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  1. craigslegostuff

    Jo, Jo & Mike's Ice Cream Parlour

  2. craigslegostuff

    Mrs Miyagi's Flowers

    Yep, good point!
  3. craigslegostuff

    Mrs Miyagi's Flowers

    My 6th Modular Building! I've been very busy this last year, working on three modular MOCs. After the mammoth 32x32 Ice Cream shop, I was eager to do something smaller and simpler this time, and I ended up with a florist. I had a ton of flowers to use up and also fancied doing something with a greenhouse. Very fast and pleasant design/building experience this one; I really enjoyed working with these colours. FIRST FLOOR: Mrs Myagi's Flowers - Flowers. Dozens of 'em, all shapes and sizes. - Shelves with, well... gardening products, I guess. Shark repellant, anyone? - Till area - Greenhouse to the rear, featuring more greenery and a sink. - also to the rear, a staircase leading to Mrs Miyagi's apartment. SECOND FLOOR: APARTMENT KITCHEN / LOUNGE - Kitchen with food items (Joker lettuce, anyone?), sink, fridge, cupboards, counter, oven etc. - Lounge features TV, coffee table, and a sofa on a brightly coloured rug. THIRD FLOOR: APARTMENT BEDROOM / BATHROOM / - Main bedroom with bed, drawers, and a PC. - W/C with sink, toilet and shower. Hope you enjoy! Leave me a comment if you have any questions or comments! Craig, June 2018 Untitled by Craig Brooks, on Flickr
  4. craigslegostuff

    Vinson's Red Skull Comics

    My third Lego MOC Modular Building! This was created for a 2016 Facebook 8x16 competition - my first attempt at an 8-stud building! What a challenge! Let me know what you all think... FIRST FLOOR: VINSON'S RED SKULL COMICS Named after an old comic book friend. NBt a lot going on down there - very tricky getting detail into only 8 studs! Basically a till/counter, with some comics in display and a couple of super hero themed masks/models on the shelf at the back. Staircase leads up to... SECOND FLOOR: MORE COMICS! Just shelves of comics and a couple more comic book hero masks/helmets etc. ROOF: Just a roof, which seems to have come into disrepair (possibly a lack of brown bricks...) Hope you enjoy, and do leave me a comment. Craig, June 2018 Red Skull Comics by Craig Brooks, on Flickr
  5. craigslegostuff

    Wacky Sub!

    My fourth Lego MOC Modular Building! This has been up on Flickr for a while but never posted it here. Welcome to Wacky Sub, every Lego minifig's favourite faceless corporate sandwich shop chain! I've tried to include lots of small details and features both inside and out, so have fun looking around... And of course, do let me know what you think! It's always great to get feedback and comments. 1ST FLOOR - WACKY SUB SANDWICH SHOP/ DELI The main shop is just one room, with a variety of features for cooking up tasty lunchtime treats. Features include a glass display unit with cheeses, salad etc. a counter area, grill, fridge, sink and a backdoor leading out to the alley. Spot the fire extinguisher. Oooh, and the ice cream freezer unit in the corner... 2ND FLOOR / Apartment lounge / kitchen / terrace Stairs from the ground floor alleyway lead up to a rather swish (but cramped!) apartment. The main floor is the lounge, with huge widescreen TV, groovy leopard print sofa! In the corner under the stairs there's a small kitchen with fridge, cooker and sink. Patio doors open out onto a small terrace with chequered tiles and colourful flowers. 3RD FLOOR / Apartment Bedroom / Bathroom The lounge stairs lead up to a cosy bedroom with nightstand, chest of drawers and a pattered rug under the bed. There's also an unfinished small shower room OR toilet (I haven't decided which yet, but whichever it ends up being, the tenant is just gonna have to manage without the other one!) Let me know what you think guys - always great to get feedback / suggestions etc. - Craig, December 2016 Wacky Sub by Craig Brooks, on Flickr
  6. I will be posting another new MOC tomorrow, a 16 x 32 modular florist/apartment...

  7. craigslegostuff

    Jo, Jo & Mike's Ice Cream Parlour

    Much appreciated! Hope you managed to see the other two floors where the apartment is.
  8. craigslegostuff

    Jo, Jo & Mike's Ice Cream Parlour

    Thanks for your messages guys (and Pandora!). Please feel free to have a look and let me know if I've done it right?
  9. craigslegostuff

    Jo, Jo & Mike's Ice Cream Parlour

    My 5th Modular Building! I've been very busy this last year, working on three modular MOCs. First up is this, my Ice Cream Parlour. Dedicated (and claimed by) my young daughter - it's been a labour of love! Lots of details inside and out, this is my first 32x32" building... FIRST FLOOR: ICE CREAM PARLOUR / APARTMENT HALLWAY - 4 x seating booths - fully stocked kitchen/counter area, with ice cream maker, ice cream freezer, till, sink etc. - W/C with toilet, sink etc. - Front door on street leads to apartment hallway/stairs. SECOND FLOOR: APARTMENT KITCHEN / LOUNGE - Kitchen with sink, fridge, cupboards, counter, oven - Lounge features fireplace, coffee table, and 3 x large sofas THIRD FLOOR: APARTMENT BEDROOMS / BATHROOM / OFFICE - Main bedroom with bed, nightstands, wardrobe, gas cupboard(!), and ornamental floor rug. - Smaller kids bedroom, with bed, night stand, dresser and toy box - Home office, with desk, PC, shelving units etc. Hope you enjoy! Craig, June 2018 Jo, Jo & Mike's Ice Cream Parlour by Craig Brooks, on Flickr
  10. craigslegostuff

    "Trois" French Wine Bar

    Thanks - but what's 'form factor'? I'm guessing that's an architectural term?
  11. craigslegostuff

    [MOD] Palace Cinema XXXXL (WIP)

    Now that's a proper size cinema auditorium!
  12. craigslegostuff

    "Trois" French Wine Bar

    Haha! Thanks for comments, and yes I was looking for something to give it a more interesting look at the front. Similar idea with the back, where the storage room juts out into the alleyway.
  13. craigslegostuff

    Hi, Brick City here...

    Welcome! I'm pretty new to this site too.
  14. craigslegostuff

    "Trois" French Wine Bar

    Wow, thanks! I have been building with Lego since the late 70's but only recently got back into it, so I genuinely do feel like I'm starting from scratch with this Modular Building lark! I thought I knew Lego but some of the MOC creations I'm seeing out there really made me want to up my game bit. Still at the stage where I'm trying stuff out, so it's heartening to get such positive feedback. Thank you!