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Found 163 results

  1. shockwave_bricks

    [P19-Orto Plutonia-TT] A bad encounter

    Cold assault, the was the name of our unit, we were deployed to planets with severe conditions all over the galaxy, to combat CIS enemies that seemed to never stop coming. I had been sent off with one of my brothers Strike, to scout ahead on a separatist outpost on Orto plutonia, a seemingly desolate world with little to no life except for various native species such as the Talz. We had been told that the seps had multiple outposts in the north-west sector, where they were getting shipments like Ion cannons and proton torpedos, we were told it was essential to keep these from getting off world where it could fuel the CIS movement elsewhere. We had arrived on the foot of the outpost, to find a few battle droids guarding the entrance, Strike looked at me and said , “ time to do what we do best,” and with that we advanced towards our enemy.
  2. MstrOfPppts

    Faction: Black Sun

    Faction: Black Sun Faction Leader: @dvogon Headquarters: Nar Shaddaa Planets: Coruscant, Darkknell, Ord Mantell, Nar Shaddaa More than a year has passed since the destruction of the Falleen's Fist and death of prince Xizor. Though the blow was devastating the organisation did not fall apart just yet. Thanks to prince Xizor's niece Savan the Black Sun underwent some drastic changes. All nine Vigos were replaced by trusted individuals hand picked by Savan herself. The battle of Jakku is now over and resources of the Empire are almost depleted. The new Republic is also trying to lick the wounds and it is now time to start connecting smaller criminal organisations under one big faction and gain former glory. Black Sun will rise once more! Savan with her personal body guards - members of Red Gauntlet. If you are not much for the politics and the false order each side of the conflict was promising or just prefer to walk on the razor's edge for the profit the Black Sun is what you are looking for. Smugglers, spies, bounty hunters and all alike are welcome to join our mission to become the strongest faction in the galaxy. Help us destroy the Hutt Cartel, command a subsidiary clan or climb the ranks all the way to become one of the nine Vigos who are overseeing our operations in each of the nine sectors. The current nine Vigos of the Black Sun from left to right: Deep Core - Empress Teta: Nesa Daar Core - Coruscant: Andrew Leacor Colonies - Fondor: Vuddo Sheemee Inner Rim - Manaan: Mirsara Sinlem Expansion Region - Corsin: Antjos Waltho Mid Rim - Ord Mantell: Gra Viek Outer Rim - Darkknell: Neldepir Hutt Space - Nar Shaddaa: Honul Fusado Unknown Regions - Cioral: Zivesias Although Savan's main quarters are still located on Coruscant, Black Sun has gained quite some enemies after prince Xizor's defeat. There was a need of another location crowded enough to get all the resources and supplies needed and to be able to lay low and run the operations under the radars of our enemies. Nar Shaddaa seemed to fit perfectly. There seem to be a lot of holocron findings reported lately and it would be a shame not to gain some of the valuable information for ourselves. Not to mention the price these things reach on the black market! Once we gain more control over the systems around Coruscant, access to a lot more planets will be granted and our search will become much easier. "The ignorant even call it the most powerful force in the known universe." - Darth Sidious about the Black Sun Join the Black Sun and let's make all the rest think the same!
  3. Darth Bjorn

    Faction: The Imperial Triumvirate (TT)

    The Imperial Triumvirate Faction: The Triumvirate (Union of Imperial Remnants) Faction Leader: Darth Bjorn Faction Moffs: Gubi0222, marvelBoy123, ARKUM ELO, Brickwolf, Simulterious Headquarters/Capital: Kalist VI, and the Imperial Super Star Destroyer Resurrector in orbit. Planets: Daalang, Nanth'ri, Nixor, Molavar, Scarif, Rishi, Hosnian Prime, Byblos, Exodeen, Deysum, Fedalle, Castell, Byss, Fondor, Iphigin, Ghorman, Andara, Zeltros, Affa, Botor, Ota, Uogo'cor, Kalist VI, Devaron, Quarzite, Marat V (Skye), Odik II, Ambria, Lipsec, Sneeve, Gorse, Virgillia 7, Endor, Kuat, Trigalis, Skynara, Alzoc III Sectors: The Daalang Sector, The Eclorar Sector, The Abrion Sector, Deep Core Security Zone, The Skine Sector Grid: Q12, S15, M12, L13, M13, H19, K11, Q10, O10 Description In order to ensure our security and continued stability, the Imperial Remnants of a hundred worlds will unify under the Imperial Triumvirate! For a safe and secure society. Honoring the true imperial legacy, rising from the ashes, Tempered, Stronger, Reborn! - Supreme Moff Barthol The Triumvirate is an alliance of several imperial remnants all united under one banner. Loyal to the legacy of the emperor, and firm believers of restoring the empire to its former glory. Some remnants remain more independent than others, but all acknowledge and support the Triumvirs and regard the three as emissaries of the Emperor’s will. The Triumvirs The Triumvirs are the supreme authority in the Imperial Triumvirate. In some cases a triumvir has direct control of a specific department. The triumvirs each have their own agenda, but work towards the shared goal of an empire reborn. From left to right: The Crimson Duchess: The Crimson Duchess is the ruler of the mysterious Crim Dominion. Her mother also held the Crimson Duchess-title which seems to be handed down from mother to daughter, dating back generations. Rumor has it that the late emperor held the previous Duchess and the Crim Dominion in high regard. This could be the explanation for the deep imperial loyalty and military might of a relatively small system. Supreme Moff Barthol: A battle hardened war veteran who served the old Republic as a naval officer, and later the Galactic Empire as a highly decorated admiral and moff. Moff Barthol was personally appointed by the Emperor, to lead a highly secret mission into the Unknown Regions. Moff Barthol spent more than a decade in the unknown regions, only to return to an empire in disarray. Grand Prince Serion: Prince Serion was a former ISB Admiral and aristocrat hailing from Nacronis. In the final days of the Galactic Empire, Prince Serion played an integral part in Operation Cinder and the downfall of his homeworld Nacronis. Immediately after the destruction of Nacronis, Prince Serion staged a coup against two other unsuspecting admirals, and assumed control of their fleets, as well as the ground forces that had been stationed on Nacronis. The Prince quickly left the Nacronis system to avoid the New Republic, and made the rendezvous with Moff Barthol. Prince Serion ironically named his new army the Nacronis Protectorate. High Command The current High Command consists of nine commanders each responsible for a branch of the Imperial Triumvirate (e.g. politics, commerce, military). The high command only answers to the Triumvirs and together with the triumvirs, they are the ruling council of the Imperial Triumvirate. From left to right: Grand General, Warlord Ral Hathe: Chief of the Army Unknown Moff Iax Draenar: Regional Governor of Core Territories @Gubi0222 Director Rovv: Director of Security (ISB) Moff Kalypso Delstee: Chief Diplomatic Advisor @Simulterious Unknown Moff Pantoloc: Regional Governor of Outer Rim Territories Unknown Admiral Gable Karius: Head of Inquisition @marvelBoy123 Retired members of High Command: Grand Admiral Bryce (Detained, awaiting processing) Admiral Gull (Detained, awaiting processing) Grand Moff Jarl (Detained, awaiting processing) Grand Moff Huron (Detained, awaiting processing) Admiral Harr Sinier (Imprisoned, awaiting processing) Admiral Vori (Presumed dead) Officers: The Imperial Triumvirate is a large union of many different branches, departments, and agencies. Natural leaders, disciplined officers, and ambitious commanders are needed, in order to steer the union towards the shared goal of returning the empire to its former glory. You could find yourself among the senior commanders of the Imperial Triumvirate, leading the expansion to new parts of the galaxy, reclaiming former imperial worlds, or planning future covert military or diplomatic operations. Special Forces Units: The Imperial Triumvirate utilizes a wide variety of special forces and commando units. Although most of these units are continuations of existing branches of imperial forces (such as Storm Commandos, Special Forces, and Death Troopers), more specialized and unique special forces have been established since the union of Imperial remnants under the Imperial Triumvirate banner. You could find yourself among one of these new specialized squads, or you could be an Imperial Super Commando, Inquisitor, Imperial Hunter, or a Special Agent working as a lone wolf on highly classified missions. Stormtroopers: Although against New Republic sanctions on imperial military, the Triumvirate is secretly training new troops for the Stormtrooper Corps. You might be a veteran stormtrooper re-deployed to a young squad or one of the many specialist troopers like scout troopers or patrol troopers. The Army: The basic infantry of the imperial Triumvirate. You may find yourself among these grunts, recruited from young conscripts and volunteers, eager to serve the new regime that has united their worlds and brought stability in a time of uncertainty. These soldiers travel across the galaxy on expeditionary missions, spearheading the expansion of the Triumvirate. The Navy: In the fleet of the Triumvirate, you could find yourself among the naval troops, fighter or shuttle pilots, or even commandeering a star destroyer. The fleet is an integral part of of the Triumvirate dominion, and Star Destroyers often serve as base of operation. Ancillary Branches: The imperial Triumvirate is a well-oiled regime, you may find yourself among the supporting personnel that keeps the wheels turning. The Triumvirate ancillary branch includes engineers, researchers, and logistics personnel. Recruits of the Imperial Triumvirate HOW DO I JOIN? Send a PM to the faction leader Darth Bjorn, explaining why you wish to join the Imperial Triumvirate! Sign up now! The empire needs you! WHAT SHOULD MY BUILDS LOOK LIKE? As a faction rising from the remnants of the Galactic Empire and building on the same values, you should aim for a style that resembles imperial architecture, starships, crafts and equipment - like imperial garrison bases, imperial star destroyers or even AT-ATs and AT-STs. These could be heavily modified and improved since they might be salvaged or repurposed. Member of the Imperial Triumvirate should proudly display their allegiance to the faction. This can be done by adding small details as Triumvirate banners soaring above your moc, or your troopers wearing the custom pauldrons with the Imperial Triumvirate signet. In the grey bar below below you'll finde an overview of all the creative assets ready for printing to use in your mocs. WHERE CAN I BUILD? The Imperial Triumvirate is constantly expanding its territory. Below you will find a map of sectors, systems and hyperlandes accessible to the faction. You are allowed to build anywhere in the Star Wars galaxy, but only by building in accessible systems can you earn IPs for your faction. In order to further the faction's territory, all members of the Imperial Triumvirate is encouraged to earn IPs for the faction. Members of the Imperial Triumvirate can build in any system, where the faction has control or a presence (green and yellow systems). Members can also build on any system along the green hyperlanes and green sectors. Power, Strength, Loyalty! Enlist today! You can sign up for the Triumvirate in this thread!
  4. *Your entry has earned 6 XP* The Triumvirate was taking the galaxy by storm, going from planet to planet at incredible speed. Since Fighting with my unit on Trigalis, which we had recently taken, we had been transported back to our star destroyer, orbiting Kalist VI, with special orders. We were told that other units would also be arriving there for, what we were told, was a wider expansion. After docking in the main hangar bay, we were quickly escorted to a meeting room just below the bridge, the rest of my group was told to wait outside, which they were not impressed about. I entered to find the other leaders of various squads and units throughout the Triumvirate. A holo table was in the centre of them all, where high command was giving a briefing of what this meeting was all about, and what was about to take place. They told us that as we had been taking so many planets onboard for our cause, that it was time to expand out, far out. Many planets and systems were named, giving the whereabouts of each group and unit, until we got to ours. High command told us, that our unit would be heading into dangerous territories, unexplored by most, because of the dangerous journey that lead them there. Once the meeting was over we all headed back to our ships, and our troops were stood ready awaiting orders. "Move out troopers, " I said, "and Bug, contact the Firestorm, tell them to be prepared for our arrival, we're going to Exegol.
  5. *Your entry has earned 19 XP* It has been a long time since we have been preparing a mission to explore planets in a search for new holocrons. With that in mind, the right versatile and fast ship is a must. Hopefully we still have enough YT-2400 variant light freighters specially tailored for Black Sun business activities... Black Sun members love those Corellian Engineering Corporation starships. Compact and flexible, with enough cargo space, the right armour, great laser defense cannons, a blazing fast hyperdrive and small enough for any difficult mission. The interior distribution is very compelling as well... Fahne is onboarding the freighter. She cannot read the mission details until the ship is on its flying track... Fahne: We’ve been waiting for this too much. Is all the crew ready? 8-LOM: Sure! We’ve checked everything. Twice. We can go now... Fahne: Take care of the cargo. This one is very very expensive. You can fuel several star destroyers with these Coaxium. Additional photos of all details are included here:
  6. *Your entry has earned 6 XP* Cpt. Quack's log: I have arrived to outpost 34 on Kalist VI. The team I was assigned to was already here. Cpt. Letus breafed us about our main goal, idealy setting up some outposts on the wreckage planet. We hired some bounty hunters, because we need some expandable part of the crew. I have bad memories from Jakuu. I hope I wont make any more. __________________________________ C&C welcome.
  7. shockwave_bricks

    [O10-Gorse-TT] Re-group on Gorse

    *Your entry has earned 5 XP*
  8. shockwave_bricks

    [I18-Virgillia 7-TT] Lieutenant Dyre

    *Your entry has earned 3 XP* Name: CT-7286 DyreHome world: KaminoAge: 15Class: commandoFaction: Galactic EmpireDyre was born on Kamino like his fellow troopers. His first battle was the second battle of Geonosis a brutal first fight. He is a good soldier that will lay his life down for the good of the empire. After order 66 he felt he had been betrayed by his Jedi general making him only loyal to his brothers and the cause. He is now a lieutenant commando hunting enemies of the empire.
  9. shockwave_bricks

    [I18-Virgillia 7-TT] Order 66 over Virgillia 7

    *Your entry has earned 8 XP* For three standard years, Cascade Company had been fighting against the separatists on the plant Kothlis. One side would push forward as the other retaliated with the same force, from freeing up other planets, we could eventually call out to other groups like the 438th battalion for support, out-matching the droids, and winning us the three year battle. Lieutenant Dyre, Captain Nilo and I were on board our republic cruiserThe Collaborator, When we all received a transmission from the chancellor himself. He told us our orders, it meant the Jedi had betrayed us and were now all enemies of the Galactic Republic. Standing only a few meters away was our jedi general Kyde K’ban, we knew what we had to do and we would do it without fail. It was time to execute order 66.
  10. Ross Fisher

    Faction: Clan Eldar (CE)

    "Brothers and Sisters; "We're done hiding. "Some say the galaxy doesn't need us any more; that the Empire did everyone a favour with its conquest of Mandalore. They say that a warrior culture has no place in a galaxy that's had enough of war. "But I say this; there will always be a place among the stars for those who are willing to fight for it. Those who aren't prepared to let someone else deny their right to exist. "So if you've got the guts to wear the armour, I say you've earned the right to be a Mandalorian. It doesn't matter who you are; where you came from; born or made. If you're willing to stand against the storm with your head held high, Clan Eldar will stand beside you." Faction: Clan Eldar (Mandalorian Remnant) Faction Leader: @n1majneb Faction Lieutenants:@Miscellanabuilds, @JetBricks Studios Members: @Merc4Hire, @SodorBricks, @Lamborghini Waffle Sauce, @jhaelego, @JShortForJay, @PandaQuil, @Moppo,@_Josh_, @Sharkbrix, @Scorch93, @Professor Thaum, @oh whale, @Darkspear, @legofro_productions Headquarters/Capital: Mandalore (O7) Planets: Mandalore and Concordia, Ordo, Krownest (O7), Lantilles, Gizer, Azure (P8), Kashyyyk, Trandosha, Uyter (P9), Gigor, Ziost, Lur (R4), Atchorb, Bonadan, Kir (S3) Grid squares: O7, P8, P8, R4, S3 NPCs: Duchess Val Eldar, Rusty Eldar Description During the Great Purge, many Mandalorian families and clans were entirely wiped out. Some members of Clan Eldar were fortunate enough to escape by fleeing their homes - a hard act for any Mandalorian. These disparate groups managed to keep in touch and, now that the Empire has fallen, are tentatively making contact again. Soldiers Clan Eldar consisted of Mandalorian warriors that donned Mandalorian armour with black, dark green, and orange color. Nonetheless, Members of Clan Eldar, and their allies, wear a wide range of different-coloured armour, and some wear no armour at all. Times have not been kind to the Clan, and many new members still need to earn their armour. Clan Eldar does not expect its members to follow The Way. Removal of your helmet does not make you any less Mandalorian. Giving up does.
  11. *Your entry has earned 8 XP* Kessel, the name said it all. If ever there was a planet known for its ill repute it was here. Spice. Slavery. Corruption. Kessel was synonymous with these. During the Imperial incursion of Mandalore, many were taken and offloaded as workers to the mines here. It was time to investigate and free the captives. Additionally, rumours abound of stolen treasures being amassed on Kessel. Amongst this, we’d uncovered reports of ancient Jedi and Mandalorian artefacts such as Holocron’s and Beskar, stolen and hoarded long ago. But this mission required detailed planning and a small team was tasked by the Duchess herself to extend our protectorate further, we’d been oppressed as a people and a culture before and so we would help others where we can. In the capital, Sundari, preparations are well under way as we join the team in preparation for their journey on to Kessel. A mix of disciplines, the select team covered all bases - Trackers and scouts, heavy hitters, pilots, mechanics, informants and droids. We’d only be heading there once and we’d get the job done first time. Without fanfare, an open hangar is where we find a chaos of activity, in readiness for the shuttle to take them to Kessel...
  12. *Your entry has earned 8 XP* Joott the Hutt, a well known Black Sun crime lord with headquarters located in Nal Hutta, is preparing an expedition to the planet Rinn, trying to find new holocrons in the Outer Rim. A selected group of Black Sun members have been personally selected by Joott the Hutt for the risky mission. In addition to finding holocrons it’s very important to securely deliver a cargo of coaxium to fund the ongoing expeditions to the Outer Rim sectors. This is the expedition team:
  13. *Your entry has earned 25 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: After a few weeks of putting out fires, I finally found myself back on Kalist VI. Nothing more than your average desert rock, but it felt good to be on imperial soil again. It was time to initiate the next phase of Operation: Nightwing and brief the different expedition commanders on their destinations and mission. Most of these expeditions were simple reconnaissance missions to potential Imperial outpost worlds. A few of these however, had a much deeper significance to the Imperial Triumvirate… I made it back to Triumvirate headquarters just in time to brief exploration crew Aurek 7 on their primary objectives once arriving on their world… I had high expectations for the crew assembled by Cpt. Markland. Not the elite candidates, of course. The crew had to be selected from expendable personnel. However, the metrics of the 14 crew-members all seemed to fit the mission. From left to right: Lt. Insen: Male human, pilot and security. Cpt. Azela: Female mirialan, security officer. Ltjg. Rud: Male human, pilot and security. Avan Kagz: Male lannik, tracker, and his fire falcon. Horrath Veel: Male zabrak, geologist. Cdr. Drand: Male human, sr. commodore, operating base specialist. Dr. Rutha: Female, human, chief scientist. Dr. Llana: Female pantoran-cyborg, combat surgeon. Lt. Browf: Male duro, structural engineer. H3-VY: Heavy duty droid. Sr. Lt. Bornos: Male human, chief architect. CC-4432 Crank: Human male, mercenary (retired clone trooper). CC-7714 Grim: Human male, ranger (retired clone trooper Sgt.). CT-822 Moss: Human male, tracker (retired clone trooper). A few crew-members getting to know each-other before takeoff... Security, pilots and the last cargo arriving in the hangar... Cdr. Bannon provides the last briefing from High Command, before leaving the mission in the hands of the crew... /// This was a real education in imperial aesthetics - some things I'm hoping to develop more in the future (still have my eyes on that big imperial hangar)... Below you'll find a few more detailed shots and reference images...
  14. *Your entry has earned 10 XP* Excerpt from Agent Amus’ log: Our Deep Core Security Sector fleet had captured an exploration vessel on the edge of the unknown regions. The vessel was heading for Duro, and the crew seemed to have a military connection to an independent militia cell of the New Republic. If they were returning from the Unknown Regions they might have intel on worlds valuable to the Imperial Triumvirate. Onboard the ISD Lilith hidden deep within the Osssorck Nebulae… *Agent Amus facing a hologram of Supreme Prince Serion* Agent Amus: Our prisoners do not seem to offer any information voluntarily. It seems we will have to try alternative means of motivation. Prince Serion: Carve it out of them if you must. If any of them are suitable for Operation Resurrection, send them to Dante Station. When you’re done, send their ship into the nearest star. Agent Amus: As you wish, my lord. /// /// A creative take on probing a place where people cannot easily go... The mind... Some more detailed shots below...
  15. *Your entry has earned 3 XP* From Left to Right: -Rivius Kosh, ISB's Senior Agent, specialized in espionage, undercover maneuvres. (My sig fig) -Army General Haalan Parik accompanied by two Death Troopers (sniper and infantry) -Navy Colonel Alycia Fen, experienced shuttle pilot from the Triumvirate's Logistics branch. -K-2P4, KX-series enforcer droid, male program, designated to provide tactical field support. -Chief of Security Lieutenant Driis Duren (battle gear) -Army Lieutenant Hersh Tanats -TT-2424, Stormtrooper officer along with TT-5797 and TT-3986 Standard infantry units. -TS-2135, Shocktrooper. Provides additional firepower and battle experience. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Hey everyone! Here's my first post in the Factions RPG! Sadly, I can't build a full MOC for those sweet figs due to my massive personal project which I'll be revealing soon! Hope this post matches all the guidelines, I was told even a figbarf post can give you both IP and XP (if done on time, obviously). If not, pardon me! I am still bamboozled by how well structured this RPG is! :D ~Jan
  16. *Your entry has earned 17 XP* Who's Who (Character Bios) More Photos Build Photos Thanks for looking!
  17. Faction: CorSec Faction Leader: MKJoshA Capital: Coronet City, Corellia Planets: Corellia, Trellen, Ojom, Thyferra, Yag'Dhul, Qiilura, Bothawui Systems: M11, L14, L7, R14 History: A lot has changed on Correllia since the day Lady Proxima’s gang ruled the streets. As the Empire grew, law and order were established in Coronet City. Working hand-in-hand with the Empire’s security forces, the Correllian Security Force (or CorSec as it was more commonly referred to) was established. After the fall of the Emperor and with the rise of the New Republic, Correllia began working cooperatively with New Republic Intelligence. CorSec, already having a reputation for producing highly skilled operatives and always getting the job done, was called on by the New Republic to help establish peace across the galaxy. While primarily a security force, CorSec has grown to include other departments. They have their own in-house mechanics. As well as their own in-house medical team. As their influence across the galaxy grows, so does CorSec's departmental needs. After the Battle of Endor, Mick (or MKJoshA as he was known then) left the Rebellion to return to his home world of Corellia where he joined CorSec. His previous work with the Alliance Intelligence division made him more than qualified for the job. He kept tabs on all his friends from the Rebellion and even recruited some to come work with him in CorSec. But he was glad to be back home and working for a legitimate government. He wasn’t ashamed of what he’d done with the Rebellion, but he slept better at night now. Everyone in the Force knew his background, so when his commanding officer Corran Horn called him to meet with a representative of the New Republic Mick wasn’t surprised. Corran said, "Mick, I want you to meet Alexsandr Kallus, New Republic representative." Kallus said, "Good to meet you Mick, Commander Horn tells me your the man for the job." Mick replied, "Thank you sir, I'll do my best. What job do you need done?" Kallus answered, "We've got our hands full in the New Republic right now. I've got a batch of new recruits who need training in the kind of skills CorSec is famous for. Naturally we'll work with CorSec if you find a being you'd rather keep in your ranks. Can I count on you?" The next day Kallus brought in the first batch of new recruits. "Listen up!" Kallus shouted. "You're here to follow instructions, not mouth off. So give your undivided attention to Mick." "Alright, so here's what the training process will look like..." began Mick. It was going to be hard but worthwhile work getting these recruits up to speed. And this was just the first batch! Maybe you'll be part of the next batch? "Join CorSec!" You can sign up here in this thread.
  18. *Your entry has earned 14 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: My plans of returning to Kalist VI were postponed once more, when we received a distress transmission broadcast on imperial frequencies. Somehow the former Black Sun Vigo, Lord Xarr, had managed to slice into imperial comms. His plea for imperial assistance was not entirely without merit. He had an offer we could not refuse. Aiding the former crime lord, meant a detour to one of the galaxy’s filthiest shadowports. As if the crime-ridden backwater planet wasn’t bad enough, the rendezvous location was the stinky swamp wharf in the slaves district of New Coronet. *The overwhelmingly nauseating smells of fish and flesh for sale made it difficult to concentrate. This was the perfect hiding place for a crime lord who doesn’t want to be found.* Lord Xarr: Commander Bannon. Welcome to Trigalis. Under different circumstances we would be drinking and dining in my estate, but you Imperials have put a stop to my hospitality, and forced me into hiding. Ironic that you have no choice, but to help me out of the mess you’ve caused. Cdr. Bannon: You mistake our interest for urgency. The Imperial Triumvirate has no needs for anything an exiled crime lord has to offer. However, what you are offering has intrigued our intelligence headquarters enough to play along. For now. *Cdr. Bannon pauses, closes his eyes, and refocuses his thoughts* Cdr. Bannon: Admittedly your intel and star chart, is both valuable assets, which is why I have agreed to assist you. On my terms. *The commander looks up and stares at the aging crime lord* Cdr. Bannon: When I leave this rotball I will transmit new coordinates for a safe rendezvous. Send someone you trust. In the meantime you will guarantee that imperial operations on Trigalis will meet no resistance. Lord Xarr: You’re leaving me here?! My safety was part of the deal!!! Cdr. Bannon: We will extract you, when your emissary comes through. *For a few moments, the speechless crime lord gazed into the murky waters. He turned to the commander and nodded. There was nothing else to do...* /// I had a lot of fun with all the little details of this build. I'm really fond of the yellow bird (native to Trigalis), the giant fish in the crane, and the blue glass ball in the net... Let me know what you think! A few additional detailed shots below:
  19. Shortcuts Core RulesFactions/Member SkillsThe MapOther details Welcome! Welcome to Factions. A home for MOCs from all eras of Star Wars loosely tied together by a map-based strategy game. The game itself takes place after the battle of Jakku, but builds can represent any planet in any era of Star Wars.       The goal of the strategy game is to find and control Holocrons. They are revealed by exploring planets and winning challenges.  There are many different factions you can petition to join. Being a part of a faction allows you to participate in 'episodes' (challenges), build freebuilds to earn in-game XP, tags, and other rewards, as well as other aspects of the game. You'll have a main character in-game, and through your building, you can advance your character and help your faction win. Getting Started Private Message (PM) a faction leader to ask to join their faction. Each faction has it's own style, storyline, and aesthetic, so you'll need to create a character in line with whatever faction you petition to join. Faction description, requirements, and contact info can be found in each faction's post at the top of the Factions subforum. You may only create one character, even if you change factions; make it a good one with a flexible storyline. Create your character, upload a 100x100 picture to your preferred image host, and fill out the Character Creator form. You can choose any name for your character but please keep it appropriate. Players may change factions at any time, but faction leaders do not have to accept new recruits. Alternatively, when builders have earned 75 XP they can create their own faction. Introduce yourself in the Introduction and Discussion topic. Fill out the Character Creator form to have your character added to the active players list. (optional) Create a signature using this generator created by @Bob De Quatre. Please note that it does not currently support Flickr photos for the avatar. We hope to fix this soon. Read up on the Core Rules here! Where to Post What This subforum, Factions, is used for this game. As such, you should only post your entries to Star Wars Factions here. The Core Rules contains the rules; questions about the rules should be asked in this topic. Players should introduce characters in this Introduction and Discussion topic and fill out the Character Creator form. All posts in this Introduction and Discussion topic should be Out of Character. Each faction will have their own way of communicating, so check with your faction and discuss your upcoming builds, Works-in-Progress (WIPs), strategies, and storylines through whatever method your faction leader proscribes. Announce your free builds in your faction topic to receive feedback, but make sure to also fill out the appropriate form to have it scored. Episodes will be announced in their own topics, and you will be able to use those topics to ask questions about and discuss the specific episode. Important Links Link to Submittal Form Player Index Link to Character Creator Form Link to Faction Change Form Link to Planet IP Values Link to Team IP Values General Discussion Signature Generator Public Score Sheet
  20. *Your entry has earned 9 XP* Dathomir had taken the wind out of us… The loss of IG-828 was a major setback. He was never fully decrypted. We would never find all the secrets he had to share with us. A tremendous asset in battle, IG-828 will be deeply missed. However, the expansion of the triumvirate is infinite. We must move on despite our setbacks. Onderon had been an interest of the republic during the clone wars. In uncertain times such as these, all possibilities must be considered. A further expedition of Onderon has to be carried out… The jungles were thick, moist ground, red with iron sediment and clay covers the planet's natural surface. An absolute nightmare for our walkers… Upon arrival in the jungle, Bravura squad begins their expedition with searching the former imperial outposts. Any clues as to why the planet was surrendered would be helpful. Unfortunately imperial records had gone cold after the destruction of the second death star. Our own records were scarce, but a few reports of raids from the galaxy’s scum had been filed. The system has certainly attracted the pykes. Gangsters indicate some sort of wealth to the area. And these outposts weren’t abandoned without resistance… The jungle is also filled with ruins from a bygone era. A historical site… If we can clear out this jungle, maybe we can find more of these ruins, perhaps something of value has been left behind… Thank you for reading! Be sure to check out, the designer of the AT-RT!
  21. Darth Bjorn

    [H20 - Dosuun - TT] Edge of the Empire

    *Your entry has earned 9 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: Before heading back to the core, I had a personal matter to attend to. For some time I wanted to investigate an old lead. A deserted imperial installation and prison compound. Perfect for an operation of my own. However, something didn’t add up. The installation’s import manifest listed prisoners, and regular ordnance, but the cargo pads were filled with kyber crystal containers. More was happening on Dosuun than I had anticipated. For now a full investigation would have to wait. I planned to return to Dosuun when my duties allowed. /// This had been on my to-do list for a loooong time. I look forward to explore this remote backwater planet again. Sometime soon hopefully. Below is another look at the platform:
  22. shockwave_bricks

    [R16-Geonosis-TT] The Battle of Geonosis

    *Your entry has earned 2 XP*
  23. shockwave_bricks


    *Your entry has earned 7 XP* [P17-Trigalis-TT] After the disaster on the New Republic cruiser, I was called to high command to address what had happened. I told them almost everything, but was determined to address that we had still taken down an entire cruiser, along with two support vessels as well, but then I was told about Blade. After setting down the detonators, we had to result to using escape pods as the hangar was on complete lock down due to the trap that we unknowingly walked into. It seemed that Blade’s one had malfunctioned part way causing him to get partially caught in the explosion of the three ships. I was the told that he had been assigned to the Firestorms’ med bay, where he was currently recovering in a bacta tank. I was later dismissed, and went straight there. The external damage had been minimised, but the internal, i was told, may be life changing. I felt guilt, and guilt was a weakness, this is why I worked alone, so i would never have to run into complications like this, but still command insisted on me doing so, there were only one other, that i felt i could successfully work with, but i hadn’t seen him in six standard months. It was said he was to return soon, so then i would be reunited with Jinx.
  24. *Your entry has earned 7 XP* Hello there, General Pax. An unexpectied visit, but a welcome one. If we knew you were coming, we would have... Well, that's the idea of an unannounced inspection. But let's go inside. Even if the planet is under imperial occupation, we don´t know whos watching. I don't trust those aliens. Then let's go. We have much to talk about. We are standing here in the montation hall. The factory is fully automatic, but as you can see, we are still using living workforce. We noticed it. And why is this? A good question. For that you have to thank the New Republic and espacily Senator Organa. After the offical end of the war the Senator run her „A Future for the Galaxy“-Campagne. Thanks to this campagne and every cooperation gets a repayment, if they give refuges work. So in other words, the New Republic is paying for our fighters. And you are not afraid that one of your workers will rat you out? No, Lieutenant. The factory and its workers is under strict control and every single republic official in the system is paid handsomely to keep their distance. I can assure you, noone in this or the next sector dears to touche property of Sienar-Jaemus Fleet Systems and the Labour Union. The Republic is too afraid. They have no authority here. And how many fighters are you producing per rotation? At the moment? Around 1500 TIE/LN fighters. Thats are pretty samll number. Yes it is. But the factory is not running on full capacity. If it would, we can produce 3500 fighters pre rotation. But that would be a number too high, to smuggle the products sensibly without anyone wanting to check the papers. But let's continue the conversation in my office. I still have some fine Alderaanian wine. Gifted by Senator Bail Organa. Why don't we drink a glass, to the empire and to the Organa, who help one way or another to build this facility? Some more pictures and behind the scene: I had the TIE-Fighter lying with me for a long time, but never had the motivation to build the wings. So I decided to repurpose the fighter to use it in a factory-MOC. One MOC from my Always-Want-to-build-list. I had fun building this MOC. But there were also many problems. Especially with the conveyor belt. It's not 100% perfect, because it hangs down. But overall i am very happy how it turned out. As I promised, a MOC with more story. My first try, so I am still figuring out how. Feedback and critique always welcome. Greetings Mac
  25. shockwave_bricks

    [M13-Devaron-TT] Infiltrating the reactor

    *Your entry has earned 6 XP* [M13-Devaron-TT] Infiltrating the Reactor High command had noticed a few New Republic vessels not far from the planet of Devaron, about 130 standard minutes away. Me and a squad of elites, were sent off to scout for any rebellious activity. When we arrived at the location scanners picked up two C-95 transport ships, and a Delta-Class P92000 Capital ship to escort them, we sent this information back to high command but received no response, it seemed that this particular vessel was blocking all communications in the surrounding area. With no response coming from command, we took it upon ourselves to bring down the vessel and all who wished to harm the empire with it.We activated the cloaking device on our ship and advanced toward our enemy. Getting onboard was easy as we used one of the emergency airlocks and navigating through the ships was easy as we had come across ones such like it hundreds of times during the war. It did not take us long to get to the reactor, but when we did, i noticed something was wrong, the ship was quiet, too quiet, we were just adding our last few thermal detonators to the reactor, when alarms started blazing and New republic troops were coming, ray shields were up, we were trapped...