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    Duplo is LEGO too!!

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    I am an AFOL who has been playing with legos for over 20 years. In college I started my own collection and having been adding to it ever since. I love Castle and Star Wars themes though will occasionally dabble in Mecha. The MK in my screen name stands for Missionary Kid. A title I am very proud of and one I hope to give my kids soon.


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  3. MKJoshA

    [S10 - MC] Visit Nar Kreeta

    Wow, that is fantastic! Love the brick-built sky. And your microscale buildings look great. Did you make those stamps yourself? Lovely work all around.
  4. MKJoshA

    Bonus Build Event

    Just a reminder you've got about a week left to enter!
  5. This is so not helpful. But it made me laugh so hard!
  6. Just a reminder to follow the normal spoiler guidelines following tomorrow's release of Andor.
  7. I'm trying to figure out why they would do a Jabba Throne Room right on the heals of the Boba Throne Room set. Will both be on the shelves at the same time? What's really going to set them apart besides the figures?
  8. MKJoshA

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I can confirm the US finally has parts through March of 2022. Now we just need them to start adding more months.
  9. I have it on good authority that there is another contest in the works as well as a plan for the next Book. But leadership said we'd have time between the two for a collab. So I'll start a PM! Let me know if I miss you in the PM or if you want to join.
  10. MKJoshA

    [MOC] 1.4 FD P-Tower i Viper Probe

    Love your attention to detail on the tower! You should join us for Mysteries. I'm sure the Light or Dark Side would love you on their team.
  11. I'm not going to make it a rule. But it is very good advice and I will add it as a strong suggestion to the first post.
  12. MKJoshA

    Bonus Build Event

    As a Merc you can build on any planet in K4, K5, K6, J5, L5 or T9, T10, T11, S10 and U10. If you're trying to help your team get to P10 then I'd suggest focusing on S10. But you're welcome to chose anywhere you want. If you want to build a planet with a desert biom then you can just pick a planet that has nothing specified on Wookiepedia and create your own backstory for the planet. For example, Sionia in S10 is only known for being a planet that produces master thieves. It would be totally fine for you to say that the planet is a desert planet that creates master thieves since it's not specified.
  13. MKJoshA

    Bonus Build Event

    You can certainly build on a different planet and get 0XP for it. Out of curiosity, do you want to build somewhere else for story purposes or because you really want to build on a specific planet?
  14. I'd love to do a Guilds collab with you and anyone else interested even if we don't get a main event. I'll start a PM if anyone else is interested.