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  1. Thank you! I was doing my best to post as if I was in a North America timezone! @jimmynick, it was 6 hours because I was fast asleep - the time stamp on your PM was 12.06AM! I actually thought you were on to me when, at some point, you asked me whether I needed to sleep before putting my vote in. Oh, that could have backfired on me big time. Never occurred to me that the player with the next most votes would have been lynched. And I wanted Zandder to do the double on Night 5, but didn't push him in case he thought something was up! I'm generally quite happy not to PM, but it would make the town game a lot harder and the Traveller role would have been very difficult without PMs! As you pointed out, the balance doesn't necessarily sway to town where PMs are allowed. Definitely need to use the Traveler role again. Sure! But I will be asking for a re-draw if the Traveler roles falls my way again in the next game! I need to breathe for a while.
  2. If it's any consolation, I did feel bad about using you like that and I was rooting for you at the end. I was town all the way until I sensed that I had lost Araveea's / Foog's support, and then the town vote on me sealed it. But it was pretty much too late at that stage. As it turned out, I think you and I could have both met our win conditions at the original one still applied. However, I couldn't undo my decision to accept the alternative win condition. I did thoroughly enjoy it, despite it being a mental rollercoaster. The last day or so in particular was so nerve-wracking. The first thing I did when I saw my role description was to ask if I could just be a vanilla townie. I was just kidding but at the same time it seemed quite daunting in terms of meeting the win condition and all the mechanics that I needed to keep track of. I probably annoyed Hinckley with all the questions I had. Thank you for your patience! For me personally, I found it quite challenging and it really pushed me out of my comfort zone. That was good thing in the end, and I feel I learnt quite a lot in this game despite having a few games under my belt already. On the mechanics, it was fun getting the scrolls. I did end up sitting on most of them for a while because maximising their value also meant revealing myself to the scroll giver. However, this gave me options in the end, like agreeing to protect Marwynn, while using the protection scroll given to me by town to protect scum. I was also immune to the first attempt by either side to kill me. I think I was most excited about this because I rarely last past the second night, so I thought I might actually survive past the third. I was a little disappointed there was no attempt to kill me at all and a little confused by the lack of kills early in the game. The wording in the role description meant that I (incorrectly) assumed that there was a town vig. I told both James and town that I didn't need or want protection, without explaining why. In hindsight, I'm not sure that I should have done so. @jimmynick, did you think about taking me out at any point after we had made contact? Overall, I think the Traveller role is a great addition to the game and added an element of uncertainty that had both sides on their toes. Someone with a better scumdar than I would probably have tipped this game too far in favour of scum. @jimmynick, you never queried the details of my win condition, seemingly happy with just knowing that I needed you alive and most of town dead to meet my win condition. The fact that you didn't query it that much had me constantly worried that you would off me if at any time you felt confident that he could win without me. I didn't tell town about the change as I didn't think there was anything to gain from it and then the paranoias set it and I sensed I didn't have town's support anyway. I said to Mark at one point that I have to remember the my first rule of mafia - Trust no-one, everyone lies about everything in Mafia. Although this has led to me being paranoid about just about everything! I think in this case, it was just the volume of them! On that, @Chromeknight, sorry for being such a bitch ignoring most of your attempts to talk to me. I really did just want to talk to as few people as possible to minimise the opportunities for getting caught out! I had pegged you as my fellow Aussie, which I think made it worse! Yes! Real english. I had to keep reminding myself to use just one L! I also thought that my best bet (on the initial win condition) would be to side with scum. But I stuffed up when I investigated Marwynn / Trekkie (using the Night 0 scroll) and he turned out to be town. So I had to rethink my strategy at that point. However, I was still convinced for a while after the investigation result that Marwynn / Trekkie was scum, largely based on him not seeming that keen for me to help town and his interactions with Zandder / James. I think a lot of what I 'saw' however was biased by me wanting him to be scum. Who had the Day 5 scroll?
  3. Thanks, @Hinckley for an awesome game. Back with more thoughts later on the Traveller role, but for now an apologies to pretty much everyone for all the lies. That would be the Day 3 scroll that Luxxon applied to Zandder / James, which gave him a double on his role, in this case scum killer role. Zandder, who had given me the Day 3 scroll, was able to choose what night he used it once I had applied it to his role.
  4. Kristel

    [MOD] HLC Hair Salon x 2

    Looks great! I think a horizontal expansion makes more sense in this case, rather than spreading the salon over two or more levels to have all the features you have added to the interior.
  5. Kristel

    [MOC] Santa's Home

    This is a gorgeous build, with loads of great details. I especially like the chimney pot and the front porch.
  6. 1. I hope so. 2. The Meg. 3. Mostly.
  7. No apology required. Just between you and me, I don't mind being the recipient of your ramblings!
  8. Sorry for your loss. I think we need to make this standard practice to save everyone the stress of trying to figure out what side he's on. @KotZ, thanks for hosting. What was the logic behind only one scum?
  9. Kristel

    EB Xmas Build 2019

    Here's one from me: Merry Christmas!
  10. Kristel

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    This is gorgeous! Love the townhouse colours and the detailing on the stairs and the dormers. The Amsterdam facade on the bookstore is just gorgeous. I think the townhouse could use another floor, but otherwise I really can't fault this one. I haven't bought the last two modulars, but I'm now looking forward to getting this one!
  11. Thanks, KotZ. Short but fun. I seem to be saying that a lot when it comes to mafia.
  12. I know I said I would point as soon as I ended that book and while I am doing that, I really don't have much more to say other than that I agree with the Autumn, Adam, Karen and Kendall. Vote: Robert Stewart (jackjonespaw)
  13. Still alive, just engrossed in a book that I can’t put down. Will post and vote as soon as it ends.
  14. You need to add your own name to this list since you also voted yesterday. It would not make sense for the knitters to take out a book club member with penalty votes unless they knew something about Becky that the rest of us don't. At this stage, that is highly unlikely. I doubt she would have blurted out anything of importance. It would make even less sense for the knitters to take out a book club member with penalty votes if one (or both) of the others with penalty votes carried knitting needles. I'm not suggesting that neither Karen or Autumn is scum, but I do think this, combined with the first point, suggests it might be a third party killer. The other thing that points to it being a third party is that I was leaning towards scum on Becky on Day 1. Admittedly it was only Day one, but she had said enough to raise a flag for me. I don't think it makes sense for the knitters to kill someone who was acting somewhat dummy, especially given the penalty votes. Then, if becky was not killed by scum, did we manage to successfully block the scum kill / protect their intended target overnight? Agreed. I'm curious why Kendall didn't tell us in her first post today given she was so keen for us to know she was a compulsive visitor yesterday. A compulsive visitor doesn't see anything. The only thing Kendall can tell us is who she visited, not what the person she visited was doing.
  15. Vote: Becky Carroll (Bob) because voting is compulsory and she is the one that comes to mind.