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Found 41 results

  1. Mission Log from Lt. Markland: On a personal note, I never thought I would be working with the Hutts, when I signed up for the Imperial Academy on Carida. Luckily Cdr. Bannon has put me in charge of restocking our arms supply. I’d rather be the one dictating terms to the Hutts, rather than turning a blind eye and fleeing to a more polished part of the Imperial Triumvirate. Some time before on Nanth’ri’s southern hemisphere… Lt. Markland: One Zeta-class cargo shuttle is already loaded. The rest will be loaded onto the Lambda. This should be enough weapons to supply the remainder of the Lannik garrison... Exalted Kabani, the manifest states that payment will be taken care of personally by Cdr. Bannon. What does that mean? Kabani the Hutt: Nobata uta-sha tinka mah kikyuna. Eh eh eh... Lt. Markland: Your lordship, it is my concern if I am to make sure the Imperial Triumvirate continues to use your connections for supplying weapons. Kabani the Hutt: Chuba! Spee ek uta-sha Bannon. Lt. Markland: Mmph… I will do that! A pleasure doing business with you, Lord Kabani… Kabani the Hutt: Jee huujah uba Spasteelya kyotopa Circumtore mah kikyuna… Eh eh eh… Lt. Markland: Thank you my lord. Your hospitality is most gracious. Excerpt from Lt. Markland’s Mission Log: Kabani the Hutt seem to have an extensive network of smugglers and mercenaries on his payroll. I have only managed to identify a few of them from the imperial database. Cpt. Augost, a male twi’lek, and seemingly the less charming part of a gun running smuggler duo. Former entries going decades back suggests he has death sentences in several outer rim systems. The other part of the smuggler duo, Vakál, male human. Vakál’s record lists him as a notorious con man. Wanted for participating in the Scipio Heist, whatever that is. The last individual I’ve been able to ID, is Djina, female zeltron bounty hunter, working as muscle and bodyguard for Kabani. Nothing in the records, but I’ve heard that she is among the most expensive bounty hunters on this side of the Hydian way. Species: Shell Hutt ( /// This one was a lot of fun - ecspecially the Hutt character. I've spend some time on his dialogue to make it as close to real huttese as possible. Even if you don't understand huttese you should be able to get the dialogue from Lt. Marklands answers... The structure itself was also real fun - trying to capture hutt architecture. A snot platform and an awning made from a lego parachute... Lots of details and props... Enjoy and please comment and criticizes... As always - behind the scenes shots below:
  2. The Rishii is known to stick to their own business and rarely mingle with offworlders. To our luck, the Iron Beak, a notorious merchant guild, has agreed to pave the way for an imperial outpost in some of the settlements they control. This should be the beginning of a fruitful relationship... Species: Rishii (
  3. Immigration Report from Checkpoint D-4472: In accordance with the Imperial ATA, Gigorans have been placed on the restricted list. This means that all Gigorans are to be detained and escorted back to their homeworld Gigor. Species: Gigoran (
  4. Diplomacy Mission Report from Grand General, Warlord Ral Hathe: Sometimes diplomacy is best achieved through a show of strength. I have successfully negotiated an alliance with one of the Krish chieftains on Sanza. He will make sure the remaining chieftains fall in line against us staking a hunting game tour across some of our worlds. He has insisted on my participation… This should be fun! Species: Krish (
  5. After several months of increasing alien immigration to core worlds, several Imperial remnant worlds are introducing the ATA (Alien Travel Authorization). The ATA is a mandatory travel document that allows aliens to travel freely from and to imperial worlds. Immigration Report from Checkpoint B13-84: In accordance with the Imperial ATA, Guineos have been placed on the restricted list. This means that all Guineos are to be detained and escorted back to their homeworld Dohlban. All inquiries regarding Guineo travel authorization must be reported to the Imperial Triumvirate administration on Daalang. Species: Guineo (
  6. Mission Log from Cdr. Bannon: My first orders after the rendezvous at Nixor was to negotiate an alliance with the Aqualish of Ando. Ever since they joined the separatists during the Clone Wars, the Aqualish has been recovering as a species. We are offering them an alliance that will position their world as the uncontested capital of the sector. With some assistance the Aqualish will make a strong strategic ally of the Imperial Triumvirate, and an excellent workforce… Species: Aqualish ( /// So this was a really interesting and challenging build. The seabed is supposed to match the colors of the planet Ando ( The building is an back entrance to one of the Ando cities, standing on metal stilts in the water. Besides the water, everything is SNOT...
  7. Report from Ootmian Pabol patrol vessel, The Huntress: We intercepted an unregistered pirate freighter from Zirulast drifting several parsecs away from the Ootmian Pabol route. To our luck the freighter was disabled and onboard we found the fugitive Temolak Kralblok Darf. The fugitive is being processed and brought to the dungeon ship orbiting Molavar. Species: Temolak (
  8. Gubi0222

    [N10 - Foundry - TCR] Loading Time

    *Your entry has earned 17 XP* After we've successfully managed to get a heavy-duty cargo container at one of the abandoned warehouses of the old Tie fighter factory here at Foundry, we only have one task left. We need to find and pick up the medical supplies somewhere. A rumor shows, that on Foundry is an old, but still operating Medical base. Former Techno Union members are experimenting with some medical Nano-Droid as high efficient cures. Since the Trade Federation was wiped, most of them only survived in black market. They are our best change to fight the epidemic on Kuat. Our diplomats are already on their way to meet their leaders, but based on our previous experience with Skakoans, there are some tough negotiations ahead. Later... I've just received the message about the location of the medical facility. It looks like the they have made the deal, I don't now the details, but I heard Coaxium was involved too. After we've arrived to the base, their old and rusty droids immediately started loading our container with crates. During the loading time, the leader of the labor showed me their product and some of their and the production process. Skakoans can be very proud of their work, especially if something unique was created. You can find more details above:
  9. After or "adventures" on Foundry, we finally headed out to Kuat to deliver the package... We have reached the ring of the planet and it looks like the Commenor Remnant already has a visible presence in this sector. The Remnant often uses all kind of cruisers, like the Dreadnought class, instead of Stardestroyers. After the fall of the Great Empire, not much big capital ships are remained and their can't be as effective nowadays as smaller capital ships, because the amount of crew is the weak part.
  10. Excerpt from Cdr. Storr’s log: After we chased Jol Dixun out of the system I tasked the two bounty hunters, the Weequay slavehunter Ack’natuu and The Sling, with shadowing the criminal. They tracked his ship to Raltiir, where they followed him to a den associated with the Hutts. I will follow up on this lead with our hutt connections. I’ve told the bounty hunters to bring in Jol for some ‘friendly’ interrogation. /// Let me know what toy thing - more images and details below:
  11. In order to establish a presence along the Trax Tube and across the entire sector, several command cruisers has been dispatched from Daalang. The modified Arquitens-class Command Cruisers has proven a favourite command ship among Triumvirate commanders. The starship is lighter and more nimble than the bigger destroyer counterparts, and serves the purpose perfectly. /// My first attempt at the Arquitens-class command cruiser. Below are a few more angles. Let me know what you think. 🤔
  12. The Commenor Remnant has quite good accesability to old imperial equipment, such as old ships. As now the conditions on Kuat aren't the greatest, we had a good use of a wared down Arrestor cruiser. The ship has been sent to Fedalle to warn the travellers about the risks of visiting Kuat and to steer the not necessary traffic away from there.
  13. Excerpt from Dr. Than’s journal: Notes on Antar sociology - After imperial forces on Antar has decreased, many Gotals have made their way to the core worlds in search of fortune or on pilgrimages to pay tribute to the New Republic. Recently I have observed several individual Gotals visiting anti-imperial sites like the Jedi memorial on Chandrila before eventually settling on a New Republic core world, with no intention of ever returning to Antar. I am displeased with this misplacement of loyalty, but I must admit I am intrigued by the prospects of Antar. First go at Ep. 3. Let me know what you think... And, as always - below are some behind the scenes, and details.
  14. Shortcuts Core RulesFactions/Member SkillsThe MapOther details Welcome! Welcome to Factions. A home for MOCs from all eras of Star Wars loosely tied together by a map-based strategy game. The game itself takes place after the battle of Jakku, but builds can represent any planet in any era of Star Wars.       The goal of the strategy game is to find and control Holocrons. They are revealed by exploring planets and winning challenges.  There are many different factions you can petition to join. Being a part of a faction allows you to participate in 'episodes' (challenges), build freebuilds to earn in-game XP, tags, and other rewards, as well as other aspects of the game. You'll have a main character in-game, and through your building, you can advance your character and help your faction win. Getting Started Private Message (PM) a faction leader to ask to join their faction. Each faction has it's own style, storyline, and aesthetic, so you'll need to create a character in line with whatever faction you petition to join. Faction description, requirements, and contact info can be found in each faction's post at the top of the Factions subforum. Create your character, upload a 100x100 picture to your preferred image host, and fill out the Character Creator form. You can choose any name for your character but please keep it appropriate. Players may change factions at any time, but faction leaders do not have to accept new recruits. Alternatively, when builders have earned 75 XP they can create their own faction. Introduce yourself in the Introduction and Discussion topic. Fill out the Character Creator form to have your character added to the active players list. (optional) Create a signature using this generator created by @Bob De Quatre. Please note that it does not currently support Flickr photos for the avatar. We hope to fix this soon. Read up on the Core Rules here! Where to Post What This subforum, Factions, is used for this game. As such, you should only post your entries to Star Wars Factions here. The Core Rules contains the rules; questions about the rules should be asked in this topic. Players should introduce characters in this Introduction and Discussion topic and fill out the Character Creator form. All posts in this Introduction and Discussion topic should be Out of Character. Each faction will have their own way of communicating, so check with your faction and discuss your upcoming builds, Works-in-Progress (WIPs), strategies, and storylines through whatever method your faction leader proscribes. Announce your free builds in your faction topic to receive feedback, but make sure to also fill out the appropriate form to have it scored. Episodes will be announced in their own topics, and you will be able to use those topics to ask questions about and discuss the specific episode. Important Links Link to Submittal Form Player Index Link to Character Creator Form Link to Faction Change Form Link to Planet IP Values Link to Team IP Values General Discussion Signature Generator
  15. Diplomacy Mission Report from Cdr. Calun: We have successfully established an initial agreement with the Sauvax that warranting our presence on their homeworld. Against a generous amount of continuing supplies, they have agreed to one imperial inland base. The full agreement of imperial presence on Leritor will be negotiated once the first base is established. /// In this post I tried to depict the Sauvax ( from the planet Leritor. A few more angles of the Sauvax:
  16. Diplomacy Mission Report from Cdr. Goren: The planet Ota has proven to be a prime prospect for a new supply base, despite the harsh climate. The local Snogar seem to be very interested in our technology and has agreed to our presence against technological assistance and weapons. High command has agreed to their terms, however I do not like the idea of us risking arming a local rebellion. We must take certain precautions to establish an unchallenged presence. /// This is my version of the Snogar ( And a few detailed shots:
  17. In order to ensure a fast buildup of the Imperial Triumvirate navy, several retired starships has been restored and modified with new technology. Several Acclamator-class assault ships, and some Venator-class Star Destroyers, has proven surprisingly sturdy and fit for service. /// I really like these Clone Wars/early Galactic Empire ships - very iconic. Let me know what you think of my attempt on the two Acclamators and the Venator. Below are a few different angles ;)
  18. Excerpt from the Cdr. Storr’s log: Onboard the Imperial Gladiator-class Star Destroyer. After weeks of scouring the outskirts of the Nanth’ri system, we have located the fugitive Jol Dixun and his ship, a YT-1100 Light Freighter to a remote moon. In our attempt to capture the criminal, Dixun was alerted to our presence and managed to pull off a daring escape. Our intention was never to capture the scum, but to place a tracking device on his ship to monitor his movement. We managed to display a convincing pursuit, even damaging his ship enough to limit his hyperdrive capabilities. Once the dust settles and he goes to ground, we will be right behind him. /// My last two micro-scale ships for this round. The Gladiator-class Star Destroyer and a custom YT-1100 freighter named the 'Copper Duck' or 'Ugly Duckling'. Below are a few more photos. Let me know what you think. 🤔
  19. Darth Bjorn

    Faction: The Triumvirate

    The Triumvirate Faction: The Triumvirate (Imperial Remnant) Faction Leader: Darth Bjorn Headquarters/Capital: TBD Planets: Daalang Systems: n/a Description In order to ensure our security and continued stability, the Imperial Remnants of a hundred worlds will unify under the Imperial Triumvirate! For a safe and secure society. Honoring the true imperial legacy, rising from the ashes, Tempered, Stronger, Reborn! - Supreme Moff Barthol The Triumvirate is an alliance of several imperial remnants all united under one banner. The Triumvirate is ruled by the three triumvirs, and ruling council consisting of high standing individuals of the imperial Triumvirate. The Triumvirs Supreme Moff Barthol: A battle hardened war veteran who served the old Republic as a naval officer during the Clone Wars, and continued to serve the Galactic Empire as a highly decorated admiral and moff. With the deep loyalty to imperial values it is not unlikely that you will find yourself donning the armor of the Royal Guard, Stormtroopers or another imperial elite in his ranks. The Crimson Duchess: Royalty by blood, imperial loyalist, and revered by her people. After the Emperors untimely demise, the Duchess took over control of all imperial military assets in her territory. You may find yourself among her imperial forces or even an elite soldier in her own elite, The Crimson Guard. Grand Prince Serion: A former ISB Admiral and aristocrat hailing from Nacronis. In the final days of the Galactic Empire, Prince Serion played an integral part in Operation Cinder and the downfall of his homeworld Nacronis. With a fondness for his special forces and elite agents, you might find yourself among Prince Serion’s notorious special forces or among his most trusted and ruthless imperial agents. The Ruling Council: TBD Special Forces Commando Units: Necro Squad, also known as Reaper Squad, was an Imperial special forces commando unit. Commando units such as Necro Squad (and the treacherous Inferno Squad), was commissioned during the Galactic Civil War. These commando units usually consisted of four commando troopers with various specialties, such as demolitions and weaponry, slicing, infiltration, sabotage etc. Necro reported directly to Grand Prince Serion, who named the squad as a tribute to the doom of his homeworld. Elite commandos might find themselves in other special forces squadrons. Stormtroopers: The backbone and pride of the former Galactic Empire. Against New Republic sanctions against imperial military, the Triumvirate is still training and innovating the Stormtrooper Corps. You might be a veteran stormtrooper re-deployed to a young squad or one of the specialist scout troopers, patrol troopers, etc. The Army: The basic infantry of the imperial Triumvirate. You may find yourself among these grunts, recruited from young conscripts and volunteers, eager to serve the new regime that has united their worlds and brought stability in a time of uncertainty. These soldiers travel across the galaxy on expeditionary missions, spearheading the expansion of the Triumvirate. The Navy: In the fleet of the Triumvirate, you could find yourself among the naval troops, fighter or shuttle pilots, or even commandeering a star destroyer. The fleet is an integral part of of the Triumvirate dominion, and Star Destroyers often serve as base of operation. Ancillary Branches: The imperial Triumvirate is a well-oiled regime, you may find yourself among the supporting personnel that keeps the wheels turning. The Triumvirate ancillary branch includes engineers, researchers, and logistics personnel. Faction Recruits As a faction rising from the remnants of the Galactic Empire and building on the same values, you should aim for a style that resembles imperial buildings, starships, crafts and equipment - like imperial garrison bases, imperial star destroyers or even AT-ATs and AT-STs. These could of course be heavily modified and improved since they might be salvaged or repurposed. Banners - see more details below Pauldrons - see more details below Territory - see more details below Power, Strength, Loyalty! Enlist today! You can sign up for the Triumvirate in this thread! [Updates and additional photos coming soon...]
  20. Mission Log from Cpt. Bannon: After the successful apprehension of the treacherous senator on Sarapin, I was invited to an audience with the Supreme Moff Barthol. Having nothing but reverence and respect for the Moff, I anxiously accepted. Onboard the Imperial Super Star Destroyer Resurrector Moff Barthol: Welcome young Bannon. We have been expecting you. We are looking forward to you joining our course in uniting imperial remnants. In time you will see that our ambitions are the same. Your service for Commenor has been noticed and we will grant you the rank of Commander in the service of the Imperial Triumvirate. Do you accept? Cpt. Bannon: Your highness, highnesses, It would be an honor to serve, restoring the glory of the empire. Prince Serion: Good. You will be reporting to us directly and act autonomously unless otherwise instructed by us. You will have men and a star destroyer under your command to carry out your missions. Go to the Nixor system and await further instructions. /// My first attempt to add lights to a MOC. Hidden underneath the holo table I've placed a LEGO smarthub powering four LED lights. Below you'll find a few behind the scenes shots. Let me know what you think. :)
  21. Faction: CorSec Faction Leader: MKJoshA Capital: Coronet City, Corellia Planets: Corellia, Trellen, Ojom, Thyferra, Yag'Dhul, Qiilura, Bothawui Systems: M11, L14, L7, R14 History: A lot has changed on Correllia since the day Lady Proxima’s gang ruled the streets. As the Empire grew, law and order were established in Coronet City. Working hand-in-hand with the Empire’s security forces, the Correllian Security Force (or CorSec as it was more commonly referred to) was established. After the fall of the Emperor and with the rise of the New Republic, Correllia began working cooperatively with New Republic Intelligence. CorSec, already having a reputation for producing highly skilled operatives and always getting the job done, was called on by the New Republic to help establish peace across the galaxy. While primarily a security force, CorSec has grown to include other departments. They have their own in-house mechanics. As well as their own in-house medical team. As their influence across the galaxy grows, so does CorSec's departmental needs. After the Battle of Endor, Mick (or MKJoshA as he was known then) left the Rebellion to return to his home world of Corellia where he joined CorSec. His previous work with the Alliance Intelligence division made him more than qualified for the job. He kept tabs on all his friends from the Rebellion and even recruited some to come work with him in CorSec. But he was glad to be back home and working for a legitimate government. He wasn’t ashamed of what he’d done with the Rebellion, but he slept better at night now. Everyone in the Force knew his background, so when his commanding officer Corran Horn called him to meet with a representative of the New Republic Mick wasn’t surprised. Corran said, "Mick, I want you to meet Alexsandr Kallus, New Republic representative." Kallus said, "Good to meet you Mick, Commander Horn tells me your the man for the job." Mick replied, "Thank you sir, I'll do my best. What job do you need done?" Kallus answered, "We've got our hands full in the New Republic right now. I've got a batch of new recruits who need training in the kind of skills CorSec is famous for. Naturally we'll work with CorSec if you find a being you'd rather keep in your ranks. Can I count on you?" The next day Kallus brought in the first batch of new recruits. "Listen up!" Kallus shouted. "You're here to follow instructions, not mouth off. So give your undivided attention to Mick." "Alright, so here's what the training process will look like..." began Mick. It was going to be hard but worthwhile work getting these recruits up to speed. And this was just the first batch! Maybe you'll be part of the next batch? "Join CorSec!" You can sign up here in this thread.
  22. *Your entry has earned 12 XP* [Q10 - Yitabo - CFS] A Chiss Bounty Huntress In Yitabo, it is frequent to see wookie smugglers trading with the different colonists. And so it is frequent to see some smugglers being chased by Bounty Hunters for having displease some local Mafia or some local Criminal Baron. Among those Bounty Hunters it is well known that the Chiss Bounty Hunters are one of the bests being faithful and fierce warriors. That's why this poor wookie smuggler hadn't any chance against the Chiss bounty huntress who chased him... She literally fell upon him after he returned from a good deal. She took advantage of the rocky proheminence that interrupts the Gigantic flower fields we usually see in Yitabo and slaughter him with no remorses. That was a good hunt for her and an easy bounty to win.
  23. *Your entry has earned 4XP* In the early of [N10 - Foundry - TCR] Scout of both side , prior to the action, Capt. Anton noticed some change of Dukoolar's uniform and rank, it's the new assignment happened on the capital, planet Commenor. Here's the flash back that Scar Squad learned later when the task force reintegrated.
  24. *Your entry has earned 23XP* After the battle of Jakku and the destruction of the Empire, we alongside the remaining troops, traveled from planet to planet on board of cruisers and corvettes. We lived onbroad of the ships for months, but on most of that, we only got a couple beds in crowded rooms. As we joined to the Commenor Remnant, we continued to serve as a Special Forces Squad. We found an old Imperial AT-Hauler in an abandoned depot. These kind of ships were used to move cargo and Walkers around the battles, and it's perfect for our missions. I've got powerful engines, hyperdrive, armoured cockpit and even a shower for longer trips. However, we've made some modifications to the vehicle, we added a couple more seats to it and a bed too, that makes the interior a bit more crowded, but now we all can sit down in the cockpit and someone from the team could always rest onboard. The other big change, we made, is that we needed to update the navigation computer, to allow us to travel wherever we need. The main place of our Faction is Commenor, which was an Imperial planet like many others surrounding ones. Uquine was a modern Imperialized world with great agricultural past. After the fall of the Empire, a these planets becomed independent, but some place remained loyal to the legacy of the Empire. Usually when we need to go back to Commenor, we are accommodated in a hotel at one of Uquine's main city, Urqanis. This building was formerly used by imperial officers and special guests, and now it's offered to the Remnant. It's funny, how I got the Room No. 2 on the 22nd floor, since my codename as a Stormtrooper was TG-0222. Now this place is the closest thing to be called "home", here we can relax a bit between the missions.
  25. *Your entry has earned 11XP* Recently our high command, received an emergency holo message from Kuat: An epidemic began to spread at several different locations there. This is a great opportunity to help the people, gain more influence on that system and get the support of their leaders at the same time. The diplomats of the Remnant are already on their way to the planet and our and our most important task is to bring as many medical supplies as possible. Foundry was a heavily industrial planet of the Techno Union, later in the era of the Galactic Empire, it was an imperial fortress and the home of several TIE fighter factories. After the end of the Empire, the planet became abandoned and the complexes are nowadays still locked down. Because these factories are huge, almost like cities, there was plenty of medical centers there too. We have a good chance to find the needed medical stuffs and this planet is halfway between Commenor and Kuat. We need to use all of our available ships to transportation, unfortunately our ship doesn't have a big cargo bay, since it was originally a transport hauler for walkers and big crates. Because of that, my squad's first mission is to find a Heavy Duty Container, in which we could we could transport the medical equipment through the hyperspace. Scar Squad is already scouting on the planet. They haven't found a med center yet, but they got info about one of the abandoned TIE fighter factories. These places are massive buildings, with several sections and landing areas, but it's our best chance, to find a proper container. We just received a message from Agent Sugy right now. Scar Squad reached the factory and she sent the location of the factory's storages to us. So now we are traveling to one of the supply warehouses of this factory... Boghi - I thought this whole place was locked down, but it doesn't seems to be. Gubi - Probably scavengers or some pirates did this. Boghi - This whole lock is broken, fortunately they left the door open. Gubi - Let's open the door. We need to be careful, don't know, what's going on inside. Andrysh - It's clear! Gubi - Boghi, is there any chance to make some light? Boghi - The building was locked down, but the backup power supply should work. Let's see the main switch. Gubi - Great, now we have lighting. I believe the main storage room is that way, let's move! Gubi - Here it is, this container could be the proper one for our purpose. Andrysh - There is quite a big mess here. Boghi - It looks like, most of the crates are empty. Andrysh - But at least the container is empty too, so we don't have to unload it. Gubi - The situation here is getting more and more interesting. Who needs so many replacement parts for TIE fighters? Gubi - As we now have this container, we need to open the big door of the warehouse and get a carriage to move this thing. Boghi - Probably we should check the control room upstairs. Gubi - Agree and maybe we could learn, what happened really here. Then let's go. Boghi - It looks like they have been here too. Gubi - Can you turn on the system? Boghi - I hope, I can. It should work with the backup power supply. Boghi - Yeah, it's working, I'm in. And... Done. The door is open now. And I have access to security recordings too. Gubi - Good. What can you see? Boghi - It's hard to tell, it's quite old equipment. I see a ship. It looks like the corvettes was used by the Rebel Alliance back in the day. Andrysh - Could it be the New Republic? Boghi - Negative. This is black and yellow coloured. And I see an insignia too. Gubi - What is it, pirates? Boghi - I just checked it in our datebase. This one is looks the most like the insignia of the Mining Guild. Gubi - Of course, I should have known. The Mining Guild was once really close to the Empire and they are useing TIEs still nowdays. Andrysh - Let's find a carriage and pick up that container finally. Gubi - You're right, dont waste any more time. Now we finally have the container and we are on our way to find a proper medical center, here on Foundry.