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  1. Type E Coupler for LEGO Trains

    That's impressive how well they work, thanks for sharing.
  2. E424 mini moc

    Excellent work!
  3. LEGO train bridges

    That looks and sounds more like you had succeeded in your attempts to build a railway through the Alps. Very well done and you managed to squeeze a lot in to such a small space without it looking or feeling cramped. I particularly like the fact that the trains disappear while traversing the loop, feels more real when the trains appear and disappear. The bridges are great, but that was a bit of a tease with the "track lift", could you talk more on that?
  4. Buy her that horse she always wanted and she'll never complain about you spending too much money on lego again
  5. 2018 Lego Trains

    Rather than buying 4x copies you should be able to buy the individual track parts from lego after the set has been out for a couple of months I don't know, I bet it is possible, potentially really ugly, but not impossible. For example, a separate tire in front of the train or between two cars could be used for propulsion
  6. Simple powered turntable plans

    A few years back someone came up with one of the simplest and low profile designs I've seen. I don't remember who came up with it, but you can find a variant of it on lego ideas here. It is essentially four road curve plates together with a very short platform and PF controlled wheels in the control shack on the turntable.
  7. Bulk Train Track

    I just googled lego compatible track and found the sprite world track. Never tried it, but the pictures seem fine. You will have a hard time finding lego straight track for $1/segment (cheapest in quantity on BL is $1.67). From lego I think you get 8 straights for $20 (plus more flex track than you ever wanted). I suppose if you don't mind the bumps of flex track, those are $0.19/segment on BL or $0.76 per the equivalent of a straight track segment. You can put down 2x plates to keep them straight. I think folks liked the Enlighten straight tracks as a lego alternative, but I think they are out of production now. The one hitch is that they are brown (stay away from their switches though, not worth the hassle). I think ME is out of the business, and I suspect 3D printed track will never come down enough for straight to be competitive with Lego prices. So that leaves molded track like sprite being the likely cheapest option. Of course buying lego brand train parts (even second hand) when they make what you need helps send the right message to lego that the trains are a good investment for them
  8. Yes, you can find the LDraw files for my rods and bars here ( @jesuskyr the renders are incredible BTW)
  9. Those are all some amazing builds! (I'm cribbing notes from the pilot truck on Jayhurst's Big Boy)
  10. Youch! I had no idea they were that bad. Why on earth didn't they give the biggest backers the highest priority for shipping? That is definitely inexcusable. I do hope that my earlier posts were not taken as offering any support for what the did do to backers like you, or any of the unfulfilled backers for that matter.
  11. Stephenson's Rocket & LNER J70 MOCS (LDD)

    Those are both excellent MOCs and while I never thought I'd say this to anyone, your snot looks great. There are plenty of ways to slim down the tender (1x2x2 panels with side supports?) and the J70 is just flat out sharp looking. I like your link coupler solution too. Little bits like that help make a MOC "pop"
  12. Yes, I was fortunate enough to complain early on to ME and they sent the plastic portion of my KS backing. They wanted to wait to ship the 9v + PF together. I am not saying I like what they did to people, I'm just saying that they probably lost their shirts. And while they did s**** over a bunch of customers, there was a silver lining in it by proving the market. Ultimately ME was too ambitious and over promised. I think BT approach of only a couple of parts at a time is much more viable. Definitely cruse over to BT, they are shipping what they are selling... but that is wandering off topic again.
  13. Indeed, the trains are excellent and the bridge amazing
  14. Type E Coupler for LEGO Trains

    Figuring that the modern Lego magnets are $2-$3 per pair, the old "choke yourself" ones probably > $5 a pair, and Kadee about $5 a pair the target price seems viable. Even though I am too invested in magnets to switch I could see building specific train sets with the new coupler system (e.g., a unit train or a new passenger train).
  15. BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    The R120 are insanely awesome! Did a show with them a few weeks back and it is so great to see curves that approach a realistic (scale) radius. On a side note, the BT rail profile is essentially the same as PF track, while the ME rail profile was more like the 4.5v track with a wide base for stud receivers.