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  1. craigslegostuff

    Life's a beach...

    More random LEGO minifigs out in the real world - we're lucky enough to live by the beach, so naturally minifigs like to come aiong too... Click the pic for more!
  2. craigslegostuff

    'Abandoned project: 'The Gold Mine Jazz / Comedy Club

    Ha! I guess he's just MCing here - he usually plays his sax off-mic ;)
  4. craigslegostuff

    Some recent "taken outdoors" LEGO photos.

    More new pics, after spending a good while making albums to put everything in Here's some random shots taken in "the real world'.
  5. craigslegostuff

    "X'Wing Crash On Endor!" - pics
  6. Hi all I've started to collate a few albums for my LEGO photos., if any of you fancy having a look. Lots of random pics here from around my street/town...minifig scenes, buildings, various micro builds etc.
  7. craigslegostuff

    X-Wing Crash On Endor!

    Photography fun in the garden...
  8. craigslegostuff

    E-Tronix (Electrical goods store)

    Thank you! Click the pic and it will take you to the full Flickr album, which includes lots of interior and exterior shots.
  9. craigslegostuff

    Alf's Stars 'N' Stripes Grill - redesign

    An update of my first ever MOC from couple of years ago. I decided it didn't quite fit into my layout, and as I've learned lots of new techniques since then, I decided to rebuild it. It's an American themed takeaway / grill. FIRST FLOOR: Alf's Stars N Stripes Grill - grill, rotisserie, fridge, Fanta drinks machine, seating, recycling bin. Also a door out to the back alley where there's a freezer, and also stairs up to the second floor W/C. SECOND FLOOR: Design Studio reception / W/C - A second business takes up the second and third floors: a funky and modern design studio. This is just a reception / waiting area. THIRD FLOOR: Design Studio main office - Two designers' desks, shelves with supplies, etc. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions or comments! Craig, August 2018
  10. craigslegostuff

    E-Tronix (Electrical goods store)

    My 7th Modular Building! This has been been around for a while now, and I've finally finished It's a second-hand electrics store, something along the lines of Cash Converters. TV's, computers, Hi-Fi equipment and musical instruments. FIRST FLOOR: E-Tronix - main entrance, with main sales desk. Also on this floor there is a lift that can be accessed from the rear alley or through the back office. SECOND FLOOR: E-Tronix second floor - PC's, TV's, Hi-fi, and musical instruments for sale. THIRD FLOOR: Stock room. - Racks of shelving with several cardboard boxes! It's a bit of a mess, could do with a tidy up! Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions or comments! Craig, August 2018
  11. craigslegostuff

    Jo, Jo & Mike's Ice Cream Parlour

  12. craigslegostuff

    Mrs Miyagi's Flowers

    Yep, good point!
  13. craigslegostuff

    Mrs Miyagi's Flowers

    My 6th Modular Building! I've been very busy this last year, working on three modular MOCs. After the mammoth 32x32 Ice Cream shop, I was eager to do something smaller and simpler this time, and I ended up with a florist. I had a ton of flowers to use up and also fancied doing something with a greenhouse. Very fast and pleasant design/building experience this one; I really enjoyed working with these colours. FIRST FLOOR: Mrs Myagi's Flowers - Flowers. Dozens of 'em, all shapes and sizes. - Shelves with, well... gardening products, I guess. Shark repellant, anyone? - Till area - Greenhouse to the rear, featuring more greenery and a sink. - also to the rear, a staircase leading to Mrs Miyagi's apartment. SECOND FLOOR: APARTMENT KITCHEN / LOUNGE - Kitchen with food items (Joker lettuce, anyone?), sink, fridge, cupboards, counter, oven etc. - Lounge features TV, coffee table, and a sofa on a brightly coloured rug. THIRD FLOOR: APARTMENT BEDROOM / BATHROOM / - Main bedroom with bed, drawers, and a PC. - W/C with sink, toilet and shower. Hope you enjoy! Leave me a comment if you have any questions or comments! Craig, June 2018 Untitled by Craig Brooks, on Flickr
  14. craigslegostuff

    Vinson's Red Skull Comics

    My third Lego MOC Modular Building! This was created for a 2016 Facebook 8x16 competition - my first attempt at an 8-stud building! What a challenge! Let me know what you all think... FIRST FLOOR: VINSON'S RED SKULL COMICS Named after an old comic book friend. NBt a lot going on down there - very tricky getting detail into only 8 studs! Basically a till/counter, with some comics in display and a couple of super hero themed masks/models on the shelf at the back. Staircase leads up to... SECOND FLOOR: MORE COMICS! Just shelves of comics and a couple more comic book hero masks/helmets etc. ROOF: Just a roof, which seems to have come into disrepair (possibly a lack of brown bricks...) Hope you enjoy, and do leave me a comment. Craig, June 2018 Red Skull Comics by Craig Brooks, on Flickr