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  1. BrickRandom

    New member saying hi

    Hi everybody, I'm BrickRandom, I recently registered here at Eurobricks, so I thought I would quickly introduce myself. As a kid I played with Lego a lot. We (my brothers and me) started off with a huge pile of second hand Lego without any instructions, so we used to just build our own creations. Sets only came into play later on, when we got sets for our birthdays or other special occasions. After building the sets once, the parts got added to the big pile. As with most people, eventually other interests took over. The Lego was moved to a dark corner in my parents attic, where it currently still resides. Last year, the birth of my daughter reignited my interest in Lego. After all, she needs to have a big pile of Lego to play with when she reaches the appropriate age, so I'd better start collecting now! And no harm in me playing with it until she is old enough. :-) My renewed interest started off with some bargain hunting, resulting in a small collection of sets across various themes (most still unbuilt at the moment). I also did some MOC building, mostly using so far, as I don't have many parts available yet for actual building. Earlier this year, the Dutch edition of the Lego Masters TV show sparked a small impulse buy of set 31101 Monster Truck (it's not easy passing up on those Lego discounts at the drugstore when you are out buying diapers...). This set and another Monster Truck (60180) I already had in my collection led to me setting myself a little challenge: take two recently completed sets and create something new using ALL the parts from the two sets. The sets chosen made the challenge a bit harder than I had intended. In the end, I didn't quite meet my own challenge, as a handful of parts are left over (as shown in the picture below). Despite that, I'm not unhappy with the result, even though colourwise it's a bit of a mess. Here's the result: Instructions and more pictures are available at Rebrickable: including instructions to the B-Model, a tractor: My next project was building set 42082 Rough Terrain Crane, which - due to the limited time I have available to build - took me more than a month to complete. Great set though! Future plans include more MOC building (I have a number of ideas floating around) and sorting the pile of childhood Lego. But it will probably take me a lot of time to complete anything! Regards, BrickRandom
  2. BrickRandom

    Victorian House

    Great design! I think you captured the look of these types of buildings quite nicely. Your link to the ideas website doesn't seem to work though. Regards