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  1. Dayton

    Is LEGO being unfair with gameplay?

    Manbat and Vibe (Both male) have the scream power in the Lego Batman games. So does Kevin Smith who is overweight.
  2. Dayton

    Cancelled spider-man set

    That reminds me of the scene from Spider-Man 1.
  3. Dayton

    Lego Loosing the Ball with Superheroes Sets

    With Marvel, Lego are only aloud to produce sets from one film per year so 2014 - GOTG, 2013 - Iron Man 3. And with DC i honestly don't know but would like something other then batman.
  4. Dayton

    MOC: The Dynamic Duo vs. Two-Face

    Very nice Moc! It certainly has that silver age fell to it.
  5. Dayton

    MOC: Gotham City - The Batcave

    I don't really care about what you think about me.
  6. Best: Light Grey suit Batman Worst: New Green Goblin
  7. Dayton

    MOC: Gotham City - The Batcave

    And i quote "but random people can suck my you now whats". You said people not person and there where multiple people asking you to take it down. Also could you please improve your grammar and spelling, it seems you are only here for this thread to defend yourself when we have proven that you are in the wrong so there is no point defending yourself. I mean seriously thats all you come on this website for, you contribute nothing but posts defending yourself with bad grammar and spelling.
  8. A lot of people are against Batbrick (Flickr User) a guy who made custom prints with stolen design and made people's time on Flickr a nightmare. He got deleted then came back as PremiumCustomWork who is also known as poppunkmonkey on eBay, He was on Eurobricks for a short time to and was rudely defending poppunkmonkey (He claims he just sponcers him, when they really are the same person) to peoples claims about on a post about can pop be trusted. He was banned and is now deleted on Flickr and his customs are now being sold for around $3 or less. This is one thing that has brought a lot of hate to printing.
  9. Thanks and Amset-Rah is right about everything expect the legs which i put together Thanks mate! When i make a Moc based off anything, weather it be Comics, Movies, Video Games, etc, i try to make it as accurate as possible. Cheers! Like i said before i tried to make it as accurate a possible!
  10. Dayton

    MOC: Gotham City - The Batcave

    You did not only say it to me, but everyone who was against you posting the pics. Also you go to one of my picture and under my name it will say "You are blocking (My username will be here)" and next to it will be the button undo then i think you have enough of a brain to follow it from there.
  11. Dayton

    Cuusoo and The LEGO Movie

    Just about everything for the movie was made to be sets, i was told by someone who works high up in Lego so i image that anything that could be made as a set will be.
  12. Dayton

    Pirates Teamwork Contest - Voting Topic

    Entry 3 - 3 points Entry 1 - 2 points Entry 4 - 1 point Quote MultiQuote
  13. Dayton

    Batmobile modified

    It seems a bit weird with the Technic pins hanging out the back.
  14. Hugo Strange: Wake up Mr. Wayne, we have much to discuss. Bruce Wayne. Strange! You won't get away with this! Hugo Strange: I already have. Bruce Wayne: Shut Arkham City down, its out of control. Hugo Strange: Shut it down? By the end of tonight i will be a hero, just like you BATMAN! I feel i should thank you, capturing Bruce Wayne is so much easier then Batman. And now that we have you Protocol Ten is ready to begin. It will be my legacy, a monument to your failure and if you try and stop me, i guarantee everyone will know you secret. TYGER Guard: Welcome to Arkham City, Wayne! Inmate: What are you going here, Wayne? Inmate: Did you kill your butler? Inmate: Your going to die in here, rich boy! Inmate: Your going to be my bitch Wayne! Inmate: Your mine! TYGER Guard: Back on the ground! What are you waiting for, Wayne? Line A, Move! Black Mask: No one arrests Black Mask. No one! TYGER Guard: Line A, prisoner! TYGER Guard: Wayne! You're in line A! Move it, rich boy! TYGER Guard: You two get out of the way! Wayne! Get your megablocks up here! Floyd Lawton: Bruce Wayne? you're on my list. Bang. Hahaha TYGER Guard: Move up, prisoner! Hugo Strange: Lower your weapons. Mr. Wayne will not be any trouble. Will you, Mr. Wayne? The cuffs can stay on. We don't need to make things too easy, do we? TYGER Guard: Close the doors. Prepare for insertion! Based off the opening from the video game "Batman: Arkham City" I really enjoyed this build but it was a pain to photograph. I also added some more Arkham City items in the Moc too, try and guess what they are. I would of liked to add a lot of prisoners but i only had one orange torso and the inmate one from the Arkham Asylum set, so that sorta takes away from it.