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  1. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Don't have the Diner nor plan on getting it. I think it's a bland piece of nothingness. Great techniques that add zero, absolutely zero to the entire model. All the others are waaaay better.
  2. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The blue building on DO is a 10-wide. I see no reason for us to see an even skinnier modular in the future. I mean, 8-wide is perfectly feasible, and as a filler of another building, a 6-wide is also a fun idea to toy with. Then again it would be great to see a modular not have the usual squarish shape. I have added 45-degree cut outs to some of my modulars and it looks phenomenal in most cases. A curved wall would also be an interesting idea to play. This and Piazza Maria made me take up modulars as the main subject of my MOCs
  3. Inspirational Modular and Non-Modular Building MOCs

    Thanks! No, I don't often build any of my MOCs, they're weird odd stuff I do in LDD. When I say LDD isn't handy I mean that it doesn't at all say if some pieces are available in certain colours. For that purpose, is much better. But I prefer LDD for its ease and enjoyment I get when designing. For rendering with Blender, I use Mecabricks, though I find its way of working strange. You can easily convert from LDD to all the other CAD softwares, so it's more fun and easy to use and more versatile than others. For specific purposes (mostly building in real life) is preferrable.
  4. Inspirational Modular and Non-Modular Building MOCs

    Here in Europe we're bombarded daily with amazing architecture, so even without internet you could build anything amazing. Many others have said their word on @LegoModularFan's other topic Modular and Non-Modular Building MOCs - Knowledge and Experience Sharing. I've been building modulars for about two years, but it was nevertheless interesting and informative. For me, personally, it's an idea, concept or purpose that I want the building to serve. I mean, an overall feeing I want when others react to it (myself included!). Needless to say, my inspiration comes from real architecture -like every other modular builder's-, so have a good look around at architecture that excites you. May that be, Gothic palaces, concrete brutalist buildings or beach shacks! Don't try to copy a building, it's bound to look oddly different. I draw sketches. Sparsely think about shapes and colour schemes, then for LDD (LDD is horrifying if you really want to build your modular, but for making things easily it's perfect). I love adding indents and smaller hidden sections - flat façades are soooooooo boring to build and to behold! Try stuff, copy other designs if you wish. Copying is great learning! What in a picture may look obvious, once in LDD you start wondering... How did he/she do that!? Think outside the box. What is something Lego would never sell? Sometimes I start making tenths and tenths of rooflines (must say they're my favourite part of making a modular!) until one stands out. Being good is not enough. Everthing you design is yours, and exclusively yours. No-one else knows about it. Only you know its odd intricacies. Many modulars are crap (mostly due to bad colourings and boring shaping), some are good - those you look and enjoy, but have not much deep thought behind them. I tell you, unpassionate subject is so easy to detect! . But every couple months, one or two modulars shop up that are BRILLIANT. They're charismatic, well thought out, nicely coloured, have intricate façades. Overall, they have that "official" look that hovers over them. To sum up, build something that is dear to you, put love in every detail (the best details are always the ones nobody sees and only you know about! ), take a look at other buildings and turn the picture in your mind into something your eyes can see.
  5. Inspirational Modular and Non-Modular Building MOCs

    That's why you started that topic, I guess. If you keep the enthusiasm of both topics in your modulars, you'll succeed, regardless of concept, colours or anything, in fact. Usually modulars come about seeing things in real life or in movies and wanting to make them, have you got any idea yet? Aside from it being Art-Nouveau, of course! If you have any doubts while making it, just write it up, we'll all kindly answer. On little tip, one thing that most the time goes unnoticed, but is VITAL in a model are sizes. It's funny, because out of all my modulars, they're the only thing that I placed at minute one and never ever change. Of course, even numbers work the best (for walling and flooring of upper floors). Another thing I'd say right around the beginning is place many corners, little corridors, romantic places and hideaways. Not only they look brilliant when finished, but help keeping you cheered up while imagining what sorts of things you could place there when there's yet nothing. Oh, and 32x32 modulars are the most fun. Looking forward to seeing your models, when they come together!
  6. Inspirational Modular and Non-Modular Building MOCs

    All three brilliant! The Gallery has an extremely complex structure, but less of an interesting colour scheme and the Tudor Style Photographer's is just brilliant all way round!
  7. [MOC] A new shop in spring

    Ah! Looks like you even listened to what I said! A full road of pastel 16-wides! Nice colouring and detailing. The roof is awesome, though! It's funny, because that Simpson's House MOD (guessing) is starting to look so out-of-place!
  8. Inspirational Modular and Non-Modular Building MOCs

    Awesome topic @LegoModularFan once again! Hope to learn from this one a whole bunch! That Market Street looks wonderful! It's funny, because Alex (Brickenberg) has this great idea of the Pedestrian street, but has yet to make an amazing modular for the concept. I agree, the blue building is by far the best of the three. That is so lovely! I always aim for a clear idea to be transmitted (clear spacings, shaping...), but hid behind scaffoldings of thundeous colour or over-the-top detailing. My Italian Villa was inspired by it . About AS, me too! I, for some reason got hopes high we would get a yellow building
  9. 17 : 10 26 : 6 2 : 4 5 : 3 9 : 2 10 : 1
  10. [MOC] A Summer In Tuscany

    You're welcome Alexander! Here in Eurobricks we're just to cool to use :) <-these, so we use our own: or if you're so mesmerised of amazingness you can have this one (my favourite!). Thanks for the compliments!
  11. [MOC] A Summer In Tuscany

    Glad you like it now! About the square, It would be preferable if I didn't build anything deeped than 32 studs, and a good square would require much more space than that. As a project on a table, sure! Something in the lines of @snaillad's awesome "Piazza Maria" I think you mean would totally work. In fact, I'm suspicious Jamie had a little look at that before making Assembly Square...
  12. MOC, Modular Building: Cozy Pub

    Undeniably good. The whole package works great here, expecially the roof windows.
  13. [MOC] A Summer In Tuscany

    Thanks a lot! That's what I was aiming for! Thank you! I try to be somewhat unexpected whenever trying something new. Construcive criticism is a great way of learning. About the windows, I think they're what they give that warm look. The windows are the eyes of a building, so changing them now would be awkward. That said, I see no difference in the premade windows you've mentioned and mine. Both are frames with things to silde in. The lip underneath the window is totally not part of it either. Maybe it's the missing indention that are bothering you or the premade shutters, not sure. I like mine, but your suggestions are nice as well. That does have a reason. I tried detailing a little further those windows, but everything I tried detoured from the idea I had in my head. The more I added, the less "current italian" and more "run down Barroque thing they have in Sicily" it turned, so just left it as it was. On the MS+ASIT+S&C picture down below, this building looks surprisingly similar to Italian Villa. Would be interesting, may try that. That's the idea! If you're thirsty one of the famous Giolitti Gelati might help (indeed a real gelatteria in Rome! . The best one, by the way, their cream is just insanely good) And thanks to evenyone else for the kind comments, took a long time to make, so I'm really grateful!
  14. [MOC] A Summer In Tuscany

    Thanks! No, I haven't built it, but out of all of mine, I think it's the most plausible ie. has the least amount of bricks in unexisting colours. Thanks a lot! Would hurt on the wallet though...
  15. [MOC] A Summer In Tuscany

    Thanks a lot! In fact, the angled wall just came like rain, I was playing around in LDD (had the sizes of the first building already figured out) and was trying the second building. A gap was left and thought... Well... Wouldn't it be wonderful if a 45-degree wall just magically snuck there? And it did! Now you mention the rooftop detailing, the one in the left building is supposed to be a metaphorical prision. The feathers representing the prison bars and the dark orange roof the imprisoned subject matter. All very Shakespearean.