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  1. "Is pierce with you? Is he alive?" *Pierce
  2. "Should we go to wherever it is that the comms thingymijigi is?"
  3. Noah takes the badge and uses his extensive culinary skills to ascertain whether the badge is genuine.
  4. Noah glares sideways at the artist before telling Grace, "She also broke the teapot that seems to have been used to kill Alfie". Noah also asks Grace, "Can I please see your ID?".
  5. Noah turns to Gabriella, offering up his hands for fingerprinting.
  6. Noah asks Pierce nicely for his key card and then scans the key card.
  7. I'd like to take Jason's key card off him and scan it.
  8. Noah logs in to the terminal so that Oliver @Trekkie99 can check whatever he wanted to check.
  9. "I'd like to suggest the bridge, so that we can follow up on Gabriella's earlier query and see what else we can learn from the security and other terminals on the bridge."
  10. Noah would like to open each of these to see what is inside. "Nothing that I'm aware of." Noah apologises to George after realising he's already looking in the freezers.
  11. Noah wonders how the pie survived the jolt out of FTL. "Guess what we're having for breakfast!"
  12. "I can make room for his body in the kitchen's walk in freezer."
  13. Noah wonders if this is really the case, noting to herself that most teapots are easy enough to see inside and that this one already had a shard missing. "This would have been my choice. Much neater wound and easier to take back with you too, once you had done the killing thing." "I have about 15 murder weapons in the kitchen, all of them easily hidden up my chef's jacket sleeve. Maybe not all at once." Thinks to himself that food from a replicator would be like eggs done in a microwave, and wonders why Charlotte seems to think that this particular one would be delivering perfect meals every time. Does she know more about this patent than she is letting on? Turns to Charlotte and says, "You're welcome to take your chances on a food replicator. I'm sticking to the real thing." Noah asks aloud to no-one in particular, "Before we check on Ezra, did we turn Alfie's body over to see if he was laying on anything?". Parks some other thoughts, such as whether we have video footage of the corridor outside Alfie's cabin to see if anyone was visiting him before the power was cut, and how long the system would keep such logs for before deleting them, for later.