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  1. Miscellanabuilds

    The Search for Pyerce [O7 - Krownest - CE]

    *Your entry has earned 3 XP* I was lying in snow. My head was ringing. I could see Mandalore in the sky, which meant I was likely on Krownest. The last I remembered, I had been floating in space. I noticed almost all my beskar was gone with only bits remaining. My blue undersuit was damp from the snow. I got up, wincing. I could tell bones were broken, but the numb from the cold was keeping the pain at bay. For now. In the distance, I saw a small base. As I made my way towards it, I realized that it was Imperial. I had no weapons, no extra clothes, no food. I had better chances there than here. Thankfully, it appeared the soldiers had been relocated or were on a mission. I knew there was a Mandalorian clan somewhere here. I decided to steal a speeder and head there...
  2. Miscellanabuilds

    [O9 - Onderon and Dxun - CE] The Commandeering

    *Your entry has earned 3 XP* https://www.instagram.com/p/CKpJVZjp8Y4/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link It had been only a couple of days since Pyerce's trap killed Eencar and the rest of my team. I finally came to terms with what had happened, grief filling my being. From my understanding, Pyerce was found and captured. But it didn't matter to me. They got to him before I could. Pyerce was only a pawn to the Empire, however. I wouldn't stop until the galaxy was rid of that scum. A couple days later, I received a transmission: Imperials were leaving Onderon with ships full of Beskar. A strike team was being sent to take it back. We were teaming up with Confederacy of Free Systems. We would get the Beskar, they would get the fleet. ________________________________ The leader of Clan Elder told us the plan. "We are to intercept the fleet mid-way," he explained. "Our ships will drop us off on top of theirs, then trail behind, taking down any fighters as necessary. Our 'ground' team will take different sections of the hull and cut into it. The Confederacy has some Jedi. They, as well as one of our own, will use their lightsabers to do so. Aim for cargo hulls. The Beskar crates inside will be sucked into space for our ships to pick up. If we fail to take the ships, at least we'll still get our Beskar back- even if we take the path of the ancestors and join them as martyrs. Let's kick some Imperial plastoid backsides. Break." _______________________________ As we jumped into hyperspace, I glanced to my left. The Confederate wore a Dark Blue jacket with a symbol I had seen many times on paintings of our ancestors- the symbol of the Jedi Order, enemies. "I never thought I would fight side by side with a Jedi," I growled. He smiled. I could see the years behind the eyes. Sorrow, pain, yet acceptance. He's been through a lot... he was like me. "How about side by side with a friend?" He extended his hand. I took it. "How about acquaintances?" "I'll settle," he said. The comms blared on. "Suit up people," said the pilot. "We're approaching the coordinates. Remember, these regulators will only last 15 minutes, so don't start them up until necessary." I slipped on a pair of mag boots, harnessed my jetpack to my back, and loaded explosive shells into my DC-17m. We stood in silence for several minutes. the air reeked of anxiety, stifling our lungs and forcing us to hold or breathes in anticipation. "Regulators on.," the pilot said over comms. "Opening rear hatch in 3...2..1.." he said a minute later. "Go get em boys." _______________________________ I had never been in space before. As soon as the hatch opened, we were all sucked into the void. It was cold, however our suits thankfully kept us from death. As we started to slow down, we initiated our jetpacks towards the Gozanti. Approaching the left wing, we turned on mag boots. We were making our way to the cargo hull when tie fighters started to come at as. I found it odd- their signature noise couldn't be heard. Then I realized that others were yelling at me, but no noise. I quickly turned on my comms. "Now might be a good time to use your blaster," said the Jedi. "Now might be a good time to use your magic hands," I replied. He hesitated. I didn't have time to think about it however. I aimed, launching a shell at the closest tie fighter. It missed. I got used to accounting for gravity, and now the lack of it was throwing my shots. I cursed. I shot again, this time barely missing. I launched one more shot as the TIE made a sweeping run. Blasts shot towards us, and I panicked. Thankfully, this one hit., blowing up its right wing. It caused the fighter to veer, crashing into the Gozanti not too far from us. Two more were still coming, however. As I lifted my blaster, a slew of bolts came at us. The Jedi had ignited his lightsaber, deflecting bolts back at the ships. One of them hit home, bringing the second ship down. However, a bolt from the third hit me square in the chest. I was knocked backwards, my mag boots ripped from the ship. I panicked for a moment, but collected my self. Using my jetpack, I was able to anchor myself to the ship again. "Here's the hull," one of the others shouted over the comms. The Jedi started cutting through with his lightsaber. Then an explosion erupted nearby "Bombers!" resounded from multiple people over the comms, mixed with a couple of 'Dank Ferrick's. I tried to use my blaster, but it jammed up. I would have to trust the rest of the team. I looked towards the Jedi. He was halfway done with cutting a hole. I noticed that his jetpack was damaged, beyond use. I hesitated. My jetpack still had it's missile in it. Should I use it and then give him the pack? I discarded the thought- it might come in handy for him. "Your not going to get anywhere with that thing" I growled over comms. Confusion. I rolled my eyes. "Jedi... guy..." He turned. I took off my jetpack handing it to him. "We're about to get in here. I wouldn't need it for long," he said. "You could always find other strike forces and get them into the ship." He contemplated this. "You have a point." He took it, putting it on. A blast of light appeared on my right. Turns out the faith in my team was well placed. They had taken out the bombers. "Stand clear." The Jedi finished the opening, and our strike force hurried as fast as possible away from the hole as crates and on board personnel were sucked into the void. After we were certain it was empty, we started to drop into the ship. I was near the back. As the line thinned, I noticed and incoming bomber. "Get in!" I growled over comms. I activated my range finder and bent down to launch my missile. Nothing. Then I remembered. I didn't have my jetpack. An explosion ripped in front of me, destroying the piece of metal I stood on. I spiraled out into space, black and grey blurs appearing. I started sweating. I tried to use my comms, but it was damaged- my whole suit was malfunctioning. I reached down and turned off my mag boots, freeing me from the shrapnel. The movement stopped my acceleration, and now I was slowly continuing to summersault through the void. I could see the bomber going for a second strike team. It looked like they didn't know of it's presence. I didn't have much time. My blaster was still at my side. I grabbed it, hurriedly trying to get it unjammed. It fell free off my hands, and was slowly floating away. I reached, barely touching the tip. I tried thrusting my body to gain momentum. It worked. I grabbed the blaster, and as I tried to get it unjammed, the bomber hit it's targets. And entire strike force was eliminated. The bomber continued its run for another group. Click The gun was unjammed. I aimed carefully, precisely, leading the shot. As the recoil knocked me farther into the void, I saw a small explosion- I had hit. I continued to float, the ships becoming smaller and smaller. My head started to throb. My regulator was almost out of life. I was going to die out here, out in the bleak void. No one would hear my final cries. No one would find my body and lay me with my ancestors. My armor would never make it's way to my children. My kids.... My mind went black, and I embraced the cold hand of death.
  3. Dank Farrick. I meant Cat B. I I edited that, should be in order now. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. *Your entry has earned 32 XP* https://www.instagram.com/p/CJoqfSApmO5/ (apologies for the lack of an imbed, I as having trouble getting the photo to upload. Not as complete of a MOC as I wanted it to be, but I ran out of time.) (Edit: other pics https://www.instagram.com/p/CJrYdx9JYc1/ and https://www.instagram.com/p/CJrYjd2J1XF/) The Empire was exactly where the data chip had said. A transport been hiding in Mandalore, right under our noses. It didn't tell us where Pyerce was, however- he was too smart for that. I gathered my team. It was time for The Great Purge... this time on the Empire. Our small strike team was all we needed. At the location, numerous Imperial scumbags were getting ready to leave off world. We dispatched the ones on the outside with ease- we lost no lives yet. "Alright team," I said over comms. "We don't know if Pyerce is here, but if he is, it's going to be heavily guarded. Prepare for anything." I never expected the operation to be a trap. After we were deep in the building, the building exploded. My entire team died. Even Eencar Nacio perished. It was the first day I wept since we lost Mandalore. I was going to blow the Empire straight back to Krell.
  5. *Your entry has earned 12 XP* Word has spread that the Imperial Pyerce maybe on our home planet of Mandalore. Nabare sent me out to see what info I can find. I walked through the city streets of Mandalore. The informant was supposed to be at a cantina just around the corner. I sat in one of the stools and waited for him. Turned out he ran the joint. He came to the bar and started conversation. A shot blasted out. I turned to see an imperial not far away. This had been an ambush. The blast should have killed me at point blank range- good thing I had beskar. I pulled out her blasters, shooting both the imperial as she ran and the informant. Searching the imp scum, I found a data chip. Turns out that doshing informant got her the intel she needed. We were going to find Pyerce- at least I hoped.
  6. *Your entry has earned 5 XP* Master Mi-tew has heard rumors of a group of stray Imperials on Lur, and sets out to find them, navigating the snow planet on his Salvaged A-Wing Landspeeder. He knows not what awaits him, but is prepared for anything. He was not prepared for what came.
  7. Miscellanabuilds

    Guide of Desire

    Deep into the future, humanity's morality has significantly lowered. In response, one AI has evolved into a machine that guides one to their desires... and to the results of their evil deeds. Some say it is The Devil's Pet... others The Justice of God... But everyone calls it Death.
  8. Miscellanabuilds

    Faction: Clan Eldar (CE)

    My name is Nabare Licho. My parents were killed during the Purge, but the Clan took me in as there own. They gave me less noble duties such as cooking, but didn't give me enough money to make good food and yet they scorned me for my lack of delicious cuisine. So, I became a Rogue by night and a Soldier by day, fighting in matches to gain money and fame. (this is heavily inspired by Nacho Libra btw)