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  1. paupadros

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I strongly agree. For me, building 32-wides is really difficult. I remember when building my first modular MOC, Magic Shop, that I just didn't know how to fill the 32 studs on the ground level. More windows!? Arches!? . And mine was not as tall as TH or FB but thanks to its pointed tip and smaller windows on the top floors, I managed to make it seem bigger using forced perspective. That said, that was the first and last full flat façade modular. From then on, I either made the buildings have some variation (façades with protruding bits or curves) or straight out built two or more structures on each baseplate. Plus, completely on a personal note, the fact that a building occupies the full baseplate, takes away from us builders lots of tricks to make the buildings seem unique (eg. using a side façade to create extra depth, usign various buildings to complement one another...
  2. paupadros

    [MOC] Kv. Öfvre Garnisonen

    I really like this. I was a bit skeptical when I saw your previous Corner Towe House, but I'm becoming quite a fan of your style.
  3. paupadros

    Eurobricks Modular MOC of the Year

    The voting period has closed! What a last-minute turnaround! Final stats: 55 people have voted, leaving a total of 165 votes to the poll. Without futher ado... the best modular MOC of 2019 posted on Eurobricks is.... Bricks & Blooms by @Bricked1980 With a total of 17 votes, being one of their choices by 30.9% of the voters. Second place goes to the winner up until very few hours ago.... Clock Tower Square by @Giacinto Consiglio With a total of 15 votes, being one of their choices by 27.3% of the voters. Completing the podium, albeit at quite a distance from the top two entries.... Doughnut Shop by @ExeSandbox With a total of 9 votes, being one of their choices by 16.4% of the voters. Almost in the top 3 were... 4th: Modern Library by @lookl at 8 votes. Sharing 5th: A French Police Station by @jalemac34 and Brick Town Police Station by @Bricked1980 See the full results here! Congratulations to the winners and thank you for participating!
  4. paupadros

    Eurobricks Modular MOC of the Year

    For the own creators to decide whether their model is a modular or not? That doesn't sound unreasonable at all. I don't know how to pin topics though. I'll look into it. Thanks for voting! Let's see tomorrow, when votes will close
  5. paupadros

    Eurobricks Modular MOC of the Year

    28 responses so far! Clock Tower Square by @Giacinto Consiglio is number one two votes ahead of both Doughnut Shop by @ExeSandbox and A French Police Station by @jalemac34 ! Still up until Saturday to cast your votes.
  6. paupadros

    [MOC] Apple Square Research Center

    This is in every single way astonishing. I have the feeling that saying too much about it would ruin it.
  7. paupadros

    Eurobricks Modular MOC of the Year

    We were pretty darn aware of the misuse of the term "modular". If you had taken the time to read the first replies to this post, some of the other wonderful people of the forum mentioned that discerning what fits into the modular catoegory and what doesn't kind of was an arbitrary line to darw. We therefore chose to showcase all the buildings compatible with Lego modulars in terms of scale and less extensively, theme. Don't vote, fine, but mocking our work honestly downgrades yours. Cheers!
  8. paupadros

    Eurobricks Modular MOC of the Year

    The day has come everyone! I've decided to keep it to "Best modular MOC posted on 2019 on EB" and have gone without the other proposed categories mainly because those required some kind of shortlist of nominees and choosing one myself would kind of be completely biased. So... I've put together a simple one-question Google poll (with images and all!) where you choose your three picks for the year (don't vote your own modulars please...). Let's see who wins! I think we should determine a strict deadline of when voting period ends (I propose Saturday 11th 2020) VOTE HERE!!
  9. paupadros

    Telephone building Modular

    Translates very well to Lego. Builds like this make one really understand how far Lego has come. Superb!
  10. paupadros

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    Wow! Nice model. Literally first thing that came to mind were also @Giacinto Consiglio‘s designs. I personally never buy sets on day one, and this one won’t break the rule, but what a step up from CG! The teal townhouse is not entirely to my liking, but it feels whole, it feels detailled. The hole of the arches is a bit weird and could have been solved using different techniques to achieve that area. Some areas do feels a bit Friends and I’m not too fond of the roof texture. I really like how both buildings interact: sloping roofs, one set more forward, the curving staricase. I’ve spent a little while working out how to make buildings interacty and these really do. The bookstore is the better of the two though, without a doubt. The ground level is a 10/10. The rest works very nicely. Two buildings in that fashion next to one another would work wonders. I love it! Lego’s XXL is even better. Great job Wes on the design!
  11. paupadros

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Amazingly beautiful. Look at that awesome SNOT and that super NPU.
  12. paupadros

    Eurobricks Modular MOC of the Year

    That would be cool! You’ve said: Best first MOC MOC with best NPUs MOC with best colour scheme Most unusual-looking MOC I add: MOC you would buy MOC so real, you could almost picture in a real city MOC with best interiors
  13. paupadros

    Eurobricks Modular MOC of the Year

    I believe it's already here! That's a fair point. I build both ways and building digitally practically limitless definitely takes a different approach than building with existing pieces. That said, I think it would be interesting to know which modular (singular) is the one members like most, regardless of it being a physical or a digital build. Of course, we could have three votes, one to determine the preferred physical build, on the determine the preferred digital build and one for both.
  14. paupadros

    Eurobricks Modular MOC of the Year

    My first idea was no. Only true modular-compatible buildings allowed, but I guess it would be no harm to open it up to all the variances, as long as they don't differ too much from the core concept. Good point. But how could we do that automatically? The list that @koalayummies has put together is asonishing. I think that if at the end of December we opened it up for vote with all of those submitions, for now (having it automatic would be marvellous, of course) would work just fine. Another fair point. I was thinking, modulars from January 1st 2019 on up to, say, somewhere between December 20th - 25th 2019. I mean, it's 6 days before the end of the year. If we were to do this nest year, we sure would include any modular posted between the closing date for entries and the start of the year. I had started to put together the modulars in a Flickr group and was thinking about adding modulars that hadn't been posted here. Anyway, because most have been, any that haven't can be earsed from the group. Absolutely awesome job, @koalayummies!! I think selection you've chosen works well; they don't have to necessarily be modular-compatible, only in the modular style/scale. ==================================================== P.D. Do any of you guys know how to set up a post with a poll on top? And thanks for the support of this idea! I've invited all of the build in this list that have an account on Flickr in the following Flickr group:
  15. paupadros

    Eurobricks Modular MOC of the Year

    I think I might expand it to the whole Lego community and open it up for vote throughout. Could you please leave names of modulars who are worthy of this award?