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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone! I´m really happy to present you again something! This is a minifig scaled model of a Stadler Kiss 2 train, in the colours of Westbahn. It contains 7216 bricks and it took 14 months to create it. Somewhere I wrote earlier, that if I don´t post, I don´t disappear, just my creations are getting more and more difficult. It takes a long time to figure out every small lines and details, etc. You know, it has to be perfect… It´s the case with my newest creation on the pictures. Maybe some of you have already heard, that I´m currently working in Austria. I started on the workplace in October, 2019. One of the first things which I realized in the new environment was the train of the company Westbahn. (I arrived by train to the city) This is a passenger train company, which offers trains between Vienna and Salzburg. They have a stop in my city as well. The train has a really cool painting. Four colours, which are looking nice near each other and a lot of lines, which mean a really great challenge to build. Of course using stickers was prohibited, as nowadays always. So I started to build the front in LDD in November, just one month later. When it was possible to see, that the model is similar to the real one, I started to buy the pieces to try the concept in real life. Of course it looked bad. But in comparison with my ICE (read the story again here) the process was much better. There was no break in the developing. I was always able to work happily on it and in Mai 2020, during the first Covid-lockdown the front car became almost ready (~2200 parts). After that I just copied the construction for the other end. It was boring and deadly. I´ve already had problems during the first car with special parts in special colours. But the copy-period was the worst. Parallel with it I started to buy pieces of course for the middle section. It was a bit easier, because it doesn´t have diagonal lines. And a few days ago I was ready! Unfortunately Westbahn sold these trains to DB, but one of them stayed. The other trains of Westbahn are similar to this one, but they have small differences at doors and at painting. But I wanted to take the “Big Brother” picture with the correct train. It was very time-consuming to hunt it, so I decided, that I write to the company and ask it, when will be the train at my train station. It´s not the first time, that I´m trying to do similar pictures, and the owner, or the company have never helped. But Westbahn yes! They were very kind and helpful. They sent me, when the train comes. Despite of it I had to visit the train station three times, because I didn´t like first two pictures! So I would like to say a huge thanks to Westbahn here again! Btw the train has motors, so it will hopefully functional in the future! If I get the Sbrick and the cables, I test it and if it will be possible to take it to an exhibition where there is a long train track, I make a video, I promise! Thanks for watching the pictures and reading the story! Hope, you like the train, too! :)
  2. Hello everyone! I had a 10 yr hiatus from Lego, but had a recent spark of interest in Lego Technic during corona lockdowns. I hope to join the ranks of Technic MOC designers with fresh perspectives. I'll upload my backlog of MOCs soon, I'm excited to share them. LG from Austria Nice to see new members posting here every few hours, that means the community is alive and well!
  3. MOC #69-3 Mercedes Benz O530 Citaro K Austria Graz Bus It is my another Citaro Bus model. It is the short version of the O530 series. I have created three different Citaro buses so far. In case, if you want to see other Citaro buses in the different livery. You can leave a comment.
  4. MurmeltierMOCs

    [MOC] Tyrolean Mountain Refuge

    Hi and thank you so much for accepting me on your forum! I am a beginner moc builder and I mainly build alpine themed MOCs. I have just made my first submission in Lego Ideas, a Tyrolean mountain hut to have a break from all the hiking. Rest and eat some homemade cheese here! Please tell me if you like it and if you do, please support me on Lego ideas. It would mean the world to me to know you would enjoy such a build. I would love to have Lego develop an outdoorsy alpine theme. Thank you so much for reading and click below to vote!
  5. FBros

    [MOC] Prater Ferris Wheel

    Hi all,We're back again to show you another old MOC, the Prater Ferris Wheel.The ferris wheel is built on the mechanism of the #4957 LEGO set and the style is that of the Prater in Wien, while the café and the park are invented.The work consists of about 8000 LEGO bricks (80 minifigures included). You can notice plenty of details, including people taking a selfie, fallen leaves, frightened people escaping from the park, jogging guys, pretty girls, elegant couples waiting for their high-class wagon, men at work, plants, bike raks and so on. Here are some photos; you can find more on our Flickr profile. Thanks for visiting! FBros
  6. I was working the last few months on this beauty: Das Goldene Dachl / The Golden Roof in Innsbruck, Austria. I visited it many times as a kid; now I've got my own After many years I finally found a way to reconstruct the roof; the biggest challence wasn't the roof itself, but the lack of Pearl Gold bricks to build it. It's almost build using only jumer plates. It's not a very strong roof, but it'll do. There's a lot to see, so scroll down to see some pictures of this Tyrolean tourist hot spot in summer and at Christmas time! (You can also visit my Brickshelf! for some HD visuals) At the right the Baroque façade of the Helblinghaus, it looks like it's made of candy! ok.... the last pic
  7. Ever since LEGO has released the architecture set of the UN Headquarters it was my idea, to put the VIC also to that scale. As you can see in the pic this was a fair bit challenging to put up with the 120° angles between the 3 buildings and groundplots with nearly just curves. The biggest problem was the roof until i found the white technic discs.
  8. The LEGO architecture series is a Landmark thing and it is very unlikely they would release something from Austria, since our fame comes more from Mozart and classical music. Nevertheless I tried to find one buiding, that would represent typical Austrian architecture and which I could transfer to a useful scale, to stand at least a bit of a chance that it would be relesased as LEGO Set. The more famous Castle of Schönbrunn is to wide and would be far too small in height. The Gloriette is mainly beautiful because of sitting on top of a hill. Perhaps the Riesenrad would do, but then, transferred to a miniscale it would look like any ferry's wheel. The Upper Belvedere is home to a world famous painting, The Kiss by Gustav Klimt and thus one of the most visited castles in Vienna. Hope ya like my Version of it. @ Pandora: sorry, didn't know, thanks for puttin' it right
  9. Hi everyone, although this site has EURO in its name i’m quite surprised to find so many here from all over the world, which makes the pleasure to join in even bigger. I’m from Austria, from the very heart of Europe and not to be mixed up with the land of kangoroos from downunder ;-) Austria is most famous for Mozart and the Blue Danube (which is not blue at all). I live, as one quarter of all Austrians in its capital, Vienna, where I am member of the local LUG „LGOe“. Our german-written homepage, which contains also a forum, would be I’m in LEGO since childhood with the common long time of (nearly) not touching a brick until the day, when my boy set foot into our world (2008). Then I started to rebrick my old sets, but in the meantime, with all the new parts that have come with the new sets, I became a MOCer. My favorite subject when MOCing became Microscale, since I don’t have a house and space to keep parts and buildings is rare. When LEGO started the Architecture-Series I decided to turn Austrian buildings into LEGO-Microscale, I usually try to minimalize as small as I can without losing the things that make up the special approach of the original building. Thus I try to keep the proportions but overdo some important details - but you will find out yourself when i post the pictures. Another microscale I started together with another man of my LUG is a Microcaletown called Teensietown, which has indeed a spezial mix of scales but all together it looks quite pretty and it is growing exorbitantly fast. I’m a denier of most modern time tools and have neither accounts on facebook nor flickr. I will share my pics only in this forum or the one of my Austrian LUG. You may have noticed, that English is not my mother’s tongue. When writing in English I use to do it in a sometimes all too poetic style, so please accept the poetic license in my very words. Thanx!