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  1. zephyr1934

    Building a Home Office Lego Trainset

    Is that a home office lego train layout or a work desk wasting consuming valuable space in a lego layout? (grin) Looks fun either way. I would agree with the earlier comment about the curves, R40 are pretty tight to begin with. I could see some space saving with crossover switches either homemade or third party. If you are really tight on space doing an open ended track would be a huge space saver, but it is a lot harder to just set the train loose to run on its own.
  2. zephyr1934

    [MOC] ČD 242 class WIP

    Very nice build!
  3. zephyr1934

    LEGO Trans Europ Express VT 11.5.

    A thing of beauty (both the prototype and the MOCs)
  4. zephyr1934

    (MOC) Metro Exodus - Aurora Steam Locomotive

    That thing is insane, what is it 18 wide? Great detailing and a Tank Girl feel to it
  5. That looks like great fun. Standouts for me were the TEE and the white/blue/yellow double decker (regional?) train
  6. zephyr1934

    (moc) The Century - WIP

    I vote for NYC because that was an iconic locomotive. But ultimately, I would say build to your interests.
  7. zephyr1934

    (moc) The Century - WIP

    Excellent! I would echo this point and maybe even expand on it to include the tender to make sure there are no clearance problems there either. The cab and tender can both be one brick tall, you are only looking for conflicts parallel to the ground plane. Also include enough of your rods to make sure the cylinder design works and does not conflict with the pilot truck (pilot trucks and cylinders are a unique challenge on R40 curves). If you don't ever run it, maybe save the hassle and cost of powering it and just build a display piece. If you do build it to run, you'll fall in love with it and then want to take it to a show. It could take a day of futzing to get everything working in harmony but it is worth it in the end (if you could get two L motors in the boiler, getting the trucks to work should be doable).
  8. zephyr1934

    Lego Train Suspension

    Wow! That's amazing! That's hilarious but makes total sense
  9. zephyr1934

    Remote control/Motorised Switch tracks (Points)

    Heh heh, a descendant of the railbricks switch motor. You can see an example of this trick in "fixing the double crossover" in RB9. Yes, they work very well. The one thing to be careful of is that you only briefly apply power since the motor will stall once the switch is thrown. The "switch-yard" films in this folder show them in action on an autonomous switching yard. I later incorporated them in a manual switching yard, here.
  10. zephyr1934

    MOC - KiwiRail DXC Locomotive (1:48 Scale)

    I refuse to believe that given the fantastic build (grin), seriously though, it looks like a fantastic build
  11. zephyr1934

    [MOC] Caltrain C-50-9 Caboose

    Excellent work (I really like what you did with the gentle slope of the roof).
  12. zephyr1934

    Quick question on warped Lego track...new

    Lego customer service is very good about this type of stuff. You can even tell them roughly what you said in your post. Also, while the track is expensive for us, they will probably spend more on postage to get the replacement to you than they do on the part itself.
  13. That is looking really nice, great work! Had you not mentioned it I would not have noticed the cab roof, but now that you have, did you try 1x3x1 curved slopes instead of the 2x4x2/3 curved slopes + one red plate? Also, the stack does seem very tricky, I have no idea how to do it better beyond keeping an eye out for clever tricks.
  14. zephyr1934

    (moc) The Century - WIP

    I respect your tenacity! What about a pair of L motors on the main drivers? Even a single L might work.
  15. zephyr1934

    Tutorial: Simple BR Plank Wagon