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  3. Kristel

    [MOC] The french Grand Hotel

    Very grand indeed and beautifully appointed interior!
  4. Kristel

    Color Explosion

    This is stunning!
  5. Kristel

    [MOC][IDEAS 5k] Zoo

    This is an incredible build! I love how the different sections are all integrated, flowing seamlessly from one animal exhibit to the next. Well done!
  6. Kristel

    [MOC] Weekly modulars #14 - House with Shop

    Looks great! Love how you incorporated the shopfront.
  7. Kristel

    [MOC] Las Fuentes - Mexican Modular Building

    Gorgeous building! So many great details, especially the dome roof, front door and fountains. The cacti are perfect!
  8. Kristel

    [MOC] Weekly modulars #14 - House with Shop

    This is gorgeous! I can't believe you never showed this before.
  9. Kristel

    [MOC] Ocean Drive

    Thanks! The instructions are available to download for free from Rebrickable.
  10. Kristel

    [MOC] Ocean Drive

    Thanks! I didn't even get to sand blue, medium blue or that light blue ...
  11. Kristel

    [MOC] Old Town Tower

    Love the detailing on these facades, especially the use of the little tan arches on the tower. Well done!
  12. Kristel

    [MOC] Ocean Drive

    Thanks! I tried to put what I like too see in a puzzle into the picture and you've pretty much picked up on every aspect of that!
  13. Kristel

    [MOC] Ocean Drive

    Thanks! The buildings that are shown in a row are only the facades, but still built in real bricks. The standalone building is also in real bricks.