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Found 33 results

  1. Eryosmith Band

    When not on duty, four soldiers from Eryos Castle come together to become Eryosmith! They perform in taverns and inns around Avalonia. (sorry for the white space in this photo) Eryosmith Band by KevinyWu, on Flickr There are early versions of an organ, string bass, saxophone, and drum. Eryosmith Band, Stage by KevinyWu, on Flickr The lower area has a table, rum dispenser, and some decorations. Eryosmith Band, Audience by KevinyWu, on Flickr Here is a closer look at the four band members. Eryosmith Band, Instruments by KevinyWu, on Flickr This was a fun small build, and coming up with the designs for the cello and organ was especially enjoyable. Two more creations and I can enter the 5th anniversary challenge! More pictures are available on my Flickr Album
  2. After a successful voyage, and some quite lucrative trading, Captain Roderick Graves of the Lenore makes good on a promise to buy his officers a round of drinks in the first tavern they find.
  3. Previously: Chapter 1 Dramatis Personae: It was not a normal day in the Blue Lantern pub. With the absence of Captains Li and Cho Fang as well as Captain Fheng there was a power void among the pirates that frequented Rassilon. Captain Sulu, captain of the Golden Dragon was already famous for capturing many prizes. A number of the other captains were leaning towards making him their leader. Captain Sulu Captain Ching Shih had sailed for Li Fang for many months taking control of La Oleon when she was first captured and then The Viper after Li Fang died. Quite a few captains favored Shih. Captain Shih The pub had not been closed to local traffic, but most citizens knew better than to try to enter while the captains were vying for power. So when Sinbad strolled in it was met with some surprise. Everyone turned to watch him as he bought a drink and then raised it for a toast. "To the pirate captains!" he shouted. No one raised their glass. Sinbad just cocked an eyebrow and took a swig. "You may be wondering why I'm here," Sinbad asked. "Well, it's to make a business proposition." Just then another man walked into the pub. There was a gasp heard throughout the room. At first glance it had seemed that Captain Fheng was back from the dead. The man held an uncanny resemblance to the former captain. He said, "Whatever this scum has to offer you can wait. I am Captain Fheng's son, Francis Fheng and I have come to claim the right of Pirate Lord among you. Many of you sailed under my father's colors, now I've come to ask you to sail under mine. My father wanted to show the 'civilized' world how wrong they are for trying to tax and enslave us. We were meant to live as free men and I intend to sail against anyone who says otherwise. Who's with me!?!" As Francis was finishing his rousing speech Sinbad walked up to him and said: "Excuse me, I don't like being called scum." "You, you sailed with my father. Yet you weren't there when he died. That makes you scum and not worth my time." "Well you better make time. You see, it doesn't benefit me if everyone here sails under your colors. So I'm going to give you a choice." Sinbad pulled out a coin. "What are you getting on about?" "It's simple. We are all here by our own choice. I'm not making you stay or go. That's your choice. But I'm telling you that you better choose to leave." "Son, you're crazy! Get out of my way." Sinbad pulled out a pistol and everyone gasped. "Alright, if you won't make the choice. I'll make it for you. I'm going to flip this coin. If it lands as heads, I'll let you leave alive. If it lands tails you'll be leaving to go meet Davy Jones." Before anyone could react Sinbad had thrown the coin in the air. He caught it and looked at it. "Heads. You're lucky day." Francis Fheng turned and fled the pub. Sinbad turned to address the captains. "As I was saying before. I have a business proposition for you all." He walked back to the bag he had left and the counter and took it to one of the tables. All the pirates gathered around him, their former vying for power forgotten. "All of you sailed under Captain Fheng before his untimely death. As you know, he died fighting for what he believed in. That was his choice. I'm asking you to elect me as your Pirate Lord and to sail for something even better than beliefs." "And what's that?" shouted one of the captains. "Gold. There's lot more where this came from. I have it stored in safe location for now, but Freddy can validate my wealthy. He helped me bring it back for the forsaken island we found it on. Make me captain of the Priest's Bounty and elect me as your leader and I promise to make you all rich beyond your wildest dreams!" It was a unanimousmus vote. Sinbad was now Pirate Lord of all pirate captains in Rassilon.
  4. Previously: Recruiting at Marco's This Is Not the Wealthy Housing of Rassilon Falling Out with Foxx Cantu's Fort in Rassilon Freddy's Trained Chickens The Viper Jail Break! Cantu's House Even a Pirate Has a Sweet Tooth La Oleon Captain's Cabin Tropical Fruit Decision Lumber Camp Freddy's Big Haul The Golden Dragon The Capture of "El Polla" Swamp Raid Pirate Lagoon Palm Tree Inn Statues of Justice Secrets in the Hold Pirate Dojo Sinbad's Choice The Piranha's Plunder The Darting Frog Water Torture Choose! The Jade Piranha Strikes Again! The Parched Pirate Pirate Pet Shop Warped Wood The Captain's Dinner Death Before Dinner Kraken Attacken! Lechuga Squadron Advance! The word was out. The Sea Rats daring strike against the Eslandolian blockade-breaking fleet had been one of the most successful strikes in naval history. Pirates of all backgrounds and located all across the seas were celebrating. This was a decisive blow to the organized nations and their taxes, and to Eslandola in particular as the leader in profiting from the sweat of their countrymen. But for Sinbad, the news was bitter sweet. His captain, the venerated Captain Fheng, had been seen going down with the Jade Piranha during the attack. Sinbad took some small consolation in the fact that the crew of the Morning Fog had been put to the sword already. Yet, at the same time, this left him feeling empty. If the crew had remained alive, he could have sought vengeance on them, but even that had been robbed from him. Fheng had desired to show the civilized nations that it was better to be free than taxed, but was that what Sinbad wanted?
  5. Everywhere in the Avalonia there are small tavernas and inns for travelers, traveling merchants and pilgrims. What is it, after a long day on the street better than a good meal, music and a bit of a hardliqur and then a soft bed? So some travelers remain then a few days longer than originally planned. The "Hunters'man Inn" can be found on the map, a half day's march north of "Brachfurtheim" the Capital of "Fortes Isles" a small Island in the north of Avalonia under the rule of "Wilhelm Shelby" and lures with good dishes from the surrounding forests, music and the Hunters'mann whiskey known all over "Fortes Isles" and its borders. Hunters'man Inn-03 by Robert Maier, auf Flickr Hunters'man Inn02 by Robert Maier, auf Flickr I hope you like my Moc and I'm look forward on praise, critic and improvement.
  6. At the Black Knight's Inn

    Attention! Since it took me nearly a year to continue this story, recent events have overtaken me. Therefore, this story part takes place before MassEditor's prelude story that is linked below. All links are in chronological order. Make sure to (re-)read it! Glance into the future Three Ravens At the Black Knight's Inn The Resistance Unites (by MassEditor) When you ran out of coin, get out of here! the host had said. “Always the same sad business. No one treasures the value of a wise old man anymore.” Perry Ratchett mumbled into his grey beard, while he stumbled out of the Black Knight’s Inn. Aye, that old hoax of the heroic black knight defending a bridge against a king and losing all his limbs, one by one. That was a popular tale here in the East. The old wizard wondered how the people would react when they were told that this very story served as a shining example of chivalry and ideal courage in Avalonia. “I’m too late again! Foolish old dunderhead. “ Ratchett thought. He had never been an excellent wizard. Often he had proven himself not even an average wizard. But, after all, he was one. It was not a matter of the prowess as magician at all, he was just unfortunate enough to live in a wondrous world that offered as much kinds of ale, vine and liquor as it housed magical miracles. But now he was on a quest. He had witnessed what may would be and no it was on him, Peregrine Ratchett, the purple wizard, to prevent this city and its lord from ruin. He could see his course clear, the first time for years he felt the weightiness of his role in the world. He now had influence on the lifes of many. And although he was well aware of the immense threat to come, Perry silently enjoyed the feeling to be of some importance again. This wizard was back into business. As soon as he set a foot on the rough cobblestone the wizard had found for whom he was looking. Several armed men surrounded him, ensuring there would be no escape. A tall rat furred with brown and white hair approached. His look was strict and hard. But for those who were able to listen, his eyes would tell stories of grief and sorrow, deeply immured in an will of iron. The wizard recognized him immediately from his vision. “What is thy business in this town, old man?” the rat lord said. “I was told of a wizard arriving, speaking of great matters; dark menaces toward. Now all I see is a drunken vagabond, maybe hoping to be kept by my household in return for palmistry and other legerdemain. Do not dare to waste my time by trying to fool me.” The old wizard had expected mistrust. But this rat proved to be amongst that kind of stubborn beings who wouldn’t believe in dragons unless they recognised the smell of their burnt skin, or fur in such a case. He had to take care of what to say:”You may take me for a drunkard an impostor. And whilst I cannot deny my flaws I affirm you that serious wizardry is my business. I am Peregrine Ratchett. And I am called the purple wizard. And not only for the colour of my hat, I assure you. That is just frippery.” The lord of Skavenport kept his straight face, while his companions bandied inquiring gazes. A very uncomfortable silence spread and lasted far too long. Perry realised that this lord was still waiting for his explanations, either to be convinced or for having a reason to throw him into the deepest dungeon of the city; “I have come to assist you by the quest that lies ahead of you. For I have seen what may will be, and I say you there is no time to lose!” Osric Isentooth’s face became even more sceptical: “And what quest shall this be? Gathering my troops, march out with all the banners of red and gold waving in the wind? Many souls in Nocturnus call for this. No day that I do not receive requests for assistance from this lord and that village. I have no need for another supplicant to tell me about the sorrows that plague this land. I know them. Call the town watch and chase this vagabond out of my city!” The wizard rushed towards Osric:”The Lord of Shadowmere is calling for you! Will you deny his request?” The lord’s face turned angry: “You should have heard the rumours on your pub crawl. It is told in every tavern; Vladivus is dead.” Ratchett’s lips formed a grim smile: “He is alive. At least as much as his kind can be. You will see. Assemble Skavenport’s army, my lord. March out and engage the Black Spire. You are not alone. Raavage’s craft is to cloud his enemies’ awareness. The resistance is still strong. But you must unite your forces. Separating the last strongholds of the Darklands, destroying the remaining free peoples of Nocturnus one by one is the very intention of the Spire. Unite your armies, reclaim the East from Raavage, and the other guilds will join you. Because this fight is not the mere battle for Nocturnus. If you fail it will conclude the fate of all Historica. Tis the quest I have foreseen, the quest you will have to face up to.” Osric seemed to stare into an abyss, when he finally spoke: “All what you say... it either makes you an egregiously able wizard, or an equally able agent of my foes. Either way, I will learn the truth. Into the dungeon with him!” Perry felt that everything had gone wrong. While he resigned himself to a longer phase of soberness, a black hooded messenger arrived, bowed shortly before lord Osric, giving him a small piece of parchment, before heading away in a hurry. The rat lord looked at the sigil in surprise, broke it and unfurled the writing. It took him a moment to come to terms with it. Then he looked at the wizard and spoke: “Bring him to the castle. Host him in the keep, but do not let him leave it. And keep him sober.” He turned to his two captains, a rat and a grim looking sturdy human: “I have to leave the city. Lord Vladivus is indeed alive, or correctly: undead. A council will be held in Shadowmere. A council of the Resistance. I have to go.” “Alone? My lord! Every swathe of land between Shadowmere and the Grimwoods is occupied by the Spire. Damn it! Every single bloody stone in the Moruth has a Spire soldier guarding it!” the human said indignantly. “I have to go. And no time to lose. But I am well aware of the dangers such a journey involves. Therefore you will escort me, Dunstan. Why shall I fear a thousand Spire soldiers with you roaring at them?” Osric responded. Visibly amused the other captain began to speak: “I rest assured that you will make the journey without harm, my lord. My dear Sir Dunstan is no doubt the loudest man in Skavenport. But what are thy orders to me?” “You, good sir Aethelrat, will procure that an army in readiness will await our return. Gather supplies, lade war machines and keep the city’s fortifications operational.” Lord Isentooth commanded. Then he turned back towards the purple wizard: “I am still in doubt about your intentions. I will concern myself with you when I return. But for the time being I shall not call you a liar; war is to come. Allies are calling. And Skavenport shall answer.” ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________- So far, thanks for reading! And I am deeply sorry about the low photo quality. It's impossible for me to get the right lighting for such a weirdly angled build.
  7. Previously: Recruiting at Marco's This Is Not the Wealthy Housing of Rassilon Falling Out with Foxx Cantu's Fort in Rassilon Freddy's Trained Chickens The Viper Jail Break! Cantu's House Even a Pirate Has a Sweet Tooth La Oleon Captain's Cabin Tropical Fruit Decision Lumber Camp Freddy's Big Haul The Golden Dragon The Capture of "El Polla" Swamp Raid Pirate Lagoon Palm Tree Inn Statues of Justice Secrets in the Hold Pirate Dojo Sinbad's Choice The Piranha's Plunder The Darting Frog Water Torture Choose! The Jade Piranha Strikes Again! After killing the Fang family, Sinbad spent the next few weeks traveling from port to port gathering news. He didn't return to The Viper right away because he wasn't sure how he'd be received. He knew Li Fang hadn't been loved by his crew, but neither was he. So instead he traveled from tavern to tavern listening to the sailor's stories. He heard that instead of pursing him, the crew of The Viper actually ignored him. They just continued to patrol the seas for prizes. So Sinbad decided to try to join another crew. He wanted to join one that was making a difference in showing the nations that their rules were only shackling their people and that the Sea Rats freedom was the way to go. So he arranged a meeting with Captain Zheng who agreed to take him on as part of his crew. "I've heard of your exploits" the captain said, "How you killed the mutineers and then turned on your captain yourself. How can I trust you to act differently on my crew?" "Are you saying you don't want me to stop a mutiny if it should happen on your ship?" retorted Sinbad. "Don't play coy with me boy" answered Zheng. "I'm not like your last captain, willing to take insults from his crew. You know what I'm asking so give me the answer." Sinbad had already been able to tell Zheng and Fang were as different as night and day. Fang had been fearful and always trying to prove himself. Zheng was confident and self-aware. He answered the captain, "Sir, when I killed the mutineers it was because they only cared for themselves and not for the rest of their crew or their captain. When I killed my captain after I had exhausted all other options. He was so obsessed with himself he had stopped caring for his crew. I've heard enough about you to know you will never put me in that kind of a situation." And so Sinbad's career as one of Zheng's crew began. OoC: The Parched Pirate will be licensed as a small tavern.
  8. Small MOC inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
  9. Heroes, Villains and Legends A Journey Through the Discoveries of the Age of the Exploration: the Ships; the Captains; the People Volume Four: The Self-Styled and So-Called Sea Rats By Quentin Connors Chapter Thirteen: The Bleak Angel So it was that after that particular escapade I found myself again in Bastion, de facto capital of the Sea Rats. Unfortunately, I was also distinctly lacking in funds for further voyages to the newer colonies. Indeed, I was worryingly close to longer being able to retain accommodation for myself and storage for my manuscripts. Forced, as I was, to relocate myself I began to frequent a small tavern near the outskirts of Bastion known as the Lonely Lantern. After a few nights an unusually quiet group entered the tavern. This was a ship's crew, and fortuitously for me they were looking for more recruits. My enthusiasm was dampened but my curiosity piqued when I heard the captain's name: Leon Dracken. This was the crew of the Bleak Angel, a ship surrounded by all manner of tall and sinister tales. But still, I needed money and transport. Here, now, was a chance for both. After a couple more drinks I introduced myself to the ship's first mate, Alastair Jakes, and we discussed the notion of my joining the crew for a short time. To my relief, I was accepted. Little did I realise that Captain Dracken had been listening to the conversation. To Be Continued... And a "clean" look at the bar
  10. Ahoy Mates!!! This is the account of how I turned from this: 06 by Mengish, on Flickr into this: Captain Mengish (Prologue) by Mengish, on Flickr When I joined this gang of pirates sailing in the Sea of Thieves, I knew this was the kind of life I’d like to enjoy, though I also knew that it had entailed the perils I tried to avoid in the previous chapter of my not so noble life, back in Oleon. But, after all, once you are a pirate, everything you have done in your life is erased in the common memory of humanity. And you have one single title that arrives before you in every place. And this time, it arrived at a tavern built recently on a newly discovered island called La Sabre. The tavern was called The Blind Parrot, run by a couple emigrated from Quinsville, a colony established on Cocovia by the Corlanders. Although it was a newly built tavern, it had already attracted many from all corners of the BoBS. And our gang arrived on an afternoon in December, 616 AE. Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr I had been in the gang for over 6 months by then and one thing I noticed was that we hadn’t embarked on any illegal business within this period. All we had done was undertaking some escorting commissioned by the Oleanders or Corlanders. We were pirates enjoying the privileges of piracy without doing anything pirate. I enquired several guys in the gang about this but they didn’t have any answer, nor did they have any interest in it as long as the Captain provided them with money. So after 5 shots of rum, or 8, I had the courage to ask our Captain about this. He was renowned for his discretion and I wasn’t hopeful for an answer, to tell the truth. But he, surprisingly, began to talk very cheerfully upon my question as if he had been waiting for this question for ages. “What I’ll tell you, son, is something no one in the gang knows. And it will not be long before you become the only one on this earth knowing about it. I can’t tell you a reason for our legal ways. But I can show you” said he, which only exacerbated my curiosity. He suddenly half-opened his shirt and showed me the reason to our recent legal ways. He had a large scar, stretching from his abdomen to his breast. “Is this a wound?” I asked. “No. This is the curse of God. I don’t have the any idea what it is. I went to this doctor in King’s Harbour. Even that bastard hasn’t seen anything like this. Can you belive? I have something unique in this world. And it is killing me.” That moment I understood all about the sedentary life we had been leading. But, what I didn’t understand was why he told me about it. He gave the answer himself, after another rum: “Look! I have one last command to give you as your Captain and, yes, belive me it will be my last command.” I was intrigued. “ I shall obey, Captain” I murmured. “If I die at this very moment, these bastards will disband the very next day and the name of my gang will all be forgotten. I knew, the day I captured you that you are the one to save this gang. You owe me a favour, you know. In fact, two. I want you to do two things before I perish. Now come closer!” He whispered two sentences and a question into my ear, which struck me like lightning. “I want you to kill me so these bastards will respect and take you as their leader. I am already dying, you see. Understood?” And before I took a breath and open my mouth for an answer, he stood up, kicking the stool I was sitting on. He began shouting, swearing and insulting me in ways I had never heard before. I was schocked and terrified. I was lying there in terrror when I heard him inviting me for a duel. And there were were, aiming pistols at each other. I had been a crook and had engaged in fights and stuff but I had never been part of a duel in my life. There was the audience as witnesses to this noble act and the owner of the tavern to manage this duel. Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr It all happened in the blink of an eye and all that remained was the bitter smell of the gunpowder hanging in the air. I already knew about the result but the crowd was amazed on my victory as they knew about our skillful Captain, whom they expected to win this deadly match. I woke up from my thoughts after a while and headed to the fallen. I was pretending to be harsh but inside I was crushed. I kneeled to pick up the very symbols of my leadership, the hat and pistol of the late Captain. Then I turned to my gang, who were staring at me with confirming looks, and shouted out loud: “Now, get this sunken wreck away from here. And bring me a bottle of rum, boys!” Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr I’d like to license this tavern, The Blind Parrot, as a medium business (artisan) in my settlement, Oydem, on the island of Sabre.
  11. It was a dull autumn day when Juan Alfonso Fontonajo, Román Esteban Fontonajo's heir and current commander in chief of the Castillo de Nova Terreli and the city's armed forces, entered a battered tavern in the shady parts of Nova Terreli, with no guards at his side. A farmer went slightly behind Juan Fontonajo. Inside the dive a lot was going on, but the loudest turmoil could be heard from a table in the background. Sailors, harbour-workers and other men stood there, arms drawn, centered around a small pig on top of the table. Fontonajo approached them, fearlessly: "My dear friends, what is going on in here?" "We gonna kill dat pig!", shouted one of them. "This honourable farmer here told me you stole his pig and threatened him? Tell me, is that true?", Fontonajo said, looking at the men? "He named da pig Fernando Augusto! Like da mad king! Traitor he is! Be happy we ain't hanging him, Sir!" "Ah, my friends, I see", Fontonajo laughed. "I guess we have some misunderstanding here. You don't think that he names a pig, of all the animals, to actually honour the king?" "Ehrm... Well..." "See, I guess we have solved our problem now. In fact all this good man did was mock Fernando Augusto by naming a dirty pig after him." "Yer right, Sir Fontonajo! Very right! But da pig Fernando gotta die!", the man with the meat cleaver exclaimed! "Hold on. First let me show you how I deal with a pig that does not behave himself", Fontonajo said in a calm voice. He took a quick step forward, grabbing the apple that the pig was currently eating. "First I take away from the pig everything it desires!" He took a step back, and held the apple up high. "Then I take it away from the pig's limited sight. And after that all we can do is laugh at that pig!" "Fontonajo!!!", one of the men jubilated. "Deal with the pig!", another shouted. "Fontonajo should be our king!", one exclaimed. And then things escalated quickly. One of the men suddenly held a crown in his hand, wherever he had gotten that one from, and put it onto Juan Fontonajo's head. "King of the Colonies!", he exclaimed. "King of the Colonies!", the rest of the tavern began to shout, raising their arms in jubilation. "King of the Colonies! King of the Colonies! King of the Colonies! King of the Colonies! King of the Colonies!" Juan Alfonso Fontonajo however, with a massive smile on his face, took off the crown and spoke to the men: "You don't need no king! Yes, your king I could be, and what a great king I would indeed be!", he stated, confirmed by some jubilation from the crowd. "But we have seen that a king is not good for us here on Nellisa. You should decide for yourself. Your rulers should be those who actually care for you, not some random king in your distant homeland. There is no need for a crown. There is no need for a king in Nellisa. We all together shall rule this new Eslandola! Please remember that when the time comes." And with those words Fontonajo left the tavern. Back on the streets he still heard them, loud and clearly: "King of the Colonies!" "King of the Colonies!" Bonus shots of the whole MOC and of the guy who had a little too much to drink:
  12. One of the first businesses to open in any new settlement will usually be a public house and Mooreton Bay is no different. The Corunna Tavern offers newly arrived settlers modest accommodation while at the same time serving refreshing drinks and humble food. In this scene you can see several citizens of Mooreton Bay enjoying refreshments. In the street two troopers of the newly arrived Queen's Own Hussar Regiment ride past and a soldier escorts some convicts to a work party. A detachment of troopers from the Queen's Own Hussar's has been dispatched to Mooreton Bay to provide extra security and mobility. The Hussars are indeed an impressive sight in a dashing black and red coat with a brilliant scarlet peliesse. ------------------------------------- Hi all! I had good intentions for expanding Mooreton Bay this month but it hasn't seemed to come together! I've cheated a bit here and used the upper level of a building from my recent Ainesford Market MOC build to produce a quick tavern for Mooreton Bay. While making a Bricklink order recently I came across the vampire torsos which I had not seen before. Thinking they'd make a perfect torso for Corrington soldiers I had to give it a go and these Hussars are the result. Hope you enjoy. As always C&C most welcome! Licensed as a medium artesian in Mooreton Bay, Alicentia.
  13. Hello Here is the latest for my work-in-progress village, and my favourite so far. I reckon the colours work well together, and I'll stick to bright colours for my next building. I'm pretty happy with the rocks, but they are so parts/labour intensive! I have a new respect for large-scale landscaper Mockers. I might have to rethink the scale of this village... Anyway, I hope you like it. Simon Crystal Tavern (1) by simon crocker, on Flickr Crystal Tavern (2) by simon crocker, on Flickr Crystal Tavern (6) by simon crocker, on Flickr
  14. Saga of the Sea Rats, Volume 1: Piraat Rhys in Bastion Previous: An interesting Day in Granoleon... Next: |~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~| Log Entry 12 April 616 Bastion, Nest of Thieves Capt. Rhys Flaidd DeTaillefer Boris has opened his own business in Bastion....and it's quickly become the place to be on a Friday (or any) night.... The Dainty Sload Bar and Grill on Flickr He deftly built it up from the remains of an old wreck in the bay....a vessel once called " " Boris Kurylenko finds a new job, Bartender..... on Flickr Crewman Calvin has elected to leave life on the seas to become Boris' new cook.... Calvin, Head Chef at the Dainty Sload.... on Flickr Tayyib keeps order when things get rowdy.... Tayyib keep the peace..... on Flickr The local tribesmen really enjoy getting their groove on... Dancing Tribsmen... on Flickr Even the swordsmen from the Brotherhood stop buy for a relaxing visit... Even Brotherhood Masters enjoy a night out... on Flickr It's a great place for folks to come together and share their latest projects and ideas.... An evening out with friends.... on Flickr Anaïs arrived with her latest wonder.....the "Rifle Gun," which is far more accurate than our old Muskets.... Anaïs shows off her latest handiwork, the "Rifle." on Flickr Pavel likes to write poetry....which Redbeard Snakeskull quite enjoys... Pavel writes some poetry, Redbeard Snakeskull greets all.... on Flickr Word must be getting we are seeing some new faces as of late... Interesting stranger checks out the scene.... on Flickr By far, the best (and most frequent) customer is Alois.....who can be counted on to provide interesting entertainment any day of the week.... Alois cutting loose.... on Flickr Boris has certainly found his calling... Boris is a natural when it comes to socializing.... on Flickr ======================================== Thanks for visiting!
  15. The Flask and Flagon is now open for business! Have a craving for some good old mainland fare like steak and kidney pie? 'Neeps and tatties? Your granny's raspberry pudding? We bring you the best of Corlandish cuisine from all the way across the Terraversa sea! For the connoisseur of fine drinks, we carry the very best of Oleonais wine, classic Corlandish ale, Tammish whiskey, Garvian stout and a variety of other spirits. We support our uniformed servicemen. All men and women in her Majesty's service shall be entitled to one complimentary beverage per visit. Corrington's finest taking a breather from their duties in defending the empire's frontier.
  16. This is my 3rd freebuild build of the month and first property (so feel free to approve). I've been experimenting with roofing, not entirely sure if this one works for me, but I thought I'd give it ago any comments welcome (the roof itself is one whole piece that rests fairly securely on top of the main walls). Another Corrington Tavern in Arlinsport; The Crossed Swords is more of a shack than a Tavern. With building materials scarce everything was savaged to build this watering hole, including part of a decommissioned ships hull for the roof. But this not stop the Patrons enjoying themselves within her walls. the company was pleasing and the liqueur flowed freely which was as much as anyone could ask. While Sir James was the Patron of the establishment he did not often frequent the place. on the occasions that he did he largely drank alone and swiftly. TheTavernCrossedSwords, on Flickr CrossSwordsTavern, on Flickr Tavern, on Flickr TavernCrossSwords, on Flickr Eeeek I've just realised my title is somewhat lacking please could a MOD edit it to read [Cor - Feb FB3] at the beginning? Thank you.
  17. Hello everyone, a small artesian build and my first property. I was very impressed by Mike S's modular style Amelia Street buildings and have attempted another in the same style. While his are obviously from the more wealthy and tidier part of town, I wanted a darker feel for what is supposed to be an (ever so slightly) seedy tavern! Not entirely happy with the result, but here it is. Oh, and in an unrelated note, this is my 100th post, and so I reach the dizzying heights of Eurobricks Citizen!!! Dirk Allcock's second investment in Arlinsport was a small tavern named 'The Captain's Daughter'. Some describe Tiberia as a gloomy place, but one thing is sure, it is full of sailors, soldiers, smugglers and adventurers, all of whom have a reputation as liking a good drink (or two... or four....). Surely investing in a tavern is a sure thing right?!!!
  18. After much pain and hurry, here is my answer to the Duel: Feast at "The Spin of Fate". Now a free-build by itself! Hugo wasn't eager to fight with Elysabeth Drondil as, due to his character, took it lightly as every other thing in his life. Or was arrogant enough and was sure he would win? So one day before the duel, he called his friends from the fleet for a drink, at "The Spin of Fate", where the drinks are cold and the girls are hot! The establishment took its name after the wheel (of fortune) that you can see right above the door that leads to the kitchen. That wheel belonged to the first owner of this place that came to the Sea of Storms with all his belongings on a cart. I had tons of fun making this build, which reminded me once more that i am a huge minifig and acessories lover and have the fig-fever. If you see some color deviations, it is because with this MOC, my brick stash is officially depleted with all this building the past month and all i have left is black and gray bricks Enjoy and sorry if you have an eye-sore after watching due to dim yellow lighting but couldn't wait till morning (job is killing me! hehehe) Thanks again! feast at The Spin of Fate by Spy Tha, on Flickr feast at The Spin of Fate foldout by Spy Tha, on Flickr feast at The Spin of Fate closeup by Spy Tha, on Flickr
  19. Born the 3rd son of well-to-do land owner in Olean Sinbad was expected to join the clergy as all good 3rd born sons were known to do. His oldest brother was to inherit the land from their father, and the 2nd son was already a person of note in the Olean Navy. And if Sinbad were to follow tradition, he would become a well spoken clergyman. But Sinbad did not believe in the religion of his people, and he did not want to be stuck on land his whole life. His heart yearned for the sea so to the sea he went. His full story is for another time, but after more than one voyage, Sinbad ended up on the island known as the Nest of Thieves. The island lived up to its name and soon Sinbad found himself penniless. ­­­­ Not without resources, Sinbad lifted a few coins off of a drunk who had passed out in an alley. The coin was just going to be spent on drink, thought Sinbad, so what harm was there in him being the one doing the drinking? He entered a loud tavern known as Marco’s and settled into a corner. He noticed many of the bar’s patrons were of an ethnicity different than most he had encountered on the main lands of the peninsula. He assumed they were of the Orient, a land even further south and east than New Oleon. Their speech was a little different, but easy enough to understand. “I tell you father, we are wasting our time here!” the man standing at the shoulder of “father” said. “The best men are to be found at the bars closer to the docks.” “Yes young grasshopper,” “father” replied, “But those men are also more blood-thirsty and less likely to appreciate the fine line our crew must walk in our endeavors. Remember, you are not captain for a reason, you still lack much experience.” “Ha!” the son exclaimed, “I may not be captain, but as quartermaster I hold just as much power as you. Be careful not to forget that!” “You’re arrogance does not become you Li” he replied. “Now are we going to continue to argue like dogs over a bone or are you going to find us some more recruits? We need at least one more member if we are going to pull off our next privateering run for Lord Foxx.” Sinbad perked up at this. He wasn’t sure he was ready to join a bloody-thirsty crew. He needed a ship with a level headed captain so he could learn how best to make a living in this new world he had entered. A privateer was nothing more than a sanctioned pirate who managed to turn some profit towards the one who sanctioned him. But a captain who accepted a privateer’s license was more likely to give Sinbad a chance to learn how to be a good crewman without too much punishment or ridicule. “I couldn’t help but overhear that you’re in need of another member for your crew” Sinbad said as he stepped over to their table. “Where do I sign up?” “We don’t take just anyone you sewer rat!” spat the son. “You look like you don’t know your fore from your aft sails!” Ignoring the tirade of his son Li, the father asked, “You look Oleander by birth, where do you hail from?” Sinbad looked down at his feet, “My past is not important, only my future. I wish to sail the seas and live a life on the oceans. I may not know much yet, but I swear I’m a quick study and a hard worker.” “Hmm,” nodded the father. “A man who runs from his past always finds it just behind him.” The father looked Sinbad in the eyes for a long time while Li looked bored and impatient. At least the father said, “I am captain Cho Fang. Will you serve me and my crew as a faithful member and able bodied hand?” “Sign me up” was Sinbad’s reply. Additional shots:
  20. Glance Into The Future

    "Damn ol' man! This was the last time!" Cedryc the Innkeeper came running out of the Leaking Barrel. "Where me coin? I've got enough dopey boozers here, I don't need a bilking wizard!" The old man mumbled an unintelligible song and tottered along the path. "I swear it to you, Perry, Coin now, or that door will remain closed for ya." The wizard stopped his waving walk immediately, pricked up ears and eventually turned around:" Cedryc? Is that you? old ears. I thought I heard someone. What can I do for you?" "Don't take me for a fool- You heard me. Just foot the bill." Peregryn Ratchett, the purple wizard straightened up, trying to pose with great dignity, and said:" You are in luck today, Mister Barliman. For I am a wizard, and not one of those smirking charlatans, who try to confuse the more simple men with their conjuring tricks. Nor I be one of those who speak with somber voice, moaning and talking of dark things to come, only to frighten the good rural men. I am a real wizard, and real wizardry is my craft. So speak, how can I serve you?" "Oh no! Not again! I know your wizardry. What's with that 'enchanted frying pan` you gave me last time? You transfigured my daughters cat. Every time I put it on the fire it starts screaming miserably. And I cannot lay a fish in it without it vanishing." "Meeeoow", the frying pan made a purring sound in Cedry's hand. "It takes great knowledge to cast such a spell. You should be aware of my skills. Once kings asked for my advice and many a noble lord beseeched me to grant him a glimpse into his fortune." "Ha! Fortune! say you what: If you really can let me have a look into future, then I forget about the bill." Perry made a meaningful expression:"So be it. But you shall be warned! Even a small glance into a man's future could drive him mad. Neither do I have the possibility to destine the time and place of the vision, nor can I influence what you will see. Now we need something...a looking glass, ah, the kitten will do. Hold up the pan." The purple wizard held his hand upon the frying pan, mumbling spells in a obscure deep voice, his eyes closed. Suddenly the bottom of the pan seemed to dissolve, and a sallow green light shimmered through. Then the vision came: "Meeow!" The frying pan flew away and hit on the ground, now being the kitten again. "What? Where? Why??..What?" Cedryc, the poor Innkeeper cowered on the ground, still starring into the pictures, which now were burned into his mind. "Hm...That was not right. The effect was by far too strong. My poor Cedryc, I am afraight these things were not destined for your eyes. I warned you that I have now influence on it." Perry felt very sober now. He sank into deep thoughts about what he had seen:" Great things are about to come. War is coming to these lands again. The Black Spire's forces are on the rise. And the fate of the East, and maybe of all of Historica now depend on very few who are still bolt enough to challenge Lord Raavage. I must hurry. It seems that I have a part to play again in the greater story." "What are you talking about?? What did you do to my eyes? Just get out of my head!" "I feel somewhat guilty for your current condition, though I did warn you. Maybe I can effect some other magic to help you out? But hurry, I' am busy now. I have to care about greater things than an Innkeepers daily worries." "Leave, just leave for king's sake! Forget about the bill- just go! What insanity to open a tavern in the bloody Darklands! I'll go back to Albion!" Cedryc ripped of the door and stumbled inside. "You are right, my dear friend. There is no time to waste. I must go now. Hopefully it is't too late." So this is my first contributin for our collaboration about the Nocturnus resistance. I hope you will like Perry Ratchett, the purple wizard. He will have a lot of screen time in future stories. I'm not so happy with the pictures of the vision. Originally I had something more nebulous in mind, but I wanted to finally post the story. Enjoy!
  21. The screeching of a Seagulls echoed noisily through the uncanny silence surrounding a solitary tavern, causing a few of the men standing on the road to jump in fright. One of the men, a uniformed marine wearing a wide-brimmed hat smiled sardonically. “A fine lot of soldiers you all make.” None of the men responded. Most of them were dressed in civilian garb, and there were few that did not show some sign of agitation. “Is it true Captain Mortimer makes his victims cut off their own fingers then eat them?” a mustached cloth merchant asked. “Quiet!” An elderly man holding a torch shaded his eyes, staring down the road. “I thought I heard something.” They all heard it now. The thud of boots on the road, the coarse laughter. The very air seemed to smell saltier. There could be no mistaking that noise. Then there they were. roguish a band of pirates as could be found in the northern seas. Their leader, a red bearded man in a bicorn hat, smiled cruelly at them, eyeing their force with contempt. The marine's hands started to sweat despite himself. His words came out in a hiss. “Fire the cannon.” The elderly man jerked out of his frozen state and raised the torch over the cannon's fuse. He was too slow. Before the marine's eye could register what had happened the lead pirate was pointing a pistol at the old man and there was a report. The man fell dead, blood pouring from a wound in the direct center of his forehead. And then the pirates were upon them. The marine lifted his carbine just in time to block a blow from the lead pirate only to feel fire and ice in his side. One of the peasants was down and the others were running. The marine's compatriot, a big fellow with a pike, had skewered one of the pirates, but had his pike knocked out of his hand. Then the marine felt the lead pirate's blade enter his abdomen and he knew it was over. For a moment he stared at the blade in his chest, then he was on the ground, choking on blood. This was it. He hoped he died before they could torture him. The pikeman dove for his pike only to find one of the pirate's pistols in his face. He moved back only to find the inn wall behind him. His breathing was ragged, and not from over-exertion. Captain Mortimer smiled his cruel smile again. “What made you think you could beat me, royal dog?” The pikeman spit. “We will never stop trying to beat you.” Mortimer stared at him for a moment, then shrugged. “Off with his fingers.” The build. I actually started building this over two months ago, and put three Bricklink orders into it, so you could call it a masterpiece of mine. I tried to combine some of the cleaner/smoother styles on Eurobricks with the more textured style of Mocpages and Flickr, hopefully to favorable results. Also, off the record, but this is literally the first build I have posted in the online community in which I have used yellow heads. The back. So I guess that's it. There's looking to be some pretty tough competition for this contest, and I'm honored to have participated! Good luck to all the contestants! ~Adair
  22. Previous Chapter: The Chambers of the Nightlord --- Next Chapter: The Aegis Council Aeldric and Voraal dropped themselves off in the tavern in Vanhorn. Aeldric ordered a quart of ale, and Voraal mingled with some guests. "Ah, Ansriff." Voraal said to a man in the corner. "Voraal? It's been so long!" Voraal and Ansriff had been friends for seventeen years. "Yes, it has. I understand you earn your profit from accepting tasks from the citizens?" Voraal asked. "Yes, indeed. Do you need me to perform a task for you?" Ansriff asked. "Yes, in fact, i need you to find a woman, black robes, long wavy, black hair. I heard she'd been seen in the forests just outside of town, and with your former ranger skills, i think you'd be able to find her." Voraal requested. "Oh, so it's a love story?" Ansriff joked. "Well, your not exactly wrong... I'll pay you five pounds of silver." Voraal offered. "Deal." they shook hands. "When i find her, i'll report back here." Ansriff said. "Thank you. It was nice seeing you." "You to, Voraal." Voraal strode over to the bar beside Aeldric, who'd drank five bottles of ale. "Who was that queer looking fellow you were talking-" he hick upped "with?" "Ansriff, one of our former rangers." Voraal replied. "Ah, i remember him." the two went on talking. Hey guys, sorry there wasn't a larger picture of the build. Still kinda mainly story here, but i did include a bit more detail than the first Avdar's Office. C & C welcome.
  23. MOC: The Tumble-Home Tavern

    Happy finally to be able to present to you my latest MOC, The Tumble-Home Tavern (pun intended). As a wise Jedi once said, "Never will you find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." So here goes..... I wanted to try something different with the look of the building, so I did a beat-up stone facade. I really like the way the weathervane turned out. "Move along, nothing to see here." No cows were harmed in the shooting of this scene. The tomb of the notorious pirate, Deadbeard. Back shot of the tomb of Deadbeard. And there's the man, himself! "Mine?! Mine?!" It doesn't appear the 12 Steps are working. Sigh.... why is the rum always gone? Well now, this is awkward.... Also note the Redcoat spy in the barrel. I can't tell if they're checking the menu for names they know or trying to worship the metal chicken on top. Here's a closer view of the stone work on the facade. I still need to finish the sign. Frankly I'm a little surprised - I thought pigs had some standards. Definitely not the Swedish Chef. The fireplaces are lit from below using small LED tea light candles. Another shot of the chef hard at work. How do you like your giant bug's head cooked? The back view. Some of the nastiest pirates around are meeting upstairs - Dread Pirate Roberts, Blackbeard, Sponge-Beard Square-Rig, and nearly every pirate captain TLG has released since 1989 - Metal Beard is absent because I'm still working on him. The upstairs lifts out for easier access. Overview shot of the downstairs. My tribute to Isaac, the bartender on "The Love Boat". Note the baseball bat behind the bar. Originally this was a musket, but the baseball bat was funnier to me. "The fish is dead! Long live the fish!" I don't think kitty really wants to eat that three-eyed mutant fish. May I just brag a little about this corner? Part of why I wanted to do this project was because I wanted to do these sorts of windows. I'm really quite happy with the way they turned out, and this particular photo is one of my favorites because this is the exact effect for which I was going. The answer is yes, you can bring outside food into the tavern, but they make you cook it, yourself. I think he can do better. When I originally built this Minifigure he was marrying a cow. "Avast there, matey! I'm a pirate! Come sit on me!" I had to do this. I just had to. I'm sure you understand. Lobster or giant scorpion? I reckon we'll find out when he whacks it with that hammer. More of the action downstairs.... And I love that you can see the face of a Bluecoat soldier through the window. A shot down the pier... Proudly owned and operated by a guy with more money than brains and a guy with more fake parts than real. Thanks for looking!
  24. MOC: The Brick and Stud Tavern

    Hi everyone, here is my latest MOC The Brick and Stud Tavern which I've been working on for the last couple of months, a couple of bricklink orders slowed things down a little. I've wanted to do a pub for a while now and wanted to include more scene's with water so it seemed a good idea to combine the two. I had to scale it down from the quayside/fishing port I had in mind originally (Perhaps that will wait for another day), so a small river or canal seemed the obvious choice. This is inspired by canals seen in the UK, maybe I'll do a dutch canal someday I took ideas from - The Riverbank cottage - a previous MOC of mine which I made last year. I spent quite a bit of time perfecting the windows trying to get the right proportions on the lintels and framing without leaving unsightly gaps. The canal boat/narrowboat was something I had in mind to make the water look a little more interesting and went through several revisions before settling with this one. I found it difficult to get a sharp point on the front of the boat and eventually settled for a simpler rounded shape, perhaps not as realistic but nevermind! Sadly no interior this time round as I was mainly focused on landscaping. Anyway on with the pics, there are only 4 on this occasion; If you'd rather view them on flickr the link is here Here's hoping for a new camera for my birthday this year! Any thoughts or comments welcomed! Cheers
  25. Hügel Tavern

    Hello, everyone! This is my entry for another contest at LUG Brasil. It is also part of a bigger MOC that I will show in Expo LUG Brasil, in November, in São Paulo. The castle fans around here are preparing a very cool collaborative display for this theme. I believe we are going to have more than 10 people building something big for that. In other words, a lot of fun! I always wanted to build a tavern in LEGO and this challenge was a very good opportunity to practice others construction techniques and roof. In fact, I loved the final result of this roof with orange plates! I think that in live the MOC is much more beautiful because of the color scheme. This time I was smarter and built the entire modular work on 32x32 baseplates and everything fits very easily, including the roof, which is a unique piece, facilitating the transport too, my karma in LEGO! If you would like to see the details of it or check other MOCs, go on my Flickr profile and have fun! Hügel Tavern 1 by Adolfo LUG Brasil, on Flickr Hügel Tavern 3 by Adolfo LUG Brasil, on Flickr Hügel Tavern 7 by Adolfo LUG Brasil, on Flickr Hügel Tavern 9 by Adolfo LUG Brasil, on Flickr