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    I am an AFOL who has been playing with legos for over 20 years. In college I started my own collection and having been adding to it ever since. I love Castle and Star Wars themes though will occasionally dabble in Mecha. The MK in my screen name stands for Missionary Kid. A title I am very proud of and one I hope to give my kids soon.


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  1. Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    Great questions! First, Endor is known as a "forest" moon, but it has much more than just trees. You can see the terrain variation in the planet shot in the first post, as well as here. I'll add the list of different terrains in the rules, but in short it's Forest, Plains, Mountains, Shore, Lake, or River. How you depict these is totally up to you, and creativity is encouraged! And sorry about the title crawl. I just tried to edit it in Gimp, but I can't find a fast way to do it. We'll just have to live with it for now.
  2. Our next contest will begin on Nov 25th. Go check it out!
  3. Our next contest will begin on Nov 25th. Go check it out!
  4. Our next contest will begin on Nov 25th. Go check it out!
  5. Episode XVII: Battle For Endor : Many Bothans died, and perhaps many of you will too. But this is it everyone. We must take out the Shield Generator if our ships are to have a chance to take out the Death Star II. If the Empire keeps us from knocking the generator out, it's likely most of our troops and ships will be destroyed. Rex: Come on men! Solo said we needed to meet up with him in the trees somewhere. We have to get out of these grass lands! Stormtrooper: Keep moving men! We have to reinforce the Shield Generator! Vader says the Rebels are going to try to blow it up. We must stop them for the Emperor! Game Play Both teams will work to achieve the most XP and end the game. The game ends when the first team reaches the shield generator. The game will be broken up into 1 week periods. During each week period, each team may submit a MOC depicting the terrain of their team's marker. They must also state a direction of travel and an intended destination, no more than 5 squares away (unless a bonus is in play). Each MOC will earn XP which will equal the number of squares a team is allowed to move. This will look something like: The previous entry earned 4XP so the team gets to move up to 4 squares. Bob posts a build showing the grasslands his team is on. Bob chooses where to move with the 4 movement points. He picks to try to head to F2. Map is revealed based on Bob's movement. Bob's build is judged (3XP). The week ends and a new one begins. Jane posts a build, based on the terrain of the square where Bob ended his movement. She chooses where to move with the 3 movement points. And so on. Each team has a beginning square. For the first week, since there was no previous build, each team gets to move up to 3 spaces. Each team can see the squares directly connected to them (not diagonally connected to them) as well as all previously revealed squares. Teams can see the squares revealed by both teams. Movement direction must be specifically declared each turn. For example, move left 3 spaces to F1 and down 1 space to F2. You can also just say "I want to head towards F2, avoiding obstacles." At that point the Game Master will choose the route for you that best avoids obstacles and collects bonuses. Throughout the map are various obstacles and bonuses. Bodies of water and mountains cannot be crossed without a bonus enhancement. Rivers can be crossed at any time. If the declared movement of a team results in them being stopped by a barrier, their movement will be modified. When stating the desired movement (move left 3 spaces to F1 and down 1 space to F2) the player must also state a preference of "up" or "down" and of "left" or "right." This preference will dictate the modified movement. For example, if a player submits a MOC and states they want to "move down 3 spaces and right 1 space;" but they hit a mountain: Then if their chosen preference was "down" and "left" the movement would look like this: But if the chosen preference was "down" and "right" the movement would look like this: Bonuses are obtained if a team lands on or passes through the squares containing the bonus. Bonuses can be revealed but not obtained if a team reveals a square within 3 spaces of the square containing a bonus. Bonuses included, but are not limited to: extra XP earned for the team in increments of 5, 10, and 25XP extra movement allowed next turn the ability to cross bodies of water the ability to cross mountains negative movement restrictions applied to the opposite team For example, if a team moved down and left and there were 2 bonuses near by, this is what the map would look like: MOCs will need to display the terrain the team is currently on. If the team is on a square with grasslands, then some sort of plains should be displayed. If they are on a square with a body of water in or next to it, then a shore line should be part of the build. The list of different terrains you might encounter is: Forest, Plains, Mountains, Shore, Lake, or River. Each team starts on a Forest square. Each MOC will be scored as quickly as possible. All MOCs will be scored by the Monday afternoon after the game week ends. Each MOC will be scored on a scale of 5 points. If the MOC does not match the terrain the team is on, it will not score any points regardless of quality. The judges will be understanding on this point if your collection is limited, but please try to be creative. 1 XP earned allows a team to move 1 square into the unknown/fog or 2 squares into what has already been revealed. This allows teams to travel back to collect bonuses faster if needed. Each player can submit as many MOCs for this episode as they want. But any one player cannot submit more than 1 every 2 weeks. Each MOC must be at least 16x16. There is no maximum size requirement. A game week starts and ends on Sunday at noon, Central Standard Time. The team that reaches the Shield Generator first will receive a bonus of 25XP. At that point the game will end and all XP will be tallied to find the winning team. Some other points of interest: Teams will need to plan in advance for building on different types of terrain. You may want to have a few MOCs in reserve if you land on a different terrain type. The bonus XP that can be found across the map can make or break the game. Don't discount it! The map may have more surprises. Be ready for anything! You can depict your team fighting with locals or forces from the other team. Each team only has one "game piece" to move across the board, but that doesn't mean you can't show skirmishes with other Rebel or Imperial forces you happen to come across in your MOCs. Game masters can build and submit MOCs, but they cannot choose where to move the game piece. Another member of the team must do that. Rules All entries must be posted as a new topic in the Nar Eurbrikka subform, the title prefixed by "[Ep. XVII]", your team, the week you're building for, and your personal title. For example, "[Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 3] Dealing with Ewoks." The Episode will start on November 25 and end when a team reaches the Shield Generator. Entries will be judged on a 1-5 point scale, however the judges see fit. This episode/contest is open to all players of Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka, even if they joined EB or signed up for the game after the episode has begun, with the exception of the Star Wars staff, who are not eligible to win XP or prizes; the EB admins and moderators, who are not eligible to win prizes but may earn XP; and the episode host, who is not eligible to win prizes but may earn XP. All entries must be new creations, not posted anywhere else prior to being entered in the episode. Exceptions can be made if you want to enter your MOC for another, current contest. You may be asked by a staff member to change your entry if it is too similar to an earlier creation. All entries must be built from real LEGO or with Lego Digital Designer. No clone brands, no third-party custom parts. Post pictures no larger than 1024x768, as specified in the EB Member Guidelines. You may do a 'full-blown photo edit' with all the text, effects, background compositing, support erasing, and other effects on as many shots as you like. At least one shot must be posted (under a spoiler tag, if desired) with no editing other than color adjustment or background removal for a solid-color background. For obvious reasons, any photo editing that changes the shape, functionality, or color (not tint or adjustment, but actual color) of a LEGO piece is prohibited,. All rules in the Core Rules topic apply unless otherwise stated in this explanation or the rules above. Prizes All players with the winning fleet will receive this tag (to be added later!) to commemorate their victory. You can only have one of these tags or one of the Community Build tags at a time, but a log will be kept of all the tags you've earned in your profile in the Player Index. You will receive XP equal to the number of points you are awarded from the judges for each MOC. The winning team may choose any one unclaimed planet to add to their faction's territory. The players on the winning team will be given bonuses at the beginning of SoNE 2.0
  6. Sorry if I missed it, but when is the deadline for this contest?
  7. My ideal Christmas tree is one I can enjoy with my family: Thanks CopMike!
  8. The pics are all up on Hothbricks, so I think we're still safe.
  9. Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    My most recent order finally came in! It took 2 weeks, but I think it's because they shipped it from overseas.
  10. Not here! That's breaking EB rules. You're welcome to try sharing them somewhere else like reddit or instagram and then telling people that you've done so. Just don't post any links. That's also against the rules when it's leaked material.
  11. 75204 Sandspeeder REVIEW

    Yes, Target.
  12. 75204 Sandspeeder REVIEW

    Rebels is set before Episode 4, and because of the crashed Star Destroyer we can confidential say that this takes place after Episode 6. Also, I read someone else saying that the Nima Outpost "gate" being intact shows that this has to take place before Rey and Finn blow it up on their way off Jakku. So I think we have to assume that this is a Battlefront set.
  13. 75204 Sandspeeder REVIEW

    I just added a photo of the pilots to the review. I really like them. They were a huge reason why I wanted the set in the first place and they don't disappoint! It's $30 in the US right now. I hope you can find a deal sometime.
  14. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I just posted a review of the new Sandspeeder.
  15. 75204 Sandspeeder REVIEW

    Most of you know I'm a huge Star Wars fan. So when I saw the pictures of the new Sandspeeder on reddit, I knew I was going to get it. Well, thanks to others on this forum I was able to get the Target DCPI number (204-00-0294) and find one at my local store. It has a sticker price of $29.99. I've never done a review before, but since this is such a fun set and I know some of you want to know what it's like outside the box, I decided to dip my toes into the review world. So, here's my review of 75204 Sandspeeder. The front of the box has a background set on Jakku. I don't know if Battlefront 2 was their inspiration, or if we are getting clues to something from Last Jedi, but based on everything else I've read no one knows. So we'll leave the speculation for now and wait and see what Lego has for the official press release. The back of the box shows the play features. Pretty basic stuff. Swoosh the speeder, firing the missiles, and kill that sneaky snake! I was surprised to find 1 loose wing inside the box. I checked all the bags to make sure none were ripped, but all were sealed with no openings. Later in the instructions you can see that Lego left the wing out intentionally, but just the right wing. An odd move on Lego's part, but I guess it had to do with the size of the bags. Bag 3, which has the left wing, also has all the parts for the moisture-vaperator so it's bigger already and could fit the wing. There are some fun pieces in the set. The canopy is printed. You get 3 of the new black modified tile/plate that came out with the Ninjago Movie sets. And the printed computer is not very common, at least in the sets I've bought. You can see here that the loose wing was intentional. You can also see how the build looks after bag 1. I've never owned any of the previous snow-speeders so I don't know how to compare the sand-speeder to it's predecessors. But I found the underside of the wings to be very plain and almost unfinished. The plate-to-pin connectors are nicely covered with reverse curved slopes, but the missile shooter is left very exposed. They couldn't spare 3 extra pieces to cover it better? The rest of the underside is also pretty plain, but it connects to the body of the speeder very well so I guess I can't complain too much. And of course, everyone wants to see the new pilots! And here's the finished model. I love the feel and look of the speeder. And when part the set out, I'll have a bunch of earth toned plates for my castle MOCs! The moisture-vaporator seems very unfinished as the base is just a plate and a couple slopes. I'd rather they add Stormtrooper and a small turret or some other kind of antagonist for the speeder to attack. Overall though, I give this set a 4.5/5. I highly recommend picking it up!