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  1. paupadros

    [MOC] Fine Arts Shop & Newsagent's

    Superb job @Giacinto Consiglio . I personally find some of your other models overall more visually cohesive and striking but it's almost impossible to deny the great aspects of this. Trying to build a full façade in Nougat... that takes some courage! My favourite bits are the ground floor entrace to the newsagent's with the dark green lamposts and window+window pane combo; it looks really smart and the bay window on the middle floor of the building over to the left. I love that! I only wish it continued upward insead of that balcony. The colours of the buildings make them seem a little bit too similar for my liking, but while it creates less contrast that what I usually go for, it creates a totally different effect. I agree, the shaping on the right is exquisite. Awesome job! PD. I've just noticed the minifig legs as chimenys. Genius!
  2. paupadros

    [MOC] Belle époche Modular building

    Really nice! Interesting shaping and colouring and a very imposing overall presence. I really like the smaller details you've put in the roof; especially the transition between the façades and the grey roof: such a commmon piece but one that I almost always avoid from using due to it being rather bulky for that purpose. I also really like the larger windows on the left. I even feel like without them the whole building could look a little crowded with all the varying window shapes and number of smaller windows. The only miss for me is the ground level. It lacks a bit of charisma and feels a little dead. Also the pointly bits are a bit awkward to me. Anyway, this oozes style and inches close to a 10 for me. A stunning building.
  3. paupadros

    [MOC] Erling Records

    Sadly, this project did not make it past the first stage of the contest, so my brother and I have decided to post it as a stand-alone project. Please help us make this a real Lego set! SUPPORT “ERLING RECORDS” HERE
  4. That is actually very good! Out of the MODs of this set, this I think takes the cake. I really like how you’ve changed it of context and the tower really helps it stand out. The lifebuoys as the double OO for FOOD is really cool too
  5. paupadros

    [MOC] St Mark's Campanile

    Mr. @LegoModularFan is finally a count! And @Giacinto Consiglio, a superb build like the complete piazza. Way way better than my version from 2017. The NPU of the wheels is definitely the standout from a Lego point of view but from an artistic one, the proportions and the colours definitely make it work. Amazing job!
  6. paupadros

    [MOC] Erling Records

    Go crate-digging in the most famous record store in town! Hello everyone! This is not actually my MOC but my brother's. I'm so glad I finally managed to turn him (at least temporarily) to the dark side !! Anyway, I helped him around so it also counts. He was super hyped when he saw the "Music to our ears!" contest in Lego Ideas especially by the chance of a proposal becoming a set without the required 10.000 votes. He managed to create two entries in the given timeframe for it: a Jazz Club and this record store. The first entry was more of a warm-up to this second entry which is more refined and better. The main idea was to build a record store in a similar scale to this beautiful build by César Soares, somewhere in the miniland scale. He initially wanted to build it in minifigure scale, but I insisted in this larger, more unique scale to be able to add more details and to have an overall more impressive model. One of my inputs was building the main façade at an angle (for those who know me... who would've thought, right? ). We used the same technique used in the Ideas Friends Central Perk to angle the wedge plates. It works fabulously. Using such a back wall also enabled him to have a full exterior. I think this was such a good idea. The entry is reminiscent of the London Underground entrances by Leslie Green with the nice dark red tiling and blue signage. One of the aspects of the build I personally had most fun was doing the decorations for the posters on the walls. I came up with some of the ideas and puns. Billund Road, City of Brickminster... Erling Records itself... They're super fun. We also put a version of a 1980s Lego advert on the wall outside. Help us turn this idea into an official Lego set! Pau ___ PD: You can also view a full album here:
  7. paupadros

    [MOC] Tintin Moon Rocket

    Thanks a lot @deraven! Most of the times it's not going to be turning so it better look good static too ___________________________________________________________________________ Little update (April 5th 2020) As I promised I would previously, I've made instructions for the rocket. I haven't made instructions for the whole model basically because it is not stable enough for others to build. I would feel guilty if someone built this expecting the most amazing thing ever for then the clouds to fall every couple minutes. The rocket, though, is tough enough and a good standalone model. Free instructions here
  8. paupadros

    [MOC] Tintin Moon Rocket

    Or like what Haddock in our version said: "llamp de rellamps!" Thank you! Thanks! Thanks Nathan. It was hard to get it to work properly and is rather flimsly even at the most refined state I could get it work. Thanks a lot!
  9. paupadros

    [MOC] Tintin Moon Rocket

    10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ignition! Tintin needs no introduction really. Created by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi (Hergé), Tintin is a reporter and adventurer who travels the world in search of adventure and stories. Over the course of the 20th century, Hergé drew a series of 24 comic books with Tintin as the protagonist. Two of the most fascinating are Objective: Moon (Objectif: Lune) and Explorers on the Moon (On a marché sur la Lune) which in the early 1950s showed what a Moon mission could look like, something that would not become a reality until some fifteen years later. One of the key elements of these albums was the rocket to the moon: the red-and-white V2-inspired machine is one that has captured the imagination of many (including me, of course ) Here's a little video of my rocket in motion: I tried to make the rocket itself move upwards, but I couldn't find a proper way of doing so without intersecting with the already moving clouds of smoke or destabilising the whole model. Truth be told, the clouds are pretty weak and as much as I would love to make instructions for the whole model, it's just way too flimsy for my lax standards to even approve. I'm planning though on making instructions for the rocket alone with a simple base, which is definitely secure enough. And pretty cheap too: I think it was somewhere along the 270-piece mark. This origniated from my father, who is huge Tintin fan. For his birthday earlier this March, I gifted him this kinetic sculpture of the famous rocket lifting off. The clouds of smoke move thanks to two simple camshafts, creating the illusion of the rocket really lifting off. Most are positioned parallel to one another except for the second-to-last row which is angled to give some more interest to the model. You can find a complete album on my Flickr and on my Instagram.
  10. paupadros

    [WIP] [MOC] "Midiopolis" [Midiscale Modulars]

    The cinema looks really awesome! It would be interesting to see how it’d translate to a full-scale modular
  11. paupadros

    [MOC] DownTown CityCenter

    Superb build! The shapes of the three buildings combine very well. The colours also help sell the overall effect. The building on the left especially has colour and shape well resolved. And liking those binoculars as detail! . The middle black and grey building works fabulously to separate the other building. I should try to build a black building sometime. And, finally, the building over to the right constrasts well with the orange one on the left both in shapes and colours, creating a beautiful effect. But those minifig legs! Please! Anyway, great model. It really ticks all the boxes: colours, shapes and details. I especially like the way you’ve done the windows. Loving it!
  12. paupadros

    [MOC] Once upon a book

    Amazing job. It's one of those modulars that is a little bit deceptive. I honestly thought it was much bigger than it actually seems to be, like @snaillad Piazza Maria scale The colours work really well, the shapes work together nicely and I like how you've pulled off the bookshop entrance. I did something similar for one of my modulars a little while ago, but yours looks better.
  13. Interesting! I'm really glad he got involved in the makings of LEGO Architecutre, it's pretty much one of the few themes the sets of which I look forward to seeing every year. I missed out on the architect-centered buildings of the beginning and sincerely doubt we're seeing another Robie House at this point I really like your website!
  14. paupadros

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I strongly agree. For me, building 32-wides is really difficult. I remember when building my first modular MOC, Magic Shop, that I just didn't know how to fill the 32 studs on the ground level. More windows!? Arches!? . And mine was not as tall as TH or FB but thanks to its pointed tip and smaller windows on the top floors, I managed to make it seem bigger using forced perspective. That said, that was the first and last full flat façade modular. From then on, I either made the buildings have some variation (façades with protruding bits or curves) or straight out built two or more structures on each baseplate. Plus, completely on a personal note, the fact that a building occupies the full baseplate, takes away from us builders lots of tricks to make the buildings seem unique (eg. using a side façade to create extra depth, usign various buildings to complement one another...