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  1. MOC: Modular Surf & Ski Shop/Travel Agency

    Thanks for the great comments everyone! It was tricky working out the angled windows for the 16 wide format. For those interested in technique, the windshields work really well - with more design flexibility - with larger window pieces. Here's a storefront "sketch" I made while working out the details for the shop. Don't know if this one will every be a modular. Yeah, I have some old space and technic pieces (80s and 90s) in my collection. Isn't that one of the great things about Lego? Those old pieces are still completely compatible. I know I have another 1x1 white tile piece somewhere... just need to buckle down and go through one of my post-project needs-to-be-sorted bins. :) Thanks! Made me realize this is my 9th 16wide MOC. I've only done one 32wide that I actually finished. I am modding the corner buildings from Assembly Square to be proper full-size corner modulars and they seem HUGE since I'm used to working in a tighter space. :)
  2. My latest modular is a Surf & Ski Shop with a Travel Agency upstairs. Detail of the shop windows: First floor interior: Travel Agency on the 2nd Floor: (First time making my own decals.) Finally, next to my Kitchen Store for size comparison. Thanks for looking!
  3. MOC: Crown Castle Adventure Golf

    It's adorable! Nice use of crossbow bolts for the castle gate. Your baseless, organic-shape base looks brilliant to me.
  4. Winter Green Grocer [Winter Village MOC]

    Very cute... and fits the Winter Village theme perfectly. I particularly like the well. It's a nice detail.
  5. HA(ppy) (mo)UNT(ain) Abandoned Theme Park

    Fantastic! Great theme and really well done!
  6. I start by looking at photos of buildings or walking around a city with interesting buildings on Google Earth looking for inspiration. When I see something unique, I'll add the photo to a bin on my desktop. Then sometimes I scroll through the photos and think about how something might be accomplished with lego pieces and start trying out ideas with actual bricks. So, I have buildings in the works now that are like this: This is an office building that I want to build, but right now it's just a window unit. Here is a storefront idea that I'm noodling with. It's just a "sketch" right now and there is a lot to work out if it's going to become a proper building. I usually have several projects that are in various states of build like this. Sometimes bits sit for months before I know if they are going anywhere. Sometimes an idea will come from a lego piece. I did a crowbar fence in my most recent modular, but I had the idea ages ago. I guess I'm a very non-linear builder because I will build up or down from wherever the idea started.
  7. What a great project for you to do together! I think this is an excellent first MOC modular. Lots of great details and atmosphere.
  8. MOC: Modular Townhouse with Shop

    The middle parts are attached to the top of the windows, the bottom of the cornice, and the exterior gray wall. Since it's double thick that makes it pretty secure.
  9. MOC: Modular Townhouse with Shop

    Thanks all! Here are some photos of the facade broken down: And here's that 3rd floor interior you are seeing. This isn't 100% complete and some pieces (like the extra studs by the TV) are still substitutions since I don't have the right piece yet.:
  10. MOC: Modular Townhouse with Shop

    Yes, I took everything outside because it was cloudy, but bright... good picture weather.... but then it started to rain. Here in Southern California we never think it's going to rain. I think the color is called Dark Reddish Violet. It was used a lot in the Friends Pop Star sets, but there is still a pretty limited selection of pieces available which makes it challenging to build with. The front facade is a bit of a puzzle. If I have time this weekend, I could maybe take some photos to share how it's assembled.
  11. My latest modular is a townhouse with a shop of the first floor. There is no interior for this one yet. I have a few modular buildings in the works and I don't know when I'll get back to this one to fill out the interior. I'm thinking of making it an Optometrist office, but I'd be interested in hearing if you have a better idea! :) Close ups of the shop and balcony: And here it is next to my candy stop for comparison: Thanks for looking! I'll post again when I have an interior.... one of these days.
  12. Hat Store

    Wow, I really love the color combination! It really harmonizes well. The hat shaped signs are playful and fun, and are well-matched with the kinds of signs seen on recent modulars.
  13. Expand the Winter Village Contest VII Winners!

    I'm so excited! This is my fifth Winter Village contest, but my first success. Congrats to @LittleJohn and @mouseketeer... your designs are amazing! Also want to make a shout out to @stebai for a very close 4th place.
  14. MOC: Chillville Museum of Art & History

    Every town needs a museum. I'm not crazy about the bananas (maybe I can't stop seeing them as bananas) but the glass staircase is a neat idea.
  15. MOC Modular: Decoration Gallery

    I like the roof access and garden on the top. It's a real mix of styles, colors, and textures. It has character and I like that. Feels very lived in.