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  1. Terry Akuna

    Goliath 2.0

    Details are fantastic .... awesome build.
  2. Terry Akuna

    Lego Train Landscape

    The white panels are the foundation wall at the back side of the module. I have a few in the center as supports as well.
  3. Terry Akuna

    Lego Train Landscape

    You can message him and ask ... but I think so.
  4. Terry Akuna

    Lego Train Landscape

    Sed6 .... if you are looking for large qty of those 1x1 wood grain tiles email or message on FB.
  5. Terry Akuna

    Lego Train Landscape

    I did a bit more research on small bridges ... you are correct. However ..... this MOC has become a black hole in my Lego room and I have changed the overall design several times trying to come up with new ways to build this thing using the parts I have available. I do have the brown pieces to make the change. So, it would be an issue of laziness or how much work it would take to make the change.
  6. Terry Akuna

    Lego Train Landscape

    I design and print them myself ... however you can get them at a friends BL store, The Brick Orphanage ...https://store.bricklink.com/relhak#/shop
  7. Terry Akuna

    [MOC] Windmill

    Fantastic! You did a great job on the shape .... always a struggle for me.
  8. Terry Akuna

    Train Barge

    I do have design ideas for the tug and barge to be functional ... but the drawback is space ... all these ideas I have come up with lately are huge builds and require a ton more of space.
  9. Terry Akuna

    Train Barge

    Tugboat WIP ...
  10. Terry Akuna

    Train Barge

    That would be all in! 16 or so baseplates long ... not gonna happen ... at least not by me.
  11. Terry Akuna

    Train Barge

    I thought about that too, but it's not this was just an idea I had ... I personally have no plans to build it. I also thought of the loading ramp and a couple of tugs, but I don't see this idea going much further than digital, unless someone else wants to build it. Always wanted this set as a kid ... but I don't think it was for sale in the US.
  12. Terry Akuna

    Train Barge

    I thought this train barge would be a great idea to use as a parking lot for rolling stock for large train displays.
  13. Terry Akuna

    Lego MOC: TNTX 2-6-2 Steam Locomotive

    No particular engine .... just looked at a lot of photos of ?-6-? steam locomotives, but I did want to make it have a matching color scheme to the rest of my fleet of locomotives.
  14. Here's my first try at a steam locomotive ... I still need to add some cosmetic details and graphics. Once finished it will be added to my coal train fleet.