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  1. (Work in Progress) EMD F7A in 8-Wide

    Great job with the tough angles (and excellent inspiration from Nate). Would look good as a black widow.
  2. [MOC] AGV High Speed Train

    That is simply brilliant! Very well done.
  3. 2018 Lego Trains

    Even if you never build it, a nice HP train would be great in a couple of respects. It would be an excellent gateway train set for AFOLs, a nice model to repaint in different colors, and potentially a parts pack for train heads. The one not-so good feature is that while the red engine is lovely in real life, red is a common color in lego-life.
  4. NS DE4 / SBB RAm TEE

    It just keeps getting better.
  5. 0-8-0 Tank locomotive

    That's a beauty
  6. I believe I heard way back that PF2, WeDo2 and mindstorms would all converge to the same plug. As such, I would expect that you could plug a sensor or motor from any one system in to a power supply from another. Given that Boost is 9v I am more convinced that the devices have a high voltage and low voltage power line, much like the current PF has a control and power lines right now.
  7. 2018 Lego Trains

    Excellent call, if they can't/won't release an AFOL train set, that would make for a nice collector's item.
  8. Brickworld 2018 Call for Topics

    What about a walking tour of the train layouts and displays, with each host highlighting their favorite bits?
  9. That was my first thought too, that they were going to a 3v system because the new WeDo does too. Still could happen, but it is also possible that with the two more wires that PF2 has two power lines, one for high voltage (9v) and one for low (3v). But who knows?
  10. MOC - 7720 reloaded (DB E69)

    Excellent bit of retro building!
  11. NS DE4 / SBB RAm TEE

    This looks very good. I think the cars could benefit from some form of undercarriage but presumably you just haven't got to that bit yet. Excellent work
  12. [MOC] Lego BR class 08 diesel shunter

    Looking good!
  13. Warped track remedy?

    And for curves you could build up a framework built on top of a good curve section to serve the same function. Either of these approaches should force the right dimensions but might degrade the clutch of the part being heated.
  14. I would suggest anyone interested read the full promobricks post that was linked. Using google translate, I think the highlights are: "The battery box is the same size as the old railway battery box, in the new box the receiver is integrated." So no longer need to also hide an IR receiver. "We were particularly pleased that the sets a new remote control included. According to our information, there is also an app from LEGO to control the trains." So there will be a stand alone controller and an app. "In addition to the remote control, there is also a new engine with a new connector. This should make it clear that the new Power Function parts are not compatible with the old ones." While a bit of a bummer... "However, there will be a retrofit kit, with the old trains can be converted. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any prices for this. The installation becomes easy, since the dimensions for both parts should be the same." ... you should be able to use your old motors with the new BT-battery if you like. Also note that it sounds like the new battery is the same dimension as the old battery (but your clearance point probably moves from the top of the battery to the end of the battery). The key pinch point will be what to do if you have old batteries and worn out motors or IR receivers. The brickshow.com link from the first post noted, "Original Power Functions accessories will still be available in LEGO stores that carry them" (I think this bit came from an earlier promobricks post, but ???) So it sounds like for a few years you should be able to buy old motors. My first thought was that with the consolidated BT-battery that they are forcing rechargeable batteries on PF, but looking at the wedo 2.0 line, "The hub requires two AA batteries or the Smarthub Rechargeable Battery, each sold separately." So does this mean we are entering the 3v train era? Assuming the PF2 prices will be similar to the wedo prices, the wedo controller (AA) is $63, the add on LiPo battery is $63 (needs the wedo controller, so it is "additional" rather than "in place of" as we have with the current PF battery), and the wallwart is $27 (but hopefully it is the same as the current PF rechargeable plug). So the power + com prices would be double what the PF are today. The wedo rechargeable battery has the plug port on the end opposite of where the control lines plug in. Since the wedo controller sits on top of the battery this could make it more difficult to permanently build the battery into a MOC. Looking at how they fit together, I suspect the same would be true for the PF2 design. The battery pack description does note that it "provides longer run time than AA batteries, and requires a charge time of approximately three hours." So that sounds like it might simply be the PF battery repackaged. The promobricks post also confirmed the leaked pictures of the trains and gave the MSRP: passenger train is 130 Euro, freight train is 190 Euro I don't think lego is trying to squash the third party suppliers, but I think they are more than happy to steal good ideas that have proven to be successful. It makes sense to me that lego is revamping PF after 10 years and it also makes sense that they go to BT communications. In any event, they are not singling out the train folks, we are just on the bloody cutting edge. My concern is the amount of power that the BT-battery can deliver. Right now we have the V2 receiver and SBrick (among others...) so I'm sure something will come out. Interestingly though, if the wedo prices stand, it looks like it would be cheaper to buy the current PF rechargeable battery and SBrick than PF2 BT-battery + rechargeable.
  15. [MOC] Lego BR class 08 diesel shunter

    Yes, can't beat the roof for reception, but out the back is better than completely inside (grin). Looking again at your first choice for the roof, it is a 7 wide cab with a pair of 1x3 curved slopes and a 1x tile for most of the roof. Why not try dropping the sensor down 1 or 2 plates so that you could put the 1x3 curved slopes over it but then leave out the 1x2 tile? I think you would only have a small decrease in reception for a better looking roof line. You could even get really fancy and put a 1x2 grill tile over the sensor