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  1. zephyr1934

    Southern Railway Maunsell Push-Pull set

    Here, let me embed the image in the thread for you (often if you paste the full link for an image in the EB editor the image will automatically appear, but if it doesn't appear right away you need to use the "insert other media" pull down menu) That looks good, is it 7 wide? The curving bottom of the sides is a nice touch. Are you planning on building it in real bricks? If so I think you might need to either use clone bricks for the train windows or go with a different window. Will you be running this on wide radius curves or the standard R40?
  2. I discussed that issue of the inside lift in my review and my bending the track to remove it (see part V in the first post). I don't know if the bending lasted or not since my permanent layout is on carpet and most of the curves are tight corners.
  3. zephyr1934

    River Canyon Railroad

    For most parts Lugbulk is in quantities of 50, and for some parts that's all you need (e.g., animals). The tricky part of Lugbulk is that each LUG is limited to something like 80 different elements per year. Each LUG chooses which elements they want and each LUG probably makes the decision differently. So typically you would push for the part that is either really rare, really expensive, or simply that you need in such massive quantity. The key rules of Lugbulk are (1) the program is to support public displays, so the parts are not for resale (violating that rule can get you shut out of any future AFOL support), and (2) you cannot discuss the parts price outside of your LUG (or probably other participating LUGs). Most parts are cheapest via lugbulk, but some are more expensive than other outlets or only have a small savings, so be sure to check bricklink and bricks and pieces when making your short list. Anyway, bringing this back on topic, in your case I would imagine 2x4 bricks and the 1x2 tiles would be the parts you would want to lugbulk. The flower stems have shown up on PAB walls and you can pack a lot into a cup so I would imagine those would be cheapest keeping an eye on your local lego store's wall.
  4. Amazing show, perhaps the biggest Lego train event of the year. Thanks for sharing the video. While its hard to choose, my favorite bit is probably the automated yard.
  5. I believe Andy from OKBrickworks posted a 1x2 brick to shapeways that will hold a larger bearing that fits technic axles, but I can't find it. They are pricey though. Assuming my recollection is correct that Andy made them, I bet if you contacted him directly that he could produce them himself for less than shapeways.
  6. zephyr1934

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Since there is only speculation about a new city train, who knows if it will come. If you like 60198 and can afford it right now, why not get it if it is "well priced"? If there is a new train in 2022 you might not like it as much, or it might have a higher cost per part, or.... Of course you might like it more, but it will probably be on the market for a few years, which will give you time to save up for that one too. So you could then have two trains you like instead of one. The preceding assumes your budget right now is either/or for the next 6-12 mo, if you have enough budget already to buy both, then the question reduces to, "do I want to pay X for 60198?" and only you can answer that.
  7. zephyr1934

    Railbricks Corrugated Tanker Mod - Advice

    Doh! I never thought about the "pitfall" of putting two up brackets bottom to bottom like that, good to know. Also underscoring your point of doing a test build out of real bricks (always great advice). The obvious fix of using just one bracket should be sufficiently strong for this application, or possibly using an up bracket stacked on top of a down bracket. Alternatively, I think there's room to put two down brackets coming off of the sides. This build has a lot of empty space to work with.
  8. zephyr1934

    Narrow gauge goodnes

    When you are done with this adventure you should compile all of this into a single manuscript (including the lego builds), edit it bit, and then go to the likes of a rail magazine for a feature article based on the best parts and possibly Amazon to turn it into a print-on-demand book. I think the quirky combination of the history of Russian railroads (which do not get much attention outside of Russia), narrow gauge (which gets little attention outside of railfans) and Lego builds makes for an unexpected read.
  9. zephyr1934

    Railbricks Corrugated Tanker Mod - Advice

    Checking the instructions, the end of the hidden superstructure consists of a pair of identical constructions flipped upside down from one another. The top one is studs up, going from top to bottom: curved slopes headlight bricks 2x8 plate 2x2 plate The easiest change would be to move the 2x2 plate away from the end of the car by one stud and then add a 1x2 x 2x2 up bracket in the gap you created. You can then use a 4x4 plate covered with tiles to fill the hole on the end of the car.
  10. zephyr1934

    River Canyon Railroad

    New job + new house, talk about having tons of free time (grin). Good wishes on both accounts. That is definitely an expensive build, but if you ever think about building this in real bricks, I'd suggest looking into joining a LUG first and use lugbulk to get a few thousand of your favorite (2x4?) brick for the hidden structure and backside. Keep in mind that the lugbulk cycle is many months, starting with LUG applications in the fall and typically wrapping up with brick delivery early summer. Meanwhile, if this is what your landscape looks like I can't wait to see your locomotive MOCs when you get to them.
  11. zephyr1934

    MOC Passenger Train

    Greetings @sveder and welcome to the Train Tech form. It is always great to have new contributing members. However, please do not revive 8 year old threads to request something from the original poster or make a passing comment. Hopefully we'll see more input from you in the contemporary threads.
  12. zephyr1934

    River Canyon Railroad

    That simply looks amazing! All of the detailing is over the top, from the water to the rubble it all looks so realistic. If you bring it to a show everyone with a train will want to take their pictures here. I bet... at at a conservative $0.10/brick... ugh!
  13. zephyr1934

    LEGO Trains 2021

    I doubt lego trains will disappear anytime in the near future. But I also doubt they will emerge much further from the shadows. New city trains every 3 or so years that don't impress most AFOLs, and the occasional licensed train when they can pull it off. With the minimization of specialized parts and a 3 yr renewal cycle I suspect the city trains make enough to continue. Lego realizes that (1) the city trains are a parts pack for AFOL's, (2) each AFOL train is potentially $600-$2000 worth of set sales in terms of parts for the train and heaven knows how much for the background scenery, and (3) trains remain one of the anchors of AFOL displays, being among the easiest way to bring in motion and guide visitors around a mostly static scene.
  14. Yes, the 12v gray era was a complete system, with amazing accessories that never came to be in the 9v era. Yes we can brick build all of them and bring in automation, and that is why I say Fx9v could take the crown. It has all of the virtues of 9v and has already surpassed them with the wide radius curves (well, okay, no motors and no controllers yet, so maybe 9v+Fx9v right now). Way back when he first announced the system at BW 2019 Michael spoke vaguely about bringing back some of the 12v functionality in later rounds of his system. As a 9v fan I hope there is enough demand to get there.
  15. @michaelgale wouldn't it be simpler/cheaper to make the two axle motor bodies have an attachment point for an unpowered middle wheel on each side like the 12v motors? I think the 9v flanges might be wider than the 12v, so it might be necessary for the middle wheel to be slightly smaller than the powered wheels (new part) but still worth considering. The various accessories of the 12v era are still to die for, so I would not say 9v the universal king yet. But with enough support to fully develop the Fx9v system, it could take that crown.