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  1. paupadros

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thank you! It definitely has had a major impact. Once you have a good grasp of what has already been done, innovating is much easier. On that second paragraph, I 100% agree. A lot of modulars have great techniques or great colour schemes or great composition, but knitting a great all-round modular is actually pretty hard. Sometimes, your best bet is just to have a couple of buildings in mind as inspiration that have a similar flair and try to knit their feature together. Obviously, there's a "Legoification" that happens along the way, sometimes a direct translation of the actual architecture and sometimes inspired by the pieces themselves. Articles such as these take a lot of time to put together (it's writing, correcting, all the graphic work and for the HispaBrick article, even translating...) but I intend to to articles on specific parts of a modular (i.e. ground levels, cornices...) and maybe another about colour schemes. It's always a bit of a challenge as I'm aware that most of my design choices are not well received by many (especially the bold colour combinations) so I still need to figure out how to put it best so that it doesn't feel so "this is my way and this is the only way" because it's definitely not. I might also do one where I invite other fellow modular designers for some questions. Thanks!
  2. paupadros

    The Essence of Modular Building

    This an excellent post! I'm commenting so others can see it
  3. paupadros

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    If anyone is interested, I wrote an article for Brickset on how Lego achieves good compositions on their modulars and examples of how I use composition for my own models: Btw, (late) happy new year everyone!
  4. paupadros

    [MOC] Jamming Kinetic Sculpture

    Sexy Saide for sure!
  5. paupadros

    [MOC] Jamming Kinetic Sculpture

    Having the foot tapping was kind of just a coincidence. I was getting the strumming to work and just realised I could get the foot to tap along without many more major contraptions. As for Revolution 1, I was just getting bored doing the photoshoot (I did the pictures for Gone Fishing and this model at the same day, which took about three hours in total) and played some music. When shooting the video for this model, Revolution 1 was on and I unconsciously started turning the crank at the same tempo. So, a funny coincidence . As for sound in the video, you know how pesky YouTube and copyrighted music tend to be. The White Album is really good. Favourite song? Thank you! Honestly, as this one is an enclosed box, I bet you could fit it inside somehow.
  6. Jamming is the sister model of Gone Fishing and were meant to be published one day apart but work got in the way . This model has a similar mechanism to Gone Fishing, but also to my Tintin Moon Rocket I built earlier this year: it's basically a camshaft that activates two sliders, one for the hand movement and another for the foot tapping. In the video, you can see how it works exactly. Fun fact, while making the video I was listening to Revolution 1 by The Beatles (despite there being no sound in the final video), and he's playing at the same tempo! You can try to sync them up if you're remarkably bored. Gone Fishing and this model were built simultaneously and out of the two, the former was my favourite in the design stage. From a technical standpoint, Gone Fishing is the more risky design composition-wise and the one with the more daring techniques. That said, once I started building both models, Jamming became my favourite. It's way less dull than it seemed in the computer drawings. Because this is set in a domestic environment, it was much more fun to populate with details. The crystal ball is borrowed from the 2015 Big Bang Theory set, but the plant is an original design I'm really proud of. Same with the guitar, the new 1x1 brackets allow for a really cool guitar design. Hope you like it! Sister model:
  7. paupadros

    [MOC] Gone Fishing Kinetic Sculpture

    Thanks Robert! I'm also very tempted to get Pursuit of Flight if it gets made through the Bricklink programme Definitely! It would detract from the sleek appearance but it could surely work.
  8. Grandfather and grandson on a mission! After seeing my previous kinetic sculptures, I was asked to build a new sculpture for one of my cousins. He and his grandfather are avid fishermen, so I thought I would try to recreate one of their adventures in Lego bricks. For the mechanism of this model, I took one of JK Brickworks' MOCs as inspiration ( I found their original design a bit chunky, so I took the (rather simple) mechanism and built this model around it. Here's a little video of the model in motion: The colour scheme of this model is something I'm really proud of; especially how the Earth Blue sea and the Red boat come together. The composition was a bit tricky as well. Originally, I was going to have both figures sitting, but, not only was it not feasible without extending the boat to canoe lengths, but the composition felt a bit flat. Having the elder figure standing allowed for the shorter boat and for the white of his trousers to spice up the composition a bit more. The seagull was added to balance out the standing figure and as a counterpoint of the engine on the back. Adding the water plants further accented an otherwise rather dull part of the build. To make the water not seem heavy, I left the bottom of the build uncovered, although that led to other major issues in making the whole thing stable (I had to add the front support as it kept falling! ). All in all, this is a very well-rounded build that I'm very proud of! Looking forward to seeing your comments! Have a nice day!
  9. paupadros

    10278 Police Station

    Narrow buildings are a great way to make modulars different. That said, the green one here is pretty bad. I think that windows are the best way of opening up small spaces. Bilbao has a ton of narrow buildings solved with windows I took them as inspiration for a six-wide, the same width as Lego's, but in my humble opinion, made it work a lot better: With that I mean: 1. It's definitely not unrealistic. 2. I think that the green building is the weakest part of the whole model and could've been done better.
  10. paupadros

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It looks so good in the low angle. I'm feeling Psiaki having seen it. What do you think?
  11. paupadros

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It's up on Brickset!
  12. paupadros

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Those are just EB names right? And yeah, Bookshop is an awful name. I'm feeling "Police Headquarters" . We'll see
  13. paupadros

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    My two cents of what I'm seeing: Looks pretty good. I'm really liking the overall first impression. Looks bold and interesting. The composition of the buildings is rather awkward, not sure if in a good way. I think a single side building would have worked better (looks like two 6-wides?) as it's quite hard to get detail in ultra narrow façades. The green building seems to be suffering from a lack of cohesion (green, then brown, then bars for the prison?, plus it's burried miles behind anything else, though that might actually make it a cool unique building. But then also, a higher res image might to wonders (like it did for DD). The building on the left is wonderful: nicely coloured and nicely proportioned and the roof detail looks exceptional. Not sold on the colour scheme, but we'll see. The actual police station looks better than expected. The ground level to me looks like TH 2.0 and the two upper levels work well the the repeating but alternating details; there seems to be some kind of grooving going on under the windows, let's see how it looks in the end. The building looks overall a bit like 123 Sesame Street. It feels a bit stretched, probably because one of its neighbours ss really short and the other is pushed so far back. This is the modular up to now that offers the most architecture. It feels a lot more like a street rather than a building. The architecture here really seems miniaturised, but I bet that if you put this on its own, it would work to give the idea of "this is a city" more than any of the previous buildings. Overall digging it. Not adoring it. But I think that has been the case for every modular since I started looking forward to their releases in 2016. Seems like the most complete since DD. We'll see how they've tackled the back façades and the interiors for a final veredict. Also, nice use of the newish gears in green as bushes. And lacking a figure in my opinion and maybe a dog for the police (again, they might be here but not shown in the image). I don't think this is a Berard design. Seems to me like it is a McVeigh. That billboard is so not Jamie.
  14. paupadros

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I don't know. Looks to me like a multi-building complex on a corner with some pitched roofs on the side? Looks to be mighty tall though.
  15. paupadros

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Going by the description, its sounds like something like this beauty by the one and only @Giacinto Consiglio The "traditional townhouse" you're suggesting makes me think of this other modular of his: or even one of my buildings: Honestly, many of his modulars would easily tick many of the boxes you guys are putting forth.