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Found 202 results

  1. The Imperial Triumvirate Faction: The Triumvirate (Union of Imperial Remnants) Faction Leader: Darth Bjorn Faction Moffs: Gubi0222, marvelBoy123, ARKUM ELO, Brickwolf, Simulterious Headquarters/Capital: Kalist VI, and the Imperial Super Star Destroyer Resurrector in orbit. Planets: Daalang, Nanth'ri, Nixor, Molavar, Scarif, Rishi, Hosnian Prime, Byblos, Exodeen, Deysum, Fedalle, Castell, Byss, Fondor, Iphigin, Ghorman, Andara, Zeltros, Affa, Botor, Ota, Uogo'cor, Kalist VI, Devaron, Quarzite, Marat V (Skye), Odik II, Ambria, Lipsec, Sneeve, Gorse, Virgillia 7, Endor, Kuat, Trigalis, Skynara, Alzoc III, Carida, Orto Plutonia, Belnar, Svivren, Daluuj, Kowak, Iridonia Sectors: The Daalang Sector, The Eclorar Sector, The Abrion Sector, Deep Core Security Zone, The Skine Sector Grid: Q12, S15, M12, L13, M13, H19, K11, Q10, O10, P19, M9 Description In order to ensure our security and continued stability, the Imperial Remnants of a hundred worlds will unify under the Imperial Triumvirate! For a safe and secure society. Honoring the true imperial legacy, rising from the ashes, Tempered, Stronger, Reborn! - Supreme Moff Barthol The Triumvirate is an alliance of several imperial remnants all united under one banner. Loyal to the legacy of the emperor, and firm believers of restoring the empire to its former glory. Some remnants remain more independent than others, but all acknowledge and support the Triumvirs and regard the three as emissaries of the Emperor’s will. The Triumvirs The Triumvirs are the supreme authority in the Imperial Triumvirate. In some cases a triumvir has direct control of a specific department. The triumvirs each have their own agenda, but work towards the shared goal of an empire reborn. From left to right: The Crimson Duchess: The Crimson Duchess is the ruler of the mysterious Crim Dominion. Her mother also held the Crimson Duchess-title which seems to be handed down from mother to daughter, dating back generations. Rumor has it that the late emperor held the previous Duchess and the Crim Dominion in high regard. This could be the explanation for the deep imperial loyalty and military might of a relatively small system. Supreme Moff Barthol: A battle hardened war veteran who served the old Republic as a naval officer, and later the Galactic Empire as a highly decorated admiral and moff. Moff Barthol was personally appointed by the Emperor, to lead a highly secret mission into the Unknown Regions. Moff Barthol spent more than a decade in the unknown regions, only to return to an empire in disarray. Grand Prince Serion: Prince Serion was a former ISB Admiral and aristocrat hailing from Nacronis. In the final days of the Galactic Empire, Prince Serion played an integral part in Operation Cinder and the downfall of his homeworld Nacronis. Immediately after the destruction of Nacronis, Prince Serion staged a coup against two other unsuspecting admirals, and assumed control of their fleets, as well as the ground forces that had been stationed on Nacronis. The Prince quickly left the Nacronis system to avoid the New Republic, and made the rendezvous with Moff Barthol. Prince Serion ironically named his new army the Nacronis Protectorate. High Command The current High Command consists of nine commanders each responsible for a branch of the Imperial Triumvirate (e.g. politics, commerce, military). The high command only answers to the Triumvirs and together with the triumvirs, they are the ruling council of the Imperial Triumvirate. From left to right: Grand General, Warlord Ral Hathe: Chief of the Army Unknown Moff Iax Draenar: Regional Governor of Core Territories @Gubi0222 Director Rovv: Director of Security (ISB) Moff Kalypso Delstee: Chief Diplomatic Advisor @Simulterious Unknown Moff Pantoloc: Regional Governor of Outer Rim Territories Unknown Admiral Gable Karius: Head of Inquisition @marvelBoy123 Retired members of High Command: Grand Admiral Bryce (Detained, awaiting processing) Admiral Gull (Detained, awaiting processing) Grand Moff Jarl (Detained, awaiting processing) Grand Moff Huron (Detained, awaiting processing) Admiral Harr Sinier (Imprisoned, awaiting processing) Admiral Vori (Presumed dead) Officers: The Imperial Triumvirate is a large union of many different branches, departments, and agencies. Natural leaders, disciplined officers, and ambitious commanders are needed, in order to steer the union towards the shared goal of returning the empire to its former glory. You could find yourself among the senior commanders of the Imperial Triumvirate, leading the expansion to new parts of the galaxy, reclaiming former imperial worlds, or planning future covert military or diplomatic operations. Special Forces Units: The Imperial Triumvirate utilizes a wide variety of special forces and commando units. Although most of these units are continuations of existing branches of imperial forces (such as Storm Commandos, Special Forces, and Death Troopers), more specialized and unique special forces have been established since the union of Imperial remnants under the Imperial Triumvirate banner. You could find yourself among one of these new specialized squads, or you could be an Imperial Super Commando, Inquisitor, Imperial Hunter, or a Special Agent working as a lone wolf on highly classified missions. Stormtroopers: Although against New Republic sanctions on imperial military, the Triumvirate is secretly training new troops for the Stormtrooper Corps. You might be a veteran stormtrooper re-deployed to a young squad or one of the many specialist troopers like scout troopers or patrol troopers. The Army: The basic infantry of the imperial Triumvirate. You may find yourself among these grunts, recruited from young conscripts and volunteers, eager to serve the new regime that has united their worlds and brought stability in a time of uncertainty. These soldiers travel across the galaxy on expeditionary missions, spearheading the expansion of the Triumvirate. The Navy: In the fleet of the Triumvirate, you could find yourself among the naval troops, fighter or shuttle pilots, or even commandeering a star destroyer. The fleet is an integral part of of the Triumvirate dominion, and Star Destroyers often serve as base of operation. Ancillary Branches: The imperial Triumvirate is a well-oiled regime, you may find yourself among the supporting personnel that keeps the wheels turning. The Triumvirate ancillary branch includes engineers, researchers, and logistics personnel. Recruits of the Imperial Triumvirate HOW DO I JOIN? Send a PM to the faction leader Darth Bjorn, explaining why you wish to join the Imperial Triumvirate! Sign up now! The empire needs you! WHAT SHOULD MY BUILDS LOOK LIKE? As a faction rising from the remnants of the Galactic Empire and building on the same values, you should aim for a style that resembles imperial architecture, starships, crafts and equipment - like imperial garrison bases, imperial star destroyers or even AT-ATs and AT-STs. These could be heavily modified and improved since they might be salvaged or repurposed. Member of the Imperial Triumvirate should proudly display their allegiance to the faction. This can be done by adding small details as Triumvirate banners soaring above your moc, or your troopers wearing the custom pauldrons with the Imperial Triumvirate signet. In the grey bar below below you'll finde an overview of all the creative assets ready for printing to use in your mocs. WHERE CAN I BUILD? The Imperial Triumvirate is constantly expanding its territory. Below you will find a map of sectors, systems and hyperlandes accessible to the faction. You are allowed to build anywhere in the Star Wars galaxy, but only by building in accessible systems can you earn IPs for your faction. In order to further the faction's territory, all members of the Imperial Triumvirate is encouraged to earn IPs for the faction. Members of the Imperial Triumvirate can build in any system, where the faction has control or a presence (green and yellow systems). Members can also build on any system along the green hyperlanes and green sectors. Power, Strength, Loyalty! Enlist today! You can sign up for the Triumvirate in this thread!
  2. Shortcuts Core RulesFactions/Member SkillsThe MapOther details Welcome! Welcome to Factions. A home for MOCs from all eras of Star Wars loosely tied together by a map-based strategy game. The game itself takes place after the battle of Jakku, but builds can represent any planet in any era of Star Wars.       The goal of the strategy game is to find and control Holocrons. They are revealed by exploring planets and winning challenges.  There are many different factions you can petition to join. Being a part of a faction allows you to participate in 'episodes' (challenges), build freebuilds to earn in-game XP, tags, and other rewards, as well as other aspects of the game. You'll have a main character in-game, and through your building, you can advance your character and help your faction win. Getting Started Private Message (PM) a faction leader to ask to join their faction. Each faction has it's own style, storyline, and aesthetic, so you'll need to create a character in line with whatever faction you petition to join. Faction description, requirements, and contact info can be found in each faction's post at the top of the Factions subforum. You may only create one character, even if you change factions; make it a good one with a flexible storyline. Create your character, upload a 100x100 picture to your preferred image host, and fill out the Character Creator form. You can choose any name for your character but please keep it appropriate. Players may change factions at any time, but faction leaders do not have to accept new recruits. Alternatively, when builders have earned 75 XP they can create their own faction. Introduce yourself in the Introduction and Discussion topic. Fill out the Character Creator form to have your character added to the active players list. (optional) Create a signature using this generator created by @Bob De Quatre. Please note that it does not currently support Flickr photos for the avatar. We hope to fix this soon. Read up on the Core Rules here! Where to Post What This subforum, Factions, is used for this game. As such, you should only post your entries to Star Wars Factions here. The Core Rules contains the rules; questions about the rules should be asked in this topic. Players should introduce characters in this Introduction and Discussion topic and fill out the Character Creator form. All posts in this Introduction and Discussion topic should be Out of Character. Each faction will have their own way of communicating, so check with your faction and discuss your upcoming builds, Works-in-Progress (WIPs), strategies, and storylines through whatever method your faction leader proscribes. Announce your free builds in your faction topic to receive feedback, but make sure to also fill out the appropriate form to have it scored. Episodes will be announced in their own topics, and you will be able to use those topics to ask questions about and discuss the specific episode. Important Links Link to Submittal Form Player Index Link to Character Creator Form Link to Faction Change Form Link to Planet IP Values Link to Team IP Values General Discussion Signature Generator Public Score Sheet
  3. Season 2 Holonet: Victory Points (VP) One of the big changes in Season 2 is that holocrons are out, and Victory Points are in. Instead of 7 (then 20) holocrons hidden throughout the galaxy, the system the GMs are currently working on has 50 key planets around the galaxy that, depending on their importance and strategic value, grant between 1-3 Victory Points (VP). The benefits to this? It will be much easier for Factions to get VP than it was to get holocrons, meaning you get to "win" more often. They're also more plentiful, so you won't be struggling over only a few planets (unless you want to). Holocrons also didn't make much sense in terms of the game story: they were a McGuffin, and they served their purpose. On the other hand, VP Systems follow a strategic logic: big, wealthy systems like Coruscant and Corellia give the most points (3), populous systems like Lothal and Ord Mantell give you 2, and less powerful worlds like Dantooine and Batuu give you 1. We're working, and will want your help, to make sure every corner of the galaxy offers a chance to score points, though anyone who's watched Star Wars knows the Core Worlds are richer than the Outer Rim. You can help make it as balanced as possible by contributing your thoughts and ideas. We're also assigning Types to these planets, to further outline what kind of benefit you're getting. This doesn't (currently) have a mechanical function in gameplay, but it helps differentiate worlds that are useful for their farmlands and worlds that have productive shipyards. It's flavor, story content for those who want insight into the kinds of worlds they control. We're planning to open up a shared document where people can contribute ideas for VP worlds: how much VP they would grant, and what Types they would classify as. We've also considered giving Factions the option to earn VP in other ways, like taking control of a specific set of planets, or even accomplishing custom, Faction-created goals. We can talk more about that later on.
  4. The British Brixter

    [G7-ilum-FF] the path

    Lyra entered the cave entrance on ilum but quickly got lost with in the frozen halls. She could faintly hear a voice murmur in the distance with a strong blue hue leaking from one of the doors. With in the room were pillars and icicles but in front of the doorway was a floating holocron with a scripture written behind it. It seemed to be in a language that Lyra couldn’t understand, however she could make out the words “Jedi” and “selvaris”
  5. *This entry has earned 20 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: The first wave of the invasion of Iridonia had spread like a wildfire from our landing sites. Still, a few critical surface locations remained. Interplanetary space around Iridonia was also under tight lockdown. Ships had either been forced to ground, or obliterated. Only a lucky few had evaded the star destroyers, and escaped the system. The next operation objective was to secure a number of individuals with various importance to the Imperial Triumvirate. One of these was Senator Ay’Pelia. Director Hollon had tracked her to the Genesis Station. A safeport operating as a sovereign state, between Iridonia and the New Republic. Yet another bureaucratic loophole sanctioned by the New Republic. In reality, Genesis Station is a high class shadow port. Onboard Genesis Station... "Ever been to the Casino on Genesis Station?! It's like Canto Bight, but with a view!" - The Master Codebreaker Gamblers, high rollers, and lords shady business, loosing, winning, or calling it even... To the tunes of Moon Angel, and the Genesis Duo... Until... Imperials crashing the party... /// My second attempt at a cantina/casino/bar... Wanted to make the micro space station as well, but I ran out of time... So many stories in this space - I've tried to assemble a persona gallery below. I hope you enjoy!
  6. *This entry has earned 16 XP* Excerpt from Cpt. Grim’s log: I guess the General felt bad for the Tund fallacy. Anyways, I was offered a permanent captain’s plaque. Being tired of working to find work, I accepted. My first official mission sent me to Kowak. Good soldiers follow orders! Cpt. Grim’s log - continued Turned out it wasn’t the locals, or the Zygerrians that resisted our presence. It was the fauna. Luckily, a dozen D-63 Incinerators kept most wildlife out of our camps. /// This build took a little longer than planned... Creating convincing, original vegetation is a challenge! Happy with the result though! Thanks, and credits to @Gubi0222 for the speeder bike design! Below are a few more shots... I hope you enjoy!
  7. Meeko Vox, leader of a small crime syndicate looking to make it into the spice running business. He was an elusive target but after interrupting several of his operations he finally showed himself on Nar Shaddaa. Word is he's been working closely with The Imperial Triumvirate, providing them access to shipment routes for supplies. Chances are he knows where I can find the Triumvir hiding in the outer rim. Whether you want to or not, Meeko, you're going to tell me what I want to know. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally got to build for the Black Sun. I took some liberties with Nar Shaddaa and tried to go for the more industrial undercity look, something a bit akin to Bespin's undercity. Let me know what you guys think and thanks for viewing.
  8. *This entry has earned 12 XP* Interlude - Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: For almost a decade I had been waiting for this! A desire, no! A need! A need I had suppressed since Jakku. Since Endor even. Revenge! Revenge for killing my men! My friends! Now was the time for the Empire to strike back. Take back what was ours, and revenge those who did not live to see the new dawn of the reborn Empire! Somewhere in the depths of the Wortan catacombs of Iridonia… A strategic command center is on maximum alert... General So’lok: So this is it. They’ve chosen Iridona! Let’s hope we chose the right alliance! The general frowns and looks at a comms officer... General So’lok: Initiate full population evacuation and get a message to the New Republic! We may need their help after all! Lt. Ruro: Sir! I do not get any response from Malidris, or any of our planetary relays! Comms are down! General So’lok: A communications disruption could mean only one thing... The general paused, staring at the holographic representation of his homeworld. He snapped out of it, and continued... General So’lok: We’ll have to do this the old fashioned way. Prepare our three fastest ships to clear Iridonia space, and send out distress signals to our allies! Hell! To anyone who’ll come to our aid! Cpt. Sariss: General, we’re on high alert, and we know imperial invasion protocol... The captain is interrupted by a loud thumping noise, and the blast doors sliding open… The Reapers are here... The commander stared into the pitch black void… He couldn't remember if he pushed the Zabrak, or if she jumped... /// The Imperial Triumvirate use the Secret Hyperspace Route, won in Ep. V., This will allow the owner to build 1 entry on any planet in the galaxy regardless of current accessibility. The planet chosen is Iridonia (J7)
  9. *This entry has earned 19 XP* Imperial Triumvirtae forces wreak havoc on the citizens of Iridonia. Ortibal bombardment destroys defenses vital to the protection of the planet. Now, light anti-infantry artillary is deployed against the remaining insurgents. The TIE-ap1, also known as the TIE-Mauler is feared for it's brutal tactics involving speed and agility to maul it's enemies down as they flee for cover. Three anti-infantry cannons are mounted beneath it, along with a detachment for a sentry. With the power supply to the urban areas destroyed, the people will starve, berfore they perish against the might of the empire.The insurgents never stood a chance....
  10. *This entry has earned 23 XP* Having swept through the outskirts with ease, Bravura squad and the 224th have reached the urban settlements. A brutal close-quarters battle between the remaining citizens and waves of imperial forces takes place. People fight and flee as chaos ensues. The Imperial Triumvirate has shown it’s hand, and the resisting locals have been outplayed. Order and prosperity will soon be upon us. Those who oppose are burned. Glorious victory is now, finally, a certainty! To the Empire!
  11. *This entry has earned 3 XP* Family They trekked through the jungle of Kowak near a settlement , collecting intel . Garek could hear cry’s and screams through a bush and went to investigate. There he saw a 17 year old girl ( who looked a bit small )crying into a small pond while being stared at by a turtle . “What is wrong?” Villo asked dropping his rifle onto the mud behind him. Their was no response , only silence as she glared into the reflective water . “My father was a part of the republic military” he went “and I have been part of the imperial special forces since I was young, however I have not seen a child cry on such a beautiful day.” “My parents were murdered by rebels in the city!” She yelled “I’m alone!” Villo held up a medal that he was given when he first joined the Academy and place it into her hand “you will have a family with the empire” he reassured her. She looked at him as he stood up “can I come it’s you?” She asked Villo turned around to face her with an eye brow raised “are you sure?” He remarked “I don’t even know your name” The girl smiled and laughed for a second “I’m Lyra , I would like to join your empire please!” She said. ———————————————————————————————————————— This post was built to set up my Factions 2.0 character plot
  12. *This entry has earned 6 XP* War on bastion! The outer rim sieges have begun, and the imperial remnants are besieged on all fronts. On bastion, a new republic strike squad is accompanied by mandalorian allies from clan Eldar. The mission, to extract prisoners safely. Lead by Commander June Tytho, Orion squad are amongst the bravest the new republic has to offer. Willing to put their lives on the line to go behind enemy lines and save those in need. Accompanying Orion squad are the mandalorians of clan Eldar, Torr Von and 2 of his closest clan siblings. Identified by the yellow markings on his helmet, Torr Von seeks to go on the offensive when it comes to the imperial remnants. Wishing them to be but a distant memory, wiped out from the galaxy for the crimes they committed against his people. For Torr this mission is less about saving innocence, and more about seeking vengeance that can never be sated. As imperial forces back the new republic and their allies into a corner however, the allies are forced to retreat into the sewers. Hoping to find salvation in the depths of the imperial architecture and successfully extract the POWs...
  13. *This entry has earned 5 XP* Cpt. Lemrik's log: This time the the orders were straight from the top. Our target was Iridonia. An interesting planet to be sure, but occupied by our enemy. That means only one thing, we have to get rid of the enemy. Cpt. Lemrik's log, continued: I, accompanied by two veteran deathtroopers was deployed near a small settlement, that served as a base operations for the local resistance. Our intel suggested that a valuable commander is present. And the intel was not wrong. I have given the order to attack. Some time later... Cpt. Lemrik: ,,Miss Jandi. It is nice to finally meet you. I see that your plan didn't work out as planned..." Jandi: ,,You bastard! You'll pay for this!" *Cpt. Lemrik turns to one of his troops* Cpt. Lemrik: ,,Very well. Trooper, contact the commander, that we captured our target." Dt-732: ,,Yes sir!" /I'm quite happy with how this turned out, c&c welcomed as always/ A few extra shots bellow. Cpt. Lemrik sneaking on the enemy... Death from the shadows... This one won't be going anywhere anytime soon...
  14. *This entry has earned 13 XP (including a 5xp bonus)* A pair of ships made their approach to Lah'mu. Traversing over the ring around the planet, the two ships flew on a synchronized vector, when the pilot of a smaller V-19 saw a glint of silver flash in the corner of his eye. 'Look... what's that?' Hayk spoke into his headset. He heard a slight static, followed by the familiar, stoic voice of Naruun, his Mandalorian mentor. 'It appears to be a space station... probably left here when colonists first settled on Lah'mu.' 'Should we check it out?', Hayk inquired. 'We have some allies searching the ground, but what if the Triumvirate found this station? It is fairly well hidden in the ring of the planet, and at this rate, we are pretty much turning over any stone we can, right?' 'We should have a look... once we are aboard, we should get "R-Thur" to a terminal. He might be able to find out something we can't.' 'Aight, Vod. Meet you inside.' As the two ships changed course, and the small silver speck began to grow, an old, seemingly forgotten space station took form. From the outside, the station appeared to have fallen into disrepair a couple decades ago. On the hull, faded letters read: HOMESTEAD STATION The inside was only in slightly better shape. Hayk, Naruun, and the astromech, R-Thur, moved like ghosts through the corridors of the station, until they rounded a corner and spotted a narrow, black terminal with an interface socket. The hallway ahead of them was lit, and a dim shadow danced across the floor, stopping the trio dead in their tracks. Hayk cautiously moved forwards to the next corner, and slowly peeked around, finding an imperial trooper fixing a speeder, blissfully unaware of their presence. He leaned back, and signalled his findings to the others. Naruun signaled back to him that R-Thur had found something. Posted on behalf of @Wombat544
  15. *This entry has earned 15 XP* Description - The air was humid and hot - moisture getting in everything. Under our armor. Our equipment. Underneath our skin. It was unbreathable, a layer of heat, fog, and sweat. Jokes aside, the jungle was a rotten place, monkey's shrills stinging our ears, and the ground squelching with every step. Obviously, the squad was here for a reason - to put an end to this nonsense. Pirates, mercenaries, and bandits who were working alongside our men decided they had enough of Imperial regiment and order. Hell broke loose. They claimed that the Imperial way was inflexible and rigid, that it had little room for fun. In other words, those womprats couldn't do anything their way. We couldn't agree more, however, the greater interests of the Empire awaited. The mission was to eliminate the traitors and those who stood in the way. All costs necessary - which of course included trekking through swamps and beaten down paths towards our targets, each miserable step dragging us and our pride down. Closeup Shots -
  16. Bucketheadbricks

    [J7 - Iridonia - TT] Uprising

    *This entry has earned 15 XP* Description - As the empire slowly advances into Iridonia, they are met by hostile rebel forces as they defend their territory. Will the empire prevail? Or will the rebels reclaim and defend what was theirs? Closeup Shots -
  17. *This entry has earned 16 XP and a Tarisian Space Station* A red laser just barely missed the right wing. Further ahead, the much larger Kom'rk shuttle drifted sluggishly between asteroids as the pair of ships fled the station. Behind, a nimble, winged ship pursued, firing angry, red lasers into the asteroids around them. 'We need to get this information to the Alliance,' Naruun said matter-of-factly. 'We also need to make that rendezvous on Bastion.' 'Keep going,' Hayk said plainly. 'I'll keep this guy occupied, and I'll meet up with you at Bastion. I'll jump into one of our secret hyperlanes as soon as you are clear.' As soon as the ships emerged from the ring around Lah'mu, the Kom'rk launched forwards, entering hyperspace. Hayk began entering calculations into his navigation system, whilst trying to evade the ship which vaguely resembled a Tie fighter, as he tried to plot a faster route away from Lah'mu. The first route that would connect took him in a direction towards Taris. Hayk decided he would head that way to lose his pursuer, then circle around and retrace his steps. ******************************************************************************* The pilot of the TIE craft swooped around the last asteroid as he came out of Lah'mu's ring. Though he didn't yet have a lock on his prey, he fired a few shots at the agile, three-winged V-19 in front of him. Just as he was gaining a lock on his target, a small blip on his console flickered and beeped, indicating that the ship was about to jump to hyperspace. It was now that he noticed a crude hyperdrive strapped onto the starfighter. The pilot pressed a button, and his craft extrapolated the jump coordinates from the other ship. Taris? Why was this ship going to Taris when the other had left towards Bastion? It also occurred to the pilot that both ships were jumping to hyperspace very close to Lah'mu, which was far from any known hyper-routes. The pilot double-checked his computer's hyperspace trajectories, and, when the other fighter blinked away at a ludicrous speed, the pilot activated the hyperdrive on his own ship. N.B. Posting on behalf of @Wombat544
  18. shockwave_bricks

    Leave no Survivors! [S16-Kowak-TT]

    *This entry has earned 8 XP*
  19. shockwave_bricks

    [Kowak - S16 - TT] Seek and Destroy

    *This entry has earned 7 XP* Since our confrontation onboard the Fire Star, we had been very successful on the planet below, we had taken multiple outposts and recon points, which were all adding up to a better prepared attack on the capital. Although we had taken the majority of the stations, some rebels who'd escaped when we'd attacked had caused some issues. These were not major, as no reinforcements could be called as the Fire Star were jamming coms on the part of the planets surface, but there was the occasional attack to try and retake what was theirs. Although the last time they tried, the rebels were very unlucky. The platform that they attacked had a small military base nearby which were occupied by the special forces of our legion, these troopers signified by there blue arms and specialist armour, were elite soldiers who were to protect me and carry out special missions on whatever we were trying to achieve. When rebels attacked this next outpost, they wouldn't be returning again.
  20. *This entry has earned 6 XP* "The Moff is waiting for you." We entered the bridge onboard the star destroyer The Fire Star, approaching the grand off that would soon give us our objective and our orders. At this point the Fire Star was orbiting Kowak, a planet that had for too long accepted and helped with the attacking of imperial vessels and facilities on Kowak, and throughout the galaxy. It was time to strike back. Moff Delstee had informed me that My legion and I would be sent down to Kowak stealthily to perform and number of tasks vital to the Triumvirates overthrowing of the world. I was told that first we would be dropped off just outside the capital, in the dense forests and jungles, we were then to slowly move in undetected, taking outposts and small military bases located on the way.this meant that it would be less dangerous when we were in the capital itself and that we would be better prepared because of the supplies that we would get from them, and how well they were defended themselves. Once we had done that we were to start entering the city, taking civilian buildings and hostages as we went, once this had been achieved, we would be given our next set of orders. With our tasks assigned, we headed out towards the armoires and docking bays, getting our weapons, feeling our ships. It was time to take over Kowak.
  21. Ross Fisher

    Faction: Clan Eldar (CE)

    "Brothers and Sisters; "We're done hiding. "Some say the galaxy doesn't need us any more; that the Empire did everyone a favour with its conquest of Mandalore. They say that a warrior culture has no place in a galaxy that's had enough of war. "But I say this; there will always be a place among the stars for those who are willing to fight for it. Those who aren't prepared to let someone else deny their right to exist. "So if you've got the guts to wear the armour, I say you've earned the right to be a Mandalorian. It doesn't matter who you are; where you came from; born or made. If you're willing to stand against the storm with your head held high, Clan Eldar will stand beside you." Faction: Clan Eldar (Mandalorian Remnant) Faction Leader: @n1majneb Faction Lieutenants:@Miscellanabuilds, @JetBricks Studios Members: @Ekule, @Wombat544, @W0Lv, @Merc4Hire, @SodorBricks, @Lamborghini Waffle Sauce, @jhaelego, @JShortForJay, @PandaQuil, @Moppo,@_Josh_, @Sharkbrix, @Scorch93, @Professor Thaum, @oh whale, @Darkspear, @legofro_productions, Headquarters/Capital: Mandalore (O7) Planets: Mandalore and Concordia, Ordo, Krownest (O7), Lantilles, Gizer, Azure (P8), Kashyyyk, Trandosha, Uyter (P9), Gigor, Ziost, Lur (R4), Atchorb, Bonadan, Kir (S3) Grid squares: O7, P8, P8, R4, S3 NPCs: Duchess Val Eldar, Rusty Eldar Description During the Great Purge, many Mandalorian families and clans were entirely wiped out. Some members of Clan Eldar were fortunate enough to escape by fleeing their homes - a hard act for any Mandalorian. These disparate groups managed to keep in touch and, now that the Empire has fallen, are tentatively making contact again. Soldiers Clan Eldar consisted of Mandalorian warriors that donned Mandalorian armour with black, dark green, and orange color. Nonetheless, Members of Clan Eldar, and their allies, wear a wide range of different-coloured armour, and some wear no armour at all. Times have not been kind to the Clan, and many new members still need to earn their armour. Clan Eldar does not expect its members to follow The Way. Removal of your helmet does not make you any less Mandalorian. Giving up does.
  22. The British Brixter

    [R5-Korriban-FF] - Defection

    The transports thrusters were shot out by Zabrac mercenaries. As it crashed down onto the Sith homeworld of Korriban, Lyra could feel the force, both the light and the dark. The triumvirate had failed her but the only thing that can’t fail anyone is the force, the all knowing.
  23. The British Brixter

    [R5-Korriban-FF]- Defection

    The transports thrusters were shot out by Zabrac mercenaries. As it crashed down onto the Sith homeworld of Korriban, Lyra could feel the force, both the light and the dark. The triumvirate had failed her but the only thing that can’t fail anyone is the force, the all knowing.
  24. *This entry has earned 5 XP* Searcher's Journal [Translated from Durese] The Confederation of Independent Systems has been sending aid to the local populace on the farming world of Telos IV during the invasion by the Triumvir, also the location of an old Jedi Temple in the polar regions. At the fringe of this region, my transport has detected an abandoned warehouse used to transport goods to the temple from the farmlands. Searching it could provide valuable supplies to the Telosians and hopefully, information or clues on Mual'oq. The winds howled around the platform, littered with crates of supplies and fresh snow, blinding to the eye from the sun's glare. At the end of the platform, there was the grey warehouse and next to it a mobile plant habitat. Jal moved to circumvent the crates and scattered supplies when a blaster popped out from behind an upturned orange crate and wild red blaster shots erupted from it in quick succession. Jal stood still, none of the blasts hit him. He smirked, his blue finger on the trigger, ready to fire. "Hold," he yelled, "Drop it" The blaster dropped. Jal quickly walked passed the doorway to discover the one who fired at him, a young human researcher slumped against the MBH. He noticed that her shoes were gone and her clothing wasn’t meant for the harsh winds and cold temperatures of the polar region. "I was expecting a Triumvir," he said upon seeing her. She shook her head, looking a bit worried. Jal put his blaster back in its holster. "I'm a researcher, um archaeologist," she began to explain, "well, um, used to until my boss got mad at me. I, um, took a blaster bolt to the knee." "Ah, researcher," Jal coughed, made a quick gesture then continued. "Who was your boss and where'd you come from and how'd you get the blast," he said as he pointed at her injured knee. "Um, my name's not researcher pal." "My name's not pal," he smirked," it's Jal, but credit for being close." "Oh, well, I'm, um, Tolli, uh, Sierras. I'm from Telos and I worked for a dog-faced guy named Mual'oq until I, uh, learned that he worked for the Triumvirs. Then he, um, shot me, left me for dead, for, um, uh, not cooperating, yeah." "Mual'oq was here?" "Um, yes, you know him?" "Yes," he replied, "Tell me everything you know about him." "Well, I'd, uh, love to, but not here. It's a bit chilly," Tolli said smiling. "I have a ship, but first, I need to check the warehouse's manifest records and gather up the supplies," Jal replied. "One problem, I can't walk." "That's," he paused while remembering that her knee had been shot,"a good point." Jal sighed, then helped Tolli into the CFS transport ship and onto one of the medical cubby-beds. After throwing a fluffy, navy blue blanket at her, he walked back out into the cold wind and bright sky and gathered all of the supplies and together with the MPH, slowly loaded the goods onto the ship. Then, he walked into the the warehouse to investigate the manifests. A half-hour latter, he returned to the ship and sealed the ramp door. He sighed in relief, he was closer to Mual'oq and had the supplies, and as a bonus, a new friend. This was a fun build :) The house was inspired by Cube Brick's Abandoned Village on Zeffo moc: