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  1. Kristel

    MOC: Juggernaut's Rampage

    No, Lego, don't. Because we wouldn't get those booties otherwise! Awesome writeup.
  2. Kristel

    MOC: Gotham City Museum Heist

    Awesome build! The brontosaurus, not Mr Freeze, is the real star for me.
  3. Noah would like to stand in the bathroom doorway and watch.
  4. Kristel

    [MOC] Collegium Mokotovum

    This is beautiful! Love the olive green vine on the main building.
  5. Noah searches inside the wardrobe.
  6. "Maybe they were scanned before they were burned?"
  7. "Is pierce with you? Is he alive?" *Pierce
  8. "Should we go to wherever it is that the comms thingymijigi is?"
  9. Noah takes the badge and uses his extensive culinary skills to ascertain whether the badge is genuine.
  10. Noah glares sideways at the artist before telling Grace, "She also broke the teapot that seems to have been used to kill Alfie". Noah also asks Grace, "Can I please see your ID?".
  11. Noah turns to Gabriella, offering up his hands for fingerprinting.
  12. Noah asks Pierce nicely for his key card and then scans the key card.
  13. I'd like to take Jason's key card off him and scan it.