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Found 10 results

  1. *This entry has earned 20 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: The first wave of the invasion of Iridonia had spread like a wildfire from our landing sites. Still, a few critical surface locations remained. Interplanetary space around Iridonia was also under tight lockdown. Ships had either been forced to ground, or obliterated. Only a lucky few had evaded the star destroyers, and escaped the system. The next operation objective was to secure a number of individuals with various importance to the Imperial Triumvirate. One of these was Senator Ay’Pelia. Director Hollon had tracked her to the Genesis Station. A safeport operating as a sovereign state, between Iridonia and the New Republic. Yet another bureaucratic loophole sanctioned by the New Republic. In reality, Genesis Station is a high class shadow port. Onboard Genesis Station... "Ever been to the Casino on Genesis Station?! It's like Canto Bight, but with a view!" - The Master Codebreaker Gamblers, high rollers, and lords shady business, loosing, winning, or calling it even... To the tunes of Moon Angel, and the Genesis Duo... Until... Imperials crashing the party... /// My second attempt at a cantina/casino/bar... Wanted to make the micro space station as well, but I ran out of time... So many stories in this space - I've tried to assemble a persona gallery below. I hope you enjoy!
  2. peedeejay

    [MOC] Modular Casino

    Hey everyone, I would like to present my sixth modular building: A modular casino. Inspired by an art nouveau building on the outside, the inside features three levels where my minifigs can spend all of their hard earned studs. The lowest level features a roulette table where the guy who looked quite confident before entering the casino seems to have a hard time. Moreover you can relax at a bar or exchange money for chips. The staircase is detachable for easy access to the vault room. The middle level features slot machines and blackjack tables. On the top level you can play no limit hold em poker against a variety of other players. The manager's office is also located here. Statistics Parts: 4880 Build time: around 45h within LDD and 8h with real bricks Bricklink orders: 13 Below you can find a selection of images. All of them can be viewed here: Again a building instruction is available for purchase for those who would like to build it themselves!
  3. This is a build inspired by someone else's MOC. Thanks for the great build, LegoLogical. The video of his build is a LOT nicer - I'm just riffing with my spare parts here. Although the Canto Bight story line from The Last Jedi surprisingly doesn't involve gambling - I'm sure TLG is going to give us a scene from this planet eventually. Likely the falthier escape instead of this casino. Once I saw this MOC I thought it was the perfect size for this location and I'm a big fan of having every film-centred location in Star Wars represented somewhere on the shelf. Although the story line's merit may be contestable - who doesn't love gambling aliens?? I should point out that this MOC was designed before TLJ Blu Ray's deleted scenes gave us a look at the facade of the casino, which has more wide, pronounced white pillars along the face of the structure and some groovy 1960's masonry. I think the build pairs pretty well with the Resistance Transport 75176, which by itself is kind of a blah display. Wanted to include as much of the casino floor as possible, tried to include the piano / bar / slot machine area, and kind of gave up trying to integrate both the casino and the bar. You see what I have here. At the moment, I'm only displaying the main square casino area on my shelf and I may junk the bar and move the colored glass directly behind my pathetic stand-in for the Master Codebreaker. (He's on a roll, you know.) If I come into a lot more spare parts that favor white, I may try and complete the build. Also, if we get do an official falthier escape set from Lego or perhaps some Canto Bight police speeders, I'll likely revisit the build. And please take a peek at what LegoLogical did - my build really doesn't do his justice. Thanks for looking.
  4. Brickenberg

    MOC: Modular corner building

    Dear friends! I'm glad to present you my modular building project. My project includes the casino building and little abandoned building. Unfortunately I can't upload to this topic more than one image. I can't understand why. So I suggest you look at the other images on the page of the project on the lego ideas website. More photos you can see there: But don't forget to click support!;) Enjoy!
  5. Hello again! Here is my last Western MOC: -------------------GAMBLING HALL --------------------------- Look at the whole building: A few pictures of the sides : When it comes to style building, this time I dont put emphasis on some advanced construction techniques but on a combination of colors. The central part of building is the only a little more technically demanding but with little help of the tiles and turntable plates, it was easy to solve . Several pictures in larger scale plan, details of the facade : Top view: This Western MOC is also done in the spirit of classic Lego sets - opened back side for visitires of exibitions Interior: That"s all folks, I hope you enjoy
  6. Brickenberg

    The Fortune casino

    Dear friends! Welcome to the fabulous "The Fortune" casino. This construction set includes two separate buildings: - The building of "The Fortune" casino. - A small abandoned building of the slot-machines club "777" “777” was a popular place for fans to play on the slot machines. But when “The Fortune” opened nearby, “777”club went bankrupt. “777” building is on sale now. The casino building. On the ground floor there is a small French café. There you can take a coffee and freshly baked pastries. On the ground floor of the casino there are: Table for playing Blackjack, two slot machines, cashier, security room and money vault. On the second floor of the casino there are: Office of the General Manager of the casino, tables for playing craps and roulette. In an abandoned “777” building someone attacker has dismantled part of the wall of the “777” building and is going to get into the casino’s money vault. He has all the necessary tools and equipment that he need. Part of the wall of the store is fixed with a rod. If you pull the air conditioner in the backyard, you can pull part of the wall of the vault using a winch. Then the attacker will have access to the vault. If you like this project, please support my project on lego ideas site:
  7. mediumsnowman

    Winter Village: Capstan Casino

    What does every village need? Clearly a place to gamble away all of your hard-earned money. Presenting the Capstan Casino, created exclusively for the 6th Annual EB Expand the Winter Village Contest. Of course, no casino is complete without a rooftop hot tub and fake palm trees. There's a couple extra pictures on my photostream, feel free to check them out. (Clicking any of the pictures will take you there) Thanks for looking and thanks for hosting this awesome contest staff! With luck I'll take home one of the three AWESOME prizes.
  8. kinggregus

    [WIP] Grand Casino

    EDIT: New update in Post #22 Casino PS ---------------------- Hello Everyone, This the first time that I am trying my hands at a MOC which is "Lego Town" related. This means that any of your advices would be very appreciated. For this first time, I figured it would be nice to do something which has not been explored that much: a Casino. Such building is quite interresting as there are many interior features that can be made. As I am working on a limited space, I have to divide the build into sections. This is good news as it means that I can share my progress with you. So far, the Casino is populated only by its personnel. The Slot Machine area (+ a Black Jack Table): The Table area (BlackJack, Roulette, Craps) The Bar (No the barman is not drinking): Thanks in advance for your comments
  9. Tazmaniac

    MOC: Micro Casino

    Wrest Point Casino After picking up a few Architecture sets at 50% off I was inspired to try one of the local iconic buildings. The scale is off and a few details have been omitted but I'm pretty happy with it for now. Wrest Point Casino by Taz-Maniac, on Flickr Wrest Point Casino by Taz-Maniac, on Flickr