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  1. Kristel


    These buildings are gorgeous on the outside and beautifully detailed on the inside! Hope you do get to build them in real bricks one day.
  2. Kristel

    How to Design a Modular or a Non-Modular Building?

    Thanks for the mention! I take my inspiration mostly from real-life buildings that I've walked past (such as the Psychiatrist Office) or come across online (such as the Beloved Belle). The end result often only partly resembles the building that it was based on, if at all. For Psychiatrist Office, the window on the first floor is taken from a bank that I walk past on my way to work. For the Beloved Belle, the inspiration was the colourful buildings with flower-laden balconies in Bilboa, Spain, but it looks nothing like those buildings. I also take a lot of inspiration from the cast-iron buildings in New York. I like to build with real bricks when designing a new building. It means I end up with a big mess on my table, but I also know that I wouldn't then use bricks that were rare (if they are, I'm not likely to have them in my collection!). I always start with real bricks because I just can't visualise it digitally when in the designing stage. I'm travelling a lot for work at the moment and have put LDD on my work laptop, but I just can't make any meaningful design progress - I need the bricks in front of me to make it work. Sometimes an early design will end up being put in digital form, if I'm not entirely happy with it, but don't want to lose the design. More often than not, though, I just take multiple photos from every angles before dismantling the WIP to start again! I don't really have the room to have lots of different versions of anything built at the one time. The ground floor is usually the starting point for the building as a whole, although I often just build windows sitting in facades by themselves (like cut outs from a building). I can then keep in mind what I need to allow for being able to fit the window in when I am building up the structure. The roof is generally the last thing I do and I always struggle with the transition from the floors to the roof. This is definitely the section that ends up being rebuild the most.
  3. Kristel

    MOC: The Sideways Building

    Not intentionally, just struggling to find the time!
  4. Kristel

    MOC: The Sideways Building

    Nice! The facade technique looks great and I love that it looks seamless between the floors.
  5. Kristel

    [MOC] Alternate models from LEGO City 60150 Pizza Van set

    These are awesome! My favourites are the cargo truck and supercar service.
  6. Kristel

    [MOC] Train Engine Shed

    Looks great! I particularly like how you have done the main doors and the light.
  7. Kristel

    Brickworld 2017!

    I'll be there again. I'm probably 95% there with my build for the EB collaborative, so not really hitting the panic button yet.
  8. Kristel

    MOC Limestone House

    This is so gorgeous!! Would love to chill out in that garden. Great use of the ingots for the path and the pies for the mats.
  9. Kristel

    [MOC] Police Headquarters

    I loved this building when you first presented the LDD version. Looks even better in real bricks!
  10. Kristel

    Our FIRST ever MOC- Police Station Modular *UPDATED*

    The first version was good, but the changes make it a whoe lot more cohesive as a building. Looks great!
  11. Kristel

    MOC : Dorm building

    This is awesome! The original structure was always impressive, but you've literally and figuratively taken it to a new level. Love the interior detailing too, especially the ground floor.
  12. Kristel


    These are gorgeous! Great colours and variations in the details across the buildings. Love the window planter boxes.
  13. Kristel

    [MOC] Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

    Looks amazing! Even more amazing that this was built in eight days!! Did you get any sleep at all?
  14. Kristel

    [MOC] The Windmill

    Great 'old school' look and feel!