Both the middle and top floors and full of rugs! My personal favourite is the black and white one on the middle floor. Video of the modules flying around and showcase of the interiors: ============ Like I did with my previous model, you can have a look at the 3D model to explore all the little nooks and crannies: Exterior Interiors ============ Thanks for reading through and hope you enjoy this model!
  8. paupadros

    The School of Athens

    Whoa! Sorry guys, I had missed this new batch of comments. I somewhat agree with the first statement. In order to keep it somewhat in reasonable scale and piece count, we had to remove a chunk of the architecture Raphael painted and it results in it losing a bit of its grandeur and charm. As for skipping school... not my thing. I actually enjoy it a lot. Thanks! Thanks you! It was quite daring to do it completely without minifigures. Especially at the beginning, finding a style that worked well was quite hard, but, once we found it, it's a style that's very fun to design. There's some pieces that were used in various figures to achieve some of the poses: the sausage piece, a harpoon piece come to mind. Not using minifigures definitely has the upside of not having to design prints, of being able to skew perspective and of fitting all the characters in the needed space (minifigures are notoriously too wide in proportions).
  9. paupadros

    [MOC] Fine Arts Shop & Newsagent's

    Superb job @Giacinto Consiglio . I personally find some of your other models overall more visually cohesive and striking but it's almost impossible to deny the great aspects of this. Trying to build a full façade in Nougat... that takes some courage! My favourite bits are the ground floor entrace to the newsagent's with the dark green lamposts and window+window pane combo; it looks really smart and the bay window on the middle floor of the building over to the left. I love that! I only wish it continued upward insead of that balcony. The colours of the buildings make them seem a little bit too similar for my liking, but while it creates less contrast that what I usually go for, it creates a totally different effect. I agree, the shaping on the right is exquisite. Awesome job! PD. I've just noticed the minifig legs as chimenys. Genius!
  10. paupadros

    [MOC] Belle époche Modular building

    Really nice! Interesting shaping and colouring and a very imposing overall presence. I really like the smaller details you've put in the roof; especially the transition between the façades and the grey roof: such a commmon piece but one that I almost always avoid from using due to it being rather bulky for that purpose. I also really like the larger windows on the left. I even feel like without them the whole building could look a little crowded with all the varying window shapes and number of smaller windows. The only miss for me is the ground level. It lacks a bit of charisma and feels a little dead. Also the pointly bits are a bit awkward to me. Anyway, this oozes style and inches close to a 10 for me. A stunning building.
  11. paupadros

    [MOC] Erling Records

    Sadly, this project did not make it past the first stage of the contest, so my brother and I have decided to post it as a stand-alone project. Please help us make this a real Lego set! SUPPORT “ERLING RECORDS” HERE
  12. That is actually very good! Out of the MODs of this set, this I think takes the cake. I really like how you’ve changed it of context and the tower really helps it stand out. The lifebuoys as the double OO for FOOD is really cool too
  13. paupadros

    [MOC] St Mark's Campanile

    Mr. @LegoModularFan is finally a count! And @Giacinto Consiglio, a superb build like the complete piazza. Way way better than my version from 2017. The NPU of the wheels is definitely the standout from a Lego point of view but from an artistic one, the proportions and the colours definitely make it work. Amazing job!
  14. paupadros

    [MOC] Erling Records

    Go crate-digging in the most famous record store in town! Hello everyone! This is not actually my MOC but my brother's. I'm so glad I finally managed to turn him (at least temporarily) to the dark side !! Anyway, I helped him around so it also counts. He was super hyped when he saw the "Music to our ears!" contest in Lego Ideas especially by the chance of a proposal becoming a set without the required 10.000 votes. He managed to create two entries in the given timeframe for it: a Jazz Club and this record store. The first entry was more of a warm-up to this second entry which is more refined and better. The main idea was to build a record store in a similar scale to this beautiful build by César Soares, somewhere in the miniland scale. He initially wanted to build it in minifigure scale, but I insisted in this larger, more unique scale to be able to add more details and to have an overall more impressive model. One of my inputs was building the main façade at an angle (for those who know me... who would've thought, right? ). We used the same technique used in the Ideas Friends Central Perk to angle the wedge plates. It works fabulously. Using such a back wall also enabled him to have a full exterior. I think this was such a good idea. The entry is reminiscent of the London Underground entrances by Leslie Green with the nice dark red tiling and blue signage. One of the aspects of the build I personally had most fun was doing the decorations for the posters on the walls. I came up with some of the ideas and puns. Billund Road, City of Brickminster... Erling Records itself... They're super fun. We also put a version of a 1980s Lego advert on the wall outside. Help us turn this idea into an official Lego set! Pau ___ PD: You can also view a full album here:
  15. paupadros

    [MOC] Tintin Moon Rocket

    Thanks a lot @deraven! Most of the times it's not going to be turning so it better look good static too ___________________________________________________________________________ Little update (April 5th 2020) As I promised I would previously, I've made instructions for the rocket. I haven't made instructions for the whole model basically because it is not stable enough for others to build. I would feel guilty if someone built this expecting the most amazing thing ever for then the clouds to fall every couple minutes. The rocket, though, is tough enough and a good standalone model. Free instructions here