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Found 5 results

  1. Three natives in dark green clothing, to camoflauge themselves, silently stalked through the forest. But up on the ridge were Gilbert, his native guide, and a mercenary, carefully keeping watch. They believed these were some of the men who attacked the previous expedition. "Don't make a sound," Gilbert warned, carefully keeping watch. "There!" Gilbert said, elbowing his native guide. "Let the others pass, they'll lead us to their camp. Take Out ol' pegleg though." FWWP! The native but a dart into his blow gun and shot. They heard the peglegged enemy fall to the ground, seeing his blood spill out. "Good," Gilbert said. "Signal the others, I think we found their hideout."
  2. "This is one of the objects deep in the woods," the native Fatu Hivan told Jean. "I don't like this," Jean told the soldier. "Be ready."| The guard took up a stance, ready to fire a shot at any attacker. "Sir," the tropper started, "are you sure this is safe?" "Absolutely," Jean replied as he approaced the idol. "There's nothing to be scared of." "This is an olod monument," the islander added. "I can tell." Jean looked at the talisman. "You know, if they respected this thing more, it wouldn't be overgrown with weeds." "Why does it have this funny hat?" Jean asked. "Supposedly they believe the Great One wears a hat of knowledge." "A hat of knowledge?" Jean repeated. "What a load of bull." "It's what they say, sir." BLAM! The Islander and the guard both instincitvley ducked. "I don't see any incoming fire, sir!" the guard shouted. "Of course not, you numbskull!" Jean returned. "It was me who fired the damned shot!" And lo, it was.The idol was nearly in pieces. It's golden hat was blown to the ground. "The Order of the Faith is the only true religion," Jean started. "Anything else is blasphemy and must be dealt with. Let's get a move on."
  3. Emile, We got a plot of land in Fatu Hiva that we could build on. It may not be profitable yet, but it will be as the village grows. It's a three story building with an extended addition to store the alcohl from our factories, so wjhen people ask for more hopefully we have more in stock. Three stories can you believe that? Maybe when can rent out different areas? There's so much commerce going on here. All my love, Elise Elise, Dear, this is fantastic news. Our business will expand soon to other colonies. Commerce from Oleon will grow so much we won't be able to manage it. Coudl you imagine? I'm doing my best here out in some of the furthest regions. You won't believe it. I'll be back soon, with gifts, mind you. But the only gift I can't bring back is you, as you're there already. Soon to see you, Emile
  4. My love Elise, I've secured enough doubloons for me to purchase a small rum factory not far from where we live in Eltina. Hopefully this investment will be able to bring strong returns for us in the future. It's a safer way to move up in this world than privateering, but until we are wll off enough, I'll need to be at sea. Thus, the rum factory falls under your control at this time. I know you can do it; you've a strong mind, Elise. If this venture goes well enough, perhaps we can open a larger factory and expand across Oleon. In your employ is Louis. Don't mind him, he's harmless enough. He's the older cousin of Henri. With all my love, Emile My dearest Emile, While it hurts me that you are away for so long, I am pleased to see you are unhurt and your letter has reached me. I've started going to the factory more by the time this letter reaches you. Louis is harmless, if a bit wide-eyed. We're selling the rum, and I hope you are correct that it takes off. Of course, you need a name for this venture of yours. Emile's Rum? Spirit of Athena? We have time to come up with something. Give some thought on it, and when you return we'll discuss. Oh, I need to mention my sister and her husband have left the city and are settling in Lavalette. Do pay them a visit if you have a chance. Until your next letter and with my love, Elise
  5. "Been awhile, Scott," Emile said as he came ashore the small island in the middle of nowehre. "Perreault!" the young man exclaimed as he stood. "What are you doing here?" "Took some doing to find you," Emile pulled his sword out and tossed the scabbard aside. "Been some time since I started searching for everyone. Who would have thought I'd find you first." "How?" Scott said, backing up as he held his sword in front of him. "Asked around. I have to say, I'm impressed you managed to get off that tub and get into trading." Another step closer. Another. "Doesn't excuse you for what you did." "We all took part to survive the Captain, even you." "Barely." "We were friends," Scott whimpered. "What kind of friend actually stabs me in the damn back?" Another step. Emile held his sword forward. "Even so, you did the least damage to that ship and everyone around. I'm willing to offer you a quick death if you surrender." "I'm going to fi-" Emile quickly put an end to that. Emile looked around. Scott of all people managed to get a ship. And what does he do, crash it into an island. No other crew. Probably dead, Emile figured. What Scott lacked in phsycial ability, he made up in thievery. Emile went back and picked up his scabbard and headed back to The Elise. There were still quite a few people he needed to hunt down, and he needed to get his hair cut after all this time at sea.