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  1. zephyr1934

    [MOC] Boston and Albany D1a 4-6-6t

    That prototype looks like someone took a heavy Pacific and ran it backwards into a wall a little too hard. The design makes total sense though and if anything, one should wonder why this type of tank engine did not see wider use in commuter service. Anyway, you did a great job capturing the essence of the real locomotive. Are you going to build a few commuter cars to go with it?
  2. zephyr1934

    [MOC] 4-8-2 Mountain Type

    That is looking really good, so many small details, well played!
  3. zephyr1934

    Custom train bogies/trucks

    I derailed the topic and I really don't want to keep it off topic, but this tip is just so helpful I need to say thanks, it can be done on a mac too and when OS 10.14 is no longer supported I'll go that route
  4. zephyr1934

    Custom train bogies/trucks

    Oh man, I feel for you, some of my favorite non-lego software packages have gone obsolete and all of the alternatives really suck. You are probably living on borrowed time, it is unlikely LDD will ever get a parts update even if you are able to backdate to the older version, at some point the palette will become so limiting. But you could go to a hybrid approach by doing most of your building in LDD, then port over to stud.io to add the 5% of the parts that are not in LDD (and maybe even get a cheap mouse to help with it for the 30 min you spend in stud.io) In fact my situation is worse than yours, I'm mostly on a Mac and the current OS will not and will never again support some of my key apps. So I will need to keep an OS 10.14 machine indefinitely. This is like the second or third time they've done a sweeping obsolescence. On the other hand, I had to update my windows last year and if I recall correctly, that thing will still run DOS programs... sigh.
  5. zephyr1934

    7760-inspired PF Shunter

    Great work!
  6. zephyr1934

    [MOC] Bombardier CP1961 (2020 Version) Diesel

    That is some amazing work! There are a few parts that do not exist in the given colors, but could easily be substituted, e.g., the orange 1x2 plate with round ends could be changed to black or light gray without any loss. My one real quibble is that with 99% of the model you've gotten to the point where it does not look like lego, so now that last 1% really hits you in the face. Specifically the porthole windows. Presumably the PF components filling the inside keeps you from a brickbuilt solution with arches or whatnot. If that is the case, given all of the stickers you would need for this build anyway, couldn't you go with stickers for the porthole windows too?
  7. Depends on where the pivot point is placed, if even with the ladders they might be able to stay, if not, the ladders could be moved to the frame. Thinking further about this issue, one could use plates with clips like this to support runningboards that are one tile tall, like the ones on the side of this tender Or if you are willing to add a "step up" to the running boards, one could use a 1x8 tile to bridge the two boat studs and the jackshaft to make room for the rods.
  8. zephyr1934

    [MOC] LEGO PRR class E44

    They are Belville ice skates, bad news though, they are probably less common than 4873 However, the minifig ice skate is fairly wide spread.
  9. zephyr1934

    Software to design DUPLO train track layouts

    Why not work with the grandkids to explore what can be done with your collection? If you just have straights and curves you are only going to get loops. If you have lots of switches you can set up a criss-cross (demolition derby?) layout. You bring the grand vision (after first making mental notes that it "SHOULD" be doable) and have them realize the outcome. If the kids are older, you could set out to conquer grades, e.g., If the are younger, you could use the risers to make loop above loop and set a pre-walking toddler in the middle of it all with trains running at eye level
  10. zephyr1934

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    It's not just the friction from the gears. A single axle going around a curve has to deal with the two different rotational speeds from the different rails. Removing one or both traction bands will let one or both sides slide rather than fight. With the entire gear assembly in place the two axles are coupled. So as the locomotive enters a curve there are actually three different rotational speeds that will fight each other, one from the straight track, and two from the different curved rails.
  11. I had definitely considered a one piece rod that looks like it is two separate rods, but the jackshaft would need to move up to actually see any of the details. Also, with only the two axles in line the size of the triangular rod simply would not look right Unfortunately, as built no, the jackshaft is as high as possible. You might be able to redesign how the running boards are held on and add 1-2 plates of clearance, but it would require a moderate redesign of the hood. But then you only have half a stud width to sneak the entire jackshaft mechanism back there and I suspect the connecting rod would conflict with the running boards. At which point one might be better off just redesigning the entire frame to get all 3 driving axles in line. I believe there are one or two high end, 3rd party models or instruction sets for a Lego crocodile available out there and I assume they solve many of these problems. LT12V's MOC has some good ideas. Holgar's build also has some good ideas (e.g., the crankshaft piece for the jackshaft, though I'm not sure how much clutch it has (even better, instructions for this model in red are included in his Lego Trains Book) Bricks on rails has instructions for a nice looking model as well
  12. zephyr1934

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Indeed, self-propelled is always a nice property in a locomotive (grin). Though I've heard of a few folks who want to use the model as a dummy engine that is pushed from behind. If you do that, make sure to remove the crown gears from the two axles under the cab so that you do not wind up with all four of the cab wheels fighting with each other on curves. Also remove one or both of the red traction bands from each of the axles under the cab if they are unpowered.
  13. 10277 is an entry point to our hobby and as long as Lego has an AFOL train, we have a gateway. Many builders never wander far from sets and there is nothing wrong with that. The rods in the original post are all about adding a little customization to the set and polish a few rough edges, while keeping the set mostly unchanged. General comments about the set itself are better placed in the main thread on 10277. Of course there are many builders on this forum who's work is thousands of times better than any train Lego would mass-produce. No problem there either. I am definitely interested working with builders who come up with ways to split the frame that keeps all of the driving wheels on one end rigidly together so that it can take a full set of rods. The simplest version (in terms of rods) would probably be Mk III with rods just as Shiva suggested: a 3 hole 13 long rod with uneven spacing (holes at 1, 9 and 13) and an usual length 2 hole rod to match the vertical offset of the jackshaft. I already make all sorts of unusual hole spacings for individual steam engine projects. The triangular rod would take a bit of engineering, but it is certainly a possibility if there's demand. The exact rod will depend on the spacing of all of the axles, so we'll need to see folks gravitate to a particular configuration, model, MOD, or MOC. Meanwhile, thank you LT12v and Shiva for the kind words!
  14. Indeed yes, I've been studying both designs. The fundamental problem is that the third axle is decoupled. If all three axles were on the same unit then making either rod design work would be a lot easier. Connecting the jackshaft the right way with only two axles would look really unbalanced. Also, in an ideal world the jackshaft would be one more plate higher. In the 10722 design its center is one plate above that of the drive wheels, which makes it hard to get a pinhole in for the jackshaft that does not split the side rod in a bad way. I'm hoping someone comes up with a good MOD to get all three drive axles of a given end on a single unit, I am interested in developing a more prototypical solution. For now though this design is something to start with. Oh, and thanks for the links. You are correct that the pictures are way better than the English wikipedia. Agreed, and as per above, it will need a larger modification to the model. Something I hope will come in time. Thanks for the kind words!
  15. zephyr1934

    [MOC] PCC streetcar - TCRT 322

    Thanks for the kind words and not a problem, reverse engineering is important. As Raised already pointed out, its Part 2653 Yes, the front profile of the curved roof was a difficult limitation. The inset door also provided a difficult constraint, I could have put in a vertical post but then that loses the "inset" nature of the windshield. I spent weeks on the windshield and ultimately tossed in the towel. I probably should have lead with a different first shot, but there you go. Replaced by PU ============ This video shows the car going to the end of the line and turning around ============ Heh heh heh, Thanks! It is hard to see in the photos, but there is a small step at the bottom too, just a 2x4 tile held in by the center posts by studs pointing down on the bottom of the door. Thanks for the kind words Not in the short term, the stickers for the windows are way too tricky to get a color match every time.