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  1. Toltomeja

    [MOC] Kraków

    The MOC depicts the historic Old Town in Kraków, Poland. The scale is 1:1250 (meaning 1 stud is 10m), the dimensions are 120 x 70 cm (4 x 2.3 ft). The story of this build begins in 2019. Back then I was away from my bricks for a long time, but of course I didn't want to abandon the hobby. So instead, I started designing the MOC digitally, planning to build it in the future. The construction from real bricks lasted another 2-3 years, as I worked on plenty of other projects meanwhile. Full gallery: When designing the digital model, I set up a script to save a snapshot of the model every time I saved it. Thanks to this, I can present a full timelapse of how it was created (need to click it to play on Flickr): Enjoy!
  2. Toltomeja

    [COR - FB - GOC] Lotii Garden, Port Raleigh

    Looks very nice! I like the smooth colour transitions in the water.
  3. Thanks for featuring it here, I hope it proves useful. It doesn't support all parts, but I could easily improve it for your specific needs. Just let me know what brick types exactly you need to reflect. And if you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact me as well. I really mean it! :) PS: ChristopherLee, I guess we can't expect LDD to inlude this feature, as only some parts are symmetrical, and therefore reflectable. That's why I decided to do this myself. :)
  4. Toltomeja

    Toltobury Wharf

    If I understand the question right: If you place a baseplate on top of a studded surface, the height is exactly one plate (you can check it!). So the baseplates are not attached from below - just connected with some plates that are next to them.
  5. Toltomeja

    Toltobury Wharf

    Probably my biggest MOC so far (3x4 BP). After a few years of building, this was meant to sum up all the experience I’ve got so far. And the bricks that I’ve gathered of course. ;) Primarily inspired by Anno 1404 game, but the build soon began to grow and evolve its style. Starting with every house being completely different, the style later became more uniform (mainly white, brown and MdDkFlesh). Thanks for your support during the WIP stage. The awareness of someone waiting for the pictures is the best motivation I can imagine! Much more pics: Hope you’ll like it!
  6. Toltomeja

    Faun Valley -The Shrine

    The Fauns are a small community leading its peaceful life close to the nature. Every year they gather at the Shrine to thank Nature for the treasures it has given them. Among them, the sweet red apples that the Valley is famous for. My contribution to team build in Summer Joust Competition. Full gallery:
  7. Toltomeja

    Prenwaig Falls

    An oasis of tranquility hidden in the depths of the dark forest. A perfect place for a lone traveler seeking some rest. Built for the Summer Joust 2016 contest (Natural Beauty). Full gallery: Enjoy!
  8. Toltomeja


    Another trip of the well-known traveler - Señor WIesiek. This time he visits the charming city of Ronda in Andalusia. It was meant to show all characteristic features of pueblos blancos - white-walled houses, tiled roofs and latticed windows. MORE PICS: ¡Que aproveche!
  9. Toltomeja

    The Mountain of Art

    Built for Brickstory competition - category: history of art. MORE PICS: The construction depicts the history of art and architecture from Lascaux cave paintings to contemporary art. There are ten stages that I chose as the milestones of history of art - each one highlighting one piece of art, as well as a minifig and some surroundings matching the historical period.: 1. Prehistoric times - Lascaux wall paintings 2. Ancient Egypt - image of Osiris 3. Ancient Greece - columns of Ionic, Doric and Corynthian order 4. Ancient Rome - triumphal arch of Orange 5. Gothic - church of St Mary, Krakow 6. Renaissance - merchant's house 7. Baroque - an altarpiece 8. Classicism - Pantheon in Paris 9. Romanticism - Liberty Leadin the People, painting by E. Delacroix 10. Contemporary art - Piet Mondrian's painting, Chrysler Building (art deco) and Bauhaus furniture Enjoy!
  10. Toltomeja

    Dracula Castle

    In fact, I've never been much into the official figs. The only one I know is the one from Collectible Minifigures that I have (and whose hair I used here). Only the head wasn't entirely suiting in my opinion, so I replaced it with the green one. Hah, this is the very thing I sometimes repeat to myself. There'll always be some MOCs and techniques that I admire, so why not get inspired? Besides, I've seen a oouple of your works and there's really no reason to underrate oneself :) Thanks for the comments, I'm always glad to hear some! And I'll have to agree that the castle could be a tiny bit darker and more sinister. Apparently I was lacking some color between LBG and DBG.
  11. Toltomeja

    Dracula Castle

    Yes, I know... The CCC's been over for some one month. This is my last entry - but now I present it to you in the fully finished and refined form. This is my next attempt, after last year's 'Tower of the Storms', to build a sinister-looking place. The clue feature here are the shingle roofs with black minifig flippers. I finally managed to collect a considerable amount of those - and still, a handful more would come in handy. :) At the moment when I submitted this to the contest, there was no interior yet. Instead, only some random yellow and red techni bricks scaffolding (as always). I decided to rebuild the castle completely - starting with the ground level, up to the roof. I hope the effect was worth the effort. ======== FULL PRIVATE GALLERY:: ======== Enjoy!
  12. Toltomeja

    CCC XIII Microland Keep

    CCC, entry 2/3 Microscale category in CCC was the one that made me happy this year :) And so, I gave one more chance to a microscale castle with lots of tall round spires. It's already the third time (at least) that I'm experimenting with these. And, hopefully, most successful thanks to black ice cream cones. More pics in the gallery: Enjoy!
  13. This is my first (and not the last of course!) entry to the CCC. It shows the fascinating burial traditions of Bo people, a real-life community living in Sichuan Province, China. For hundreds of years, the Bo buried their families in wooden coffins, attached to nearby cliffs many meters above the ground. Some are also present in caves. Less than 300 of them have survived until now, dating some 400 years ago. Similar traditions can be also observed in Philippines. It's still not clear how such a small community managed to lift the coffins so high. The most probable hypothesis is that they descended them from the top of the rocks. They believed it brings fortune to the souls of the dead. The higher, the better. I took the liberty of not following the real-life clothings very strictly, but this might be nice idea for custom figures some time. :) Full gallery: More about the history of this burial custom::
  14. Toltomeja


    Yes, I know... Publishing a non-castle MOC is a serious sin during CCC. But I already started building this one, and had to finish it before anythong else. Another (castle) MOC is on its way :) At first I was planning to build Victoria Street in Edinburgh with its colorful houses, but somehow I wasn't satisfied by the effect. After all, it's better to make one building well, than seven buildings that don't even look right. So this one is largely inspired by this thing at Grassmarket: I put some minifigs' life inside - the ground floor houses a true Scottish pub (thanks for the 'Highlander' windows Lego, I couldn't dream of a better name!), the first floor is a school for musicians, and the second is just for living. MORE PICS: Hope you'll like it :)
  15. A brick model of one of the most magnificent monuments in the world. It’s loosely based on a specific fragment of the Wall, located in Juyong Pass. The choice was not accidental, as Juyongguan is the very place I had a pleasure to visit last summer. And now, after a year, I finally got to build it. One might imagine the Wall as a straight line stretching across China. This segment is a bit different - its shape is rather closer to a circle. It surrounds a couple of buildings at the bottom of the pass. I tried to feature two of the pavilions, as well as the pond being crossed by the walkway. The only part that was entirely added by me is the side beacon tower. Such structures served as a part of the defensive system – in case of an enemy’s attack, heavy smoke was produced to warn guards at neighbouring towers. If you’re not afraid of some history, feel free to read more here. And if you are, let pictures speak to you: the pavilions and one of the towers More pics of the creation: Enjoy!