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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Eurobricks and swashbucklers. I haven't posted much of my own making in recent years, simply because well.. let's just say I'm a bit lazy. Sorry! Back in 2015-2016 when I was 15 -16 years old (I know, easy to remember) I started messing around a bit with a custom built ship and No. 6721 "Imperial Flagship" (which was one of the last second hand set I bought). It was also at that time I discovered the Aubrey-Maturin novels, and began devouring them in a way you don't expect from someone my age. I also found out a movie adaption was made, containing various elements from the novels. I watched it, and again, and again, and I became a bit obsessed with the story and historical accuracy. And I was (and still am) a lego fan. So 1+1 is 2, ey? I grabbed a green robe and tried recreating a scene! Thanks to a friend who helped me with final cut pro and my mother for sewing the sails, I am very glad I can present to you a movie I should've released three years ago! Here's something I had much fun working on, with vague images, laughable special effects and the occasional video thrown in. Please enjoy. I hope I inspire someone to make a perfect version of this. Kind regards, Captain Edward, or on youtube: Jiskpirate P.S. Be sure to check out my older animations on my channel, with some being reasonably successful, although not too good. For me, my channel is one big plaza of nostalgia.
  2. Technic Master

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi All! Long time lurker first time poster! Happy to have joined the community! Im an avid lego fan (albeit a bit of a lego hoarder) and I have been collecting lego since the 90s. I really enjoy working with the technic theme theme, creating random machines and creating GBCs, however working with classic bricks also works for me. I have approximately 100k pieces available at disposal (mostly sourced from bricklink), which is probably not as much as what you guys have :) I’ve also recently started a youtube channel to share some of my creations, please have a look and subscribe! Technic Master’s Youtube Channel Looking forward to sharing more of my custom creations. Louie
  3. This is a build inspired by someone else's MOC. Thanks for the great build, LegoLogical. The video of his build is a LOT nicer - I'm just riffing with my spare parts here. Although the Canto Bight story line from The Last Jedi surprisingly doesn't involve gambling - I'm sure TLG is going to give us a scene from this planet eventually. Likely the falthier escape instead of this casino. Once I saw this MOC I thought it was the perfect size for this location and I'm a big fan of having every film-centred location in Star Wars represented somewhere on the shelf. Although the story line's merit may be contestable - who doesn't love gambling aliens?? I should point out that this MOC was designed before TLJ Blu Ray's deleted scenes gave us a look at the facade of the casino, which has more wide, pronounced white pillars along the face of the structure and some groovy 1960's masonry. I think the build pairs pretty well with the Resistance Transport 75176, which by itself is kind of a blah display. Wanted to include as much of the casino floor as possible, tried to include the piano / bar / slot machine area, and kind of gave up trying to integrate both the casino and the bar. You see what I have here. At the moment, I'm only displaying the main square casino area on my shelf and I may junk the bar and move the colored glass directly behind my pathetic stand-in for the Master Codebreaker. (He's on a roll, you know.) If I come into a lot more spare parts that favor white, I may try and complete the build. Also, if we get do an official falthier escape set from Lego or perhaps some Canto Bight police speeders, I'll likely revisit the build. And please take a peek at what LegoLogical did - my build really doesn't do his justice. Thanks for looking.
  4. The Maestro

    Waldred the War Master

    From a young age Waldred had an unhealthy interested in war. But now as his days grow short, he retires from his years of advising and training to live peacefully in a small tower. This has been busy gathering dust while I am rushing to finish my other Brick show mocs (not to mention a very, very large moc (Hype!)) I am very proud of this, to me the stone work is good, landscaping great and the Tudor/roof better. The roof was the most challenging part, but thanks to 40+ angled plates I was fine :P Credit for most, if not all techniques go to of course @Legonardo , who gave me the inspiration for this build a couple years ago at CBS (yup this thing has been floating around for two years). This and the rest of my mocs were on display at the Christchurch Brick Show last weekend, It was great seeing the public's opinion and they seemed to love the "Rapunzel" tower. Hope you enjoy and C&C needed.
  5. I didn't get many Bionicle sets last year, but I am planning to get more in 2016. Is it worth it to get the 2015 Toa or should I just skip them? I'm going to get the Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder, mainly for the small version of Ekimu and the Mask of Creation in pearl/gold. Are there any other 2015 sets I should get before I get on with 2016?
  6. Takanuinuva

    Bionicle 2015 Toa Mods

    Thanks to some Bricklink orders that arrived today I can now show off my mods for the 2015 Toa One thing to mention with all of them except Onua. I built a custom torso since I didn't like the exposed ball joints on Tahu, Pohatu, Gali and Lewa. I didn't with Onua cause of his large chest piece. I won't show how its built until LDD updates. Till then feel free to guess how I built it. Also they all have silver armor save for Tahu and Kopaka's chest plates. I hope in later waves we get Silver Red or White printed chests for Tahu and Kopaka. Gallery when public http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=554632 Tahu I shortened his legs and change his feet from silver to red. Swapped out chest armor for Breakout version. I might change his eyes to orange once I get the summer sets. Front http://www.brickshel...015/tahu001.jpg Side http://www.brickshel...015/tahu002.jpg Back http://www.brickshel...015/tahu003.jpg Weapons stored on back http://www.brickshel...015/tahu004.jpg Secondary Weapon Function http://www.brickshel...015/tahu005.jpg With Gold Mask of Fire http://www.brickshel...015/tahu006.jpg Kopaka I removed the trans blue, Swapped his silver chest for a white Breakout version. Better shield design (Credit to TheDesuComplex) Switched his spear for a custom built sword, Shortened his legs. Shoulder armor is now more like his prototype version Front http://www.brickshel...5/kopaka001.jpg Side http://www.brickshel...5/kopaka002.jpg Back http://www.brickshel...5/kopaka003.jpg Weapons stored on back http://www.brickshel...5/kopaka004.jpg Secondary Weapon Function http://www.brickshel...5/kopaka005.jpg With Gold Mask of Ice http://www.brickshel...5/kopaka006.jpg Onua I changed his torso armor to be bulkier, Swapped his feet for the standard ones. Changed the build to his shoulder armor. Hammer is changed slightly to have a sort of shovel esc handle at the bottom Front http://www.brickshel...015/onua001.jpg Side http://www.brickshel...015/onua002.jpg Back http://www.brickshel...015/onua003.jpg Weapons stored on back http://www.brickshel...015/onua004.jpg Secondary Weapon Function http://www.brickshel...015/onua005.jpg With Gold Mask of Earth http://www.brickshel...015/onua006.jpg Lewa I swapped out his leg armor for larger ones and made his feet green. Changed the build of his axes. Replaced shoulder spikes with the Savage planet Claw/Wing piece. Swapped his torso for the Breakout version. Shortened his arms by one bone length Front http://www.brickshel...015/lewa001.jpg Side http://www.brickshel...015/lewa002.jpg Back http://www.brickshel...015/lewa003.jpg Weapons stored on back http://www.brickshel...015/lewa004.jpg Secondary Weapon Function http://www.brickshel...015/lewa005.jpg With Gold Mask of Jungle http://www.brickshel...015/lewa006.jpg Pohatu I removed the asymmetry. Added wrist mounted daggers. Added spikes from Pewku to the torso. Front http://www.brickshel...5/pohatu001.jpg Side http://www.brickshel...5/pohatu002.jpg Back http://www.brickshel...5/pohatu003.jpg Weapons stored on back http://www.brickshel...5/pohatu004.jpg Secondary Weapon Function http://www.brickshel...5/pohatu005.jpg With Gold Mask of Stone http://www.brickshel...5/pohatu006.jpg Gali Swapped all yellow parts for black. Simplified the trident and added the Gurahkk staff pieces from Kopaka and Pohatu. Made her left handed and changed her green eyes to blue (Though I may change them back). Gali also has shorter hips on her custom torso. Front http://www.brickshel...015/gali001.jpg Side http://www.brickshel...015/gali002.jpg Back http://www.brickshel...015/gali003.jpg Weapon stored on back http://www.brickshel...015/gali004.jpg Secondary Weapon Function http://www.brickshel...015/gali005.jpg With Gold Mask of Water http://www.brickshel...015/gali006.jpg Lastly here is a real life version of my Kanohi Suva http://www.brickshel...suvareal001.jpg http://www.brickshel...suvareal002.jpg Bottom http://www.brickshel...suvareal003.jpg With standard colored masks http://www.brickshel...suvareal004.jpg http://www.brickshel...suvareal005.jpg With Golden Masks (Also the Gold Skull Spider Mask) http://www.brickshel...suvareal006.jpg http://www.brickshel...suvareal007.jpg Comments and criticism appreciated
  7. (Ok first off I'm terrible with naming characters, these guys sound like pokemon! ) Anyway this is a project I've wanted to do for a while, but because of exams I couldn't even start on it until yesterday! Essentially I wanted to make a toa of magnetism, but then one of my friends suggested I make 2 of them to account for the opposite poles. And so Charpai and Toraros were born! Charpai controls the attraction forces of magnetism and Toraros controls the repulsion. But then I had the idea of taking these guys a step further by giving them a new form... Polarus! A shot showing the two components, and how they are connected Tahu for size... Thanks for looking . Does Polarus stack up? Comments and Criticisms welcome!
  8. somelegothings_

    [MOC] Green Arrow vs Sports-Master Redux

    Today, I bring you what is probably my favorite build of mine so far. Awhile ago I shared with the community a MOC of a museum and it was Green Arrow vs Sports-Master. I wasn't too fond of it but it wasn't bad. Anyways, let's talk about the build... I had this as an idea to add into my Daredevil series on Flickr but I decided since Green Arrow is my favorite DC Hero I decided that this was more of a Star City/Seattle Skyline. I'm very happy with the result. Disappointed with how long it took but I learned a lot about building with all that time. And I'm very happy that I took all this time to make this. Green Arrow is the basic GA fig with green arms and dark green vambraces from brickforge along with dark green hands. I really love their vambraces so I gave Sports-Master some too! My original idea was to raise up GA's building a bit more and then have the building Sports-Master is on be an apartment with Clark Kent looking out the window from his kitchen. I have a pic or two of it but it looked pretty awful. So I decided to not try to go full blown try hard on my first time building something like this. Sports-Master is also a combo of Space Police and Robot Cop legs with an Extremis Soldier's torso, a clone pauldron, Hawkman's face, the CMF Hockey Player helmet and the Hoth Trooper's goggles. Anyways, here's the build! (The old build is right here: ) Full Size along with a story! Can be seen here: C&C More than Welcome! Thanks for stopping by to look at this!
  9. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Flash vs. The Rogues

    Flash vs. The Rogues The Scarlet Speedster battles the devious group of super-villains called the Rogues: Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master, and Heat Wave. Features a custom Flash minifigure by Christo as well as my own custom made Captain Cold. This is my third Flash build, and also my third version of the "speed-line" that follows the hero. My first Flash build; Flash vs. Grodd, features my first attempt at the speed-line, and looking at it now it is only somewhat successful. My second Flash build, Superman vs. Flash, which is far more recent, is based off the first speed-line, although it is more streamlined and effective. Of all the versions thus far, I feel this third one, of solid color, is the most successful in appearance. Enjoy! ~Nemo
  10. Fortifying Falhaven Master Architect Challenge Entry Black Falcons of Nocturnus Dearest Kestrel, I write to you now, my love, to inform you of our growing nest... Sir Tercel has served me well, and has returned just recently from Port Wrath with men and supplies; to which we now construct Falhaven. We are deep now within the old forest by the road; but I’ll ensure there’s a path that can hold your beloved carriage. I know you ask, as always, but until Falhaven is complete we cannot meet. I cannot risk you or the children leaving your safe nest to fly into the wild without Falhaven holding power for us. Soon you will have the power you wish, but soon takes time. Falhaven is only early in its construction, but the Minotaur and Cyclops labor yields quick results. We’ve started construction of a great tower that will look far over the forests, a perch for a Lord and Lady. It will be a simple fortress of course, but the forces that flow from it will be strong. I will soon be sending Sir Tercel to flight once more, as I see the need for alliances, and more specific supplies for the future. In the meantime, while you wait, keep the children close. I suspect treachery from the surrounding guilds, and change can only come from that dark wizard. Rest assured though, we will have our revenge. Fendrel ----------- Enjoy ~Nemo
  11. Wellesley


    Heyho, the forums are full of beautiful Lego ship pictures, but mostly just the ship out of different views or details like rigging or the interior. What I miss a little bit is scenery, like just marine life, like reading of the Articles of War, midshipmen learning how to use the sextant. There are wonderful frigates yet; a few even called the H.M.S Surprise, so why not rebuild some scenes from Master and Commander. I would appreciate some pictures. Wellesley