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Found 24 results

  1. MOC: 505 Wasabi (Skyscraper)

    More than 42 inches tall, More than 6000 pieces, this hip, modern apartment skyscraper is my second tallest and second biggest MOC, located in the heart of Wasabi District. 505 WASABI Includes amenities such as a rooftop swimming pool up top and Wasabi District's first Dunkin Donuts. (Competitor to my Starbucks!) More interior pics coming soon, I'll keep you guys posted! But for now, enjoy the pics, and let me know what you guys think. Thanks for looking!
  2. [MOC] Modular Houses

    Hi everyone, This is the first time I post something in the Town section of Eurobricks. In februari was an event in the south of the Netherlands. At the event was an project to stimulate people to build their own modular houses. I created two houses for this project. The lower house has an jewelry and a food store. At the second floor are two apartments for students. The other house has an furniture shop and on the first floor is an apartment. On the streets are Daleks causing panic to the locals. The Doctor and Clara are running towards the passage. A weeping angel sees al the action on the streets and another weeping angel has located the TARDIS. Here is a picture of the two houses. Here is a picture of the two shops of the lower house. More pictures are in the Flickr Album. Modular Houses Questions and feedback are welcome. Sander P.S. I was not sure if I should post this in Town or in Licenced forum.
  3. [MOC] Half Modular Jewelry Store!

    Here's one of my smaller MOCs, the Half Modular Jewelry Store! I originally made this as a glass shop, but then I realized that not many people would recognize a glass shop and so I converted the downstairs area into a pretty jewelry store. This building has an elevator on the side and is compatible with all the regular Modular buildings. The upstairs is an apartment with a large kitchen and chandelier, and the roof features a garden! Here is the Flickr page for this MOC: Please tell me what you think!
  4. My latest modular is a music store from a city in the American midwest. (Sorry for the poor photos - I took them with my cell phone. My camera battery is dead.) At four stories this is the tallest moc I've done to date. The first floor is an instrumental music shop. Here it is next to Palace Cinema. The alley looks better when it's next to another building: Thanks for looking! More photos (including better images of the fire escape and cornice) can be seen on flickr.
  5. I haven't had much time for building this year so I'm going to declare my London-style hat shop done (even though it still needs some work here and there). I'm posting it and adding it to my modular street. The first floor is hat shop. The black tiles on the sides are chalkboards for daily advertisements. I may create stickers for these in the future. Right now there is a sale on pith helmets (which are wonderfully stackable). You can't really see in this photo but the mirror piece from the detective office is built into the dresser with the clock. Upstairs is a small apartment with a bedroom loft reached by ladder. Thanks for looking! More photos can be seen on flickr.
  6. GhostBusters, Dana Barretts Apartment This is my Lego Ideas model of Dana Barrett's apartment from the eighties classic movie Ghostbusters I Have made the model as near to movie accurate as I could get, I spent a lot of time viewing the film footage and cross referencing from screen grabs, The apartment features several times throughout the movie and the set dressing changes on each occasion, so I have combined all occasions into the model. The features of the set are as follows three mini figures Dana Barrett, Pete Vekman,Terror Dog Terror Dog arms to attach to the arm chair Additional 1X1 Triangle pieces to create the carpet ripple effect Additional pieces to create the apparition in the fridge All the furnishings of the apartment, Piano, Tables, Books (etc) This is one of my favorite scenes in the film I believe this Lego Idea would really compliment the ghost busters Lego sets that are already available.
  7. For the Celebricktion event in Atlanta earlier in October, I decided to build a new Modular for our LUG train layout. So, I built a little fast food joint. Here's the entrance: And right above it, a spacious loft apartment perfect for inner city living: Step inside the restaurant for a bite to eat: Then relax on a fall afternoon on your rooftop garden patio: Inside, the restaurant takes up most of the ground floor: Place your order at the counter: Then sit down to enjoy your meal: The upstairs resident keeps his apartment neat: He can always cook in his modern kitchen if he's not craving burgers from downstairs: After a hard day's work, it's always fun to relax with games and movies: On the top floor, you find the bedroom and bath: Where finally, he gets a good night's sleep in his cozy bed: Thanks for looking! Other photos and larger versions of these can be found in my Flickr album!
  8. [MOC] Elephant Building

    This gorgeous tall building was once an architectural highlight of the city. It was also one of the centers of business activity, usually overcrowded by citizens. Everything changed when alien invaders suddenly came from the darkest depths of Earth. Giant drilling machines pierced the earth surface, and myriads of underground creatures flooded into the city, forcing its inhabitants to flee. Elephant Building sustained severe internal damage and now it is on the verge of destruction, although its facade and distinctive columns remain intact. Let us discover the interior of the building while it still stands. Ground floor hosts a media shop with very expressive shop windows. It used to be just a bookshop at first but later the assortment has been broaden with music and video. Ironically, the shop window dedicated to books was first to be destroyed. Above the bookshop we can find a private apartment where there is something going on. It was once owned by a respectable but stubborn family who refused to move when the building was being turned nonresidential. However, at some point the apartment was occupied by a group of dangerous criminals. Some said that this apartment became the very center of criminal activity in the city. Despite evil intentions of these people, let us hope that nobody was inside the bathroom when it was smashed. Coincidentally, there is a bank office right above the suspicious apartment. It is unclear whether it was a target of the criminals or their own organization. Anyway, it was not them who made the big hole in the floor. Also, there is a courtroom in the attic... ...And a shed on the roof. It is a perfectly ordinary shed, but who knows, maybe someone has been writing music inside of it? And here is some of the furniture used in the building. Model characteristics: 32 x 32 corner modular building. Building comprises 3 stories, an attic and a shed on the roof resulting in an overall height of 45 bricks. Model consists of over 8500 parts. Additional links: Photo album on flickr Building instructions are available on Rebrickable.
  9. MOC - Apartment life

    Hey guys! I’ve lived almost of my adulthood in an isolated house, with neighbors’ houses at least 5 meters apart from mine. So, noise, loud music or the nice lady dog ruin my day by putting his dirty paws on my pants in tight corridors was never an issue. But life is life and a few years ago I moved to a nice apartment. It has his pros, but is has a LOT of cons either! So, reviving my very first MOC (my own living room) I decided to build this MOC on minifig scale. It’s dedicated to all the people who lives in apartments and now what I’m talking about :) The goal was to represent several different rooms. Inspiration came from a pic I saw on the internet a few months ago. Unfortunately I didn’t save the photo and can’t find it anymore, but I kept the idea and thought it would make a good MOC. It has a living room, a kitchen, a TV room, a laundry room, a home gym, an office and a bedroom. I didn’t put any minifigs because I wanted this MOC to focus only on the rooms itself. Again, if you would be so kind to tell me which room is your favorite, I would appreciate! :) Enjoy Apartment life Apartment life TV room Living room Home office Home Gym b Kitchen Bedroom Laundry
  10. A little urban renewal to transition the Detective Office part of town with the more classy modulars... my latest modular is "Chop", a small Asian fusion bistro in an Art Deco storefront. Oddly enough, I've wanted to use fish as an architectural element for a long time. 1st floor interior: Decorative wall panels. 2nd and 3rd floor feature a nice but somewhat cramped 2 bedroom aparment. Next to a couple of my other mocs. Thanks for looking! (Sorry the photography isn't great.)
  11. [MOC] Bike Shop, Cafe & Apartments

    At the moment I'm collecting a number of buildings together for a possible Lego City and these 2 are my latest buildings. They are expanded versions of the 2 buildings in the Lego Creator Bike Shop & Cafe set. .
  12. Here is the original topic for the Beloved Belle. Edit: instructions no longer available.
  13. Apartment and Coffee Shop MOC by TopperTwist, on Flickr Hello all, this is my first MOC posted on Eurobricks! The exterior of the building is quite simple, and was inspired by old buildings around New York City. Minor SNOT techniques throughout, with the use of dark red as an accent and dark tan as the main color for the rest of the building. The bottom is a hipsteresque coffee shop, and the top two floors are an apartment. Exterior- Back by TopperTwist, on Flickr The back of the building (intentionally) looks dilapidated. Some texture details with exposed "pipes" and overgrown foliage. First Floor Interior by TopperTwist, on Flickr The interior of the coffeshop features a large main counter, with a whole row of flavor pumps beneath the windows. Other details include a coffee maker and decorative gas pump (from the Town Plan) and some paintings. Second Floor by TopperTwist, on Flickr The first floor of the apartment! My favorite part, for sure. Includes an open-concept kitchen, dining area, and living room. More details can be seen on Flickr, as well. Third Floor by TopperTwist, on Flickr The top level is the bedroom and bathroom. Bathroom is in the bottom left corner. There is also a large rug on the floor, and some furniture details. The painting above the bed was inspired by another Eurobricks user whose building skills I really admire, Kristel. She used a similar style painting in her beautiful Sand Blue Townhouse! Street View by TopperTwist, on Flickr The apartment next to some of the more recent official modulars for a size comparison. Thank you so much for viewing, feedback is always appreciated! Many more views and explanations can be found here:
  14. I would like to present my newest modular building, the Beloved Belle, which is named after the wedding dress shop on the ground floor. There are also two fully furnished apartments that are accessed via the rear of the building. The building was inspired by the balconies of beautiful Bilbao, Spain, but I think the overall look ended up quite different. A closer look at the shop front: The back: The wedding dress shop: First floor apartment: (The box thingie with an antenna is meant to be an old-fashioned TV) Second floor apartment: The attic, which hasn't been opened in a while: This building is my first corner building. It is also the first one where the features (i.e. windows) are not symmetrical, which took quite a bit of internal struggle before I was able to cope with it!! More images on flickr. C&C welcome!
  15. [MOC] Beauty Shop & Apartment

    This is our small suburban beauty shop. The ground floor is heavily based on the Lego Friends set with a new apartment and roof added above. Hope you like it. I'd love to hear your comments. Mike
  16. modern apartments

    hello everyone, here i am with a new modular named "modern apartments" Well, let's start first, an image with the Fish Restaurant, because the Metropolitan Bank was demolished for building the Modern Apartments now a photo alone outside there is an ATM and a lampost with two traffic lights and a more detailed image of the entrance bay in the first floor there is the lobby and stairs like the entrance of market street it has two flowerpots, one mailbox, a PC, the lamp and the key the the 2nd & 3rd floors are almost the same, like clones hided down the stairs (not in the lower floor) are the holes of the stairs of the lower floors every apartment (there are only two) has one bed, two chairs, a box simulating a table, a stove , between 2 and 3 suitcases(and betwwen 0 and 1 book) and a special item, which can be a grandfather clock or a lamp that is like the one found in the Creator family home 31012 (don´t confuse with the Creator family home 6754) and finally my favorite part, the roof it features a flag pole like all the my modulars, a roof door like the one in the fire brigade, a detonator of a secret bomb installed by the croocks when it was the Metropolitan Bank & two satellite dish, perhaps there isn't any TV in the building and the doorkeeper watces his tv novels by internet and for the real last an images with all the modules I hope you like it, don't forget to comment
  17. MOC: De Luca Menswear

    Hi everyone, here is my latest creation De Luca's menswear! It is a 4 storey building with a store for stylish menswear on the ground floor and several apartments in the floors above. It fits exactly onto two 32x32 baseplates. I wanted to see how interesting I could make a predominantly grey based fascia as I have done mainly white/tan facades most recently. I figured enough texture and occasional colouring could bring it to life. I also wanted to experiment with an idea I had to make a different shape of apartment by hinging the bedrooms for access. It's pretty sturdy with a couple of hinges per wall for reinforcement but it did limit the colour palette slightly. Sadly no bathrooms this time but thought the spacing and shape would allow for kitchens easily enough. The building is based in the early 1960's for reference. I wanted to make furniture from a different era than I usually do. The vehicle is an American style sedan. It took a lot of fiddling to get the rear wheel arch to line up perfectly! I couldn't quite get good light for pics of the bedroom interiors so ill probably post all the furniture separately in the future. Comments and questions welcomed! There's a few more interior shots on my flickr stream here: Cheers!
  18. Hi everyone! I'd like to present my latest modular building, the "Blooming Blossoms". The building is named after the florist on the ground floor. I had a lot of fun with the florist. It's no secret that I love flowers, but this is the first time I've actually gotten around to doing florist. It feels like this one has been on my "to do" list forever! The florist has extended with a little garden room to house the exotic plants that need a little more sunlight and warmth. The first floor of the apartment has a little kitchen, eating area and comfy sofa. No TV - hence, the reading lamp behind the sofa. The upper floor has a small bed and writing desk, as well as a bathroom with old-fashioned chain flush toilet. More images on flickr! Thanks for looking. C&C welcome!
  19. "Fish" Restaurant

    Hello everybody, i'm now presenting you the MOC modular building "Fish Restaurant" It´s four stories high, and the pinnacle is tallest than the billboard of the Grand Emporium It´s my very first MOC I upload to this forum and the hole internet, it isn't my best but here it is the front of the building the man is fixing the sign, I don't trust on that doctor ok, now the first floor, which is a tunnel and the kitchen of the restaurant this tunnel will take to the back of the building, where the stairs are and the kitchen, as you can see, there isn't a fridge, but here is a stove, and a coffee server (now with chocolate and capuccino) I wonder how they do to mantain the food fresh? and finally the stairs Now, the second floor, which is the dinning room of the restaurant And they have a special guest: Patrick Star the doors are sliding doors Closed Open And the stairs And now the third floor, which is the bar It's a sports bar, perhaps they don't have a TV on this floor there is a special door in the bar, i hope you noted it, it's at the end of the bar at the principal avenue side and how to forget the stairs the last but not less important, the fourth floor, which is an apartment In the interior we have a clock, a TV, a glass table, one sofa, one couch (which i was based on another MOC i've founded here), a toilet, a bed, and a bicycle (yes, how they had lifted up here?) Can you found them all? and the back balcony (its on the third floor, don't forget it) and the pinnacle, at the top it's the blue diamond, placed at the center of the X & Z dimentions of the building (wide & long) and is the tallest point of my city Well, that was all, but if you want to watch more visit the next page: See you later
  20. Hi all! This is my first MOC post and due to a lack of parts (and skills, it turns out) I'll be sharing this diary styles - a little like Lightning Tiger's - so you all can see and contribute to the build. So far it's gone from this: to this: With a whole lot of rebuilds along the way! Currently only the basic wall layout for the lower floor is complete. The left side of the build is a bedsit complete with old cat lady and exterior stairs to the second floor. The right is the ground floor bookstore and small rear exterior for a dumpster etc (I'd like to devise a working trash chute). There will be another 16x16 plate to be the footpath (or 'sidewalk') featuring a newspaper and magazine vendor in front, as the set is designed to be played with an open hinge (forming a handy 16x16 square). The second story will be a two bedroom family apartment, and above that there will be a nominal roof terrace 'garden' (probably only on one side). The book shop doors are unfinished and I'll be working on some brick built ones in the morning. Also the base plate colours need work, don't you think? I've set myself up with a pretty steep challenge as well. The build has to meet some criteria which have been defined by myself out of fun and also from necessity, as this MOC will end up being played with by my 5 1/2 yo (and the Friends target age) and we don't have a lot of money to spend on parts. Challenge: 1) It has to fit in the Friends/City universe, and I like to think it fits somewhere in between - a little closer to Heartlake maybe, a hard working borough on the outskirts of town? Bella calls it 'the Neighbourhood'. Thanks Mr. Rogers! Anyway, it has to look like a proper Lego building, with that nice Lego realism/playability balance. 2) It has to be easily accessible, playable (durable!) and buildable by kids in the 5-12yo range. 3) The parts must come from one major set (3185) and any other parts used must be readily available in small sets, polybags etc. (btw, does this make it a mod?) 4) Key design challenge - it has to be compact. The whole shebang is designed to close up, stack up and be put away neatly. (No spreading mini-builds!) 5) It has to be aesthetically pleasing in both 'closed' and 'open for play' form; including using a reasonably limited colour palette, not covering/blocking wall panels (a real bugbear of mine) and not having large expanses of blankness. 6) There have to be at least 3 "real" play features. Guess who gets to judge what constitutes real?! I'm always so in awe of the amazing MOCs I see on here, especially the high quality modular buildings. This sure isn't one of them, but I hope you can see the inspiration. Thanks for reading!
  21. Hi everyone! I'd like to share my latest modular building, the Sugar & Spice. It's another New York inspired building, with a cupcake shop on the ground floor and apartment upstairs. Here's a view of the overall building: The cupcake shop: The first floor of the apartment, with the kitchen and lounge room: And the upper floor with the bedroom and bathroom: The artwork above the bed was made by my 6.y.o. daughter. I promised her some time ago that I would find a way to incorporate it into one of my modular buildings. The yellow ladder / stairs lead to the rooftop garden, accessed by the world's most dangerous hatch: This building was started at the same time as the Black Velvet, as I had one idea for the shop windows, but two different visions for where I wanted the building as a whole to go - one being the darker Black Velvet, the other being the more light and airy Sugar & Spice. You can play spot the difference on the ground floor facade in the image below, which shows the Sugar & Spice between the Black Velvet (left) and my first New York style building, the Coveted Clutch, on the right. More images available on flickr. C&C welcome!
  22. MOC: Modular shop with apartment

    Hello all, I finally finished (or at least I say it is finished now ) my new modular building. It has taken me some time and I started with the idea more than two years ago but here it is: As you can (hopefully) see it is a shop on the ground floor with on the right the entrance to the apartment above. I am happy with how the front turned out. It has some overhang but that is characteristic of most old buildings. The backside of the building is less interesting, although I am quite pleased with the drain pipes: It is modular so all the floors can be separated, although some parts are a little fragile I have to admit. I have put in some interior as well. Here is the inside of the shop: The apartment basically has two floors. One with a combined living room and kitchen and a small "library". It is a very basic kitchen. And what is that cat looking for? The other floor has the main bedroom, a bath room and a so far not decorated small room. The attic has only some storage boxes, so it is not that interesting. So, that's it. I hope you like it. More pictures can be found here. And please feel free too comment.
  23. MOC: Avenue Saint-Jacques

    Hi everyone. This is my latest build named Avenue Saint-Jacques. It is a Haussmann styled building which are found in central Paris in abundance. I have wanted to do a 'Cafe corner' in a grand scale for a long time! It's not a build based on any real building that I know of. Most of these buildings have diagonal corners which I could not perfect to the point of being happy with. Also typically most buildings are seven stories high, this is only 6 as I ran out of bricks! Its about 76cm to the top of the chimneys. Part of the reason it is not a typical modular which I have done before was the fact I wanted to make an 'Art Nouveau' style Metro station and had to raise the street level to make steps down to the platform and also since it is an avenue the pavement had to be wider. In all its taken a couple of months to complete. The most difficult part of the build was incorporating the hinge into the side of the building for easier access to the apartments. I probably have not accurately portrayed the interior details and fittings so most of it is made up! I felt the building would have been quite sad without any interior details. On the ground floor there is a Cafe with street facing kiosk for pastries on the go, a clothes shop selling fine ladies wear and finally the Metro station entrance. The first floor has an office and a dental surgery. The four upper floors have apartments, with a top floor penthouse with a full balcony. Some apartments have kitchens and bathrooms which I have tried to get decent photo's to see the details. A central staircase allows access to all the rooms. The whole scene is based sometime in the past, not quite sure when but before the comforts of technology! I have added several exterior and interior pics for now. All others can be found at the link at the bottom of the post. There are 22 rooms in all. More photo's can be found on my flick here: All thoughts welcome!
  24. Hi everyone. Here is my latest modular building. It's a handbag store, called "Coveted Clutch", that is based on my normal avatar. The store is on the ground floor and there is an apartment upstairs where the store owner and designer of the handbags lives. The bit from my avatar is the left side of the storefront, changed a little to make it wider and taller. I think of it as Soho meets Friends. Enough babble, here are some photos. My favourite part - the first floor windows. Overview of the store on the ground floor: Dining, lounge and kitchen on the first floor: Bedroom and bathroom on the second floor: More photos on flickr. C&C welcome!