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Found 18 results

  1. This model was built from a single picture of 2024 Friends set 42638 - Castle Bed and Breakfast. I made the model in my own style, while attempting to keep the proportions of the set. I gave it a fold open back, and had to redesign the turret-area as I had no clue how they assembled it in the set. The official roof was likewise unfamiliar territory, so I improvised a new one using bricks and slopes. (which was total pain!) Also, instead of making it modular style with removable floors, I made it swing open like a dollhouse and lock shut on a technic pin. The model only opens up to 90 degrees, which makes picture taking difficult. The model is missing four reddish brown window pieces (with glass) in style 73878 from the bay window because they aren't in LDD. This will be rectified when built in real life. The rear isn't too exciting. I struggled to get the stairs on the inside, which left little room for windows. I did manage a back door, and added a chimney by the turret up front. Inside the front half, which I need to figure out more furniture for. The empty attic will have lots of boxes in it... and maybe a ghost. (Unsure at this point about that!) Inside the rear half. All of the furniture designs in this MOC will be stolen from a previous house model I made. Here is a cropped and upsized version of an official Lego picture of set 42638, for comparing to my version of this house. EDIT 5/9/24: Of the 1,065 parts on this building, I've found 333 pieces, leaving 732 parts still to go. These totals do not include furniture or the modular base - these items have finished the parts-finding phase and have been ordered from Bricklink as of the 7th. Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Leave them below!
  2. Marko is just about to try and return to the river to catch some more fish, while Sascha is drying the previous catch. A small furry friend is looking with anticipation waiting for Sascha to leave. -- Will probably be part of a larger layout together with -- It started out as a tryout to use a post-and-beam technique and evolved to this house. The stone base of the house is 10x10, with some jumper magic, the bottom of the house is 9x9, before expanding to the front to 10x9 studs for the floors above and the roof. Marko and Sascha's home by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
  3. Ok, so this house MOC is actually a MOD of a MOC. It was taken from a set of Shrieking Shack instructions by JL.Bricks and heavily modified into a facsimile of 1920's-style house... or, at least it's close enough to work with a de-winterized Winter Village line and / or Hogsmeade Village Visit without snow. (set 76388) See this Rebrickable link to see what I modified it from. I added a flip-open back like in Medieval Market Village. (set 10193 - It's hard to believe that set is 13 years old!) The building was originally winter (and Harry Potter) themed, but it clashed way too much with my other buildings that way, as they aren't winter themed. Basically, it's a normal, non-Christmas house now. The back of the house is a new design by me. I had to redo the roof from plates ands tiles (as it was originally shown) to slopes as it was too fragile. The lower floor features a coat rack, table w/ two chairs, and a steam heater borrowed from set 10185. (Green Grocer) Upstairs we have a bed (plus another steam radiator) with clock and framed map on the walls. More details are in the back of the house, such a kitchen stove, couch, along a with a few more living room details. There is a model railroad upstairs as well. This vehicle was originally inspired by @hachiroku's model of the staff car from Raiders of the Lost Ark, and can be found here in his photo-stream. The car can be seen above with all the furniture from the inside of the house. (This picture was taken before house construction started... I've broken enough reddish brown brick on this to just tear the innards out just for one picture!) Speaking of the car, here it is by itself. inside view of the car. Seats one in front and one behind. (if you can get your fingers in there, that is!) The rear view showcasing the spare tire as mounted on the trunk. As usual, comments, questions complaints, and suggestions welcome! EDIT 4/6/22: FINALLY, it's done! The house has been in-progress since August of 2021 and was starting to drive me crazy.
  4. Kristel

    [MOC] Ocean Drive

    It’s been quite a while since I have designed a modular building - none since 2017 actually, according to the my albums over on Flickr!. There have been a few ideas, but they never went further than thought bubbles in my head. Then LEGO Ideas announced the “You’re the final piece” contest to create something that could become the design for a jigsaw puzzle. Jigsaws are what you will often find me doing when I’m not doing something with LEGO, so I knew I wanted to do something straight away. Quite a number of ideas came to mind, the first of which was a nature based one that turned out to be a disaster! Nothing more to be said on that one. Another idea was a set of townhouses. After playing around with some colour combinations, I settled on the different shades of blue, thinking that it looked like the various colours of the oceans around the world. And so “Ocean Drive” became my working title before I had even put two bricks together. The other inspiration was the colourful row houses that you find in parts of London. Particularly, the style of the windows on the first floor (the middle floor for those who are not Australian!). Ocean Drive is a busy street, with the kids currently on holidays for the summer. We have the twin girls being looked after by their grandma, who is about to receive a bunch of flowers from her neighbour. There’s a young boy playing with his cat, a handyman just finishing a job at number 3 and a teenage girl walking her pug. The buildings in this street started off as individual facades, each of them representing a 16-wide modular building. However, I ended up connecting them where there was trim using the 1x8 door rail as they just wouldn’t line up neatly, despite supposedly being the same dimensions! This also meant that they no longer met the modular building standard. Anyway, I couldn’t build a building like this and not have it meet the modular standard, so I made one in Dark Turquoise (arguably the most beautiful LEGO colour!). This is what it looks like as a 16-stud wide modular building: I then got a bee in my bonnet to do up instructions for the individual townhouse. You can download them via Rebrickable. More images available on Flickr. Hope you like it!
  5. Simons Brick World

    [MOC] Barber & Bakery City Building

    Hello there, after a short break I wanna present you my new MOC Building. This time I build 2 houses side by side on a 32x32 baseplate. In the first floor a small bakery and a barber find it´s place. The floor with the stairs to the upper floors is in between the two. In the second floor I placed an apartment and a small doctor´s office. In the top floor is another small apartment with a big roof terrace. Let me know, if you like the building or tell some points of improvement. If you like the pictures below, feel free to watch the building video on YouTube: The bakery with a big sales counter and 3 round bar tables. The floor upstairs in the mid with the yellow entrance. In the right building you can see the barber salon with the chairs and a counter in the mid. The doctors office on the right with a waiting room and the treatment room. The apartment is empty because the residents are moving. There are only a few moving boxes left in the apartment. The apartment in the top floor with a dining area, a kitchen, the bed in the corner and a small bathroom. Also on the top floor: The big rooftop terrace. You can see a lot of plants, outdoor furniture, a bbq grill and a raised garden bed.
  6. Hello everyone, I recently bought a copy of set 76108 - Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown, with the only intent to turn the Sanctum Sanctorum part into a modular building. I had liked it from the moment I saw it, and liked it even more when I saw the first mods that added another floor. So that's what I did. I bought the set without the figures, so I got it pretty cheap. That also provided a nice excuse to come up with a new backstory for it . More on that with the pictures... Diverging from my usual modus operandi, I didn't plan anything ahead this time. Since I had bought a couple of sets for parts over the last year, and also have a lot of pieces left over from all the modulars, creator houses I slaughtered to get parts for my previous MOCs, I just sat down with my parts collection and the set and started building. I finished the entire thing in less than a week, and had lots of fun doing it. While it can be maddening when you miss one part, building with bricks and sifting through your parts get's the creative juices flowing quite differently than planning in LDD. I'd estimate that the finished model consists of maybe 1500-1750 pieces (I used lots of large panel pieces for the side walls). There's no instructions, and no LDD file. If you prefer to view the pictures directly on flickr, clikc here: There's also a few more than I show here. The front facade is pretty much unchanged from the set, only set on a standard baseplate according to modular specs, and extended by one additional floor. I was pretty much scraping together all medium dark flesh bricks I had for the additional floor. Still had to use three dark orange bricks to complete it, but it works out fine, I think. The back went through several iterations. It takes some cues from the front, but is plainer. Detail view of the small balcony up on the top floor. Inside, we see the self-proclaimed mage that lives here. The ground floor has a dazzingly red floor. Had these tiles on hand, didn't know what to do with them, so in they went... Otherwise, it looks normal enough...cozy armchair under the stairs in front of a large TV... ... small kitchen area and a place to eat. The second floor houses the mage's bed- and bathroom. Still, nothing too out of the ordinary to see here. Wondering what's in the chest? Me, too...unfortunately, she keeps it locked at all times. Next floor... For the first time, we meet the mage. When you ask her what she's doing, she'll go on about how she's tapping into the arcane lifeforce that surrounds us and permeates everything. She does "research" on which materials are a good source for it (or "congenial vessels of the earthmother's pulse", as she puts it), and how it can be extracted. If you ask her neighbours about her, they'll say things like "Oh, her?! She's just batshit crazy! Let's just hope that when she eventually burns down her house, the fire department gets here before the fire spreads!". We have arrived on the top most floor. Here, the self-proclaimed mage does her 'experiments', which usually involve grinding and burning stuff. As on the floor below, the shelves are packed with arcane books, some merele esoteric, and some pretty occult. They also contain precious artefacts she collected over the years - usually paying way too much for them at yard sales... Finally here's a comparison shot with the Pet Shop: Looks a bit too high, or maybe the Pet Shop is just too small... There, better So, that's it . Hope you like it, let me know what you think! As I said there's a few more pics on flickr, so check them out: Cheers, Tobias / Roger_Smith
  7. The new Creator set 31065 just screams "Modularize me!", doesn't it? ;) Nice architectural details, realistic colours, a cool fire escape. It's a little low, but hey, in no city are all buildings of the same height. My initial idea was to buy two and merge them into one modular building, but after I had built the first one according to the instructions – as a starting point for my MOD – I realized that only very little needs to be done to make it a 16-wide modular. Mostly just basic bricks for the back wall. At this stage, I was still thinking of adding another of those bay windows to each floor to add a little to the height, but in the end I actually like it the way it is. So I decided to simply make it narrower by remowing the window on the left side of the door. Since I needed the whole building to be of the same height, I added the window above the door – fits nicely, I think. When I had the first building ready, I simply built a second one next to it. Actually, three in a row might look nice... So this is what it looks like as a 32-wide double. It very much reminds me of the style of housing that the Gallagher family lives in in Chicago's South Side, so I just had to place a homeless drunk on the sidewalk :D I still need four of those dark stone grey shaft with balls to complete the roof. The sides are very plain, and also the fire escape had to be relocated – now it's in the back, which gives the backside a nice detail together with the window, tree and some seating. Usually, when I have the façade finished, and if it's a commercial building, the interior, then I just run out of ideas and inspiration so the backside remains very plain. In this case, however, the set came with enough details to furnish the backyard. The chairs and barbeque are borrowed from 31052 Vacation Getaways, the tree is a combination of two 31065 trees, the birds are 31065 originals. I also added an entrance to the basement. There's a modest interior, as well. This is the top floor with one apartment having a 31065 bed, the other one a 31052 bed. There are no stairs, that would eat up all the room inside. Gotta use that fire escape! The main floors both have identical kitchens. Again, the furniture is a combination of 31065 and 31052 to get some variation. As you can see in this picture, the buildings share a common basement. There's a pillar in the middle to add support for the upper floors. Two similar fireplaces, though. The main floor is so low that the door needs to be placed here, otherwise it doesn't fit. This works out relatively nicely altough the door does come off a little too easily when removing and placing the top floors back. Wouldn't work in a real set. The two floors are separate, though, but the roof is just one common piece. Don't you think the 31065 looks great as a modular? It's a very inexpensive way to build MOD modulars, too. You need one set per one 16-wide modular and then mostly just basic bricks in tan and dark red as well as dark stone grey tiles. That's about it – some plates for the floors/ceilings, too. Thanks for reaging, and as always, grateful for your comments!
  8. My latest modular is a townhouse with a shop of the first floor. There is no interior for this one yet. I have a few modular buildings in the works and I don't know when I'll get back to this one to fill out the interior. I'm thinking of making it an Optometrist office, but I'd be interested in hearing if you have a better idea! :) Close ups of the shop and balcony: And here it is next to my candy stop for comparison: Thanks for looking! I'll post again when I have an interior.... one of these days.
  9. paupadros

    [MOC] Italian Villa

    Hey it's me, Pau Padrós, you may know me from my Ideas account: Anyway, I'd like you to be completely honest with what you think. Please don't hesitate to comment. Italian Villa The follow-up to the very successful modular Magic Shop. Designed from January 2016 to February 2016, it resembles a stand-alone villa which was adapted as a townhouse to the ever-expanding city of Paunia. Welcome everyone to the Italian Villa! This is my second modular after Magic Shop (also on Eurobricks: Facts: 2148 bricks 30.5 cm tall (about 12") Flame Yellowish Orange clour scheme Nice vegetation on the side wall Beautiful open area on the top Minifigues & Interior Highlights: All five minifigures with a rather nice street sign, grandfather clock and modern painting You know how I am, suggest new ideas, and of course feel free to write anything you like/dislike about this modular! Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it!
  10. _Galadriel_

    [MOC] Townhouses-Dollhouses

    I had an idea to build a town diorama, but with completely furnished interiors, so you could see the life of minifigs both outdoors and indoors. So these are the first two buildings I've made. There's an apartment on the first and second floor and a grocery store on the ground floor. I had to hurry up to finish this in time for our exhibition a few weeks ago and I didn't have enough time to furnish this building so I decided they just haven't moved in yet. :) The ground floor will be done soon. The second building is actually made of two semi-detached houses. There are two ladies living in these houses and as you can see from their apartments, they are quite different from each other. Higher resolution photo of the interior can be found here: https://c2.staticfli...441722c1c_o.jpg All suggestions are welcome. My Flickr page:
  11. TopperTwist

    [MOC] Simpson's Style Mansion

    Hello! I am back with a new townhouse/mansion MOC. It is inspired by the official LEGO Simpson's House set; however, I found that the set was too suburban to fit well with my urban city, so I decided to take the essence of the house and transform it into a modular building. IMG_9676 by Topper (TT for short), on Flickr Here is the front of the exterior, featuring some SNOT technique and a simple, green door. IMG_9693 by Topper (TT for short), on Flickr This is the first floor interior Thank you so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I just wanted to include the spirit of the Simpson's house into my city, as well as fulfill my girlish desires to have a dollhouse made out of Lego bricks. Thanks again, and if you would like you can see this creation in more detail on YouTube at: ... Or Flickr at:
  12. A little urban renewal to transition the Detective Office part of town with the more classy modulars... my latest modular is "Chop", a small Asian fusion bistro in an Art Deco storefront. Oddly enough, I've wanted to use fish as an architectural element for a long time. 1st floor interior: Decorative wall panels. 2nd and 3rd floor feature a nice but somewhat cramped 2 bedroom aparment. Next to a couple of my other mocs. Thanks for looking! (Sorry the photography isn't great.)
  13. A row of townhouses in colours that are good enough to eat. I originally built one of these in Dark Orange, but couldn't resist using these delicious colours for the final street!
  14. ItsaBRICKS

    MOC - Tan Townhouse

    Hey guys, This is my first time posting one of my creations in the Town forum. I have a Tan Townhouse that I'd like to offer up for comments and constructive criticism. No interior yet, that's the next step. Overview Bottom Floor Second Floor Third Floor and Roof Thanks for viewing!
  15. SzU

    [MOC] Striped Townhouse

    Hello everyone Let me show You my latest MOC - townhouse with interior. I really like the idea of LEGO's Modular Building series and I remember being very impressed by set no.10218. Front elevtion can be separated from model, revealing interior. This also helped me with constant rebuilding of elevation - there would be a lot more work to deconstruct 4 walls instead of only one! Besides this, in the future only front elevation can be integrated into the street full of similar houses, letting me to re-use bricks from other 3 walls. Photos where shot by my friend Rafał Zerych. Flickr gallery MOCPages gallery Brickshelf gallery Some photos: Lego MOC: Striped Townhouse by Szymon Urban, on Flickr Lego MOC: Striped Townhouse by Szymon Urban, on Flickr Lego MOC: Striped Townhouse by Szymon Urban, on Flickr Lego MOC: Striped Townhouse by Szymon Urban, on Flickr Lego MOC: Striped Townhouse by Szymon Urban, on Flickr EDIT 2016.02.06: Flickr links fixed.
  16. Kristel

    MOC: Sand Blue Townhouse

    Hi everyone! I'd like to present my latest modular building, the Sand Blue Townhouse. This colour combination reminds me of a seaside village (none in particular, just a general feel), and I've tried to capture this in the interior. If it looks familiar, it is because it is. This townhouse was originally started at the same time as the Tan Townhouse last year, when the Modular Madness competition was announced. I was trying out different colour combinations and facade variations for the same building. It's only taken me a year to finally finish this one! I included a fridge in the kitchen. This is one detail that I consistently forget about! The blue and yellow "artwork" hanging on the wall is my attempt at capturing the sun over the ocean. The seaside theme continues in the bedroom ... And in the bathroom ... More images on flickr. Thanks for looking! Comments and suggestions welcome.
  17. A first modular. In fact it’s meant as one of the famous Painted Ladies in San Francisco, the idea being borrowed from Henrik Hoexbroe who has built a whole row of them. In a larger scale you can find them in Legoland California, too. Obviously the future town will have some Frisco stuff in it, at least there’s already a very fine Cable Car built by Altezza. There is no interior, but, since cars are still important, a working garage door. The garage even fits the full-size cars. Due to the SNOT road and pavement system there is no usual baseplate, so a width of 21 studs is no problem. Building in an odd width widens the range of possibilities, e.g. you can have cheese on both edges as you can see in the frieze at the gable. Some details: The pillars at the bottom of the staircase are shortened versions of the ones used at the Gas Station. The curtains at the windows of the second floor are made out of bridal veils. The garage door (probably) has a new mechanism which allows any width. Later I’ll show how it works if you are interested. The chimney is completely wrong, will be changed. The roadster is new, too. Its platform is based on the full-size cars, but smaller (6w). It’s built by combining bracket-and-tile and brick techniques and fits two whole minifigs. It doesn’t have a spectacular design, but seems like a step in the right direction on the way to build some smaller cars that go well with the CC style. Hopefully the platform can be developed further. Thanks to Na Dine for providing the old windows. Thanks to all for looking! Some more pics:
  18. moctown

    MOC: Mini Modular "Townhouse"

    Hello Everybody! Today I present you my latest mini modular moc, which is my 4th one by now. I built it as an another addition to the official LEGO Set 10230 and I simply call it "Townhouse". The pictures: Find more pictures, as usual, on my flickr photostream and feel free, to tell me, what you think about it! Thx & so long, Jens