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  1. paupadros

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I love cars and, for some reason, have xero interest in seeing them in modulars PR is almost as deep as DD and doesn't have a car. From personal experience, I can tell you that it's very easy to go over the 2200-2500 piece range, even as much as 4000 pieces in a single 32x32 just in adding small detailing. Nice to see you back!! As always, teasing with us. My first thought was promo for the Creator Expert large vehicle. But if like this year with the Mustang, it's in March, that's also unlikely. Maybe for 2021 modular? Honestly, it sounds like that flower cart polybag they did for DO in 2015. A complement that works well in any modular.
  2. paupadros

    [MOC] Windmill

    I couldn't be able to say nasty words even if I wanted! This is a perfect model, beautiful to look at, nicely detailed all around and especially superb shaping. I really like the cone at the first grey bit on top of the tan house and the integration of the windows there, amazing! Very very hard to point out something that feels off, so I just won't I like the use of the fully-studded finish on the model, it gives it that great "it looks real, but it has that Lego charm to it". In that aspect, it reminds me of @Pate-keetongu's house from New Century Corner II, but better overall and put in a more fitting context. Congrats!
  3. paupadros

    Brick house moc

    You could keep the whole wall of bricks for the exterior and add the clip inside (I mean, maybe a parallel clip attachment a brick further inside.
  4. paupadros

    [MOC] Lion Pub

    Great model! Needless to say that the interior detailing is superb. It’s also true that its kind of hard to really go wrong with it, but it really does capture the atmosphere of a crowded pub. I’m a big fan of what you’ve done architecturally in the ground level. It’s something I also often do in my own modulars, pulling the ground level that extra stud or two to give it all that plus of charisma. I think the black works wonders for that area. The rest of the design screams less “British” to me personally, but that’s coming from someone who has not put two feet on english land for a little while. The roofline is a bit over-the-top, but who cares, really it looks jarring and fun and good anyways. You took me back to Temple Bar for a minute or two with this cool build!
  5. paupadros

    Brick house moc

    Cool idea! Seeing the updates you’ve done over at Ideas, I can’t help but flinch when seeing the Technic brick to 1x1 SNOT brick attachment. Not only half-illegal due to the difference in height of the placement of the SNOT bit and the Technic hole and on the 1x1 brick but also bizarre when there’s better options. Maybe a bar to clip would work better Anyway, cool design.
  6. paupadros

    [MOC] Baseplate Alley

    Thank you @koalayummies, it means a lot coming from you. I was really trying to go further with what a modular could be. I’ve been doing that from the past two years but this model is the one that pushes it furthest and best. I started with 45-degree façades (Sweets & Co., A Summer in Tuscany), then I tried curved façades (Klee Corner, Disco 2000 Vinyl Store), which I never got to entirely work in a completely modular fashion and now this. I believe this is the basis for any modular. One can any two building using this same format; it’s quite flexible. Everything here is detailled and thought with extreme care. I also really like how the striped model turned out. It was a colour scheme I had hanging around for a little while in my little library (alongside blue+orange of the other building) that I took out for a walk in this model. Colours and shapes work as one, which is what you always want. I’m aslo a big fan of having the ground floors be completely different to what’s on top, this way you can have almost two façades in a single building. The windows and the lamps were inspired by a building in Berlin and Earth Blue is a subtle enough colour not to overshadow the striped façade but to give a little bit of personality to that area of the model. I really like how both ground floors (the earth blue and the black one) are basically the same but with subtly different details: windows are mirrored from one to the other, one used chees slopes, the other one uses the new 1x1 bow pieces. The side and the back area, as you mention, were necessary to give the model some breathing space. Imagine it all being blue! It was inspired by Lego’s own DD, only the transition being more abrupt here. Sometimes I overthink the buildings, so it was refreshing to just go around building that side area with almost no SNOT (I was kinda sick of so much SNOT in the other two façades) with medium nougat and flame yellow as my only two colours. I think it works as a side façade, but it might be lacking the charisma to be the visible face of the model. I also really like the ventilation shaft/open area/patio in the middle of the building. It allowed me to divide the interiors without using any extra walls in two rooms and it shrank the interior spaces that I always struggle with. Thanks a lot!!
  7. paupadros

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been longing for a good European modular for two years. Ornated windows, gables, piteched roofs maybe...
  8. paupadros


    “It also didn’t hurt that I have spent quite a bit of my time inside British pubs over the years” I agree with what you say about the humour in the sets, I also try to put it in myself. Super cool feature!
  9. paupadros

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think it will be another unusual combo. If they’re sticking with American, I bet they’ll go for records store; nothing quite like it in the previous fourteen models and opens up oportunities for great detailing. For me, as I bet for many, the exterior architecture is everything. Yes, if the interiors feel bad/kinda lazy (looking at you CG ), it’s definitely something I dislike, but if the model feels architecturally boring, badly coloured or (again looking at you CG ) the architecture seems infantile; lacking all the realistic but at the same time fantasy-flavoured Jamie designs, or even the DD, it’s a complete no no for me.
  10. paupadros


    Great model! There’s lots of interesting things to point out that made me go “wow, that’s great!”. Firstly, the layout of the model. I’ve personally never seen a building with this shape in real life, but maybe they’re popular in the north side of Europe. Anyway, I think it’s quite daring and that is works well. Secondly, how the hell have you crammed so much in so little space! As for details go, I really like the red staircase leading upstairs, the blue awnings and the covered up arches in the bottommost part of the building (sewer arches I guess, really cool!) I’m not a huge fan of the colours, especially using tan as a colour to frame it all together and for the windows of the blue towers. When designing myself modulars, I always end up (I don’t know why) using super bold, insanely highly contrasted colours. Your work is usually the opposite, more traditional architecture and more muted colours, but I anyway like it. I think it lacks a bit of consistence throughout, the eyes are a bit lost when they get to the sand green façades; very prominent tan horizontal striping and missing vertical striping. I think that the building looks a bit smaller due to this small issue. Anyway, a superb model.
  11. Glad it worked! I knew it was possible but I'd never used it myself
  12. I think you can do that through Rebrickable, but I don't know if you can upload files there.
  13. paupadros

    [MOC] Baseplate Alley

    Thanks! Thanks a lot @peedeejay! Means a lot coming from such a good builder. I think that my models ofen fall for many people at the "it's great but why did he have to do this/do that!". I think that with this one I've achieved a balanced modular that is just on the verge of craziness, besides the inevitable colour choices (it's not something I even strive for, I just build this way!), the rest follows some logical rules. The detailing is never over-the-top and doesn't detract from the building, the colours are located in single areas and not splattered around the model. I think that the issue with some of my previous models was over-texturing, but also changing the render engine creates bigger differences between the lit-up and the darkened areas, so everything seems more polished here. Again, thanks a lot!
  14. Great model with what you had to work with! Especially the whole right section with the terrace and the red roofs, but the little tower also looks proper and makes it fit with the modular street well. Of course, if you had gone full adaptation to modular format, it would have worked better (with baseplate and sidewalk) but it looks fine too Reminds me of aa modular by @Giacinto Consiglio, let me find it I really like it! And it maintains the spirit of the original too.
  15. paupadros

    [MOC] Baseplate Alley

    Well... This model has been featured on The Brothers Brick! They already featured my brother's School of Athens earlier this summer, but this is an extremely pleasant surprise.