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  1. Kristel

    MOC: Container House

    This is beautiful! Love the fan and the work bench.
  2. Kristel

    [MOC] Trojan Goat

    It's been a little while since I've done a 16-wide! Thanks, carebear!
  3. Kristel

    [MOC] Butterflies

    They are gorgeous and beautifully presented too.
  4. Kristel

    [MOC] Trojan Goat

    Thanks! There were a lot of photos that were just a black blob. He started out dark bluish grey, which would have been better for photographing, but the final colour was dictated by how many parts I was going to have to buy.
  5. Kristel

    Waffles and Milk

    Looks great, especially the raspberries and the shape of the waffles! I think the maple syrup works quite well as it is. On the plate, you could try building the plate with the bricks on their side, which would allow you to use roof slopes and curved slopes to get a more rounded look.
  6. Kristel

    The Car Wash

    Lots to love about this building, especially that guitar and the stunning car. Supported!
  7. Kristel

    [MOC] Trojan Goat

    Not much of a story to tell at this point, other than to say it needed to be done. More images in the Flickr album. C&C welcome!
  8. Kristel

    [MOC] Botanic Mansion

    No excuses required - it looks great both by itself and as part of the collab! I particularly like the main skylight and the trim above the front door.
  9. Kristel

    MOC: The Magnolias On 10th Apartments

    This is awesome! Love the colour scheme, the varying depths on the facade and the pool area, especially the deck chairs.
  10. Kristel

    (MOC)-Modular Cinema Empire Updated

    Nice building overall, but that sign really steals the show!
  11. Kristel

    [MOC] Clutch Bros Coffee

    Looks great! I'm also a fan of the colour scheme and I like how you've done the landscaping and the utilities at the rear of the building. Looking forward to seeing the interior.
  12. Kristel

    My 2018 Winter Village Diorama

    Looks great! I particularly like that they are made of modular sections and also what you've done with the fire station. i always thought it need to be wider to accommodate the truck.
  13. Kristel

    [MOC] Row home

    Looks great and I think it will work really well as a row of houses! The only thing I would suggest is maybe changing the window panes to normal glass and then having brick built curtains instead.
  14. Kristel

    LDD Advent Calendar.

    These are great! My favourites so far are the fireplace and the desk. Thanks for sharing!