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  1. TRAIN TECH Help, General Questions & Talk to the Staff

    Yes it did (was 9v themed, probably been gone about a year?). Anyway, thank you thank you for the theme change, I can see my unread threads again!
  2. LEGO 60197 Passenger Train

    That is insanely brilliant! The stickers I make go on wet and after they dry they stay in place (but they are not decals, they can be removed and reapplied). It is so much easier to just float the sticker in to place than to try to get your aim just right on the first shot. That floating has broken me for normal lego stickers, I can't stand my poor aim when putting them on dry. Now knowing that I can get the same effect with regular lego stickers... I'm regretting several years of normal set building. Getting back on topic though, I would think there is a chance that the nose piece is printed.
  3. LEGO 60197 Passenger Train

    Does that trick actually work? Without degrading adhesion in the long run? That would be amazing if true. Perhaps you could post a new thread with a tutorial about applying lego stickers this way?
  4. 2018 Lego Trains

    So I have been thinking more about the BT PF2 train bits. Here are a few of the things I am hoping for (concerned about) 1) no more than 4 studs wide for the battery/receiver unit 2) option for a rechargeable battery that can be built inside MOCs without being removed to charge 3) use the existing wall-wart for recharging 4) given the new plug system, is it even possible to drive two motors off of one output from the receiver? Hopefully yes (or perhaps the two outputs could be controlled together via the smart phone app but not the hand controller). Or maybe there will be a Y-splitter? 5) Even better if the software allowed you to control multiple receivers working together so that you could have 4 motors under a train all working at the same speed. 6) Hopefully the new battery/receiver can deliver more power than the current (no pun intended) IR receiver.
  5. LEGO 60197 Passenger Train

    That is just a reinforcement on the ends, it has been there forever, I'm pretty sure it is even present on 9V track.
  6. 2018 Lego Trains

    Yep, that's the part, completely new to me.
  7. 2018 Lego Trains

    Looks like there is a new roof piece above the windows/windshield on the green locomotive, either a pair of 2x4x2/3 or more likely a single 4x6x2/3 with a slope on the outer set of what would be 4 studs. The windshield looks to have clear glass. Also an interesting use of the white snotted 1x6 train wagon end. You can see the battery box/receiver light through the front windshield at about 10 sec in, it does not appear to be lined up with the side grills. But maybe part of the battery box is wider than 4 studs, as the battery box on the passenger train seems to also be aligned with the grills. It does appear that the on/off button is visible on top of the passenger train, but that appears to be a 2 wide section between 2x4 slopes, so maybe that is just a brick built button that presses the actual on/off switch below. The passenger train is growing on me, but I'm a sucker for dark blue.
  8. 2018 Lego Trains

    Pictures of 60238 the switching tracks are out... looks like the only differences are that the new set comes with a $5 cost improvement and a 5th digit in the set number over the old 7895 set.
  9. Lego 75955 Hogwarts Express

    Looks to be a great set for the money. I would say the design style is similar to the Lone Ranger locomotive, at least in terms of the running gear (with the addition of the connecting rod). Shrewd move excluding the side rods, keeps the locomotive 2 bricks narrower while also eliminating the need to explain quartering. I bet the pilot truck is similar to the LR locomotive and if so, my mod for that will likely work on this build too. Definitely enough bits for an AFOL to modify it to a satisfactory train. The set does seem stubby, the use of drawbars instead of magnets (probably saving $6 or more off the price), two axle car (another couple of $$$), etc. seem like reasonable compromises to keep a licensed set at a low price. It has a lot of play value. Even if PF fits in the tender, it will look poor... but I suppose not much worse than the EN with a big battery box in the tender. I bet they go the way of the Lone Ranger though and not provide instructions to motorize. The lack of train windows is unfortunate, though it does not necessarily mean they are gone forever, just that the standard windows are cheaper to produce. It is a magical train, so who needs a driver?
  10. Washers For Technic Axles

    I recently built a MOC with a non-standard gauge and needed washers to get the spacing right. I could use bushings and gaps to make it work without washers, but as soon as it gets nudged on the track or ??? it would lose the gauge. I just took a technic axle to the hardware store and found whatever standard washer fit on it. I think the ones I got were about 1mm thick. I don't remember the size off the top of my head, but I have the package downstairs if you have problems finding washers on your own. Oh, and thanks for the shout out ALCO, though the washers I sell are intended to get the spacing precise for valve gear bars.
  11. 2018 Lego Trains

    I would agree that having the option of going to 6 cars is nice, I personally thought the current 3 car trains with cabs on either end seem short, though I know there are plenty of prototypes with such a configuration. The one annoying problem of pairing two sets together gives you a ton of curves, having more straight track would be nice. While I doubt Lego would ever go back to unit packages, it would be great if you could just buy 8 straight segments again, then buy the curves you need separately. Then they could do the trains in bundles- a base train without track or power (e.g., 3225 or the HE); a couple of loop configurations available at S@H that are actually combinations of straight, curve, and switch track packs; and a generic motorization set. Have a super-pack for stores that combine the base train, some track, and the motorization in one box, but allow people to pick and choose online, e.g., a big loop of track, two passenger train sets, and only one set of PF. Yeah, won't happen. The single cab unit on what seems like it should be a double ended train, specialized nose piece, and lack of train doors is actually consistent with several 9v era sets from 1996 to the end of the line, e.g., 4559, 4560, and 4511. From an AFOL perspective getting an extra set of PF is nice. I wonder if they will have a rechargeable version of the battery/controller (or might that be the standard design and dropping a non rechargeable option?). Hopefully it will be able to deliver more power than the current PF system.
  12. Destructive testing Mono-switch question . . . .

    But if you put a round 2x2 brick with a technic axle on the rotating control, you could then do a simple gear train to achieve a connection point to the side of the control stand that does allow you to go down.
  13. Quiz N3: An invitation for a real challenge!

    Even to this day it is not uncommon for Lego to revise instructions for a given set from one production batch to the next. For example, at some point during the run of the Emerald night they added a 1x1 technic brick to the power train to keep one of the gears from slipping off.
  14. Switching points - not so smooth operation

    I haven't had any problems with M-motors and un-modified switches using a direct drive (see p37 in RB 12). Only trouble is that you have to be careful to cut power after the switch throws since the motor stalls. If you do not need the ability to run through the switch, there are also variants of the spear switch (first, second), which exploit the crimping holes in 9v track. That functionality can be replicated with the addition of a 3.1 mm hole in the side of PF track or by going under the track.
  15. Oh wow, I think ColletArrow nailed it, these have the complexity of lego sets but so much nicer detailing. The yellow shunter looks like the engine 5464, with no hint of the PF. The steam train really captures the feel of a British branchline. I like the use of the grilled cheese as steps on the blue shunter. Very well done.