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Found 37 results

  1. Winter Village Chalet (Restaurant and bedrooms) This is my second great moc for my new Winter Village 2014. A MOC that are also very fond of because it took me a remarkable job. Unlike the Farm, which could have an architectural orientation of American type, this chalet is very European indeed very Italian! The building is a little bit smaller than the farm but has a large number of small items, and then brings the piece count to about 2600. The chalet is structured with a restaurant on the ground floor which is accessed from the main doorway and offers its customers the cozy bedrooms upstairs which is accessed by a wooden staircase on the front. The restaurant has tables set up with tablecloths, plates, glasses and candles to create the right atmosphere. We also find the classic crackling fireplace, a Christmas tree, and on the right side there is a corner with little bar, cash, coffee maker and a small sink. Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms, one single, one double bed and two twin beds in the attic. On the same floor I made a small bathroom with shower, sink and toilet. I tried to make the building in a rustic stone walls wooden beams between a floor and the other, a sloping roof and wooden floors with double color in the bedroom and more stone tile floor in the restaurant. The roof is only supported, but thanks to a precise interplay of connections it allows good stability and at the same time a high speed of removal in order to better observe the interior of the bedrooms and the bathroom. The interior upstairs is also removable to be able to see more easily the restaurant. To change a little bit the predominant color that could be the gray of the stone I decided to make the walls of the central part of the Chalet with a valuable but very rustic sand-green Thank you all for watching and for your comments. Sandro Lateral View: Rear View and interior: The Restaurant: The Bedrooms: Top View: The complete gallery images:
  2. mouseketeer

    [MOC] Modular Italian Restaurant

    01 Front by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Hey everyone, this is my first attempt at a custom Modular! Based on the colorful architecture of Italian coastal towns, the model includes an Italian restaurant and pizzeria, along with a gelato shop, on the ground floor. Up the spiral staircase to the al fresco balcony, there's also a gentleman's tailors and small Roman museum complete with mosaic of an erupting Mount Vesuvius. Finally, up the rear staircase to the top floor, there's a artist's studio with half-sculpted statue, and a winemaker. More images (including the full interior) are on my Flickr at 02 Street by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr
  3. Hello everyone, it's finally time to reveal my latest modular building to you! This building is inspired by the leaning, half-timbered houses you can still find in the old, medieval town centres of many cities across central Europe. Being from the town of Esslingen in southern Germany, I've loved these old buildings since I was a young kid, and am in the very lucky position to now actually live in one of them. The building was inspired by buildings from around my hometown aswell as buildings in other cities, but it is not modeled after a specific building. Instead; I tried to capture the main defining features of this kind of building - namely jettying of the upper floors, a steep, gabled roof, a big window beneath the gable which was used to haul in goods (the uppermost floors were used for storage) and a stone-built ground-floor. The somewhat rich facade decorations are a figment of my imagination, inspired by buildings built or renovated much later. Some stats: Piece count: ~3750 Height: 35cm Features an asian restaurant, a veterinarian and two apartments Design first started in July 2017, but then I paused for almost three months. After another pause during much of November and December, design was finished at the start of February 2018. And the best thing: I put a three storey version of it on Lego Ideas: Please vote for it if you like it! But enough talk, let's get on to the pictures! The asian restaurant is nicely decorated with dragon murals, an old Samurai sword, themed images on the smoked-glass windows, and old disks inscribed with sacred inscriptions...or so. The couple enjoys a nice evening here, accompanied by a good wine. The kitchen is a little bit cramped, retrofitted into an old cellar. Still, enough room to cook delicious meals! On warmer days, the beautiful, shaded outside seating area is a nice way to escape from the stress of modern times. The first floor houses the veterinarian's office. First thing up the stairs is the reception counter. The house may be very old, but the furniture and IT equipment here is very modern! Who would've thought that the dog's skull looked like that under all that fur? The overhead cabinet contains everything that might be needed. The second floor houses the first of two apartments. There's a nice, old armchair with a beautiful old lamp, mainly used for reading. There's a disused room on this floor, unconnected to the apartment... luckily, the apartments occupant loves all living things, regardless of the number of their legs! Beneath the steep roof, there is yet another apartment. Deviating from classic modular fashion, the entire facade lifts off together with the roof! The young man living here loves to play the guitar. As usual, more pictures are available in the flickr album: And again: If you like my MOC; please support the accompanying project on Lego Ideas: Hope you enjoyed this, Tobias
  4. Here I present the new restaurant in the city. It's a specialist in Hot-Noodle-Dogs, it has little capacity but regular customers use the take away service. LEGO MILS Hot Noodle Dogs Restaurant and take away by marc entrega, en Flickr LEGO MILS Hot Noodle Dogs Restaurant and take away by marc entrega, en Flickr Is on top of a MILS module 16x32 corner base, specially designed to "finish" a row or block of odd modules. (Special thanks to Assembly Square) LEGO MILS Hot Noodle Dogs Restaurant and take away by marc entrega, en Flickr This building is versatile and it could be a Burger Restaurant or a Taco Stand just changing the big logo (soon...) I hope you enjoy seeing :)
  5. I have this little Takaway Diner now for quite some Time serving Food to passing by Minifigs but somehow forgot to make Pictures of it.So finally here it is,my Ninjago City - Noodle Imbiss. It´s a small Corner Building with quite a fancy decorative Roof and a huge Noodle Bowl Sign with Chopsticks.Despite being a very small Imbiss,it´s always very crowded and everyone enjoys the Food. Sure,it would also fit in the Lego Town Thread,but the Architecture and Visuals of the Ninjago Series and Movie was the Reason i started this little Creation One Day i found a pair of dark blue Shell Pieces and that quarter circle Roof Tile and came to the Impression that those might look nice combined with a small Corner Building. IMG_20180406_145222 IMG_20180406_145222 IMG_20180406_145245 IMG_20180406_145456 The Building houses a tiny crammed Kitchen where a busy Cook whirls around the Food and serves it to the hungry Customers. IMG_20180405_204545 IMG_20180405_204519 IMG_20180405_204449 IMG_20180405_204436 I think the final Result turned out fine,what do you Guys think?
  6. This building was inspired by half of set 76108 (Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown) from the 2018 Marvel Comics line while the van is from set 79104 (Shellraiser Street Chase) from the 2013 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line. The building has a new rear half to complete the model, which has a ladders and trap doors to get from floor to floor. The two bigger second floor windows on the front side are missing this print for the upstairs Detective agency. The rear of the building has the same details as the front, but without the pizzeria storefront. The first level of the building is the pizza restaurant, with plenty of seating, meat spit, pizza oven, and cash register. Up the ladder and on the second is the Detective Agency's office, with a large desk and arm chair, with a smaller chair opposite the desk. The third floor has the Detective's apartment, with bed, desk, and gun / evidence safe. The roof of this level has a large wooden tank for storing water. This heavily modified vehicle originally came from a 2013 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set. I added doors and printed logo tiles. The roof of the van is removable, so you can get at the drivers seat to place a figure such as the CMF Series 12 "Pizza Delivery Guy" there. The rear of the van holds two pizza's in the warmer. (This building, the mad scientist lab I build out of the other half of 76108 and the van are placed together on the part list I have, and should be built next month or so. Keep an eye on this space for more details and for real-world pictures as they become available!) As usual, Comments, Questions, Suggestions and Complaints are always welcome!
  7. LegoSjaak

    Lego 10260 Downtown Diner XL MOD

    Here is my take on modifying the Downtown Diner. I used two sets, and sort of mirrorbuild one set. The footprint is 56 studs. I widened the stairs on both sides with one stud to reach the 56 studs.
  8. Full post here Hello everyone! I built this MOC a while back but completely forgot to post it. But better late than never, so enjoy! This is a Modular Building MOC. The lower level is a Chinese Restaurant while the upper level is an Indian Restaurant. Overview of the entire Modular Building There is a fence around the building. The stairway leads to the Indian Restaurant. There are opening windows. Here’s the back view. It’s a lot plainer but there are still opening windows for the Indian Restaurant’s kitchen. This is the interior of the Indian Restaurant. The floor is made of Nexo Knight shield tiles. Here’s the kitchen of the Indian Restaurant. It’s rather cramp. The chef is using some of his spices. Here is the interior of the Chinese Restaurant. It has a checkered floor. Looks like someone just ordered rice! The chef is working hard! Look at the yummy ducks in the back C&C welcome as always! Thanks for looking!
  9. For the Celebricktion event in Atlanta earlier in October, I decided to build a new Modular for our LUG train layout. So, I built a little fast food joint. Here's the entrance: And right above it, a spacious loft apartment perfect for inner city living: Step inside the restaurant for a bite to eat: Then relax on a fall afternoon on your rooftop garden patio: Inside, the restaurant takes up most of the ground floor: Place your order at the counter: Then sit down to enjoy your meal: The upstairs resident keeps his apartment neat: He can always cook in his modern kitchen if he's not craving burgers from downstairs: After a hard day's work, it's always fun to relax with games and movies: On the top floor, you find the bedroom and bath: Where finally, he gets a good night's sleep in his cozy bed: Thanks for looking! Other photos and larger versions of these can be found in my Flickr album!
  10. Built for the Rebrick Best Friends contest. Best Friends on Vacation Whether those friends are two-legged or four-legged, everyone is having fun. Go out on the water or enjoy the beach, horseback riding along the sand and shopping on the promenade. A few more on my Flickr Album.
  11. paupadros

    [MOC] The Iron Horse

    Welcome to "The Iron Horse"! This family-run restaurant, now owned by Emma, but dating back from at least her grandfather, offers anything you can ask for. From drinks and beers on the first floor to a full menu on the second floor with the best views of the city! It's the big day for Emma! After months hidden beneath the scaffoldings, she is proud to present the new and revamped version of the original restaurant. With her, the new cook, the new waiter and three curious taking pictures at the inaguration. This new look of the building resembles the original Mississippi Townhouse very much, although not as dusty and about to fall over! Minifigures: Along with some of the interior furniture. I'm so happy about this modular that I've submitted it to Lego Ideas. If you want it to stay a chance, please support it! Lego Ideas: Oh, I forgot. All the interior pics: First Floor Second Floor Ehem, not really a floor, just the underside of the roof...
  12. Hey everyone! I'm new to this side of the forums(usually in the Star Wars section), but I'd like to a share an In-N-Out burger MOC that I recently made. I was inspired by the one I'm sure most of you have seen floating around the internet recently. I wanted to to give it modular dimensions, however, so it could fit in with the rest of the modulars. In-N-Out exterior by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr 2000 pieces Includes: kitchen, freezer room, 2 restrooms, eating lobby, drive-thru window, outside eating tables This video details the entire build. Now let's check out some pics. Sorry for the cell phone camera quality. Would buy a decent camera but I can't stop spending money on Lego The outside: In-N-Out bus stop by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Bad-Cop fighting Crime. Where's the chair when you need it? by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr In-N-Out side by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr In-N-Out outside seating by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr In-N-Out Front by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr The inside: In-N-Out by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Another satisfied customer exiting the building by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Refilling the Soda by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr The Men's Room by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr IMAG1104 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr I'd like a number 6 with extra dip by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Because who else would be cooking the food? by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr In-N-Out view from the front doors by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Sometimes you just need to enjoy some alone time. With a burger by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr At least someone appreciates the sandwich by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr She's not impressed with the triple decker sandwich by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr A line at In-N-Out. What's new? by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Not too happy to be scrubbing tables by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Greedo has to learn things the hard way by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr In-N-Out lined up with a few modulars by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Hope you enjoyed it! innout.lxf
  13. cimddwc

    [MOC] Hotel Dining Hall

    Hi everyone! Granted, this is just a part of my planned big Grand Palace Hotel, but it works on its own too, so here it is: Note that the black rigid hoses around the windows are not genuine Lego, but a cheap nylon tube. Shinier, but similar strength. Let's remove the walls and have a look inside: The piano is from the Friends Grand Hotel, by the way. Maybe I should have added more gold to the ceiling... It's afternoon, so mostly drinks, coffee, pastries and ice cream are served. Painting on the back wall: » More photos in the Flickr album, as usual Hope you like it. :) But don't expect the full hotel anytime soon...
  14. snaillad

    MOC: Visit the Riviera

    Hello fellow Eurobricks members, I've been working on my latest MOC the last few weeks - 'Visit the RIVIERA'. A MOC based around a marina with a southern European influence. There is a small wedding shop, a bell tower, and restaurant on the ground floor with tables outside around the marina where fishermen bring in their catches. A previous European styled MOC - Piazza Maria had bright colour combinations and perfect smooth rendering on the buildings so this was an excuse for me to try my hand at something that looked a little more weathered! Anyway on with the pics, 6 in total: You can also view them on flickr here: Any comments/feedback welcomed! Cheers!
  15. toorayay

    [MOC] 50's Style American Diner

    I built this little diner to fit into my Modular town. It occupies a single base plate and can serve as an end cap to a row of buildings, but has facades on three sides. To date, this is one of my favorite builds. A little close-up of the marquee: Ground level view of the restaurant: A little profile shot: And then the top came off! Plenty of seating inside: Hamburger, fries, milkshake, or a fresh slice of pie today? The staff is always friendly and helpful. There's always a hoppin' tune playing on the jukebox. Situated in a busy area of town: Thanks for looking! You can see additional pictures (with more details) in my Flickr gallery!
  16. snaillad

    MOC: The Ocean Restaurant

    Hi everyone, My latest moc is called The Ocean restaurant and is inspired by Miami's south beach area. I felt some of my ealiest attempts on the style didn't do it justice. I thought a 1 storey building wouldn't be as time-consuming as some of my more recent buildings much larger in size which would allow me to concentrate more on the details and refinement. The exterior was done first and I wasn't originally going to do an interior but was persuaded to and I'm pleased I did as it turned out to be pretty fun designing. Anyway on with the pics - There's only 5 this time so i'll put them all in here These are all the pictures from this MOC, if you'd prefer to view them at flickr go here: Comments welcome!
  17. Hello everyone I think my layout is now at a stage that I can present it as a whole to the community. As you will see I have still some space to expand it and there are quite a few buildings that I wish to rebuild/redesign to make them better. My layout has a classic 80/90 inspiration and that's why most of the new sets I have are from the creator/expert line. here it is a video showing the whole layout with the trains and the new ferris wheel motorised: As you can notice from the video, since I love trains, a large parte of the table is covered by rails. There are three stations. 1) Legoland C.le (C.le stands for Centrale in italian, the main station) 2) another smaller station, located on the sea-side and near the vulcano called Lego Ville: and another station that serves the airport: The town centre of Legoland features a square with a Market, a Pizzeria, and a Carrousel, the ruins of ancient abbey, always crowded by visitors, the town-hall (the yellow-brown building) and - of course - a police station: There is a residential area, which is mostly restaurant and country-side with a small beach: The main Harbour of the town, with a bridge for the trains, and a restaurant in an ancient mill: Finally there is the city area, with two main tall buildings: well, there are more ideas to develop my city but I want to hear what do you think so far
  18. denil85

    [MOC] Ito Sushi Bar

    Hi Everyone! I would like to share my latest MOC, the title of this MOC is Ito Sushi Bar. I tried to put in more Japanese culture and foods in the sushi bar. Hope you guys enjoy Thank you [[Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 0 Main by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 1 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 2 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 4 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 5 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 6 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 7 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 8 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 9 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 10 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 12 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil's MOC] Ito Sushi Bar 11 by denil oh, on Flickr
  19. andybear@hk

    MOC : ShangHai Bun Restaurant

    Hi all, Last month I had build my First Chinese Modular House, Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant. also in LEGO Idea Here come the second one, Chinese Modular House #2 ShangHai Bun Restaurant. This building is another type of Chinese style, which is selling Shanghai Bun. Same as last one, full of different details and 4 different outlook in each size. Many Thanks for watching and comments. Outlook Shanghai Bun Restaurant with Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant Different modular Kitchen and a store room at first floor Restaurant at second floor more photo in my flickr album Many thanks for watching
  20. andybear@hk

    MOC: Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant

    Hi all, lets share my new MOC, Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant. A Chinese style modular house within 4 different surface. a small garden and small temple in left size and a kitchen build by stone in the back. front door a hawker selling some snacks A garden in left size with one table, and a small temple in the corner door open, go inside the kitchen and the Chinese style chef the woman is in cashier 2/F thats the end thanks for watching, also, many photo in my flickr ablum
  21. Previously I made a MOC modular building, a bank, which has a piece of land on its side waiting for construction. It was to be a restaurant and finally it is done! It is not a big one as it only takes half of the 32x32 plate, but it contains what all the Lego citizens' needs for food! This building is a break from the typical European style that prevails in the original Lego modular building sets. I think a city should be developing, advancing, and things change including building styles. I tried some new elements here, with a more open façade (basically removing the façade for balconies and setting back the entrance), while taking a cleaner approach on detailing. Quick overview with the bank on its side: Let's go inside now! The entrance on the G/F floor is set back a little for a bar area. This is where people gather at night especially on Fridays! I also try sliding doors for the entrance :) At the entrance, you will see a little fridge next to a green counter. On the other side is a cake rack. In the morning, there will be breads for those who want to grab a quick breakfast. 1/F is a restaurant. Utensils are stored neatly. Someone is celebrating her birthday with friends! Well that's a huge cake! The other half of 1/F is a balcony area for semi-open dining experience. Looks like someone is not pleased when serving a rich man... "Hey that's not the tips I am hoping for..." The top floor is also a restaurant area, with an open grill kitchen. Look at the hood! Now an overview with some of my modular buildings, which are easy to recognize. The building style is a little different but still, to me, harmonious with the others. Hope you all like this creation! Let me know if you have any comment on how I can improve this!
  22. A little urban renewal to transition the Detective Office part of town with the more classy modulars... my latest modular is "Chop", a small Asian fusion bistro in an Art Deco storefront. Oddly enough, I've wanted to use fish as an architectural element for a long time. 1st floor interior: Decorative wall panels. 2nd and 3rd floor feature a nice but somewhat cramped 2 bedroom aparment. Next to a couple of my other mocs. Thanks for looking! (Sorry the photography isn't great.)
  23. 3BrickFriends

    [MOC] Bike Shop, Cafe & Apartments

    At the moment I'm collecting a number of buildings together for a possible Lego City and these 2 are my latest buildings. They are expanded versions of the 2 buildings in the Lego Creator Bike Shop & Cafe set. .
  24. omerai

    My collection of city MOCs

    Hi everyone. Looking at all these amazing MOCs here at Eurobricks i decided to share my own. This is a collection of city MOCs that i designed over the past few years. All of these models are made in Lego Digital Designer, and are presented with pictures rendered using POV-Ray. I didn't make a lot of pictures as i'm sharing LDD files in which the models can be viewed entirely. Most of the buildings have roofs built in separate sections that can be removed (using "connected selection" tool) to see the interiors. Also note that because of the high brick count, that some of this models have, slower computers might have problems with opening those files. That's it for the introduction.. I hope to insipre people with my work just like i get inspired by others. Train Station - Train Station.lxf Fire Station - Fire Station.lxf Restaurant - Restaurant.lxf Cafe - Cafe.lxf Fast Food Kiosk - Fast Food Kiosk.lxf Ice Cream Kiosk - Ice Cream Kiosk.lxf Gas Station - Gas Station.lxf Bike Shop & Bank - Bike Shop and Bank.lxf
  25. 3BrickFriends

    [MOC] Fast Food Machine

    This is my new Lego MOC based on some pieces I received in a Bricklink order: Cows, chicken, green spikes and yellow gems. It is called the 'Fast Food Machine'. I've posted the below video on our Youtube channel which gives a commentary about the MOC. I hope you like it. Mike .