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    I am an AFOL who has been playing with legos for over 20 years. In college I started my own collection and having been adding to it ever since. I love Castle and Star Wars themes though will occasionally dabble in Mecha. The MK in my screen name stands for Missionary Kid. A title I am very proud of and one I hope to give my kids soon.


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  1. MKJoshA

    Episode VI: Pyerce Rising

  2. MKJoshA

    Episode VI: Pyerce Rising

    Moff Pyerce served the Empire faithfully while the Emperor was alive. After the Battle of Endor he kept his star systems in line and hoped for the best. But when he received his orders for Operation Cinder he decided the Empire he once served was finished. It wasn't that his orders made him squeamish. Pyerce just saw Cinder as an act of desperation from a dying government. He convinced five Star Destroyer captains as well as a handful of frigates to join him and they've formed their own Imperial faction. They did not join the Battle of Jakku but watched as much of the Empire was defeated there. Now Moff Pyerce is seeking to form the Pyerce Empire. He has split his fleet up to create blockades around key planets. If they don't join him, he's threatened to bombard them with his Star Destroyers until there's nothing left on the planet's surface. Each planet has sent out a distress signal to the New Republic asking for aid. But this signal was intercepted by each faction. Now the factions are mobilizing their fleets to respond to this new threat. Some want to help the New Republic defend the planets. Others just want to take advantage of the strife to try to gain these planets for themselves. Each planet with a blockade has an essential export:Tibanna - Kril'Dor (I7)Minerals - Bonadan (S3) Foodstuffs - Uyter (P9)Starships - Fondor (L13) Contest Specifics: Factions can build on any of the 4 planets regardless of current access. Each faction can build on as many different planets as they want, but are encouraged to concentrate their efforts for maximum effect. Cat A) With the blockades, fleets can't get through to the blocked planets without getting stopped or spotted. But smaller craft can avoid the patrols and make their way to the planet's surface. This allows for small strike teams to begin attacks on the planet's surface. Show your land forces fighting with Pyerce forces or natives. Size limit: 32x32. Cat B) Pyerce's forces need to be driven off or eliminated if the planets are going to be saved. His blockade is going to need to be dealt with. Show a space battle with at least 2 ships, one from your faction and one from Pyerce. Pyerce's doesn't have to be a TIE variant, just make sure your story explains the ship choice. You can build any size for this including minifigure or mini scale. You can build fighters, capital ships, or both. Size limit: none. Cat C) As the different Faction's fleets take on the blockades, someone has to be in command. Show the interior of your faction's command ship deck. Think Star Destroyer bridge, Home One bridge, etc. Size limit: none The Rules: Entries should be set during the Factions Era, roughly 6 ABY. All entries must be posted as a new topic in the Factions subforum, the title prefixed by [Factions Ep. 6- Category][Build Sector - Build Planet - Faction]. For example, “[Factions Ep. 6 - Cat A][I7 - Kril'Dor - CS] Strike Team”. Each person is only allowed 1 entry per category. All entries must be entered using this form: Link to Submittal Form All rules in the Core Rules topic apply unless otherwise stated in this explanation or the rules above. There are no extra restrictions on the size/form/content of the builds beyond what's explained in the Contest Specifics, as long as they follow the above described goals. The Episode will run from July 1st to Aug 30th. As long as it is still Aug 30th somewhere in the world, you can still enter. Entries posted after the deadline will be disqualified from the episode and will not be eligible to receive points or XP. Entries will be judged according to the following rules: Your build can earn up to 50 points. The amount of points you earn is also the amount of XP your character earns. This episode/contest is open to all players of Factions, even if they joined EB or signed up for the game after the episode has begun, with the exception of the Star Wars staff, who are not eligible to win prizes. All entries must be new creations, not posted anywhere else prior to the start date of this episode. You can use creations for this contest in other forums or contests, but it should not have been displayed before the start date for this contest. You may be asked by a staff member to change your entry if it is too similar to an earlier creation. All entries must be built from real LEGO or with Lego Digital Designer. No third-party molds may be used for the subject non-human. If you are using Lego Digital Designer, please remember you can only use existing colors and pieces. Also be aware that the judges will watching to make sure your LDD model could hold itself up in real-life. Post pictures no larger than 1024x768, as specified in the EB Member Guidelines. You may do a 'full-blown photo edit' with all the text, effects, background compositing, support erasing, and other effects on ANY picture. For obvious reasons, any photo editing that changes the shape, functionality, or color (not tint or adjustment, but actual color) of a LEGO piece is prohibited,. All entries are considered WIPs (Works In Progress) until the deadline passes. Until the deadline has passed, you are allowed to change and improve your MOC. The Prizes: You will receive XP equal to the number of points you are awarded from the judges. XP will be converted to IP to be distributed by the Faction Leader to any planet within the build sector. So if Clan Elder has 5 builds totaling 33 XP on Uyter, Ross Fisher can choose any planet in P9 to get 33 IP. Factions must distribute at least 10 IP to any planet they choose (so Ross couldn't give 1 IP to each planet - "seeding" them for later builds). If a Faction earns less than 10 IP in a sector, they may only choose one planet to distribute the IP they have. If two Factions distribute 50+ IP to any one planet, the Faction with the most XP on that sector's target planet will get their IP attributed first. The player with the most XP overall will win this custom minifigure: TBD The player with the second most XP overall will win these minifigures: TBD The Faction with the most XP overall will get 50 IP on any/all of the four planets where they earned a majority of the XP compared to the other factions. The Faction with the second most XP overall will get 25 IP on any planet where they earned a majority of the XP. The Faction with the third most XP overall will get 10 IP on any planet where they earned a majority of the XP. For example, if the Tirumvirate has the most XP in the whole episode and a majority of the XP on Kril'Dor and Fondor, they will each 50IP on those planets. If CorSec earns the second most XP overall, they will receive 25IP on any planet where they earn a majority of the XP. If the first, second, or third place Factions did not earn a majority of XP on any planet, they will not receive any extra IP not earned through their XP conversion. One Holocron is hidden on a (canonical) planet in an adjacent sector to each target planet, a total of 4 new holocrons. Factions that gain a majority of XP on a target planet will be given the precise location of the Holocron adjacent to that planet
  4. MKJoshA

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Some Marvel pieces:
  5. MKJoshA

    [M11 - Corellia - CS] Hall of Records

    Yes! They are the closest I could find to this image:
  6. Mick's Story: CorSec has many departments. But they are primarily a peace keeping outfit. Over the years they have collected data from around the galaxy. In the data centers on Corellia you can find criminal case files, reports on local flora and fauna, and historical records. The Emperor had long ago ordered all records on the Jedi purged. But every now and then someone would come across on old data drive that hadn't been properly wiped. Sometimes it would yield information on the Jedi and what really happened during the Clone Wars. Other times it would just be an old recipe for Bantha Jerky.
  7. MKJoshA

    [K10 - Widek - CS] Ancient Temple

    After the initial scouting party, the Jedi sent one of their own to explore the planet's surface.
  8. MKJoshA

    [Q10 - Yitabo - CFS] Meeting on the Bridge

    Thanks! Yes, Faust is an Imperial who's shown up in a number of my entries. He's my on-going bad guy for Mick to tangle with. Faust is obviously not part of TT, just another Imperial fragment. He has a SD that he travels around in. That's how he showed up over Yitabo.
  9. MKJoshA

    Economy Contest Voting Thread

    Thank you for pointing that out. Both you and @n1majneb are not eligible to vote. Nothing personal against either of you. Just part of the rules for everyone to follow.
  10. MKJoshA

    Updating Your Minifigs

    You may want to try this thread.
  11. Yitabo was not too far from Kashyyyk which had led to a Wookie colony being founded there. It was hard for them to live away from the Wroshyr trees, but after a few generations they adapted. Burryagar had a little farmstead on the surface that his great-great-grandfather had started. When an Imperial force came knocking demanding he hand the farm over he roared that he couldn't comply. Poor Burryagar became just one more victim of the Empire's brutality.
  12. Mick's Story: While Mick was rescuing Kale, Faust was patrolling the Mid-Rim. He was not happy with Gradalla's betrayal. He had bombarded the fortress as a warning, but suspected it was buried too deep in the mountainside for his attack to have done much damage. He would have to deal with the slug further at a later date. In the meantime he had procured an old security droid and had his technicians add some assassination programming. Faust: I need you to find a couple targets for me. K-3DT: Simply give me the target's data and I will eliminate them for you. Faust: Use whatever resources you need. I will not let these rebels get away again.
  13. MKJoshA

    [R6 - Arcan IV - CE] Ch. 1 Mando's On The Hunt

    This looks great! I love your rusted walkway/floor and your use of arch bricks.
  14. MKJoshA

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    Welcome aboard! After you've posted 10 times you'll be able to send PMs. Feel free to ask any questions!