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  1. zephyr1934

    20hp Simplex Petrol Locomotive WDLR [MOC]

    What a fascinating little prototype and while it is small the MOC clearly had a lot of hard work to get so many details with nowhere to hide the snot.
  2. zephyr1934

    (MOC) Tiny PF switcher shunter

    Excellent and resourceful solutions
  3. zephyr1934

    (MOC) Tiny PF switcher shunter

    Nice little goat you have there, creative use of the battery box to get it to be so small. Definitely has the look of a British shunter. Is the green battery box is tape of some sort? What about the 1x2 grill tiles on the front, how are those staying on?
  4. zephyr1934

    9V-Era Steam Engine

    That looks really good for the era and far better than any of the MOT steamers. There are actually a few parts from that era that are no longer available but are better than many of the current alternatives (e.g., the palm tree segments for a stack).
  5. zephyr1934

    Steam Locomotive Factory

    It is not mine, just an amazing build I found, definitely worthy of praise though
  6. zephyr1934

    Thomas the Tank Engine and The Lego Group

    I have a few friends who work at tourist/museum railroads in the US and have heard that at smaller RR without much non-railroad infrastructure (e.g., paramedics on staff, tents or shelter areas, etc.) that the mandated requirements for DOWT were quite burdensome, to the point that it was often a loss.
  7. zephyr1934

    Birth of a layout - time lapse video

  8. zephyr1934

    [WIP] Hungarian Railways Lencse-005

    Oh wow, it is neat to see the evolution of the WIP
  9. zephyr1934

    MOC Tank engine locomotive - Knapsack style

    Look at that beautiful pair, excellent work. And then that flatcar is utterly brilliant with the transformers and heavy electrical gear... but shouldn't there be an axle sticking out of the M motor for the actual propulsion?
  10. zephyr1934

    Adding rods to MOD set 75955, the Hogwarts Express

    The gallery has been opened... [full gallery]
  11. zephyr1934

    1:25 Eritrean 0-4-0T Locomotive "202 series"

    That is a very nice build! Only suggestion I can see is that the footboards on the pilot are likely solid planking rather than grating, if so, then panels would make sense over the fences. Okay, two more suggestions, build the rigid engine first before attempting an articulated, you will come to hate the tight radius of normal lego curves. Solutions can be found (easiest being https://www.bricktracks.com/ but there are brick built solutions that can handle R44 too). And for the steam chests, why not extend them one stud and then shrink the steam pipes by one stud to keep the centered relationship? All of the above are minor, the locomotive is great.
  12. zephyr1934

    My take on modifying 75955 Hogwarts Express

    That turned out very good, and while I like what you did to the locomotive, I must say that the compartments are great on the coach. If the space in the coach gets too tight, you could go to 1x2x2 or 1x2x3 trans panels at arm height and go studs up, doing away with the tile roof over the compartments.
  13. Someone recently asked about adding rods to the new Hogwarts Express and I am glad to say that after a bit of tinkering that I have come up with a solution. The actual mechanical build on the unmodified set is very similar to the Lone Ranger set, about as tight as you can get with a ten wheeler, and not much space to fit cylinders in. With the Lone Ranger locomotive I wound up rebuilding it from a 4-6-0 to a 2-6-0 just to make room, but since the HP Express is the Olton Hall all dressed up, one really could not change the wheel configuration. So that set up quite a constraint, how to get the cylinders in as tight as possible without interfering with the pilot truck. Here's what I came up with, Compared to the unmodified set I think it looks a lot better I tried to keep the look and the feel of the set in my rebuild and use the minimal number of extra parts in the redesign. These are the additional parts that I used. The full set of rebuilding images will be available once the folder is moderated. For those interested in building their own, I've added a superlot for the rods to www.TrainedBricks.com. [full gallery]
  14. zephyr1934

    Steam Locomotive Factory

    I was poking around Brickshelf and stumbled on to an incredible MOC by user solic. It is NOT mine, but it is so unbelievable that I just hat to call attention to it. Hopefully the builder is around on Eurobricks and can start a new thread on it. If you go up one level, you will find some very nice trains too.
  15. zephyr1934

    Heartlake Express... My Lego Friends Train

    It looks like you (accidentally?) stumbled in to the Atlantic Coast Line