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  1. zephyr1934

    Torpedo Wagon

    Great work!
  2. zephyr1934

    [MOC] Intercity Rheingold

    Your call, it is always nice to see "in process" photos, but it is also neat to just be floored by a beautiful build straight out of the gate.
  3. zephyr1934

    A3 'Humorist' (Unspecific Pacific V3.0)

    A thing of beauty! (though here too the video links did not work for me) The proportions and details all look to be spot on.
  4. zephyr1934

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    Well, former ambassador really, it has been at least 5 years. I believe I did lobby for a 3 in 1 train set, and I made lots of arguments for trains. That's where I heard of Lego's concern to keep the number of SKU's down. I would think what is the problem with having a collection of slow moving sets that only sell from S@H, but presumably they have run the numbers and figured out the necessary return per sq ft of shelf space in the warehouse. I also argued for Lego to include train parts in other sets, which they subsequently did, but I have no idea if my input had anything to do with that decision (they never really told us what they liked or did not like, in some ways we were a big focus group). One of the biggest problems with trains is the fact that they vary so much from one continent to another, e.g., what sense did the Super Chief make in Europe or the Horizon Express in the US? I liked and bought both, but for random person off the street why would you buy a train that does not look like any trains in your country? If you dig through the EB threads I think I've argued several times that a 3 in 1 set could overcome this big problem, have a US loco, and European loco, and maybe a generic car that someone anywhere in the world might want a dozen of (yes, there are other countries than those found in Europe and America, but many other countries have designs from one of these two sources... and of course next round, pick a design from another region, these are just hypothetical examples).
  5. That is really cool! I did not read all of the comments, so skip this one if it has already been answered, but if not, does the software have the ability to simultaneously turn on both ports on a hub in opposite directions so that a engine can have two motors facing in opposite directions?
  6. zephyr1934

    1900's steam loco and cars

    Looking good. The interior of the caboose is my favorite bit. As for the coach windows, to my eye they are missing the sashes that were typical of wood sided cars. Did you consider using a 1x2x2 clear panel, topped with a 1x2 (or 1xn) brown plate, topped by a 1x2 clear brick? If so, the 1x1 spacers between windows would likely look best. Otherwise, with the 1x2x3 windows I prefer the narrow spacing (no 1x1 bricks)
  7. zephyr1934

    [MOC] Southern Pacific 4-10-2

    That is an excellent build. I like how you got the continuous curve on the cab (only one of many eye catching detailed bits throughout). What is the power, an XL motor or two in the tender?
  8. zephyr1934

    Coming soon, a whole fleet of ES44's

    These are looking real good
  9. zephyr1934

    [MOC] Emerald 4-Wide Train

    That passenger car is really packing them in, great work (though I'd hate to ride on this train, grin)
  10. zephyr1934

    DOT-111 tank cars

    The tankers are great, and the small elevator in the background might be deserving of its own thread.
  11. zephyr1934

    [MOC] JNR Class D51 2-8-2

    YA fantastic virtual MOC
  12. zephyr1934

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    Sadly that was not the case at the launch of the online PAB, it launched concurrently with the hobby train. Since all of the parts were readily available and no one had any need to part out all the red bricks in the set, the set sold dismally. Sigh.
  13. zephyr1934

    Studded battery box cover

    I meant just the bottom of the PUP box, even if there is one or two rows of studs missing at the top that would still allow for the use of smaller tiles.
  14. zephyr1934

    [MOC] 2-4-2 Locomotive

    Very nice little locomotive and I would have thought British from the looks of it (so you did a good job with those details). From an operational standpoint, presumably the pilot and trailing axles are fixed to the frame. This long wheelbase will likely cause troubles in R40 curves and normal switches.
  15. zephyr1934

    O-my, get a load of this MOC

    Excellent! Maybe we can start a new O-gauge thread and give those monorail and duplo threads a little friendly competition (both of which are way cool... but my wallet starts growling at me if I spend too much time looking at the monorail posts). Just need a good solution to the technic axle trucks and it could work on a larger scale (as per my earlier comments, roller bearings could be just the trick)